Up to $500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

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I’ve written about getting compensated for travel delays by paying $25 for AirCare, but here’s how you can get reimbursed for free!

Via Mile Writer, you can get up to $500 back if your trip is delayed.  But only if you have certain Chase cards.

Up To 500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

Flight Delayed? You Won’t Have to Sleep in the Airport If You Have Select Chase Cards

Keep reading to find out which 12 Chase cards offer this protection.

Trip Delay Reimbursement

Several Chase credit cards offer trip delay reimbursement protection when you pay for your trip (and those of immediate family members) with your card:

If your common carrier travel is delayed more than 12 hours or requires an overnight stay, you and your family are covered for unreimbursed expenses, such as meals and lodging, up to $500 per ticket.

Chase’s definition of a common carrier includes an airline, cruise ship, or train such as Amtrak.  Commuter trains and bus transportation are not included.

And in the Chase Sapphire Preferred Guide to Benefits, they list a “covered hazard” as:

equipment failure, inclement weather, labor strikes, and hijacking or skyjacking.

Noticeably absent is the overbooking “hazard.”  So if you get bumped off a flight, you may want to call Chase to see if they’ll compensate you beyond what the airline offers.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Also, Chase defines your immediate family as you, your spouse, and children under 22 years old.

So your family of 4 could get compensated up to $2,000 if all tickets (or a portion of) were paid with 1 of these Chase cards:

Note:  You should call Chase to make sure your card offers this perk.

And you do NOT have to pay for the entire trip with your eligible Chase card, only part.

For example, you could charge the airline taxes to your Chase Hyatt card and the remainder on your Barclaycard Arrival Plus card so you can redeem Barclay Arrival miles against your travel expenses of $25 or more.  And you’ll be covered under the Chase Hyatt card’s travel delay protection.

What Is Included

You can get reimbursed (up to $500 per ticket) for things you’ll need during your delay such as:

  • Clothes
  • Ground transportation (bus, shuttle, taxi, etc.)
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Medications
  • Rental car
  • Toiletries

when you use the same card you used to pay for your trip.

This is great news when the airline won’t give you a meal or hotel voucher.  Or if you want to stay at a different hotel than the 1 the airline wants to pay for.

However, you have to be traveling round-trip and your expenses should be reasonable.  So I wouldn’t book a night at a fancy hotel like the Hyatt Regency Dallas when you could stay at the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport.

Some folks on Flyertalk have been gotten reimbursed for clothes, hotel, meals, and taxi.

Up To 500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

Thanks to Travel Delay Reimbursement With Your Chase Card, You Can Enjoy a Nice Meal Instead of Eating Pretzels From the Vending Machine

What Is NOT Included

There are some expenses that travel delay reimbursement does NOT cover such as:

  • Advance notice (where the airline told you in advance about the delay but didn’t change your travel plans)
  • Alcohol
  • Missed flights (because of oversleeping, running late, etc.)
  • One-way flights
  • Tips
Up To 500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

You Might Be Tempted to Drink Because Your Trip’s Delayed, But It’s NOT Reimbursable

How to File a Claim

Within 60 days of your trip delay, you have to call the number on the back of your Chase card and talk to a benefits administrator to start a claim.  

You have to submit your claim form within 100 days of the delay with the following:

  • Airline, cruise, or train receipt showing the charge to your eligible card
  • Any additional documents requested by the benefits administrator
  • Copies of your tickets (the original ticket and delayed trip ticket)
  • Credit card statement showing the airline, cruise, or train charge
  • Receipts for expenses
  • Statement from your airline, cruise line, or train operator explaining why your trip was delayed

How to Get a Statement From the Airline

While at the airport ask a customer service agent for a military excuse (you may have to ask for a supervisor).  You do NOT have to be in the military.

Tell the agent why you want the statement and nicely ask that they include the following:

  • That you were delayed.
  • The reason why you were delayed (mechanical, etc.)
  • The delay was more than 12 hours or required an overnight stay

Mile Writer has some tips and an example of a military excuse in his post.

