Do You Know About the 140,000 Points Ritz-Carlton Card?

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

If you are planning award stays at Ritz-Carlton or Marriott hotels, now is a great time to apply for the Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards card.  There are 4 different offers available now, and some of them are very good!

One of these offers has a sign-up bonus of 140,000 points!  That’s enough for 2 nights in a top-tier Ritz-Carlton hotel, or 7 nights in a middle category Marriott hotel.  You could even stretch the points to get 23 PointSaver nights in a category 1 Marriott!

And if a couple each get the 140,000 point card, they could combine points and have enough to access Marriott Hotel + Air Packages, which can get you a 7-night hotel stay and airline miles!  I’ll explain how!

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Could Stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay in California for 60,000 Points per Night

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Ritz-Carlton Rewards

Link:   Marriott Rewards

Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels are partners, which means points earned in either of their frequent guest programs can be used for stays at both hotel brands.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

Ritz-Carlton Points Can Be Used at Marriott Hotels, Too!

So whether you want to treat yourself to a fancy Ritz-Carlton, or make your points last by using them for Marriott stays, you might find an offer that’s good for you!

If you already have a Marriott account, convert the Marriott account to a Ritz-Carlton account before applying for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards card.  Because you can’t have both a Marriott and Ritz-Carlton account at the same time.  Just call Marriott Customer Service at 801-468-4000.

But you’ll be able to use your points for both Ritz-Carlton and Marriott award stays.

Emily and I do NOT earn a commission from any of these cards, but we’ll always tell you about the best offers, even when they don’t earn us a commission!

1.   Ritz-Carlton 1 Free Night, Annual Fee $395

Link:   Ritz-Carlton Rewards Free Night With Annual Fee

The regular public offer for the Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards card gets you a free night certificate for a tier 1 to 4 Ritz-Carlton hotel after you spend $2,000 in the 1st 3 months.

A night in a tier 1 hotel, like The Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner in Virginia, costs 30,000 points per night.  And a night in a tier 4 hotel, like The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui, costs 60,000 points per night.

So you can look at this as a sign-up bonus of 30,000 to 60,000 points, depending on where you use the certificate.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Could Use Your Free Night at The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Maui

Because you’re getting a free night certificate (and not points), you can’t use the sign-up bonus for a stay at a Marriott hotel.  So this would only be good for folks who want to splurge on a stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel.

This card also gets you:

  • 5 points per $1 you spend at Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels
  • 2 points per $1 you spend on airline tickets (bought directly from the airline), rental cars, and restaurants
  • 1 point per $1 you spend on everything else
  • 10% annual points bonus based on points earned through card purchases over the year
  • $100 hotel credit on paid stays of 2 nights or more
  • $300 annual travel statement credit (airline lounge passes or membership, seat upgrades, baggage fees, in-flight internet or entertainment, in-flight meals, Global Entry fees)
  • 3 upgrades to a Club Level room each year (on stays of up to 7 nights)
  • Gold elite status at Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels (free internet, upgrades when available, lounge access and free breakfast at certain hotels)
  • Lounge Club membership (free access to hundreds of airport lounges around the world)
  • Platinum elite status if you spend over $75,000 in a year
  • No foreign currency fees
  • Annual fee of $395, NOT waived for the 1st year

While the annual fee seems steep, if you use all the hotel and travel credits, you’ll more than make up for the fee.  Plus, elite status and Lounge Club membership could save you even more money.

And the 3 Club Level upgrades could be very valuable!  Ritz-Carlton hotels aren’t cheap, but if you’re paying for a stay anyway, you’ll save money on the upgrade plus get extra perks like meals, snacks, and drinks in the lounge (and a nicer room!).

For example, the cheapest regular room rate at The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin is 245 Euros per night (~$326).  And the cheapest Club Level room is 415 Euros per night (~$553).

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

The Club Level Room Upgrades Can Be Quite Valuable!

If you were paying to stay anyway, you’d save ~$227 per night on a Club Level room and get perks like free food and drink and extra amenities!

