Airline Credit Cards

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I keep the information on this page updated, but please double check the credit card applications for details about terms and conditions of the offers.  Please let me know if you find a better offer so that I can list it here!  The card offers are listed alphabetically by airline.

Here are 40+ ways to complete the minimum spending on credit cards if you are concerned about completing the minimum spending requirements.

1.  Alaska Airlines

Bank of America Alaska Air

  • 30,000 miles after approval on the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Personal card
  • $100 statement credit after making $1,000 in purchases within 1st 90 days of opening account. (Only available to those who haven’t had the card before.)
  • $75 annual fee NOT waived for the first year;
  • NO foreign transaction fees
  • $99 companion certificate valid only in coach
  • Alaska Air miles can be used on partner airlines such as American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Air France, LAN, etc.
  • 25,000 miles with the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business card
  • Warning:  Bank of America may issue you a lower platinum plus or preferred card, if you don’t qualify for the Signature card, which offers only 6,000 or 4,000 miles!

2.  American Airlines 

3.  AAdvantage Executive

4.   British Airways

5.  Delta

Daraius’ Tips

6.   Delta Reserve

American Express Delta Reserve

Delta Reserve American Express

  • 10,000 medallion (elite) miles after 1st purchase with the American Express Delta Reserve card
  • First checked bag is free; free Delta lounge access
  • $450 fee NOT waived for first year; No foreign transaction fee
  • Earn 2 Delta miles per $1 spent on Delta & 1 mile for everything else
  • Earn 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending $30,000 and an additional 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending another $30,000 in a calendar year
  • Tip:  This card could be worth the high fee if you’re looking for Delta club access and medallion (elite) qualifying miles.  Otherwise, skip it.

7.  Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after spending $500 in purchases or balance transfers within the 1st 90 days with the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard
  • Earn 2X miles on purchases at and 1 mile per $1 on all other purchases
  • No blackout dates.  Book any round-trip award flight on Frontier Airlines starting at 20,000 EarlyReturns® miles (plus fees and taxes)
  • $69 fee NOT waived for 1st year

8.  Hawaiian Airlines

9.   Southwest

Daraius Tip:  How to get the Southwest Companion Pass!

10.   United Airlines

Daraius Tip:  See the Hot Deals tab for other offers.

11.   Virgin Atlantic

Bank of America Virgin Atlantic 

Virgin Atlantic

  • 20,000 Virgin Atlantic miles after 1st purchase with Bank of America Virgin Atlantic card
  • Up to 5,000 additional miles for adding authorized users to your account
  • Virgin Atlantic points transfer to Hilton in 3:4 ratio, so 50,000 Virgin Airline miles becomes 75,000 Hilton hotel points
  •  $90 annual fee NOT waived for the first year; 1% foreign transaction fee
  • My review of the Virgin Atlantic credit card

12.   Other Airline Card Offers

Missing your favorite offer?  Please let me know!

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1,182 responses to “Airline Credit Cards

  1. @Mario — my experience has been that your wife will need her own AA #. I have read where some have “accidentally” put in the wrong number, but I’ve yet to read that their efforts were successful. If you try, please let us know if it works.

  2. @SAPMAN – It still works based on the comments.

    @Mario – You’re unlikely to get 2 AMEX cards AND the Visa, but you should get the bonuses on both the approved AMEX cards. I wouldn’t put your AA number in her application. But she can book award tickets for anyone with her account.

  3. I applied the AA Business card recently and I just received two Admirals Club lounge one day passes in the mail today. Do I have to hold the AA tickets in order to use these passes at the Admiral club lounge? Or I can use these regardless of which airline I am flying with?? Thank you!

  4. Thanks, Darius. I called them a couple of times, last week but they said the application was still being processed. And then two days back, the card was in the mail!

  5. @Joan – You can use the Admiral Club passes regardless of which airline you are traveling.

    @Sushma – That’s great. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks, Daraius, for all that you do. I just applied for the Southwest credit card for my husband using your link, and got an instant approval. Thanks again!

  7. Any idea if and what quarter the Citi cards might up their bonus from more than 50K? I can’t decide whether to jump on it or wait.

