6 Easy Steps to File a Trip Delay Insurance Claim With Chase (My Recent American Airlines Delay Fiasco Was Completely Reimbursed)

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My American Airlines flight over the holidays was delayed, causing me to spend an extra night in Dallas.

Because I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card to pay for the taxes on my award flight, I was eligible to be reimbursed for expenses related to my unplanned night.  I filed a claim for the money I spent on food and a fancy hotel, and earlier this month I received my reimbursement from Chase.  They approved every penny of my claim.

I’ll show you how easy it is to file a claim.  And you can enroll in our newsletter for more need-to-know travel tips.

My American Airlines flight was delayed, and Chase rectified my situation

Receiving Full Reimbursement After My American Airlines Flight Delay

I’m no virgin to Chase travel claims.  They cover a WHOLE BUNCH of travel ordeals.  I’ve filed claims for:

  • Scratching a rental car
  • Delayed checked baggage (more than once)
  • Trip delays (more than once)

The best part about Chase Sapphire Preferred travel insurance is the reliability.  I’ve never had a claim denied, and I’ve received literally thousands of dollars back.

One of the best features is its trip delay insurance.  If you experience a delay of 12+ hours, or if you’re required to stay overnight, Chase will reimburse you for all your reasonable expenses.  That includes stuff like:

  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Toiletries
  • Transportation

As long as you pay for your airfare at least in part with one of these cards, you can be reimbursed.  Here’s how to file a claim!

Step 1.   Head to the Eclaims Line Website

Chase processes everything through Eclaims Line.  On the website’s home page, click “New Claim“.

And as you can see, it’s easy to modify a current claim by clicking on “Existing Claim“.

Step 2.   Enter Your Card Info

To begin your claim, you’ll need to enter the Chase card with which you reserved your travel plans.

Step 3.   Choose Your Claim Type

Here is where you’ll see a full list of all types of claims you’re eligible for with your Chase card.  Click “Trip Delay.

Step 4.   Enter Your Personal Info

It’s all easy stuff.  Name, address, phone number, email, etc.  It should match your card info.

Step 5.   Enter Travel Details

You’ll need to enter the dates of your trip, as well as the specific day you encountered a delay.  Then enter the amount you want to claim, along with a short explanation for the delay.

For example:   My flight was delayed from mechanical issues causing me to miss my connection which resulted in an overnight stay.

Step 6.   Upload Pertinent Documents

This is by far the most laborious step.

To substantiate your claim, you’ll need:

  • Proof that the travel was charged to your card
  • A copy of your ticket
  • Copies of receipts for the claimed expenses
  • A statement from the common carrier (i.e. the airline) indicating the reasons

the trip was delayed (check out my post on how to get one of those here)

  • Possibly other documentation deemed necessary to substantiate the claim
  • Ensuring you have all the documents you need is a bit of a pain.  But the half hour it took me to compile everything was definitely worth the ~$270 I received back.

    When I first submitted my claim, I was missing one piece of documentation.  After I added the missing document, I received a check in the mail about 1 month later.  Not bad!

    Let me know if you’ve had experience with Eclaims Line.  I’ve got nothing but glowing reports!

    You can check out this post for the best travel insurance cards.  And subscribe to our newsletter for more step-by-step guides like this:

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    Paula Garrett
    8 months ago

    What about when a “things to do” you purchased with points does not come to fruition?
    Example- purchased a special gourmet dinner experience for NYE in Paris for party of 5.
    Got there and restaurant was closed.
    Left in a lurch. So far Chase is willing to refund my points-
    What do you think about invoking the “insurance”
    would do for me?
    I’m talking to reps now.
    To “ make me whole” they’d need to send us all back next NYE.
    Suggestions? Experience?
    Getting aggressive on Social media is not my thing. But….

    11 months ago

    no it’s was not that easy. I submitted my claim two months ago with Chase card benefit service and it’s still pending….

    Andrew Wan
    Reply to  Sienna
    11 months ago

    🙁 sorry to hear. I’d recommend maybe trying to call to follow-up to make sure they have all the documents needed?

    Arey C
    1 year ago

    Say I buy my southwest flight with CSR, and then down the line change the flight (free of charge with SW) for a different date/time.

    Then if I experience 12+ hr delay on that new flight I switched onto, will I be covered with Trip Delay? Even though it’s not exactly the original flight I purchased? Thanks!

    1 year ago

    Are weather related delays covered?