2.   Ritz-Carlton 70,000 Points + $200 Gift Card, Annual Fee $395

Link:   Ritz-Carlton Rewards 70,000 Points and $200 Gift Card

A better offer for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards card gets you 70,000 points (enough for a free night at any Ritz-Carlton, not just category 1 to 4) after you spend $2,000 in the 1st 3 months.  Plus, you get a $200 Ritz-Carlton gift card after your 1st purchase!

The annual fee of $395 is NOT waived for the 1st year.

While the sign-up bonus is advertised as “A Complimentary Night Stay at The Ritz-Carlton,” the terms and conditions say that you’ll get 70,000 points deposited into your account.  This means you can use the sign-up bonus for Marriott hotels, too.

And the $200 gift card would be great for folks that are planning to stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel anyway.

This card gives you similar benefits as the regular public offer (see #1 above), with a couple of exceptions:

  • The airline incidental statement credit is $100 lower ($200 instead of $300), and you can use it for “non-ticket purchases” on airlines (gift cards don’t count!)
  • There’s NO way to get Platinum Elite status, no matter how big a spender you are
  • You will NOT get a 10% point bonus every year

But because you get a $200 gift card, most folks will like this sign-up bonus better!

3.   Ritz-Carlton 70,000 Points, Annual Fee $395, Waived for 1st Year

Link:   FlyerTalk Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card Thread

There’s a targeted offer for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards card with almost the same terms as offer #2, except instead of getting a $200 gift card, the annual fee of $395 is waived for the 1st year!

You’ll still get the same 70,000 point bonus after spending $2,000 in the 1st 3 months.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Could Enjoy All the Card Perks and NOT Pay an Annual Fee the 1st Year

In the past you could apply for this offer online, but the application link no longer works.  However, folks on FlyerTalk confirm that you can still get the offer over the phone.

The number to call is 888-846-7004.  It’s a targeted offer, so you’ll need to quote RSVP code F53K.  I called to double-check and I can confirm the offer is still available!

So you get the sign-up bonus, plus airline incidental credit of $200 a year, a $100 hotel credit, elite status, Lounge Club membership, and upgrades on paid stays – for NO annual fee the 1st year!

And because the airline incidental credit is per calendar year, if you applied now you’d get a credit of $200 for 2014, and another for 2015.  So you’d get a total of $400 in airline incidental credits in your 1st year of having the card, without paying an annual fee.

This is a great deal!

4.   Ritz-Carlton 140,000 Points, Annual Fee $395

Link:   FlyerTalk Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card Thread

If you don’t mind paying an annual fee to get an extra 70,000 Ritz-Carlton points, there’s another targeted offer with a sign-up bonus of 140,000 points after spending $2,000 in the 1st 3 months.

You can’t apply online for this card, but if you call Chase at 888-846-7004 and quote RSVP code F5BP, you should be able to get the offer!  I called to confirm and the code is still working.

140,000 Ritz-Carlton points can get you a lot of Big Travel with Small Money!  This is a fantastic deal, even if you have to pay the annual fee.

You could get 2 nights at a top tier Ritz-Carlton hotel, like The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

Splurge on a 2-Night Stay at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park

Rooms at the Ritz-Carlton New York can cost upwards of almost $800 per night (even more during peak times)!  So you’d be getting great value out of the card, even with the $395 annual fee!

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Could Pay Almost $800 per Night or More at The Ritz-Carlton New York

Or if you’re feeling more frugal, you could stretch the 140,000 points into ~23 PointSavers award nights (6,000 points per night) at a category 1 Marriott hotel, like the Courtyard Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

Category 1 Marriott PointSaver Award Nights Only Cost 6,000 Points per Night…Even in the Czech Republic!

And remember with Marriott hotels, you’ll get the 5th night free on stays of 5 nights or more.

This card comes with a $300 airline incidental credit.  And over on FlyerTalk, some folks say they’ve been able to get matched to this 140,000 point offer (after getting approved for a 70,000 point card) by sending a secure message.  However, you’ll still pay the $395 annual fee.

