Now Earn 50,000 Miles With the Barclaycard Lufthansa Card!

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Update:   The card offer in this post is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

There’s an increased 50,000 mile sign-up bonus available for the Barclaycard Miles & More World Elite MasterCard!

You’ll earn 50,000 Lufthansa miles after you meet the minimum spending requirements.  This is normally a 20,000 mile sign-up bonus, so it’s an excellent deal!

And you can use Lufthansa miles to fly on their Star Alliance partner airlines, like United Airlines!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission from this offer, but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

Now Earn 50,000 Miles With The Barclays Lufthansa Card

With the Lufthansa Miles You Earn, You Could Relax in Business Class on United Airlines

But this card isn’t for everyone!  I’ll explain.

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Barclaycard Miles & More World Elite MasterCard

Link:   18 Ways to use Your Lufthansa Miles!

You’ll earn a sign-up bonus of 20,000 Lufthansa miles after your 1st purchase with the Barclaycard Miles & More World Elite MasterCard card.  And another 30,000 Lufthansa miles after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the 1st 3 months of opening your account.

Plus, you’ll get:

  • 2 Lufthansa miles per $1 you spend on tickets purchased directly from Miles & More airline partners (such as Brussels Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, & SWISS)
  • 1 Lufthansa mile per $1 you spend on all other purchases
  • Companion certificate after 1st purchase and payment of annual fee, then each year when you renew the card
  • NO foreign transaction fees

The $79 annual fee is NOT waived for the 1st year.

Lufthansa is a Star Alliance member, so you can use Lufthansa miles to book flights on United Airlines (or any other Star Alliance airline).

Note:  You can NOT combine your Lufthansa miles with United Airlines miles to book 1 award ticket!

The Lufthansa Star Alliance award chart shows you the number of miles required for award flights.

For example, it costs 40,000 Lufthansa miles for a low-level award flight from the US Mainland to Hawaii on United Airlines.  And you will NOT pay fuel surcharges using Lufthansa miles on United Airlines within the US.

Now Earn 50,000 Miles With The Barclays Lufthansa Card

50,000 Lufthansa Miles Is More Than Enough for a Trip to Hawaii!

However, you will pay fuel surcharges on Lufthansa award tickets.  You can check out my series on how to avoid paying Lufthansa fuel surcharges.

It’s Not for Everyone

If you don’t have plans to fly Lufthansa or any of their partner airlines, you may want to consider other cards.

That’s because Barclays typically only allows folks to sign-up for 1 to 2 of their cards per year.

So the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard might be a better choice for folks who want flexibility or who aren’t sure of their travel plans.

Bottom Line

The sign-up bonus on the Barclaycard Miles & More World Elite MasterCard has been increased to 50,000 miles after meeting minimum spending requirements.

This is usually a 20,000 mile sign-up bonus, so now is a great time to consider the card.

And you can use Lufthansa miles to fly on Lufthansa or their Star Alliance partner airlines, like United Airlines.

This isn’t our link, but we always tell you about the best offers even if they don’t earn a commission!

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10 responses to “Now Earn 50,000 Miles With the Barclaycard Lufthansa Card!

  1. Unrelated to this post — but because you have an application link in the middle of the page for Chase Sapphire — can you comment on any information you have on the reported recent change by Chase in approving the Slate, freedom, Sapphire and Ink cards. In particular, reports that if you have applied for 5 or more cards in the last 24 months (whether they be chase or from some other bank), that they will deny you getting these cards (Slate, freedom, sapphire or Ink). Any info from your sources at Chase.

  2. How long does the increased 50,000 mile bonus usually last?

  3. Pingback: Why Delta Miles are Worth Even Less Than You Think, Play Onboard Pac-Man, But Don't Come to the U.S. - View from the Wing

  4. @ Robert – It happened to me just last week. I applied for the Sapphire, was denied for “Too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years”. I called reconsideration and they told me I had opened 12 accounts in the last 2 years (sounds right). They also said that this reason for denial is not appealable. 12 cards over 2 years certainly does not make me a “heavy hitter” based on what I read on blogs like MMS, so this has got to be a new policy at Chase. So does the new policy only apply to the 4 cards you listed (Slate, freedom, sapphire or Ink)?
    I am interested in a reply from MMS on this as well.

  5. This 50K LH appears every so often and disappears quickly. I use it for a 60K rt flight to South America on United for $79. 5K is a high spend now that Redcard is dead for spend.

  6. Generally speaking, for the companion ticket, what is usually less expensive, pay for two cheap tickets or use the companion ticket to pay for one higher priced ticket to get the second free?

