5 Best US Cities for Priority Pass Airport Lounge Access

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For access to the largest number of airport lounges, you’ll want a Priority Pass membership. It can get you into 1,200+ lounges worldwide and you can get a membership just by opening a credit card like any one of these:

A Priority Pass membership may not always get you into the nicest airport lounges but it can really make a difference during long connections. There are some airports where you’ll find it to be more useful than others, especially now that they’ve started adding restaurants to the network.

Best US Cities for Priority Pass Airport Lounge Membership

Priority Pass is constantly growing its network of lounges and adding more perks to the membership.  Right now your membership gets you:

Remember when using your Priority Pass at restaurants that the terms can vary by location. Sometimes to-go orders aren’t allowed or you will be required to have a same-day outbound boarding pass. Be sure to review the terms beforehand, and always let the staff know before you order that you’ll be using your Priority Pass membership to pay.

In addition, as of August 1, 2019, any Priority Pass memberships associated with an Amex card will no longer offer non-lounge benefits, like credits at select airport restaurants. However, you will still be able to use your Amex Priority Pass membership at Minute Suites and Sleepbox locations.

Also, some lounges restrict access to Priority Pass members during certain times and access to any lounge or restaurant is dependent on capacity. So if you’re traveling over Thanksgiving, for example, it’s possible you’ll get turned away at the door.

1. Miami

The Miami airport is home to four Priority Pass lounges and three Priority Pass restaurants. You’ll have plenty of options.

Your Priority Pass membership will get you $28 to $30 in credit per person for up to two people at these restaurants:

  • Air Margaritaville (Concourse E)
  • Corona Beach House (Concourse D)
  • Viena – $30-per-person credit (Concourse E)

You also have access to these lounges:

  • Club America F (Concourse F)
  • Avianca VIP Lounge (Concourse J)
  • VIP Lounge Miami (Concourse J)
  • VIP Lounge Terminal E (Concourse E)

It’s not just the number of lounges and restaurants that make Miami a great airport for using your Priority Pass membership. It’s also the location of the restaurants. Both Air Margaritaville and Viena are located landside (before security). That means that if a someone is seeing you off on a trip, in theory they should be able to count as your guest even if they aren’t traveling.

Priority Pass members have no shortage of options at Miami International Airport. (Photo by Philip Lange/Shutterstock)

The terms for Air Margaritaville and Viena say, “Cardholders must present a valid card and boarding pass with confirmed same-day travel before placing an order.” So it reads as though you should be able to visit these restaurants when you arrive or depart from Miami, but it’s possible the restaurant could restrict arrivals even if the terms don’t seem to.

The terms for the Corona Beach House say, “All Cardholders and guests are required to show a valid card and an MIA outbound departure boarding pass with confirmed same-day travel.” Since they explicitly require outbound travel, it makes me think the other restaurants won’t require it. If you have any experience one way or the other, please let me know.

2. Washington, DC/Baltimore Area

If you’re flying out of the greater Washington, DC area, you’ll have options to use your Priority Pass membership at any of the three major airports.  Your membership will get you access to:

Dulles International Airport (IAD)
  • Air France KLM Lounge (Concourse A)
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (Concourse A)
  • British Airways Galleries Lounge (Concourse B)
  • Sleepbox (Concourse A)
  • Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington (Concourse B)
  • Chef Geoff’s (Concourse C)
Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA)
  • Bracket Room (Terminal B)
  • American Tap Room (Terminal C)
Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)
  • The Club BWI (Concourse D)

You can get a $28-per-person credit at all of the Washington, DC-area Priority Pass restaurants for up to two people. The best of the available lounges is the Turkish Airlines lounge at Dulles. It’s one of the better lounges in the US that you can access with your Priority Pass.

The Turkish Airlines lounge is nice if it’s not too crowded. (Photo by Katie Genter/The Points Guy)

The lounge provides fantastic views of the tarmac for planespotting and has plenty of alcohol and hot and cold food options. You can even grab a shower while you wait. The best part is that all the terminals at Dulles are connected so you can visit the Turkish Airlines lounge even if you’re flying domestically. Access to the lounge is restricted, however, if it gets too full, so don’t count on getting in at busy times.

Sleepbox is a “micro-hotel” offering 16 tiny rooms with a comfy bed you can rent out for a nap. According to the Priority Pass website, your membership will get you one free hour with Sleepbox and each hour after that you’ll pay a discounted rate of $24. Each Sleepbox is only for one person.