There’s an added bonus to this card, though.  If you and your partner both apply for the card, you’ll get 280,000 points which can be combined.  And then you’ll have enough points to book Marriott Hotel + Air Packages, which can be an amazing deal.

How to Make the Most of the 140,000 Point Offer

Link:   Marriott Hotel + Air Packages

Via The Miles Professor, if you have more than 200,000 Marriott or Ritz-Carlton points, you can book Marriott Hotel + Air Packages.  These awards include 7 nights in a Marriott or Ritz-Carlton hotel, plus airline miles!

If you and your spouse or partner both apply for a 140,000 point Ritz-Carlton card, you’ll have enough points to book a Marriott Hotel + Air Package!

The number of airline miles you get varies depending on the category of hotel and airline you choose.  There are dozens of airlines to choose from, but some of the more appealing ones include:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines (you’ll get 10% more miles if you transfer to United Airlines because of their partnership with Marriott)
Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Can Redeem Points for a 7-Night Hotel Stay AND Airline Miles!

Here’s the award chart for redeeming on airlines like Alaska Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, and US Airways.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

All Awards Are for 7 Nights, but You Can Choose the Hotel Category and Number of Miles You Want

Normally, you can transfer Marriott or Ritz-Carlton points to airline miles directly, but the transfer ratios aren’t very good (usually around 3:1 or worse).  But with this deal, you can get a hotel stay plus transfer points to airline miles at a 1:1 ratio or better.

For example, suppose you wanted to book 7 nights at the Courtyard Kauai Coconut Beach.  This hotel costs 30,000 points per night (but you get the 5th night free), so 7 nights would normally cost 180,000 points (6 nights x 30,000 points per night).

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

The Courtyard Kauai at Coconut Beach Costs 30,000 Points per Night

It’s a category 6 hotel, so for a Hotel + Air Package booking, you could pay:

  • 230,000 points for 7 nights and 50,000 airline miles
  • 250,000 points for 7 nights and 70,000 airline miles
  • 280,000 points for 7 nights and 100,000 airline miles
  • 300,000 points for 7 nights and 120,000 airline miles

A 7-night stay would normally cost 180,000 points, so the extra points you pay are a 1:1 transfer to airline miles.

If you used the 280,000 points from 2 sign-up bonuses, you’d get a 7-night stay and 100,000 airline miles (10% more if you choose United Airlines).  This is a very good deal because you can’t normally transfer Marriott or Ritz-Carlton points at such a good ratio!  And airline miles are generally much more valuable than hotel points!

Let’s look at it this way.  100,000 Marriott or Ritz-Carlton points could get you 5 nights in a category 5 Marriott (25,000 points per night with the 5th night free), like the Fairfield Inn and Suites Washington, DC New York Avenue.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Could Use 100,000 Points for 5 Nights at a Category 5 Marriott

A paid 5-night stay at this hotel costs ~$921, depending on the dates.

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

You Pay Just Over $900 for 5 Nights at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Washington, DC

But if you transferred 280,000 Marriott points to 100,000 airline miles & 7 nights hotel using the Hotel + Air package, you’d get 100,000 airline miles (110,000 if transferring to United Airlines).  You could use those miles for:

  • 4 round-trip, coach class tickets within North America on most US airlines
  • 1 round-trip Business Class ticket to Europe on American Airlines
  • 11 round-trip, short-haul coach class tickets on American Airlines (using British Airways Avios points)

You would definitely get way more than ~$920 in value with 100,000 airline miles.  For example, you could get a round-trip Business Class ticket on American Airlines from Chicago to London, UK, for 100,000 miles.  The cash price of this ticket is over $5,600!

 Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

100,000 American Airlines Miles Could Be Worth ~$5,656 or More!

This could be a very good deal if you’re looking for a week’s vacation and want airline miles as well.  Remember, you still have to pay 2 annual fees for a total of $790 ($395 per card x 2 people), but much of that can be offset by the two $300 travel statement credits you get.

A 7-night stay and potentially thousands of dollars worth of airfare is definitely worth it!  But as always, do what’s comfortable for you.