  8. @TheDessertEngineer and TheTravelingCupcake – Congrats!

    @Joel – I personally wouldn’t wait for it to increase from 50K given that the official offer on the Citi website is for 30K.

  9. A major perk of the Citibankk AA Visa or MC is a free checked bag. If you use the card to pay the taxes related to an award ticket, do you still get free bags?

  10. Does anyone know how to confirm the bonus miles and perks with the AAdvantage Visa & AMEX cards? I already activated the cards, but I want to make sure I’m getting the 50k bonus miles for each card before I go spend $6000. Do I need to call them? Thanks.

  11. @david sugar – I believe you should still get the free bags on award tickets.

    @Nicholas – You can call the number at the back of the card and confirm the terms of the sign-up bonus.

  12. Well I can confirm the links still work as of today:) I just called and these are the sign-up bonuses for the two AA cards.
    50K miles for $3000 spent in 4months, $100 credit for first american airlines purchase in the first 12months
    This is for each card.

  13. Got two AMEX cards, haven’t heard on the VISA. However, each AMEX has the 50k miles bonus with spending $3k in 4 months and first bag free for me + 3 companions (I didn’t realize this one). I have to wait before signing up the wife. I don’t see us spending $12k in 4 months as she got her Sapphire and we have to get $3k on that one. Our total in less than 6 weeks is 80k on US Air, 190k on United, and 100k on American. I’m helping other family and friends get on board for free miles for our family/friends re-union cruise next May. I can’t thank you enough.

  14. @Nicholas – Thanks for confirming!

    – Safe travels and thanks for reading!

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  17. So am I correct to assume that I can get Hawaiian Miles from both Bank of America and bank of Hawaii?

    Also when can I cancel the BOA card and reapply to get more miles?

    Love your Blog!
    Keep up the good work!

  18. @Andy – Yes, you can get the Hawaiian Air miles from both the BOA and BOH cards. Folks have been able to cancel every 3 to 4 months and get them again.

  19. Hi. I applied for a SWA Visa, but am afraid they’ll deny the signup bonus because I closed a (same type) SWA Visa 15 months ago. How long does it take Chase to send the letter stating you aren’t eligible? I haven’t activated the card yet, but it’s showing in my online account. The fee hasn’t posted yet. Thanks.

  20. @Lisa – They usually send the letter in a month. But readers have got the bonus on the same SW card which earned credits as well as in the new program which earns points.

  21. Thanks so much!

  22. Earlier today I applied for both Citi AAdvantage cards (Visa and Amex) and both were not aproved online requiring further analysis. How should I handle this situation? Should I call Citi and try something today (but how to handle the 2 cards application?) or should I write the letter to the executive review knowing that chances to get both cards now is close to zero?

  23. @Philipp – I’d call the reconsideration line as soon as possible to see if you can get approved. If that doesn’t work and you have to send a letter, you could send 2 separate letters. Good luck!

  24. Thanks, I understand that I should I call twice, each time referring to one of the cards, correct?

  25. @Philipp – That’s the plan. Though sometimes they will process both on the same call!

  26. Thanks once again. Just to tell my adventure, I called Citi and was approved on the Amex, but for the Visa they said they could not verify my SSN? I even said: “I guess that the verification process is different for the Amex and the Visa flags, is that so?”, and the representant said that indeed it is?!?!?! Will receive a letter from them and will have to send back some paperwork for the Visa card, but I am pretty sure I will not get the bonus on the second card as am I already approved on the Amex 🙁 .

    Will uptade later.

  27. Artemio Herrera

    Is it possible to have both the BOA HAWAII card and the Bank of Hawaii card for two round trip flights?

  28. @Artemio Herrera – You can get both those cards.

  29. Just did two browser trick for AA Visa and Amex and was instantly approved for both. I will have to call later to very offer but looks like the links are still working.

  30. Hi Daraius,
    I want to apply for the United Club card…. Unfortunately I could not find the annual fee waived promotion….I stopped by at a number of United Clubs but they did not have that promo code for Annual fee waiver( seems they are have got new brochures and that option is no longer available in them).. Also I tried to login to my United Mileage Plus account,being a Platinum member, I got the same offer of 95$ credit and 395$ annual fee…
    Any suggestions?


