Sneaky Way to Get Free Wi-Fi at Airports!

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Fly&Dine reports about a trick for getting free Wi-Fi at the airport!

Sneaky Way To Get Free Wi-Fi At Airports

I’ll Show You How This Sneaky Trick Works and Other Ways You Can Get Free Wi-Fi at the Airport

The Sneaky Way to Get Free Wi-Fi at the Airport

You can access the signal of the Wi-Fi network to many airline lounges from the terminal.  But the problem is, most of them are locked and you need a passcode to sign-in.  This passcode is usually posted around the club lounge so members can easily sign-on.

The trick is to go to the front desk of the airline lounge and mention you are thinking about purchasing a pass and ask to take a quick look around.

Sneaky Way To Get Free Wi-Fi At Airports

Once You’re Inside, Snap a Photo or Write Down the Wi-Fi Log-in Info!

But you don’t have to sneak in the back door if the front door is open!  There are so many easy ways to get free internet access at the airport!

The Easy Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi at the Airport

1.   Many Airports Have Free Wi-Fi Anyway

You can access free Wi-Fi throughout many airports including:

Even if free Wi-Fi isn’t available in the entire airport, it may be in specific terminals like the JetBlue T5 Terminal in New York’s JFK Airport.

2.   Cards That Give You Free Wi-Fi at Airports

If free Wi-Fi isn’t available in the airport, there may still be Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots.  While Boingo usually charges a fee, you can access their networks for FREE with these cards:

Authorized users get this perk too!

3.   Mobile Hotspots

Check with your cell phone provider to see if your plan allows you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot.

4.   Cards That Give You Lounge Access

There are several credit cards that come with lounge access.  And not only will you get free Wi-Fi, you’ll also get a comfy place to sit with drinks and snacks!  For example, with the AMEX Platinum card, you get access to:

Sneaky Way To Get Free Wi-Fi At Airports

No Need for Secret Ops! You Can Walk Right Into the Centurion Lounge and Use the Wi-Fi All You Want With the AMEX Platinum Card!

Bottom Line

You can get free Wi-Fi access in many airports.  Others offer Boingo internet, which costs a fee to access, but with AMEX Platinum cards you can use it for free!  You can also check with your cell phone company to see if you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

By signing-up for a credit card card that includes lounge access,  you can get free Wi-Fi, snacks, and drinks.

Or you could do it the sneaky way and request to take a quick look around an airline’s lounge because you’re considering purchasing a membership.  Once inside, take note of the Wi-Fi password so you can access it from the terminal.

How do you feel about folks using this trick to get free Wi-Fi at the airport?

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28 responses to “Sneaky Way to Get Free Wi-Fi at Airports!

  1. And if they don’t have the password publicly posted? You’ve wasted everyone time for nothing. This is pretty lame.

  2. So THIS is what you’ve been reduced to…

  3. I can’t believe you are suggesting this!

  4. There’s still plenty meat on that bone. You take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato… baby you got a stew going!

  5. Copied from another blog AND dishonest. Friends already think the points and miles hobby is sketchy/scheemy and this only proves them right.

  6. Seriously?? Must be a very very slow week!

  7. Y’all are crazy. This is a great little trick if you don’t have free access to the lounge or free wifi in the airport. Stop complaining and go troll somewhere else!

  8. @Richard. 6 of the 7 comments are people upset about the post. I’d hardly call that trolling.

  9. Make that 7 of 8…this is something that simply should not have been printed and/or reproduced here.

  10. #1 option is not a good way!

  11. Come on folks, I think this is a very useful trick. Dodgy or not if I was not able to get internet I would certainly use it.

  12. Thanks for the tip, it’s a usual tip if if I’m ever in a jam. We are travel hacking. This is no different than jumping on a mistake rate.

  13. Here’s another trick – if you are at the store and can distract the cashier while the drawer is open you can snag free money!! what a trashy post.

  14. I’m not sure why people are so mad. It seems like people love to follow this blog and then post negative comments in every post. If something doesn’t work for you then move on. Most likely I won’t be doing this but I’m sure it can work for someone who may desperately need internet one day and thankfully that person read this post and gets internet.

  15. @Lina – I think you mean they “steal” internet…..its called theft of services and taking something that doesn’t belong to you

  16. if someone “desperately” needs internet then they can pay for it….

  17. Meow… did someone hear that… meow. Must be a lot in this room… of course these are the same ethical people who don’t think twice about buying costco products online to return in store for miles or who routinely open and close credit accounts for bonus miles.

    But now they everyone is high on their morals… whatever.

  18. Now that nobody shares the truly good deals with Darius on FT, he is forced to put out crap like this. This website hasn’t really had any good deals for many months now.

  19. I generally look for a cafe or something that has wifi where I can get a cheap cup of coffee or something. I did that in Skopje, Macedonia (wish I could remember the name of the shop), and inadvertently set down my camera on a table with all my photos of the trip. I didn’t realize I left it until I was seated on the plane which had nearly filled. The flight attendant actually let me run off the plane, back to the cafe, and they beamed as they presented my camera to me: “We hoped you’d come back.”

  20. While you’re at it, go ahead and say you want to test out the coffee and cookies….steal them if you like them.

    Anyways, doesn’t Boingo offer the first 30mins free? Oh what did people ever do back in the day before they had internet at the airport….good ol’ days.

  21. This is so great. I love it. Stick it to the man. This is definitely not the same as stealing. What are they gonna do, run out of internet?

  22. Looks like there are different opinions on this. I expressed mine by unsubscribing and unliking it.

  23. So really, it’s here’s a way to get free wifi at the airport, but don’t use it and sign up for a Platinum card through my links instead. Why even link to Fly&Dine and just title the article: “Credit cards that give you free lounge access and/or WIFI”.

  24. Man…this is just….bad. I’ve been on the verge of unsubscribing for a while (but can’t on account of rubbernecking, the posts about sharing food in the Maldives were too good) and this pretty much does it for me. Between the jaw-dropping mistake fare entitlement and endorsing this blatant thievery, I’m done. This blog always had the Walmart/cheap Vegas buffet vibe (line your pockets with ziplock bags right Daraius?) now fully confirmed by this post.

    10 points to @nodarkness for the Carl Weathers reference

    I’m out. ✌️

    Also your logo looks like Emily is giving you the business.

  25. how about showing some class and paying the club access fee to get in, then using the wifi?

  26. I think #1 is pretty lame. I have gotten so many good tips from Darius, but this one makes me shake my head. Use of the words “sneaky” and “trick” say it all.

  27. What happened to the mother-in-law rule? Would she approve of this? This is sleazy.

  28. wow, I can’t believe how low this blog has stooped.

    advocating surreptitiously sneaking into a club to steal a wifi password is a new all time low.. anyone who does this should be ashamed of themselves