Airline Frequent Flyer Program Sign-Up

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To accumulate airline miles for almost free or cheap flights, you need airline frequent flyer accounts.  This lets you earn points in your name.

Here are links to sign-up for Airline Frequent Flyer Programs:

US Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

(Click an Airline Image to Open the Sign-up Page)

Non US Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

(Click an Airline Image to Open the Sign-up Page)

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66 responses to “Airline Frequent Flyer Program Sign-Up

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  2. have a question regarding signing up for airline or hotel rewards programs…

    if i’m not already a member, should i wait to join until i see some kind of bonus attached to a ‘new’ membership?? and if so, could you add to “ff sign up page” and include info regarding bonuses (or lack thereof) and if we should wait…

    for example… “you should wait to join HHonors because, although there is no bonus currently, they have had XXXX points as a sign up bonus in the past… OR… “no reason to wait on this one… HHonors has never offered incentive points for joining their program”

    robbie from baltimore

    • @ Robbie – That’s a great idea! I suppose you could wait until there is some sort of sign-up bonus, but these offers are generally for a fairly short time. I’ll make it a note to point new sign-up bonuses on the blog!

  3. Is the AA advantage visa card offer with the 75000 mile bonus at signup still valid? If I am not a member of AA frequent flier club, will this be a problem? I am a BA member. Will I be able to transfer AA miles to BA account?

    • @Ron – The 2 AA card offers are still working. If you are not a member of the AAdvantage program you can sign up and provide that number in your application or Citi/AA will assign you a new number. I recommend signing up for an account so that you can easily access it later and putting that number in your application. You can’t transfer miles from AA to BA, but since both are part of the oneworld alliance you can use AA miles to fly on BA (you’ll have to pay the high BA fees and surcharges, though).

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  5. How about a link to Korean Air? Thanks!

  6. hey gday! i am a australian resident but fly british airways and use their frequent flyer program – seem to be more rewarding than quants. is there anyways i can maximise more of their new credit card program, or anyway of just maximising the points gained whilst travelling. i only travel economy don’t see the point spending a fortune on business/can’t afford to every time so whats the best solution to get maximum points. thanks

    • Christina – Good idea and I’ll get to it over the weekend.

      @haz – British Airways charges high fuel surcharges for flights on their aircraft. However, the surcharges for Qantas flights within Australia is low and you could even travel on Cathay Pacific from Australia to Hong Kong for 25K Avios and $186 and then on to Asia. You won’t be able to get the US-issued British Airways card unless you have a US social security number.

  7. enrique ibarra

    i need to use my american express points and would like to know which airline will be the best to use. need to fly from lax to shangai in 2 weeks.

  8. charles mccall

    I am new to this program and the internet. please send me a simple way to apply my already purchased ticket to this program. thank you

  9. Goal JFK-hkg- jnb Fclass using AlaskaAir program Any hints as to ways to glom miles. Would buying IcelandAir miles work? I need 280000 miles
    See you in Chicago/Oct

    • @Paul hanley – See you in Chicago too! That’s a lot of Alaska miles, and their credit card offers 40K miles, and folks have been able to cancel and get that again in 3 to 4 months, though your experience could be different. Alaska Air is a transfer partner of SPG, so getting the personal and business SPG card will get you 30K each or 60K total which will transfer to 75K Alaska Air miles. Otherwise, it is hard to accumulate Alaska Air miles.

      You can only redeem Iceland Air miles for flights on Alaska within the US, Canada, and possible Mexico.

  10. i want apply for the trick 150000 aa miles citi cradit card

  11. Is their a way i can avail of your tips form ireland or is this USA only?

  12. Darius, I am debating about the debit card acct that i want to sign up – suntrust, UBF (AA if i am not wrong) or bofa alaska.
    UBF and Bofa Alaska have the edge about maintaining balance (i owned bofa mortgage so i am not charged monthly), but earning less mileage.
    Suntrust earned 1 for 1 but for delta….

    for common/newbie mile collector, which miles should I collect and easy to use (for international if possible).

  13. I have UBF-yes it’s AAdvantage at 0.5 miles/$, and also suntrust delta. I would be happy to hear from you if you wanted some advice re: if your problem is credit based. If you just do not believe in credit cards, that’s another matter. As Darius says, you should be paying these off each month, not applying and spending up. At any rate, my e-mail is [email protected] and name Roderick Scott if you have questions about recovering from a bad public record on your credit or the like. You are on the right path if you say Suntrust is “1 for 1 “but for delta.”

  14. If I fly on British Airways…
    I can buy a ticket in economy class and buy Avios to upgrade to first class?

    • @Chris – Which miles to collect really depends on your goals and how you want to use your miles and points.

      @Alan – You can do a 1 class upgrade so from economy to premium economy, but it depends on which fare class you bought. If you want to upgrade to business class, you would need to buy a premium economy ticket.

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  16. I want to transfer Amex miles to fly from Boston to Singapore. How can I determine how many miles I need?