Up To 500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

You Have to Submit Copies of Your Boarding Passes

Does Travel Delay Protection Apply to Award Tickets?

And you can get travel delay protection on award tickets!  But you have to charge your taxes and fees on your award ticket to an eligible Chase card.

According to this post from Flyertalk, Chase reimbursed the cost of hotel, dinner, and taxi when the poster’s award flight was delayed.

And Holly from Frugal Travel Guy got her expenses covered because she charged taxes and fees to her Chase Ink Bold card when weather caused her to stay 2 extra days in Jamaica on an award trip. (That must have been rough! :))

Up To 500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

Relax Knowing Expenses Incurred Because of Travel Delays Are Covered on Award Tickets Too!

Bottom Line

You can get reimbursed up to $500 a ticket if your trip is delayed.

So if weather or equipment failure causes a 12-hour flight delay (or an overnight), your expenses like meals and hotel could be covered.   But only if you paid with a card that offers trip delay reimbursement like the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card card or 1 of the other 12 Chase cards such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred that offer travel delay protection.

And you do NOT have to pay for the entire trip with your Chase card.  You’re covered if you only pay the taxes and fees.  So you have protection when you’re traveling on an award ticket!

But you have to initiate a claim within 60 days of the delay.   And submit your completed claim form to Chase within 100 days of the delay.

What’s been your experience with submitting a claim to Chase for a travel delay?

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21 responses to “Up to $500 Back When Your Trip Is Delayed With These Chase Cards

  1. This is great, thank you. We book a lot of rewards flights with SW and will make sure to pay the taxes with our Ritz Carlton card. This will allow us to get the coverage as well as get the taxes reimbursed up to the $300 per year.

  2. Extraordinary post. I already have some of the cards you mention, but had not previously recognized this benefit. Will read up and confirm in advance, as you suggest. This could further help with “peace of mind” while traveling — to relax when the delays happen. Many thanks for the tips, Daraius.

  3. Is this mean you are allowed to charge multiple credit cards for a few tickets at the same time? Back in January United told me I could use one card ONLY in order to redeem miles for a family trip (2 adults, one child plus an infant in laps) to Europe. Otherwise, I’d need to pay for passengers separately.
    Also, would my Ink work in case of any interruptions if we were to make any changes of our itinerary prior the departure and thus pay change fees, new taxes, etc???

  4. This is amazing news! Last year we had to stay overnight in Houston on our way to Puerto Vallarta, having missed our connection due to weather delays. We paid for our ticket with the Chase Presidential Plus card! Too late now but great information. I guess I should study all the perks a little more carefully. That $150+ would have gone a long way in paying for the card. Just being able to go in the United Club, bypassing the mile long ticket counter line, and having concierge re-book us while we enjoyed the comfort of the Club made us happy. Good to know. Thanks!!

  5. The sad part is they will not cover one-way. I book awards like with SWA one-way in case the cost goes down on one leg. Also traveling through Europe I plan to start in London, then Eurostar to Paris and Vueling to Rome and back to the states. Now I find out that none of that will be covered. When traveling with a large party on points it is hard to book roundtrip.

  6. Can you clarify the “round trip” requirement. Are two one-way award tickets on different airlines returning to the same starting point within a month a “round-trip”?

  7. 1. Is there a minimum spend requirement for coverage? For example, can I pay $0.01 on my Marriot card to book two round-trip flights for my wife and myself and put the rest on my Southwest Airlines card?

    2. Can I purchase my tickets on multiple cards to get the benefits multiple times? For instance, pay partially on my Marriot Card and Chase Ink card to get $500/person coverage x 2 for a total of $2,000 in coverage?

    3. How do you determine what is a reasonable expense vs. too luxurious when it comes to eating meals and bookin hotels and rental cars?