  31. @Naif – Try sending a secure message to Chase and ask them if they will waive the fee if you apply for the United Club card. That may work.

  32. Just applied for Citi AA Business Visa Card. Didn’t get approved instantly online, but called citi application status/reconsideration and was approved over the phone. I verified with the phone rep that the bonus was for $150 statement credit, 50k aa miles, and 2 admiral passes.

    FYI, I successfully applied for both personal AA visa and amex cards using the 2-browser trick a little over 4 months ago, just in case anyone else in a similar situation was wondering. The phone rep just asked me for my application/reference ID, verified my info, and then approved me without any other questions. My creditkarma score is 776 and my credit sesame score is 792

  33. Daraius,

    I just applied for both the BoA and BoH Hawaiian Airlines cards. Neither was approved instantly only. Do you know what the BoH reconsideration line phone number is? Thanks.

  34. Received my AA cards today, called and confirmed the 50k for each.

  35. @Dave H – The BOH card is issued by FIA Card Services, which is a division of Bank of America. So call the BOA reconsideration number.

  36. Hey Daraius, sending a secure message to Chase regarding annual fee waiver for United Club card worked…
    Thanks for the advice

  37. I was approved for both Citi AA cards on 6/12/12 and received two companion certificates. The “Travel Expiration Date” on both is 11/30/12. Why only 5 months to use these?

  38. @Naif – Glad it worked out!

    @Char – I really don’t know.

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  40. Virgin Atlantic and Delta 35k offers are dead.

  41. What’s the number for the reconsideration line for Chase? I got denied for the Southwest premier card 🙁

  42. I applied SW chase last December and got 50,000 points. I am thinking of applying one of Plus or Premium this time to meet 110,000 companion pass requirement. I wonder the SW card I got last year is different from Plus or Premium. I looked the approval package, but it says neither Plus nor Premium.

  43. @Sean If you got the 50k last Dec., the counter resets on 1 Jan so a new card will not get you to 110k. But perhaps you got the card in Dec. but they did not post the 50k bonus until Jan? If so, for my own info, how long after you got the card did you get to the spend limit and then did the points POST as of the day you got the spend or did they post as of the credit card cut-off date?

  44. Sean: As SAPMAN said, you’ll want to see when those 50,000 points were credited. Log into your Southwest account and go to the page that shows you your Companion Pass status — and see if you still have 50,000 points towards it. If they credited it before January 1st, then you won’t have them in there. If they were AFTER January 1st, then you should see them.

    As far as the cards go, you would have got the Plus or Premium when you signed up last year — as both were available. Whether or not you can now do the OTHER type and get another 50,000 points is still a question that I haven’t seen answered yet. Most people (including myself) did ONE of those two personal cards — plus the business card — to get the 100,000 points. Now I’m also curious if I can do the OTHER business card for another 50,000 points. Would be nice to have another 50,000 points in there to use with my (already earned) Companion Pass through the end of 2013!

    – John…

  45. Looks like the 50K SW cards are dead again, for now.

  46. I tried both the Chase Southwest Premier and Rewards plus both Personal and Business application links and they are dead for now. Is this temporary or will Chase be re-opening the offer again .
    I had applied for Chase premier personal card last year so would prefer the premier plus Personal and Business CC.


  47. Yeah it is dead,if someone get a new link please post it

  48. Hi D,

    is SouthWest 50K deal off? the link is not working.


  49. Here’s another link. You can find it from the business link above at the bottom of the landing page for Southwest Business

  50. @Samuel – Thanks! I’ve updated the Delta offers. I’m still waiting for a new Virgin Atlantic 50K offer, but I’ll update the links with the 20K offer if I don’t get it soon.


    @John… – Some readers have been able to get the bonus points for each of the 40 50K offers, but your experience could be different.

    @JoshL @Swap @onecoolrt @Will – The link isn’t working, but I expect it to be back soon.

    – I still can’t get the application page to load. Which link are you clicking to get the 50K application page to load?

