Evolve Money Now Lets You Pay Bills With a Credit Card!

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Do you use Evolve Money to pay bills that can’t normally be paid with a credit card, like student loans and utilities?  If so, I have some good news to share!

You can now use your Discover credit card as a method of payment!

Evolve Money Now Lets You Pay Bills With A Credit Card

Evolve Money Now Accepts Discover Credit Cards!

Until now, folks have been using debit cards or gift cards (purchased with a miles-and-points earning credit card) to pay bills using Evolve Money.  But now you can earn cash back by using your Discover credit card!

But there’s more good news!  I’ll explain.

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Evolve Money

Link:   Evolve Money Credit Card Announcement

Evolve Money lets you pay bills like utilities, loans, mortgages, and store credit cards online using a debit or gift card.  For a brief period, they had a glitch through which folks were able to pay bills with a credit card, but that was short-lived.

But now you can officially use Discover cards (debit and credit) as a payment source with Evolve Money!  This is great news, because it means you don’t have to bother with going to the store to buy gift cards first.

And there are no fees to use your Discover card as a method of payment.

For folks with the Discover It card, this means that you’ll earn 1% cash back on the bills you pay through Evolve Money.

Note:  Until December 31, 2014, the Discover It card earns 5% cash back for online shopping as a rotating bonus category.  But folks on FlyerTalk contacted Discover, and it appears that Evolve Money payments will NOT qualify for the 5% online shopping cash back.

Evolve Money Now Lets You Pay Bills With A Credit Card

Will Evolve Money Count as a 5% Cash Back Category?

For folks interested in the signing-up for the Discover It card (not my link) for the 1st time, this makes it easy to meet the $750 minimum spending requirement to get the $150 bonus.

There’s even better news here.  According to the folks at Evolve, they’ll soon add Visa and MasterCard as accepted payment sources, too!

Payment with credit cards has arrived at Evolve Money.  We’re starting things of with Discover® credit (and debit) cards with plans for VISA® and MasterCard® payments in early 2015.

As long as they don’t charge fees for Visa and MasterCard payments, this will be a huge new way to earn miles and points by paying your bills!

How Do You Add Your Discover Card?

Link:   Evolve Money Sign-In

It’s easy to add a Discover card to your Evolve Money account.  Once you’ve signed-in and click on a bill to pay, you’ll have the option to add a new credit card on the payment screen.

Evolve Money Now Lets You Pay Bills With A Credit Card

Click “Add a New Credit Card” to Add Your Discover Card

Enter your information and card details.

After that, you’ll see your Discover card as a payment option on the bill pay screen.

Evolve Money Now Lets You Pay Bills With A Credit Card

Click Your Discover Card to Use It as a Payment Source

I’m excited about these developments at Evolve Money, and can’t wait to see what happens when they start accepting Visa and MasterCard!

Note:   Evolve Money has tightened their rules with regards to paying bills online.  So we’ll see if things change once they add more credit cards to the mix!

Bottom Line

Evolve Money now accepts Discover credit cards as a method of payment.  And there are no fees to use it.

This means that if you have the Discover It card, you’ll earn 1% cash back by paying bills that you can’t normally pay with a credit card!  Folks have been using gift cards to earn miles and points using Evolve Money, but this news means you don’t have to bother with buying gift cards anymore.

And they say they’ll soon start accepting Visa and MasterCard as a payment source, too.

Will you reconsider using Evolve Money now that they’re accepting credit cards (officially) as a form of payment?

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26 responses to “Evolve Money Now Lets You Pay Bills With a Credit Card!

  1. this news broke ground last week, you used to be on top of latest news but lately you just follow other leads.

  2. Make sure to notify us when they start accepting visa credit cards!

  3. is it still capped at $1,000 per day?

    • @choi – I’m not interested in chasing “news” unless it is short lived. I’d rather take time to analyze it and then decide if it is worth publishing or no.

      @Peeta Grifin – Will do!

      @mh – It is 1,000 per day and 1 payment per month per biller

  4. I believe folks use Evolve money to digest gift cards they purchased with category bonus. So t does not make any difference for accepting discover cause the cash back is only 1% and there is 1000$ cap. Double Cash could be a good option when evolve money accept Master card.

