Limited Time: No Fees on Visa Gift Cards at AAA!

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Via The Forward Cabin, you can buy Visa gift cards at AAA locations with no fee through December 31, 2014, IF you’re an AAA member.

Limited Time No Fees On Visa Gift Cards At AAA

AAA Members Pay No Fees on Visa Gift Card Purchases Through December 31, 2014

This could be useful for folks currently trying to meet minimum spending requirements.

Through December 31, 2014, you can buy Visa gift cards at AAA locations without paying a fee IF you’re an AAA member.

Normally AAA sells Visa gift cards that can be loaded up to $500 for a fee of ~$7 per card.  So you’re saving ~$7 for every $500 Visa gift card you buy!

Limited Time No Fees On Visa Gift Cards At AAA

Cut Your Minimum Spending Buying Visa Gift Cards

Not only can no-fee Visa gift cards help you meet minimum spending requirements, but they’re an easy way to get miles & points!

For instance, you get 2X miles on all your purchases with the Barclaycard Arrival Plus.  And when you use your miles for travel purchases you get 2.1% back.

So when you buy a $500 Visa gift card, you’ll get ~$11 back when you redeem your miles for your next travel purchase!

The no fee offer is only available on Visa gift cards purchased at AAA offices.

However, NOT all AAA locations are participating in this offer nor sell Visa gift cards.  So you should check with your local AAA office.

You can set a PIN to your Visa gift card to load your Bluebird card and Evolve Money account and pay bills that you normally can’t pay with a credit card.

Bottom Line

You can buy Visa gift cards at AAA locations without a fee through December 31, 2014, IF you have an AAA membership.

For this offer, Visa gift cards must be purchased at an AAA office.  You can NOT purchase them online.

Folks can buy no fee gift cards and meet minimum spending requirements.

Check with your local AAA office because NOT all AAA locations sell Visa gift cards nor are participating in this offer.

Is your AAA office offering no fee gift cards?

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21 responses to “Limited Time: No Fees on Visa Gift Cards at AAA!

  1. Though the article doesn’t mention it, can I assume these can be used to load my Serve account?

    Also, one commenter on the linked article mentions the branch location they called not knowing about the promotion. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Can you also use them to load a Serve account?

  3. This is on the “midatlantic” AAA site, so I’m not sure if this is valid for all regions. My California office had no idea what I was talking about.

  4. In fact the California site states that:

    “Visa Gift Cards are available for purchase online. When ordering online, you will leave the Auto Club website and be redirected to MetaBank’s website. Visa Gift Cards are not available at AAA branches.

    Source: AAA California’s Gift Card Page.

  5. Too bad – SoCal AAA doesn’t appear to be participating, as their gift card page still says $6.95. I would have loved the irony of buying gift cards through AAA then immediately turning around and using those gift cards to pay our (AAA) car insurance for the year (which they don’t let you do via credit card, but will let you via debit card).

  6. has anyone used before? if so, what was your experience?

  7. Hey Darius,

    AAA Gift Cards can be loaded to Bluebird at Walmart? I had given up and almost switched to Serve because of a lack of non Vanilla GC’s here.

    Thanks for all you do!

  8. Hi Darius,

    I have to spend 10k amex business card in 3 months, i will buy AAA gift card but i am having hard time liquidating them. Can you please help me find quicket way to

    1.Liquidate my gift cards (I also have Bluebird)
    2. Advise on any other way to meet min spending apart from gift card

  9. If a friend has AAA membership, can I go with him so he can buy the Visa GCs with my points-earning card? Thanks!

  10. Can Visa giftcards be loaded onto prepaid RedCards at Target?

  11. I’ve read that AAA offices will require personal info which is reported to Metabank, the card issuer. In small amounts you should be fine but flyertalk has reported gift cards being frozen (non-usable) after purchase by Metabank if they suspect fraud. Trying to get your $$ back can be a hassle. See the comments in this blog,

  12. Really YOU can load these at walmart????? i have not been able to load anything at walmart for 2 months now. please explain to me how you are doing this as i have cards to offload onto my serve card……

  13. Here is a data point. I went to my local AAA office today and purchased 1 $500 gift card. Went out to my car called the phone number on the back of the Visa gift card and set up my pin. Then I hiked over to Wallyworld and deposited the $500 gift card into my BB account. No problems. Went back to the same AAA office and purchased 3 more $500 gift cards. Once again phoned in to set up my pin and went back to Wallyworld and deposited $500 into my BB account and the remaining $1000 into my “better half’s” BB account. Everything went as smooth as could be. YMMV.

  14. You should specify that these are only select AAA locations. The Southern California does not carry VISA giftcards.

  15. I too went to my local AAA office (near San Diego) where they had NO idea what I was talking about. Called CS today, says it is ONLY mid-atlantic branches (?) and must be purchased IN the branch.

  16. Just bought Qty 4 $500 VGCs at AAA in Atlanta. Tried loading $500 at Family Dollar onto server (where I successfully load other MetaBank VGCs) and it flagged a fraud alert. Tried using it for a regular purchase at another store same thing. I check the AAA gift card portal, and now it is reporting a $0 balance – I’m assuming that it is “locked” because of alert. Any suggestions on tracking down a solution appreciated.

  17. should said “tried loading onto Amex Serve” …

  18. $5 gift card fee not waived in AAA Carolinas region.

  19. I checked my local AAA Mid-Atlantic office (Lynchburg, VA) last time they ran this deal. My branch will not accept CC as payment–only cash. Obviously, a no-go.

  20. I went to AAA & they had the gift cards but told me my credit card would be charged a cash advance fee as this is like a cash purchase. Has anyone else had this happen?