Get Free National Executive Status (Skip the Line & Rental Car Upgrades!)

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Tired of long rental car lines?  You can get free National Executive status when you click this link through a desktop browser (mobile devices don’t seem to work).

I’ve written before about getting free Avis First status and National Executive status, but now there’s another way.

Get Free National Executive Status Skip The Line Rental Car Upgrades

National Executive Status = No Waiting In Line

Here’s how you can jump the line and get free upgrades.

National Emerald Club Executive Status

Link:   National Emerald Club Executive Status

Link:   Sign-up for free National Emerald Club Executive Status (desktop computers only)

When you sign-up through this link, you get a free upgrade to National Emerald Club Executive Status through February 28, 2017.

Signing-up is quick and easy!  But you might have to submit the form twice to get it to work!

Note:   This will set your expiration date to February 28, 2017, even if your current expiration date is further out.

Get Free National Executive Status Skip The Line Rental Car Upgrades

Sign-Up for Free and Get Upgraded to National Emerald Executive Club Status

With National Emerald Club Executive status you get:

  • Any rental car from the “Executive Aisle” (full-size or larger)
  • Free upgrades
  • 1 free rental day with 5 paid rentals
  • Pay no 2nd driver fees

If you already have a National account, your account will be upgraded to Executive status.

You can also get free National Emerald Club Executive status if you have the American Express Platinum card.

Match to Hertz Five Star Status

Link:   Hertz Five Star status

Link:   Match your Avis First or National Emerald status to Hertz Five Star status

After signing-up for free National Emerald Club status, you can match your National Emerald status to Hertz Five Star status.

Get Free National Executive Status Skip The Line Rental Car Upgrades

Free Hertz Five Star Status by Matching Avis First or National Executive Club Status

Hertz Five Star gets you:

  • Free upgrades (based on availability)
  • 675 Hertz points after every 15 rentals
  • 10% bonus Hertz points with each rental

Bottom Line

You can get free National Executive status (accessible via desktop computers only) until February 28, 2017.

And it only takes a few minutes!

National Executive status gets you full-size or larger cars, free upgrades, a free rental after every 5 rentals, and no 2nd driver fees.

And you can match National Executive status to Hertz Five star status.

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24 responses to “Get Free National Executive Status (Skip the Line & Rental Car Upgrades!)

  1. Worked for me (it said offer code wasn’t valid, but just click through again after it changes the offer code). Thanks!

  2. Seemed to work, thanks. Question for anyone: is this worth anything on an Enterprise rental?

  3. Does this mean i have to wait for a physical copy?
    or can I use the welcome email i was sent (but doesnt indicate Executive status)

    B. Scanned Image Showing Proof of Status with Avis or National (only one of the items listed is required)

    o Monthly statement indicating membership status
    o Copy of a credentials letter (membership kit)
    o Copy of a welcome letter
    o Member card with expiration date

  4. @Aarif- You can choose “car credits” or “frequent traveler miles” as your reward choice in your National Emerald Club account, if you want to, you can choose Enterprise as your frequent traveler program and have your National rentals credited to your Enterprise E+ account, but having status with National will not garner any benefits with Enterprise- i.e. no aisle and no free upgrades.

  5. The offer shown on the National Executive registration form after submitting your name = Mastercard Elite. Looks to be the Mastercard Elite offered you mentioned previously?

  6. id this is only for Executive status, you earn a free day after 6 rentals. If it is for Executive Elite then you will receive a free day after 5 rentals.

    Your post says a free day after 5 rentals but then references only the free Executive status.

  7. Under Company Name it says

    Is this just a corporate code? Or if you have the Mastercard Elite card? If so will they ask for proof?

  8. I already have a national member number and because it is linked to the driver’s license, I can’t sign up for it using the link. Anyone else have success in extending the executive benefits on an existing account?

  9. Hmmm, went through the registration updates and then it says “looks like you have changed companies”. It then has me pick MASTERCARD ELITE or the company i work for XXX. I get pretty good rates with my company so i selected XXX, and it doesn’t look like it upgraded me to Elite.

  10. Same here. Wanted to know if I changed companies to Mastercard Elite. I don’t care as I only had the Generic program but is it legit since I do not have Mastercard Elite. I have a Delta Platinum Amex but I am not sure if qualifies for an upgrade to elite status. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  11. Hat Tip to Mile Ner, Flyertalk and Dans Deals:

    Plagiarism – to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

    Plagiarism is more than copying word for word. If you present an idea as your own without citing the source than you are plagiarizing. It is wrong.

  12. Thank you!

  13. how do you apply this code if you already have a National account?

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  15. I’ve just sent Hertz my third request for status match. My first email was ignored, and my second query received a canned response that I was not qualified, despite my having sent Hertz a photo of my National Executive Emerald card. My husband rents from Hertz weekly for business, so he has earned his elite status the hard way. I’m considering making an in-person request at our local Hertz but feel like it shouldn’t be this hard!

  16. can i still get this offer? the link now just opens the reservation home page, anyone with help?

  17. Attempted. Result: Source code invalid.

  18. go ahead pick MasterCard Elite. It will change your company. But when you make your car reservation, you can still change the corporate code to your own company code. The mastercard code only appears in your profile. Doesn’t mean you have to use it when you make your reservation.

  19. I tried this and got an error saying the source code wasn’t valid for this account. I have an existing account with National and am an Emerald member already. “Source code entered is not valid for this contract. Please enter a valid source code” I tried numerous times to click through and use the source code provided but it didn’t work. is there another source code I should try? Thanks.

  20. The code has changed in the current link.

    Most the MC rep:

  21. Keep getting a message stating that my account will be upgraded to EC Elite, but then get a message stating that link is invalid. My account has not been updated. Link appears to be dead.