  5. Are Visa gift cards with Pin still considered “debit cards” (as your old article indicated)? I’d much rather make a monthly trip to Staples and pick up some gift cards with the Chase Ink Plus or something earning more than 1%.

    Are gift cards considered “cards” or “cash” in the FAQ pasted below?


    If you use a CARD for payment, you can pay any single bill 1 time up to $999 in a given calendar month. Additionally, your total payments cannot exceed $2,999 in a given day.

    If you use CASH to pay, there is a daily cash payment limit of $1,000 but no limit on the number of payments. If you exceed the daily limit you will get the following message: “You have exceeded the daily bill pay limit, please try again later (e686).” There is a monthly limit of $10,000 across all payments.

  6. Does Evolve Money work like Bluebird/Serve/Redbird except you don’t have a card you go load at a physical location since you can now use a credit card? All done through the app or website and limited to 1 payment per month per biller? So I take it if I have a mortgage payment over $1,000, that’s my monthly limit for the bank, but I can still make payments to other vendors? Sorry for so many questions, I just never really looked into this before.

  7. I would be interested to know if I could use evolve money to pay mortgage which is around $3000.

  8. Will Discover charge any fees? Will this be treated as a cash advance?

  9. Yes, it still seems to be capped at $999… I just tried and it said $999 is the limit. I don’t know if that’s per transaction or per day though…

  10. Good call out Laura to find out how Discover processes the transaction whether it is a merchant charge or cash advance. ..if there is no catch this is really a great deal

  11. @ Laura @tina. I just used evolve with my discover card the other day, treated as purchase. Not cash advance. 🙂

  12. ok, I really had high hopes for this, but I just signed up for an account tonight and ran into some issues. When you search for the company you would like to pay, it does not provide an address so that you can make sure it is going to get routed to the right place. I tried to call their customer service # for registered bill payment customers, and it says your call cannnot be completed right now, or something to that affect. I couldn’t believe it, tried again, and got the same thing. I am not sure how comfortable I feel with them completing my transactions if I cannot verify what address they are being sent to, and they have no customer service support. unlike 🙁

  13. @tina I haven’t had an issue. Why not try a test transaction if a few dollars to make sure it post to correct account?

  14. @Dustin – thanks I will give it a shot!

  15. @laura

    Or couldn’t you call the vendor and ask if they are accepting evolve payments?

  16. Way to handle Choi like a BOSS. Keep up your thorough work. Your the best.

  17. I just ran over to Staples hoping to pick up a $500 visa gift card to test out Evolve and I only found $200 gift cards. If I am using a Chase Ink, I figure that I am getting a $13.75 return on each purchase (assuming 2 cents of value per point; total return is less the $6.95 fee). If I were to use a 2% cash back card with Evolve when this opens up to anything other than Discover, I will be earning $4 per $200 spent. I have about $2,200 of monthly non-credit card bills (assuming that the 1k cap per vendor is kept), so that is $1,815 return per month versus $528. Even though it is a hassle, I think it still makes sense to buy gift cards for Evolve. Am I thinking about this correctly? Are there any office supply stores that sell larger denominations?

  18. *that should be per year, not per month. Sorry.

  19. For those with the older Discover “More” cards, you can apply for the Discover “IT” card and still receive the bonus.
    Discover wouldn’t extend additional credit, but I was able to split the “More” credit line into two separate cards.
    Yes, you can double your quarterly bonus with Discover. 🙂
    In fact, I would even consider applying for a “More” card even if I had the newer “IT”, to have two Discover cards.
    I may try to coerce my spouse to apply for the “IT” card as well so we will have four Discover cards in the house.

  20. Great info. Thank you..

  21. This is an email that I received from the Evolve Support Team: “Thank you for your email. For Discover cards it must be used to charge the same day.” As of now, same day payments, are free until 12/31/14. However, this means that in the future, it will cost $1.50, for each payment with a Discover card, and possibly the same format for Mastercards and Visas.

  22. What type of gift cards can be used? Any Visa or MasterCard gift card, or only those with a pin? If the later, what are some available that can be purchased with a credit card?

  23. Can I use Evolve to pay rent, my landscaper or snow removal services?

  24. Just received an email stating that loans paid with discover will attract 3% chargw

  25. I cannot even sign up for evolve.