  17. as for @Robbie offers… have you ever noticed some kind of pattern as the which TIME of the year these things usually pop up? probably not before xmas, for example…

  18. Am needing to get American Advantage Miles, but can’t find any better offer today, 23 May 12, than 30k for Citi Card. Is there any better offer out there?

  19. Hi,
    I don’t know if you can help me , but I am a frequent flyer in British Airways and am about to change from one level to another, but my membership renews in October…. so I understand I have to travel and change tier levels before October.

    1. I am travelling with my sister soon and I wanted to know if it’s possible to book her tickets with my frequent flyer number so that I can get the tier points generated by her flights. Is that possible?

    2. Do you know if the miles also get reset ? and I should spend them before October too?

    Hope you are able to help me with my questions, thank you!

    • @Yani Glez – You can’t earn points for your sister’s flights. The points you’ve already earned don’t get reset, so you don’t need to spend them as long as you don’t let the miles expire.

  20. Both my husband Uri Zeiger and I – Ruthie are travelling by Air France Airline. We are intersted to become members of your Fequent Flyers service.
    Since we share the same email address, I couldn’t send you my details because there was a comment that the email is already used.
    How can I join ?

    • @Ruthie Zeiger – If you’re trying to sign-up for the blog emails, it won’t let you use the same email more than once. If you are trying to sign-up for the Air France frequent flyer program, you should be able to sign-up on the Air France website and may require a different email address as well.

  21. Just a general question here. If I sign up for the SouthWest RR program, do I have to book flights only on to get the points, or can I use any website to get the points (i.e. Kayak, Expedia, ect). Sorry, I’m new to this.

  22. I just opened United card with 50k / 2k spending – and plan to book tickets before Feb 2014 . Could I redeem the miles right away or I have to wait still second trip ?

  23. I can’t find a link to the United card with 50k / 2k spending offer. Can anyone help?

  24. Hello Darius !
    To earm Millage reward I have to book tickets via United Airline / United Flights only or I could earn miles even with united airline partner ? — Can I book tickets with SIngapore airline or china airline and still qualify for the reward ? – I am on process to book tickets to Asia via if I am unchecked ” United Airline Flights only ” the result will included some ” Partner Flights ” with much better price- I am not sure if I should select those tickets
    Please help me to make the right decision

    • @Jeff – See this post.

      @Ding – You will earn United miles for the flights on the partner airlines such as Singapore airlines as well. It is usually better to book a flight with the lowest price than to book a higher priced ticket just for a few extra miles.

  25. Happy Thanks giving to you/ your family and every one who loves this site —
    Could your please give me an advise on those issues <
    -For family travels together , should i create frequency flyer account for every member included all my childs or only one – who name the united / Chase card is needed-
    -in the long run bettween the A Express card with 30 points bonus /500 spending for 3 months – no anually fee and the Chase sapphire Prefer which one is better?\
    Thank you very much !

  26. – Sorry, I was wrong – American E for 30 ” K” points / 500 USD Spending for first 3 months / no fee / Compare to Chase S-
    -I did created multiple flyer accounts for family members in our trip included for the infant under 2 years old ( approved but not sure if she could collect miles) – and purchased the tickets online for over 5k ! Feel bad because I should have applied 2 cards and split the spending since the minimum required is 2k – Could I redeem the miles when it availabe to pay for the statement ?
    -Do you know some tricks to nego the airline price ? I was ended up to pay more than 100 USD / tickets compare to list price on their database- Full price for Child under 5 years old – I had to make purchase via phone – they stated ” payment system ” not properly working due to traffic and price subject to change due to peak season!!!!-
    Thanks for your time !

    Thanks for your time!

    • @Tin – Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Yes, you should create a separate account for everyone in your family and use AwardWallet to track those accounts. I prefer the Chase Sapphire Preferred because it has a lower sign-up bonus. I’d wait for a higher sign-up bonus on the AMEX Business Gold card. You can get a statement credit for the sign-up bonus on the Sapphire Preferred, but it could be worth more if used for flights. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to negotiate prices when booking an air ticket.

  27. Hi, i have spent quite abit of time trying to register on Air China. The program will not take my phone number. It just shows an error. I have tried several opitions with dashes or no dashes. 001 or 1001 or 01 and every combination there of. I have called Air China the gal just said she has heard that complaint before:) Any thoughts?


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  30. Hi, I am wondering what’s the best way to earn miles with Transaero, the Russian airline. They have a plan of their own, of course I could join it. But I wonder if there’s a better way to collect their miles. Any clever trick to make those miles accrue elsewhere?

  31. I will be flying to New Zealand on Air New Zealand this Fall. Do they offer bonus deals to join their frequent flyer program while on the flight (bonus miles on top of flight miles) or is it better to join now?

  32. I have a United card and have 50,000 points accumulated. How can I get those points off the card and trasfered to a frequent flyer account so I can avoid paying the annual fee next year? I have read that I cancel the card the points are forfeited.

  33. Good moring all !
    How to use the United miles to book tickets to Aisa but not with United Airline ? – Same deal with every airline or better deal with united ?
    How to transfer free miles from one family member who will not travel to the other member who is travel ? is there any fee – Or NOT if using United Airline ?
    THanks !