  51. The 50,000 SW sign up bonus has been reduced to 25,000. Will it be changing back to 50,000 again soon?

  52. @Bear – They run the 50K offer every 3 to 4 months so I expect it back soon.

  53. Any luck on a new Virgin Atlantic link? I’m hoping to do a churn to obtain as may Hilton points as possible. Are the VA card and the Bank of Hawaii cards still the best for that?

  54. @Tim – The Virgin Atlantic link usually dies and then resurfaces a few weeks later. I’m hoping that’s the case this time, but no guarantees. You can get Hilton points from the 2 Hawaiian Airline cards, and by applying for either 2 Citi Hilton cards for 50K points at the same time or 2 Citi Hilton Reserve cards for 2 sets of 2 free nights.

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  56. Daraius,

    With your great tips, I’ve been able to accumulate slightly over 200k AA miles since Dec 2011, and plan to use some or all of those mileage possibly mid 2012, for a family trip.

    Can those AA miles be used strictly on AA for flights or can they be transferred to another airline for higher mileage points.

    Would those miles go further for a flight to europe or hawaii?

    I’m guessing my AA miles would be better used for spring vs summer trip.

    Below are also points I’ve accumulated over the pass years.
    70k United mileages
    32k AmEx Personal Gold Points
    101k Chase Visa Signature Cards Points
    Can all of the above three somehow be combined ?


  57. @Tom – You can’t transfer the AA miles to other airlines but, you can use them on partner airlines. See this post for details –>

    It is 60K in coach to Europe or 100K in business. Are the 101K Chase Visa points Ultimate Rewards points? If so, you may be able to redeem for travel at 1.25 cents per mile or transfer them to United miles.

  58. Very recently, I received the Southwest Airlines credit card that gave me 2 free roundtrip tickets after spending $1,000 in 3 months. Now my husband wants to get one, but I can’t find that offer. I think it came from you. Can you help?

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  61. It looks like the Citi 50K miles Aadvantage Amex/Visa links are now dead, but I’m not 100% sure.

    Both of these links get me a screen that says “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.” Not an “expired deal” page, but the link to the 30K miles works fine, which means it isn’t a system-wide problem.

  62. @Ruth – The offer is for only 25K miles more, but it should be back to 50K during the Holidays in November/December.

    @Todd – I’d wait a few days before moving on to the 30K versions. Sometimes the Citi apps don’t load.

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  64. Hi, Big D –
    Looks like the personal Citi AA 50K links are dead but the business version is still live. What should be my strategy now? *Try* to get two Citi AA Mastercard cards for 40K each (if the two browsers trick works and if Citi would approve two Mastercard cards at the same time) OR get Citi AA business VISA for 50K? I met the 18-month rule and was planning on applying the cards last Friday! I should have taken the action! It appears that Citi cuts off those secret links in early October. The same thing happened to the 75k version last October as well. Maybe we should take that as a lesson learned.

    As always, thank you for your advise!

  65. @JW – I’d wait a bit before applying for the 40K offers. The 50K Thank You card stopped working for a bit, but then started working again. You should be able to get 2 Citi 40K cards at the same time provided you haven’t had any Citi personal apps in the last 65 days.

  66. FYI, the Barclays Virgin America card has been downgraded to a 10,000 point offer.

  67. And the sign-in-with-United-miles offer has been downgraded from 55,000 to 50,000, with the public offer falling from 40K to 30K.

  68. Correction: United minimum spending now $1K within 90 days, still 55K when you meet spend and add an authorized user.

  69. Hi, i signed up for the SW card today for the 50k bonus. I had one last year but canceled it so i didnt have to pay the annual fee again. I applied for a chase Saphire card 2 weeks ago because SW was only offering 25k bonus at the time and I have already received and activated it. Do you think i will be denied? I have a very high credit rating but it said further review was needed. It didn’t give a number to call that i remember seeing.
    Thanks for ths website and newsletter. LOVE IT!

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  71. @InACents – Thanks! I updated the post.

    @harvson3 – Thanks! I’ve updated the listings.

    @Sal – You likely need to call the Chase reconsideration line since you applied for a Sapphire Preferred 2 weeks ago.