3. New York City

You used to have at least one Priority Pass option at all three New York City-area airports, but once the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge left the network, folks traveling through LaGuardia were left without a lounge.

You can still get access to these locations at JFK and Newark airports:

  • Bobby Van’s Steakhouse (Terminal 8)
  • Air France Lounge (Terminal 1)
  • KAL Business Class Lounge (Terminal 1)
  • Wingtips Lounge (Terminal 4)
  • Alaska Airlines Lounge (Terminal 7)
Newark (EWR)
  • Art & Lounge (Terminal B)
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (Terminal B)

It stinks that there are no Priority Pass lounges at LaGuardia and that the options at Newark are skimpy. The Art & Lounge can feel crowded even when it’s far from full, and although the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Newark is a solid lounge, your Priority Pass membership will only get you access from 1pm-5pm daily.

The options at JFK that are spread out in four different terminals. This is helpful because the terminals don’t connect airside (except for terminals 2 and 4 via a shuttle), so if you wanted to switch terminals to visit a lounge, you’d need to clear security again. Priority Pass won’t get you into all of the fanciest lounges at JFK, but it does give you a bunch of options.

4. Dallas

The Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport may only have one Priority Pass lounge, but it has four other non-lounge options. Here is where you can use your Priority Pass in Dallas:

  • Minute Suites (Terminal A)
  • Minute Suites (Terminal D)
  • Gameway (Terminal E)
  • Gameway (Terminal B)
  • The Club DFW (Terminal D)
Minute Suites are private rooms equipped with a day bed/sofa, desk, pillows, blankets and Wi-Fi. You can even take a shower (at the Terminal D location) for an extra fee. You don’t actually need a Priority Pass to reserve a Minute Suites room. Here are the regular prices:

But with your Priority Pass you can get a one-hour stay for free, and it doesn’t count as a visit if your Priority Pass has a limited number of visits. On top of that, you’ll also get a discounted rate of $28 per hour for every hour after the first. You can bring up to three guests with you into the same room.

There are a limited number of rooms at each Minute Suites location, so they can fill up fast. I recommend reserving ahead of time through the Minute Suites website if you know you’ll want a private space to rest or get work done.

The Minute Suites at DFW offer a private retreat from the crowds. (Photo by Cassiohabib/Shutterstock)

The Dallas Gameway lounges are loaded with video-game consoles to help you blow off steam during an unexpected delay. With your Priority Pass you are entitled to a free two-hour visit, two snacks, one drink and a 10% discount for each subsequent hour.

The normal prices for a Gameway visit are:

  • 30 minutes for $10.99
  • 60 minutes for $19.99
  • 120 minutes for $34.99
  • Unlimited for $44.99

5. Los Angeles

One issue you’ll run into at some airports is that it’s difficult or impossible to get to certain terminals, like the international terminal, without going through security again. But you won’t have this issue at LAX because Priority Pass has you covered at the following locations:

  • Alaska Lounge (Terminal 6)
  • Point the way Cafe (Terminal 6)
  • Rocks & Brews (Terminal 1)
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (Terminal 2)
  • KAL Lounge (Tom Bradley International Terminal)
  • P.F. Chang’s (Tom Bradley International Terminal)

If you’re traveling through the international terminal, you’ve got a restaurant (P.F.Chang’s) and lounge (KAL Lounge) you can visit. In other terminals, you can stop by Rocks & Brews or Point the way Cafe to eat and lounge in either the Alaska Lounge or Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is top-notch, but it’s only open in the morning. (Photo by First Class Photography/Shutterstock)

The KAL lounge is a solid lounge and is open to Priority Pass members between 1pm and 7pm, but the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is only open to Priority Pass members in the morning between 5am and 11:30am.

What has your experience been with your Priority Pass membership? What cities have you found your membership to be particularly useful or useless in?

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1 year ago

Is there any resource for which lounges are available in the terminals that Southwest uses? I fly them often and find that the PP lounges are many times in a different terminal which is inconvenient to get to.

1 year ago

The Corona Beach house in Miami is airside not landside. Also, they haven’t asked for the boarding pass anytime. Since it is airside the boarding pass or not problem doesn’t arise.