Note:   Points transfers to Southwest count towards the Companion Pass!  This could be a great strategy for earning the Companion Pass.  I’ll explore this further in a separate post.

How to Do This Deal

Step 1 – Convert Your Marriott Account to a Ritz-Carlton Account

Convert your Marriott account (if you have one) to a Ritz-Carlton account before applying for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards card.  Just call Marriott Customer Service at 801-468-4000.

If you don’t have either account, open a Ritz-Carlton account online (or they’ll create 1 for you when you sign-up for the card).

Step 2 – You and Your Partner Sign-Up for the Ritz-Carlton 140,000 Point Card

Again, you can’t sign-up for the 140,000 point Ritz-Carlton card online.  Call Chase at 888-846-7004 and quote RSVP code F5BP to apply.

Step 3 – Combine Points and Book a Hotel + Air Package

Only legal spouses or domestic partners can combine miles, and only at the time they’re booking an award.  (This post has more details on combining hotel points.)

Choose the Hotel + Air Package you’d prefer, depending on the category of hotel you’d like and the number of airline miles you want.  The lowest packages start at 200,000 points for 7 nights in a category 1-5 Marriott.  With 280,000 points, you could book as much as a category 7 Marriott and 70,000 miles!

Do You Know About The 140000 Points Ritz Carlton Card

280,000 Points Can Get You a LOT of Big Travel With Small Money!

You do NOT have to book your hotel stay right away.  You’ll get a certificate good for 7 nights in the category of hotel you’ve chosen (it’s good for 1 year after the date of issue), but you will get your airline points right away (usually within a few days).

Bottom Line

There are 4 different offers currently available for the Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards card.  You can get:

  • Ritz-Carlton Rewards Free Night With Annual Fee of $395
  • Ritz-Carlton Rewards 70,000 Points and $200 Gift Card, Annual Fee $395
  • Ritz-Carlton Rewards 70,000 Points, Annual Fee $395, Waived for 1st Year (call to apply)
  • Ritz-Carlton Rewards 140,000 Points, Annual Fee $395 (call to apply)

Even if you don’t plan on staying at Ritz-Carlton hotels, you can use Ritz-Carlton points at Marriott hotels, too, and stretch them even further.

My favorite offer is for 140,000 points.  Even though the annual fee is not waived, you can get much more than $395 in value from the extra 70,000 points that come with the card.  And if you and your partner each get this card, you can combine your points and get even more Big Travel by redeeming for Marriott Hotel + Miles Packages.

Which of these offers is your favorite and why?

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60 responses to “Do You Know About the 140,000 Points Ritz-Carlton Card?

  1. So I can utilize gift cards with the incidental charges? When signing up for the Wells Fargo Propel card, I bought a gift card and was reimbursed the $100.00 for “incidentals”. Please let me know, thank you!

  2. I’m trying to understand how this would work. So if I have a Ritz Carlton account, and we each get the card and combine our points so we have 280,000 Ritz Carlton points, do I need to convert the Ritz Carlton account back into a Marriott account to access the hotel + airline miles rewards??

  3. I already have the Chase marriott Premier Visa. Can I still get the bonus on this card too?

  4. excellent write-up.

  5. “But if you transferred 100,000 points to airline miles using the Hotel + Air package, you’d get 100,000 airline miles (110,000 if transferring to United Airlines).”

    I don’t understand this part. How do you transfer 100k pts to airline if the lowest for the hotel and airline package is 200k?

  6. Are all 4 of these cards considered separate products by Chase, ie can we apply for and get bonuses for each one? Thanks

  7. Do I have to convert Marriott account into Ritz Carlton account?

  8. Darius, this is the best writeup I’ve seen of the RC card. You pointed out some offers I wasn’t aware of.
    I applied for the 140k offer three weeks ago and was approved. I received the card and have already spent the $2k. I am waiting for my first statement to close to get my points. I have a few comments/ corrections to your post.