  34. Do NOT join American Airlines ff program”…terrible redemption and as their most elite status..a chairman..I can verify they do NOT release empty seats for a status upgrade to first class most of the time. On many flights is them hold the seats in first to sell or force redemption of miles right up to takeoff. Happens many times seats are not released until day of flight. Their loyalty program is probably worst in the industry.

  35. I signed up for United Airlines rewards program after I flew. I flew out on March 29 and returned April 3rd. I still have the boarding passes. Can I get credit for theses miles? If yes, how?


  36. AAdvantage announced this yesterday. I’m a newbie to collecting miles, so my basic question is: is it ever a good deal to purchase miles?

    “From March 31 to April 30, 2015, earn up to 60,000 bonus miles when you buy or gift miles. A celebration like this only happens once so buy or gift AAdvantage miles today.”

    Basically, there’s a chart which I’m finding difficult to paste here, but in essence if you buy 6,000 miles for $177 you get an extra 1,500 miles thrown in. More miles purchased, more extra bonus miles all the way up to buy 100,000 miles for $2,950 and get an extra 60,000 miles.

  37. Hello!

    I would like to get a CC where I can rack up mileage. I spend at least $5K/mo so I could get great points but I have bad credit so I am leery about taking out a CC because I will get dinged and rejected. Any suggestions as to which CC I’d be able to work with?

    Thanks in advance,

  38. Hello!

    Hope you guys are doing great. I am new to the world air miles and have not been able to find answer to one question even after going through a lot of the blogs. I am not sure if I am posting it at the right place. For ex: I am a member of Air India flyer returns program and I have approximately 240,000 miles in it and I want to book an award flight with lets say Air Canada or Swiss Airlines for a business for a First class. What will be the steps. They are all star alliance partners. Will I have to call Air Canada or Swiss airlines to book the award ticket or Air India to do that I am signed up with AI? It’s kind of confusing for me. It will be really helpful if you can spare some time out to answer this query.

    TIA & Warm Regards,


  39. Patti Gaughan

    is it better to sign up for a ff account via the airline website or during the flight thru the card in the magazine (do they offer bonus points thru the magazine)?

  40. Tommy Harrison

    I work for the Armed Forces in Germany, why i cannot sign up using my APO AE address?

  41. I just received the Amex gold and Amex platinum, one with 50k bonus and the other with 100k bonus.
    How can I verify I will actually received the bonus after minimum spending.
    It shows during application, but nowhere on my account screen with amex.

  42. I just got my AA Aviator card and used it on a two week trip to the UK. When I got home, as I do, I started to check the actual charges and their conversion to dollars. But there was a problem. Unlike all my other cards the transactions just showed the merchants name and the dollar amount of the charge. There was no way to determine exactly what the actual British Pound charge was.

    This is a problem for me, anal as I may be, because I want to know what exchange rate I was given for each charge. And some charges had different DBA names than the receipt I signed while in the UK. Since I had a ton of charges (I spent less than 200 pounds in actual cash in the two weeks) I could not match some of them to the actual charge shown on Barclay’s site.

    Worse, I received no Hertz receipt when I turned the car back in so I have no way of knowing what they actually charged in pounds, only the dollars they converted to. I called Barclays and they were clueless. One CS rep told me to check Yahoo Finance to find out the exchange rate. Her supervisor was equally helpless telling me they couldn’t get that information, even after I told her that Chase had no problem doing that for years.

    Personally I think this is a way for Mastercard to hide just how much they are making above the actual exchange rate, and not just the 1% they say they add to any conversion

    Has anyone else had this issue and what’s the general opinion on this?

  43. Hi! I’m new to all of this, but decided to try it. I’ve been flying for the past few years to Costa Rica and would like to start gaining some Miles from my flights. I would like to use United (it’s the airline I usually use and it’s been pretty good.) What would you recommend ? Thank you!

  44. As a expert do you feel that with Delta and United first class monetization that this will reduce free upgrades to their elite flyers ? And if so how long before American follows suit ? I am sticking to American for now due to this, just wondering what you think ?

  45. Hi
    I am flying virgin Austrila next month. I live in the US. I’m a member of BA, Krissflyer, delta, virgin America. Which FF program should I credit my miles to? Will I get a larger % of miles on one over the other. I’m flying coach. Thanks for your help:)

  46. My kids and I tend to fly with whatever is tge most inexpensive. So during our last travel, we flew with 6 different airlines internationally as well as domestically. Which program should I sign up with?

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  48. Hi,

    I have rewards, miles with different banks, airways. Is there anyway i can club all points and buy business class tickets?

  49. How can I apply for big bonus sign ups then cancel before paying the annual fee. Where can I transfer the points to where there are no/low annual fees?

  50. Any good credit card for non US citizens without a US bank?

  51. Nice page!!

  52. sanjay deshpande

    i am visiting china every month from mumbai to shanghai or mumbai to beijing .
    so need to get such airlines which have alliance with air india ,jet airways ,air china .
    and need to be a member of frequent flier to avail facility through alliance .