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How to Check If You’ve Earned Double Points With Your Chase Sapphire Preferred

How to Check If You’ve Earned Double Points With Your Chase Sapphire Preferred

Million Mile SecretsHow to Check If You’ve Earned Double Points With Your Chase Sapphire PreferredMillion Mile Secrets Team

You can now see whether you’ve earned double points on a particular transaction when you log in to your Chase Sapphire Preferred account.

Chase Sapphire Preferred
Double Points on Travel and Dining with the Chase Sapphire Preferred

You earn 2X points for travel and dining expenses with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  The Chase Sapphire Preferred also has no foreign transaction fees, which is why most bloggers recommend the card to folks who want only ONE card!

Seeing whether you earned double points for a transaction online isn’t a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but will save you some time adding up your statement to see if you earned double points or not on certain transactions.

Previously, you had to do the calculations yourself to see how many Ultimate Rewards points you earned and manually add up your travel and dining expenses and match it to the bonus points earned on your statement.

If you don’t earn 2X points for a travel or dining expense, just call or send a secure message to Chase and they will usually fix it.

Emily:  I can’t imagine checking each transaction every month to see if I earned double points.  Good thing that Daraius likes doing these things!

How to Check If You’ve Earned Double Points With Your Chase Sapphire Preferred

Step 1 – Log In To Your Chase Account

Log in to your Chase account.

 Chase Sapphire Preferred
Step 1 – Log In To Your Chase Account

Step 2 – Click on “See Activity”

Click on “See Activity” to view  your Chase Sapphire Preferred card transactions.

 Chase Sapphire Preferred
Step 2 – Click on “See Activity”

Step 3 – Click The Box Next To Each Transaction

Click the+ sign in the blue box next to each transaction.

 Chase Sapphire Preferred
Step 3 – Click the “+” Sign to See How Many Points You Earned for a Transaction

Step 4 – See Ultimate Rewards Points Earned

You’ll be able to see how many Ultimate Rewards points you’ve earned for each transaction.

We had some chicken nuggets at McDonald’s.  And because that’s a dining expense, we earned 2X points – 1X points for dining and 1X regular points.

 Chase Sapphire Preferred
Double the Points at McDonalds With the Chase Sapphire Preferred

Bottom Line

You can now see how many Ultimate Rewards points you earned on your Chase Sapphire Preferred transactions by checking your account online!

This makes it easier to see if you earned double points for a transaction or not.  Chase has great customer service so just let them know if you didn’t get double points for a travel or dining expense.

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The Other Jason

They don't seem to do this for the Chase Freedom card though. Or am I missing something. Would be helpful to know if my little cafeteria where I get coffee every day, and sometimes lunch, was being counted as a "restaurant" or not.

Anybody know how to check for bonus points for Chase Freedom?

Million Mile Secrets

@The Other Jason - They don't do this for the Freedom as yet, but I expect them to eventually show the bonus.

@MMS, sent a message and here is the replay: "Points are earned based on the merchant category. The merchant category for the transaction made with PayPal Milepoint is 'Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Stores' and for the transaction made with Points Us Air Miles is 'Business Services - not elsewhere classified'. Since, both these charges are not categorized as travel you did not earn the bonus points."

Moving on ... thank you! 🙂

Useful info - thanks for posting Daraius!

Thanks MMS, was not aware of this new feature, and appreciate the visuals. Ignore the trolls as usual.

Million Mile Secrets

@Cathleenn - No worries. I would have blanked out the location if I didn't want folks to know where we were. We were driving from Toledo to Columbus and had a short stop in Sandusky. We'll put it on our list of places to visit!

@Nathan - I believe that some public transportation purchases may count, so it doesn't hurt to put it on the card and check.

@Rachel - I wouldn't check every purchase, but perhaps only the large value purchases.

@Rudy - I don't see an email from you in my in-box. Can you please resend it?

@Kalboz - That's because isn't considered travel, but you could send a message to Chase to ask them to consider it!

@MYRflyer - Thanks!

Shared 50K US Airways miles with the wife and paid for the transaction using this card. Points posted but not double even though this is a travel related expense!


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Rewards earned1

+ 1 Point per $1 earned on all purchases 567.50

Total rewards 567.50 Points

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