1 year ago

The Alaska Lounge at PDX is unusable. The “closed to PP members” sign seems to be up on a permanent basis.

Reply to  Bob
1 year ago

This was the same the last two times we were in Newark at the Art and Lounge in July 2019.

1 year ago

I have to disagree on LAX. Sure, they have lounges, but they’re always closed to Priority Pass members. To be honest, it’s kind of an example of a terrible airport for the program.

1 year ago

While in theory LAX has 5 places to use, the alaska airlines lounge always has the sign”sorry no PP members at this time”.

I did have a question about PP usage in restaurants. Since CSR allows only member + 2 credits, how do the restaurants treat excess members in the party when the total bill is less than the total allowed credit ?

For e.g. if the credit is $25/person and 4 of us go to p.f changs in LAX and the total bill is $75, would the restaurant treat it as $75/4 and collect $18.75 from us or we wouldn’t have to pay anything since CSR covers up to $75 for 3 persons ?

Reply to  LB
1 year ago

The restaurants generally ask how many PP guests you have, and don’t seem concerned that it is the same as the number of people at the table. The PP credit at P.F. Chang’s is $30, so if you are 3 on PP (yourself and two guests), the credit is $90, and your $75 bill is taken care of (sometimes they don’t even bring a bill unless you ask).
But let’s say the original bill is $150. If you use 3 PP credits, the $90 credit reduces the bill to $60. If you use 4 PP credits, the bill at the restaurant will be $30, but you will have a charge from PP later for the extra guest of $27 for a total of $57. So you could save $3/person if you’re definitely going to max out the credit, but it’s usually better to just claim the standard 3 PP credits (yourself and two guests) regardless of the number of people in your party.

Reply to  LB
1 year ago

This is an excellent question, I would love to know the answer as well.

1 year ago

“While Portland only has one lounge (the Alaska Airlines lounge in Concourse C)”…

1 year ago

Dang it, there’s apparently no way to either edit or delete comments? For instance, the one I accidentally clicked Submit on below this one with basically no text. That’s… not ideal.

What I wanted to point out was that your statement about the Alaska lounge in Portland is *technically* true according to the PP site, but in practice, really isn’t. That lounge claims to participate in PP, but basically doesn’t ever.

1 year ago

Great article, thanks! Important to note that at Washington Dulles you might be more comfortable sitting at the gate then going to the British Airways lounge, unless one finds canned drinks that you can’t take with you, peanuts, peppermint candy, and rude service beneficial

Mike C
1 year ago

Can one get thru security without a boarding pass for flight out of that terminal.?? Ie. JFK

1 year ago

If I have 4 hour layover in Miami (MIA) airport and I have a PriorityPass with unlimited access, will I be able to get to multiple restaurants and lounges during those 4 hours and get full benefits in each of them? Or does the system limit me for only one visit per day? Please share your thoughts, opinions and experience. Thank you.

Reply to  John
1 year ago

Unlimited access is truly unlimited. You can visit as many lounges as you want. Once, I visited 4 lounges in the same airport in one day!

Reply to  ER
1 year ago

Last Tuesday my flight out of terminal 1 in LAX got delayed a bunch, after I’d already gotten to the airport way earlier than I had to, so I thought it’d be fun to use my PP at every participating location at LAX (well, other than the Virgin lounge, since it was the afternoon.) Hit up both the Alaska and KAL lounges, as well as PF Changs and Rocks & Brews. Was pretty great.

Reply to  ER
1 year ago

Thank you. Have you tried to visit more than one restaurant at one stop, or mix of multiple restaurants and/or lounges?

Reply to  John
1 year ago

Just lounges… but I called PP in advance to ask about their policy. They said you can visit as many as you’d like – even in the same airport.

Ed. C
1 year ago

I really enjoy my Priority Pass and have received very good value from it, especially considering it’s a perk of my CSR card. I’m sure I’ve saved enough on meals at restaurants alone to more than pay for the annual fee of the CSR. There are times, however, that I really would like to just go to a lounge and relax, but I have had very bad luck accessing lounges. Every Alaska Airlines lounge I have ever tried to access has had the no Priority Pass members sign out. Makes me wonder why they are even part of Priority Pass. KAL lounge at LAX is out because of the hours open to members. The Club at DFW and the Fiji Airways lounge at NAN are the only 2 lounges I have been able to consistently visit with no problems.