    4. Is the Chase Ink Business Plus included in this coverage offer?

  8. Also wondering what constitutes an overnight stay? I had a late night flight that was delayed 4 hours. The airline refused to pay for a hotel and my arrival time into Chicago airport was 2:30am and then I had a 2 hour drive home from there as well. Would that count as overnight even though the delay was only 4 hours? It was equipment related.

  9. I’ve tried to utilize this service; however, airlines generally flat out refuse to provide in writing why the trip was delayed.

  10. Great news. I can’t believe that the Ink Cash is not a part of this. But how do you separate the taxes from the rest when booking?

  11. Checked the Chase Sapphire Visa Signature Guide to Benefits. No indication, even in the fine print, that only one-way trips are covered. However, YMMV with other Chase cards.

  12. I think the answer will be no, but do you still need to have the card to be eligible? I paid the taxes on my Chase Marriott card for my upcoming summer trip, but have since cancelled it.

  13. @Cabetca The problem I face is that one-way trips are not covered with any cards. I don’t think anyone stated that “that only one-way trips are covered”. I wish!

  14. How about Chase BA card? We actually used it 3 months ago to pay some 1000 for taxes and fees while redeeming UA miles for our family vacation to EU this summer? In fact we thought about closing the card since an annual fee just hit us:) what if we make any further changes of flights, dates, etc. using now another card from chase?

  15. Ralph Grizzle

    If you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred card to pay taxes and fees on award tickets and are expecting reimbursement for trip delay coverage, note that you will only be reimbursed the amount up to what you paid for taxes and fees. In my case, it was $69. Not worth the paperwork and effort. Also, claims can be made online at eclaimsline.com.

  16. Just wondering, if a connecting flight is missed but there’s no definite weather/equipment cause (meaning, maybe it was just a delay in taking off on the runway for the first leg of the flight, so the plane comes in late and the connection is missed), will this travel protection cover the cost of meals/car? The reason is that for an upcoming trip, my leg #2 is scheduled to depart 31 minutes after the first is supposed to arrive, and leg #2 is the last flight of the day to Hawaii.

  17. “For example, you could charge the airline taxes to your Chase Hyatt card and the remainder on your Barclaycard Arrival Plus card so you can redeem Barclay Arrival miles against your travel expenses of $25 or more. And you’ll be covered under the Chase Hyatt card’s travel delay protection.”

    This is NOT accurate. I learned this the hard way because I booked reward tickets internationally and used my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to cover the $100 in taxes and fees per ticket. Because the card was not used for any portion of the “base fare”, Visa said we are not able to file a claim.

  18. Anyone know if it counts as paying for a portion of the trip if I add early check-in with Southwest? I already booked before I know about this benefit and paid for the taxes & fees with a card that doesn’t have the Trip Delay coverage.

  19. Notice that the regular Sapphire card is the only one listed that has NO annual fee. What a great card to downgrade to if you’re in-between the UR cards with fees at the moment. 😉

  20. Recently used the Trip Delay benefit as our flight home (from Europe) was cancelled due to air traffic controller strike. I had booked United Award flights but paid the taxes/fees on my United Chase Visa card. It seems they just needed to confirm I paid for the flights for my husband and I with my card. Also I saved the webpage showing the airline cancelled our flight for that day. (You can also ask the airline to provide proof). My weblink was sufficient for my claim. My statement showing award flights were paid on the card, airline page that showed my flight was cancelled, and all receipts were submitted.

    We called Chase before making arrangements to get home to see what was covered. Reasonable transportation, hotel, meals, toiletries etc. Chase covered these expenses. It took a really long time (few months) but they also had to translate receipts. Happy with the experience overall. Great benefit to having the card! They paid my entire claim minus $50 for alcohol and tips paid to restaurants (which another reader had mentioned so I expected it.)

    • Just a note, if you canceled the card but paid for the trip on it on a future date, it is still covered despite being told only active card holders. You’ll need to keep your card for the #s when you call.

      Also if not already mentioned, this only covers immediate family and children under 23(?). If you are going with parents they need to purchase the tickets under a card with a similar protection.