    Andrew Wan
    Reply to  Nfd
    1 year ago

    Yep, should be possible – I’ve read successes in a few online forums too.

    Paco Raban
    1 year ago

    Hi there ,
    Thanks for this post.
    I see in one part you state “As long as you pay for your airfare at least in part with one of these cards,”.
    What are these cards ?.
    I have The Chase Ink business Preferred and I am wonder if work with this card if only one portion is payed with it.
    Thanks again

    1 year ago

    I too, have had to provide more & more substantiation for claims. My last claim took five months to pay.

    Just today, I submitted pages and pages of substantiation for just a new claim. They already had what was needed to approve the claim and some of the information they already had. It is a time consuming process and I agree that they will keep requesting more information until you simply give up.

    1 year ago

    Does CSP Trip Delay Coverage cover any Hotel reservation missed due to delayed flight (12+ hrs) ?
    The hotel reservation wasn’t prepaid. They charged on the night of the reservation.

    Andrew Wan
    Reply to  Kartik
    1 year ago

    That’s a good question. I’m not sure, and from going through the fine print of the coverage, it’s not particularly clear to me either.

    At the very least, it’s worth submitting it as a claim, explaining the situation, and see if they end up covering it.

    Reply to  Andrew Wan
    1 year ago

    I think you can claim any reasonable amount for any reasonable type of hotel, as long as you do not exceed the maximum reimbursable amount

    Andrew Wan
    Reply to  Jerry
    1 year ago

    Thanks, that’s good to know

    1 year ago

    I have now had my claim denied 5 times. They are constantly asking for more information. They refuse to accept the credit card statement as proof of meal charges even though I am only asking for $24. I think they deny things constantly until you give up and they don’t have to pay.

    Reply to  Molly
    1 year ago

    A credit card charge for $24 isn’t proof of a meal charge. Any reimbursement you get from anywhere — work, credit cards, IRS write-offs — is going to require a detailed receipt to see what they’re paying for.

    Andrew Wan
    Reply to  Anderson
    1 year ago

    If I think I’ll need a receipt for something, I’ll just snap a photo of it with my phone and file it to Dropbox or something

    1 year ago

    I’m intrigued here. You used your Chase Preferred card to pay for taxes only on your air ticket! I don’t understand how you can separate the ticket price and taxes as you make your payment. At what point does the system allow this? Can you do this online or must you speak with an agent? It’s also a surprise that this is all it takes to kick in the Chase benefits. Appreciate any explanation you can give.

    1 year ago

    Still waiting on reimbursement from months ago. 3 weeks ago they said it should be any day. Called yesterday and they claimed it was denied, reopened and is still pending and someone would call within 24 hours. Not as easy as you’re making it out to be.

    1 year ago

    I will second Shawn’s comments. Exact same issue on a trip in September and I’ve gone back to Chase to escalate for the same run-around (claim still unresolved). They mandate that for a non-refundable ticket, that I am required to get ‘in writing, on airline letterhead’, a statement indicating that no credits were issued…even though I provided ticket statements indicating same. This ‘new requirement’ came up after 3 interactions where they were piece-meal requesting additional information from me, new asks each time.
    Depending how Chase handles it, I’m skipping the BBB, and will likely refer them (Chubb is the provider) to the Insurance Commission here in Texas. Total BS. I know people who have experience with Allianz and AIG Travel insurance and their claims experiences are polar opposite to Chase/Chubb.

    1 year ago

    Do the expenses (hotel, meals, etc) have to be on the card? Or could they be paid by cash or some other card, as long as the flight itself was on that card?

    1 year ago

    This isn’t as easy as it’s portrayed in your blog. I had a flight from JFK to LAX scheduled, had a medical emergency the day before and was unable to take my flight.

    Uploaded everything requested, called to confirm they had received all documentation and needed no further information from me. MONTHS went back and I continued to follow up, they kept asking for the same documentation I already submitted via their online portal as well as sending it to the email address they provided me.

    Finally, after roughly 3 months of this, they requested I gather MORE information from the airline that I did not take the flight. This was provided twice, and the hospital report stated I was admitted for three days. It was physically impossible to take the flight. They were simply giving me the run around.

    I lost my mind on them saying they were fraud, they were trying to scam me and told them I was going to file a dispute with the BBB. They immediately asked for debit/credit card number and reimbursed my $1,400 flight at that moment.

    Yes, at the end of the day they reimbursed me for my expense. Was it easy, NO. Were they trying to run me around because they did not want to cover my expense, absolutely.