Confirmed: Electronics Ban Between Europe and US Expected Tomorrow

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Lousy news for folks who travel between the US and Europe!

Yesterday I wrote about a rumor that the US would soon ban large electronic devices on all flights from Europe to the US.  Via One Mile at a Time, European officials have confirmed the US will announce a ban tomorrow, May 11, 2017.

If the new policy includes the same electronics as the previous ban from Middle Eastern and African airports, you’ll have to check items like your laptop, tablet, or e-Reader.  🙁

Europe Electronics Ban

The US Will Announce an In-Flight Electronics Ban on Flights From Europe to the US Tomorrow

I’ll explain what we know so far.

Europe Electronics Ban

Link:   Department of Homeland Security Fact Sheet

Link:   Department of Homeland Security FAQ

Link:   Current Electronics Ban on Flights to US From 10 Cities – What You Need to Know

The US Department of Homeland Security hasn’t released details.  But Daily Beast says European officials have confirmed the electronics ban will be extended to flights from Europe to the US.

An official announcement is expected tomorrow.  If the ban is similar to the electronics ban on flights to the US from 10 international airports in the Middle East and North Africa, you’ll have to put these items in checked luggage:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers (like Kindles)
  • Cameras
  • Portable DVD players
  • Electronic game units larger than a smartphone
  • Travel printers or scanners

Given the huge amount of passenger traffic between Europe and the US, the new ban will be much more inconvenient for more folks, especially business travelers and folks who like to get work done, watch movies, or play games on their devices in-flight.

Europe Electronics Ban

Soon You’ll Have to Check Your Laptop and Bring Along a Good (Paper!) Book Instead on Flights From Europe

As I mentioned yesterday, if you haven’t booked travel from Europe yet, consider routing your flight through Canada.  There are plenty of options to connect through airports like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and more.

And we’ll have a post coming soon about the best ways to protect your checked electronics by paying with cards that offer baggage insurance.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the rumors are true!  European officials have confirmed the US will announce a ban on in-flight electronics on flights from Europe tomorrow, May 11, 2017.

This isn’t good news for the many folks who travel between Europe and the US, especially with the busy summer travel season coming up.

If you haven’t yet booked travel, consider routing your return flight from Europe through Canada.  

How do you feel about the new travel ban?  Will you change your travel plans?

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21 responses to “Confirmed: Electronics Ban Between Europe and US Expected Tomorrow

  1. Total BS. Global Entry should be excluded from this ban.

  2. About one year ago, I was prevented from leaving my laptop in my checked bag due to the airline not allowing any device with lithium ion batteries in the hold – at least that’s what they told me. I really wanted to check it because I was tired of lugging around a 20+ pound backpack. I cannot recall the airline. I find it funny that this rule change would force many such batteries into the hold.

  3. I wonder if the UK will be considered part of the EU.

  4. Jennifer Wilkins Nelson

    I can’t change my plans. But I damn well will start flying Air Canada! This is a mess. So I fly TO Athens with my iPad & laptop but coming back I have to check them? Airlines damn well better make sure nothing goes wrong with the IFE! And what about the airlines who offer only entertainment on devices?

    This was not a well thought out plan. These are not weapons. My iPad isn’t going to hurt anyone. I wish I could rebook my flight through Canada. This is a sad day for American tourism.

  5. I’m thinking this is a good way to get your devices stolen from your luggage. I don’t use mine on the plane but I sure as heck don’t want to put in my checked bag and pray it makes it to my destination. I mean any luggage handler can open the TSA locks so I wonder how many laptops etc. will start disappearing before arrival.

  6. This is probably one of the more idiotic policies out there that is being implemented. As a pilot a cargo hold full of laptops in people’s bags being crushed and batteries damaged poses a far greater threat at 40west than the threat of a bomb. Not to mention the severe inconvenience to thousands of families traveling trying to keep kids entertained and business travelers working. I commute every week to Europe and this will have far ranging implications in how people travel.

  7. Well, my company specifically prohibits putting company laptops in checked luggage so I guess I will have to just stay in Germany. Give me another beer please.

  8. Agreed. Seriously concerned about hundreds of devices in the hold with lithium-ion batteries. Possibly still turned on and overheating with no ventilation (given regular baggage handling you are not likely to put your expensive laptop into an outside pocket or right on top of clothing and other items are you?). Add one or two faulty devices and it is a recipe for disaster.
    can you imagine what would quite possibly have happened if this was implemented before the Samsung Galaxy S7 was released…!
    Obviously there must be a very significant security risk for this to be implemented, but there must be some more logical approach to this. One that comes to mind immediately is that all laptop/iPad/tablet users have their devices open and running at the TSA checkpoint so that security can verify that it is fully functional by simply swiping or entering a coupole of keystrokes on the keypad… As long as the device responds normally it would be incredibly difficult for any terrorist to sneak in explosives into the device and still have it functional. There is literally not enough space to do so… – as anyone who has taken one apart and put together again will testify!
    This seems to be yet another knee-jerk reaction such as the response after MH370 that requires all aircraft be tracked at all times. (A once in hundred million flights event generates the technology change that will eventually provide detailed information to terrorist as to exactly where their target flight is….)
    Unfortunately once in place it is unlikely that these bans will be lifted.

    Agree that if you have Global Entry it should not be applicable

  9. What nobody even seems to be trying to make a case for is why it is certain airports or regions that a terrorist would have to pick in order theoretically to create devastation. So they won’t be able to take a laptop on a flight from Frankfurt to New York. So what’s to stop them from blowing up a flight from LA to New York? From Toronto to Chicago? From Tokyo to San Francisco? The whole thing reeks of politics and stupidity.

  10. I bet the shipping industry has a boom.

  11. It use to be closer to 9/11 you had to turn your laptop when you went trough security. That pretty much makes it impossible for the laptop to be fake and a Bomb.

    Like most government regulations not well though out , much easier for everyone to go back to that requirement

  12. Matthilda Jóhannsdóttir

    When travelling to Europe go through Iceland. You can use your computer then halfway from Iceland. And air Canada fly there and Wow air

  13. It’s Obama’s fault!

  14. the terrorists have won…we now have to travel like they live, barefoot and ignorant due to lack of technology, bored with nothing to entertain us….maybe they can install some religious zealots to preach while we fly.

  15. I dont understand why people are complaining about the US government. They are trying to keep us all safe. We should really be complaining about RADICAL ISLAMISTS!! These are the people who have made traveling like hell!!!!

  16. The terrorists have won. Game over.