  72. Looks like the United card for 55K expired. Anyone else experiencing this?

  73. Re: United Explorer

    I have tried every known link on here and Flyter Talk and all direct to the public 30k offer. Frustrating. I think I missed it by a day!

  74. @Jacob @John – I just noticed that as well. I’ll wait a bit before updating the links on the blog.

  75. Thank you!

    And as an update I just called and they looked up my info and they had already approved me today so I’m one happy camper!!!
    I thought they may deny me and I was willing to close one of my other accounts with no balance but she said no need!!!
    Thanks again!!!

  76. @Sal – You’re welcome!

  77. Hi Daraius,

    Thanks for this website. My wife and I have had round trip BC award flights to asia for the last three years thanks to you and this website. My wife applied for and received two 50k Citi AA cards in March 2011. She still has them and just applied again. Denied. Called them using the numbers on your site and was told they only allow these cards once to a customer and that this policy is new. Thought it was BS so called back and ended up with the same explanation. What would you do, wait 2.5 months and try again? We’re planning on writing for an appeal since you’ve said Citi reconsiderations usually go better by mail than phone. Thanks for you advice.

    Brian A

  78. @Brian A – Citi reconsideration is better by main, unless if you have been denied for being a previous card member. It is 18+ months, so I’d wait 2 or 3 months and reapply. You could cancel one of your wife’s AA cards as well to increase the likelihood of not being denied for being a previous cardholder.

  79. Hi. Sorry if my question is too basic, I couldn’t find an answer in the blog. I live in the US, (have a SS# too) and I have a CitiAA card issued in another country. Can I apply to the CitiAA in the US for the bonus or do they check if I already have the card (issued abroad)? Simple question I couldn’t find an answer to yet.
    Thanks and keep the great work!

  80. I spent about $1100 in my first statement (and paid them the same) meeting the previous $1000 SW minimum spend, but they only credited me with 973 points and I didn’t get the 50K bonus. Time is running out to get the companion pass, what do you suggest I do?

  81. @ElDie – You can get 2 Citi AA cards from Citi in the US even if you have an AA card from another country.

    @Adam K – If you complete the minimum spending close to when your statement ends, the sign up bonus posts in the next cycle.

  82. Hello, I was wondering if you might know the answer to this question… I recently got the Delta SkyMiles AmEx card, and I know you get double miles for booking with Delta, but do you know who gets the miles if I buy a ticket for someone else with my credit card? Also, does it matter if you book through the Delta website, or through a third party site, like Kayak or Priceline?


  83. @Nicole – You will get double miles for any ticket purchased from Delta – for you or anyone else as long as the purchase is from Delta on your credit card statement. Some portals will show the purchase from Delta while others will show the purchase from the portal (in which case you won’t earn double miles).

  84. @Daraius – thanks for you answer. Just got the cards.

    @Nicole – Last month I used that exact credit card for a ticket purchase through Orbitz, and got the double miles from Delta.
    The CC vendor read ¨Orbitz Mankato MN¨, so I guess you will get double miles through them. Not sure about other portals.

  85. @ElDie – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  86. My first year is completed for SW card and chase has charged $69 annual fee today , I know that I would be getting 3000 anniversary bonus point also ..What you would advise ..should I keep the card or close it..I have achieved companion pass also . but I am not frequent flyer.. please suggest me what should I do?

  87. @Pankaj – If you’ve paid the fee, you could either cancel the card and ask for the fee back, or you could keep the card for the 3K points. However, I wouldn’t cancel if it is one of your oldest cards.

  88. The British Airways Chase is no longer available according to the link…unfortunately

  89. @alex – Thanks for letting me know. That’s strange because the page goes straight to the Chase British Airways website!

  90. Hi D.. great job with the site.
    Few questions, seeking some assistance from you please.

    Here are the CC’s I have so far.

    Chase: 1 SW personal, 1 SW Business, 1 United CC(not United MileagePlus Explorer card, this is an old credit card that I have).

    Citi: 1 Dividend World MC, 1 AA Amex, 1 AA Visa.