  7. Roderick Scott

    Dear Readers Concerned by Chase changes in application procedures:

    Chase recently (I help both my sister and I get big rewars with minimual spending liek Derius advises on) and want to report that we both oopened a chase account in March (she a business, I an IHG with a nice 15K limit.) They told me when I applied for a Chase Mileage plus that they could not approve any mroe credit as to many accounts were opened in the last 12 months-in their records 4 from ALL banks. Yes, that Indeed does not make me a heavy hitter in terms of new cards. I finally was approved for a Marriott businesds account with the nice 70K bonus to compliment my Ritz Calton Personal account, where am platinum and it only requires a 10K spend / year to get GOLD (regularily 50 days per year to get this status, so it’s nothing to be snufed at.) The $395 annual fee should not scare you away as they have a multitude of benefits, a newly increased $300 ANY airline additional charge credit, even gift cards for $100 or AA upgrade elecrtonic stuckers, so in essence you are getting into the Executive JP Morgan service, which is FAR superior to the pretty good Chase customer service. It’s a $95 annual fee if you can use $300 of $100×3 gift cards on any airline. Note the marriott card (personal) is also $95 a year and ony gets you silver staus and 2 stays/5 nights witha 10K spend, max 4 stays/10 nights credit, so you can’t spend you way into Gold staus, which is a little less than Plaitnum (which re

  8. Roderick Scott

    …Which requires 75 nights/year stay or a, hold on folks, $75,000 a year spend on the Ritz Carlton Card.

    I’ll stick with the 10K spend. They offer (Ritz Carlton JP Morgan Executive Card) a plethora of travel related benefits, like get a letter from a physician, get out of paying up to 10K of pre-paid hotel fees and change fees (often $350 or more for international flights.) Yes there are some forms to fill out but it sure is a great benefit that I find myself often giving up the 2 points per dollar on UA or AA tickets when I charge to their card and put it on the R-C card. Also, they have a bunch of travel related bonuses like $10 after a 4 or 6 hour delay in baggage for up to 3 days, lost luggage of up to $3,000 for checked luggage per passenger, up to $2,500 in emergency medical insurance coverage (in addition to any international medical insurance you may have, often you don’t have any and don’t find out this detail until you need it, Blue Cross Blue Shield has a limited benefit that is better than nothing on most or their policies called “blue card”, as well as the priority pass limited (450 rather than 600+ lounges but free rather than $99./year). Their stated benefits are:
    WORLDWIDE AIRPORT LOUNGE ACCESS* (the limited version often given, don’t know of a card that gives the full version that includes a lot of United Airlines lounges in the US)
    $395 annual fee†

    HOWEVER, THE WRITER ANDRES IS QUITE CORRECT, CHASE HAS BECOME VERY SUSPICIOUS OF 4 NEW ACCOUNTS (WITH ANY BANK) IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS. When I explained that I would be happy to get the Marriott card and drop the Intercontinental card from 15,000 to 10,000 they would not give me that option. The do allow for reconsiderations, it depends on the person you get. None of them are very friendly any more, so keep it all business. No jokes. If you get a bad feeling from the way the person answers the phone, I’d hang up (they could well be having a bad day which equates to them being extremely strict with their policies. After 3 calls I was finally able to get a Marriott business card opened up (I really only wanted the 70,000 bonus points, but certainly don’t tell them that, mention that having different hotel cards allows for 5 x points bonus with what ever brand you are staying in, and since you travel a lot, some brands are not available in certain markets, especially S. America. I do find it more difficult to get a business card with any decent credit limit, but at least now I have one to my sisters 6. Hopefully there will be more on the way. I am a customer that pays off in full every month, often paying immediately the statement balance or more when the paper balance is received. My credit utilization is under 5%, yet I still had a heck of a time getting 2 new cards with chase in a 60 day period (although eventually I was able to. One of the analysts actually said that applying for multiple cards set off “fraud alert bells” in her mind, although I was more than willing to move credit around and not have the bank issue another 1 penny in credit to me-that was not the point, according to her. SO CHASE HAS DEFINATELY TIGNTENED UP THEIR CREDIT PROCESSING SCHEME. It’s a Shame because CHASE HAS some of the best credit cards (United, the various ones that come with the Ultimate rewards program, BA for either 50K or a year or so ago there was a 100K offer, Marriott -personal and business, Ritz Carlton Personal only, IHG, Hyatt, FAIRMOUNT0an often overlooked card that I would like to add to my portfolio but certainly won’t apply for until at least October. If I am having all these problems with 700 (sisters FICO is 760) and no late payments ever, it’s just kind of sad, again because Chase has some of the best cards out there, so think carefully before you apply because you may not get another chance for a year of so to get one approved.

    Finally, one note, if you have ever had a problem with AMEX, it may be possible to get an additional card on a business product where you work for a family business and someone else is the owner, but getting an extra card on the identical personal product (in this case Starwood) proved impossible-something I would have liked to know about but now that I do I should be able to plan a bit better. Hope this post helps some, and apologize for the length of the double posting. Roderick Scott

  9. I canceled my Barclays Miles & More Mastercard 18 months ago. Would I be able to reapply and still get the 50,000 bonus miles?

  10. @TJ I did just that and have already gotten the bonus. No exclusion on a second sign up bonus with Barclays at this point, assuming you get approved of course. I’d done lots on spend on my open Barclays cards and was approved. My wife hadn’t done much spend on hers, and was denied. The good news is that Barclays almost always pulls the TU credit bureau, whereas most other banks don’t. So even if your app gets denied the inquiry HP is unlikely to be a problem. If you have a use for LH miles I’d certainly try for it.