Save Time and Hassle: 7 Tasks Amex Platinum Cardholders Can Outsource to a Concierge

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Ever get so busy you forget to save time? If you have any version of Amex Platinum cards, like The Platinum Card® from American Express, you can ask a personal concierge to complete tasks and make your life a little simpler.

This perk is already built into your card – you just have to know about it to unlock its powers! You can snag tickets and reservations, ask them to do research on your behalf, and much more. All you have to do is make the call or send an email! Here’s what to know about the American Express Platinum concierge.

Stop thinking about everything you have to research & let American Express Platinum Concierge do it for you. This benefit comes with all Amex Platinum cards!

Here’s a sample of what you can hand over so you can direct your focus elsewhere!

7 Things You Can Ask American Express Platinum Concierge to Do For You

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Right now, you can earn 60,000 Amex Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 on purchases within the first three months of opening your American Express Platinum account.

If you have any version of the Amex Platinum Card (including the Amex Platinum small business card), you have access to more perks than you might realize – including Amex Concierge service.

They’re happy to help you locate information and handle detailed requests. You can reach them at 800-525-3355, or via email and text after you opt-in through your online account.

There’s no charge to ask for information. But if you want them to make a purchase or arrange a reservation for you, you must authorize them to place any charges on your card. Before they add a charge to your account, they’ll call for authorization. So you won’t get hit with a bigger amount than you expected.

Here’s how to save time with a concierge.

1. Secure Reservations at Coveted Restaurants

If you want a restaurant reservation, your first thought might be to call the restaurant directly. That works fine for most places. But if you want to dine at a popular restaurant where reservations are scarce, pass it on to American Express Platinum concierge.

Many upscale restaurants release reservations in chunks, or for specific times. And Amex also has direct lines and preferred access for cardmembers at others.

Reservations at the fanciest restaurants can be hard to secure on your own

If you don’t want to set an alert to search for a reservation, or spend time sorting through options, your concierge can handle it for you and email you with a confirmation.

When I went to New Orleans, I wanted to dine at a different restaurant every day – and had 4 places in mind. Instead of calling every restaurant, I gave the list to American Express Platinum concierge and let them set reservations for me each night at the same time.

I didn’t have to go over available times or arrange the days. Instead, I got a confirmation email with everything arranged after making one phone call.

2. Get Concert or Event Tickets That Seem Sold out

No guarantees here, but I’ve had luck letting American Express Platinum concierge search for the best tickets. And if there’s a show you want to see, you can ask your concierge to buy a ticket the moment they go on sale.

Amex sometimes reserves their own block of tickets at certain events, available exclusively to cardholders. Even better, when you buy these tickets, there are no extra “service fees,” which I hate paying!

If you know a concert, play, or other event is wildly popular, it’s worth calling to ask if you can get a better seat, lower rate, or just let Amex remember to buy you a seat.

I bought tickets to Hamilton in Chicago at a deep discount & without added fees

When I saw Hamilton in Chicago, I paid way less than if I’d booked directly and got seats with great views for myself and two friends. There’s no doubt I would’ve never had this experience if I hadn’t picked up the phone and called Amex Concierge.

If a show seems sold out, or if you know you won’t be available to search as soon as a show starts selling tickets, it’s worth calling to see if you have options. You might be surprised!

3. Send a Gift When You Don’t Have Time

If you looked at your calendar and realized a birthday, anniversary, or special event is sooner than expected, American Express Platinum concierge excels at making you look smooth when you don’t have time to check who can deliver flowers or a gift to a special someone.

American Express Platinum concierge has you covered when you need to send a gift ASAP

And when you have a request, like for a particular bouquet or items for a certain store, the concierge can sort delivery details. They can even do same-day requests if you’re caught off guard and swamped with other things. As long as you can make a call or shoot a quick email, you won’t have to miss sending well wishes on a special day.

4. Provide Help Planning an Event

If you’ve ever planned an event, even a small one, you know how much goes into it. You have to check if there’s a deposit, spending minimum, whether the venue is appropriate for your number of guests, and – of course – if the space is even available. What might start as a few phone calls turns into an afternoon before you know it.

But remember, you’ve got help on your side. I wouldn’t recommend asking Amex Concierge to plan a huge event, like a wedding or reunion. Because Amex says:

Our Concierge staff typically fulfills requests at no cost to you;  however, in the case of meetings and event planning, fees may apply

But if you need basic information about what’s available, cost, and specifics, ask them to collate the information for you.

Events require planning and parsing little details. So get Amex concierge to start your search for you

You can also request other information, like which set menus are available, if a venue allows separate payments, or how much an open bar costs. When you get the list in your inbox, you can follow-up with other questions until you find the right space.

5. Find Specialized Services

Do you need an electrician who can also sand down a door and replace a piece of chipped trim? Or a cobbler that works with soft leather shoes?

Some brands only let authorized retailers service their products for repair. Or you might be planning a big purchase and want to know return and warranty policies before you drive to every store around town.

This would be a great reason to ask Amex concierge to research on your behalf. They can also find out hours of operation, whether a specialist is available, and set an appointment if one is required. That way, you can save time calling around and know right where to go when you’re ready.

6. Research Venue Choices

If you’re looking for a venue with certain specifications, ask Amex Concierge to make a list for you. This doesn’t have to be an event, but any occasion.

Maybe you’re looking for an outdoor patio with a happy hour downtown, or Ethiopian restaurants with vegan options.

If you want a coworking space with unlimited printer use and a conference room, they can find out where it is and how much it costs to rent.

When you’re looking for an experience, ask American Express Platinum concierge to thumb through the details

Sure, you can always search around yourself. But if you want a starting point, or a list of choices without any hassle, make a quick call and get it done faster.

7. Your Specific Request (No Matter How Weird or Wacky!)

Folks have put Amex concierge through the wringer with questions you wouldn’t believe. They’ve asked for which zoos have multiple giraffes, what companies fly to outer space, and where to buy a vintage bottle of wine from a specific year and from a particular vineyard.

You might have other questions, like who can repair your sewing machine, where to get a ring resized, which optometrist sells a brand of eyewear, or pretty much anything else that pops up. Or, if someone asks you for a recommendation, you can put concierge on the hunt.

As long as your request isn’t lewd or illegal, your concierge will be happy to assist. But don’t set the bar too high – even a concierge can’t perform miracles.

They’ll let you know if something is impossible. But for reasonable requests,  it’s definitely worth asking for a helping hand. That’s what it’s there for!

Bottom Line

If you have an Amex Platinum Card, like The Platinum Card® from American Express, you’ve got a powerful assistant in your corner who can help you with:

  • Restaurant reservations
  • Tickets to events and performances
  • Gifts or flowers at the last minute
  • Planning an event
  • Searching for a specialist
  • Finding a venue
  • Anything else within reason!

I’ve asked for help with tickets to Hamilton and setting dining reservations for a trip to New Orleans. Amex Concierge is there to save you time (and potentially money!).

You can call them at 800-525-3355 to ask for assistance. They’ll need your permission to charge your card. And they won’t help if something is indecent or illegal. Beyond that, see if you can hand over tasks that involve searching and calling. It’s always worth a shot, especially if you’re running low on time.

Has Amex Concierge ever helped you with a special request?

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