    AmEx: 1 Amex Blue

    In August 2012, I got approved and obtained 2 AA cards using two browser trick and 1 Southwest Business card. I have completed the minimum spending on all three cards and have obtained the signup bonus points.

    I had requested Chase to offer me the 50K point singup bonus and they have agreed to it, its just matter of me applying, which I have to apply and be approve in Nov 2012 to get 50K United points.

    I definitely am going to apply for United Explorer MileagePlus since I will get 50K points. In addition to this, what other CC’s should I apply for? Should I apply for all the same day hoping there would be only 1 credit inquiry?

    My wife, has 3 Chase CC – Chase Sapphire, Chase AARP and Chase Southwest personal. Minimum spending completed on all three.
    I am looking for same advise in her situation. What credit cards should I apply at this point for her? Should I apply for all CC in the same day or different times?

    Thanks a lot, D.

  91. @Mr.D – Which cards to apply for depends on your goal. I usually apply for a few cards at a time. If you (or your wife) already got 50K Southwest points this year, you only need another 60K to post to your account by December 31, 2012 to get the Southwest Companion Pass. You could apply for another Southwest card, complete the $2k spending requirements quickly and then buy Marriott points and transfer them to Southwest to get the Companion Pass. Other potential cards could be the Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus, the AMEX Starwood card, the Citi or AMEX Hilton cards etc. Let me know if you have a trip in mind and I’ll try to be more specific.

  92. Hi D – thanks for your reply.
    We are planning a trip to southeast Asia in Dec 2013 for about 10 days.
    If time/budget permit, we would like to stop by in Venice, Italy for about 2-3 days.

    Re SWA cards, wife got her SWA card in Feb 2012, already completed the spending min and also got 50K points, but this points didn’t count towards the companion pass. I went to the site and no where does it show these points counting towards the companion pass(CP). With this in mind, do you believe if I was to get 2nd 50K points SW card, the full 100K points would count towards CP?

  93. I haven’t cancelled this SW card yet..It’s not my oldest card also ..I am trying to find out if there is any issues/risks in my companion pass or SW points if I cancel this card ?

  94. @Mr.D – Check your Companion Pass status at this link —> If the points posted to your account, they should count towards the Companion Pass. If your wife has 2 Citi AA cards, you could get the same and then have enough for flights for SE Asia. You could apply for the Chase Ink Bold or Plus along with the Chase Personal card to get points which can be used at United or Hyatt if needed. The AMEX Starwood card could also help for hotels in SE Asia and Italy.

    – As long as the points are in your Southwest account, you won’t lose them for cancelling the card.

  95. @Million Mile Secrets
    Hi D,

    Need help to figure how to meet my min spending., I got HH Amex ($3000 in 6month), easily done with AP,, but I also want the Citi amex AA and Citi Visa AA for (100k) but each require $2.5k in 4 months., I just dont spend that much.
    I would have use up my AP(1k/per month), what other source can I use., I can’t use BB since these are not debt.

    I could try Vanilla reload -> BB->bank account->paybill? or is there any other way? or use my citi to buy vanilla visa/MC ->Visabuxx-> ATM withdraw->paybill?

    please advise.

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  97. @Tommy – You can use the Citi AA cards to buy Vanilla Reloads and then pay the same credit card bill or other bills. I’d check to see if you can buy Vanilla Reloads easily & with a credit card before applying for the cards. With US Bank VisaBuxx they could start charging cash advances any time, so be careful!

  98. looks like the 50000 AA miles landing page or offer page has been dead. Are they the same links with the flyertalk forum ones? For sure I’d like to go with the 50000 than the 40000 one..

  99. @chiyu – The applications loaded for me, and as long as they load you almost always will get the 50K miles.

  100. I just signed up for the AAdvantage program and they told me I had 65,825 miles from previous travel from back in 2001 that had expired. They said I could pay $430.00 to redeem those miles again. Or I had the option of participating in their Re-engage program which costs $30.00 to register and I have to earn 7000 partner base miles and fly 1 round trip flight. Are any of these options worth it? Or should I just blow it off and stick to earning miles with minimum spending requirements?

    Thanks 🙂

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