    1. You don’t have to convert your Marriott Reward account to a RC account to get this card. When I applied I just gave Chase my MR number. Per Marriott, the only difference between a MR and a RC account is the offers and promos you receive will be targeted to the primary brand you select. Most people will stay in the Marriott family of brands more than the RC brand, so If your already have a MR account it is better to keep it. Once I was approved for the RC card, the 3 RC club level certificates showed up in my MR account.

    2. If you already have a Chase Premier MR card, you don’t have to close it to get approved for the RC card. I already had the MR card and it is still open. In fact, when I called the Chase reconsideration line to get approved, they asked me to transfer some of my credit line from one of my other Chase card to the new RC card. I transferred $5k (the minimum) from my MR Premier card to the RC card and was approved.

    3. The RC card is better than the MR card for spend in all categories because of the 10% annual bonus. When used at RC or the Marriott family of hotels you effectively get 5.5x.

    4. The RC card is solid metal and substantially heavier than any other credit card I have. I always get positive comments when I hand it to someone to pay for a purchase.

  9. Once again, very informative article! Thanks so much!

  10. @mike
    If you choose the 200k hotel points offer, you will get 7 nights in a Category 1-5 hotel of your choice plus they will send 55k miles to your United account.

    If you choose the 270k hotel points offer, you will get 7 nights in a Category 1-5 hotel of your choice plus they will send 132k miles to your United account.

    etc. Hope that helps!

  11. Daraius, great article! I only wish that it had been 2 separate posts instead of 1, as I almost missed the great info on Marriott’s Hotel + Air options due to the post’s title and initial focus. My Companion Pass expires at the end of the year, so this may be a fantastic way to re-qualify. Thanks!!

  12. I’m not a big proponent of paying $395 for an extra 70,000 points. You may come out a few dollars ahead vs paying cash but it’s not a big advantage. If you are an RC fan, then sure, but if you are using this for MR, why not get the 70,000 RC card (call for no fee) and either the personal or business version of the MRC (no fee currently and no call). That’s 140,000 leaving you $395 for food, activities, etc.

  13. Shana Gainey-Lewis

    Do you know if we get 5x points on spend at hotels that don’t participate in the Rewards program, such as the Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach? Thanks!

  14. This is an excellent writeup. I am new to Marriot / Ritz rewards and seems like I will have 60K points less than minimum 200K needed to book these rewards with 1:1 airline transfer ratio.

    I went to the marriot website to see the packages; however, if one is applying alone (i.e. no spouse), whats the best strategy to take advantage of 140k points offer.

  15. The incidentals are $300 per calendar year, not $200. I just recently got the 70k / 1st year fee waived offer, and verified it with a CSR.

  16. * That is for the 1st year fee waived card.

  17. How difficult will it be to cancel the card with the 1st year free waived offer?

  18. Can the $300 airline incidental credit be used to purchase airline gift cards like we were able to do a few years ago with the AA offer? Can it be used for any airline? If I apply now and get the $300 credit, will I get another $300 credit in January 2015?

  19. Let’s say if I have Marriott account and I will ask Marriott Customer Service to convert it to Ritz Carlton account.
    After the conversion and I got approved for 140,000 Ritz Carlton offer, can I switch back to Marriott with 140,000 sign up bonus?

  20. Anyone called 888-846-7004 and quote RSVP code F5BP to apply recently? I just called they said it’s a special internet offer that I have to check my email for the special invitation and apply through that special link. I guess so many people applied with the special RSVP and woke up the giant?

  21. I applied by phone yesterday and was approved for the 140k offer with the F5BP. First guy I talked to sounded like and idiot, but he transferred me to a chick that did the app over the phone and I was approved instantly. (I did not receive any offer by mail personally).

  22. @Brandon – did you tell the rep that you had received the offer via mail? If not, how did you say you were aware of the offer?

  23. @tim first guy i talked to sounded like a call center in India. The credit card rep that I finally got connected to answered, and I just said Hi I have a code for the 140K ritz-carlton card. She just asked me what that code was, and she said yep I found it. By the way I logged into Chase before hand to see if I had any current credit card offers and it said I had none.

  24. I called at 7AM PT this morning, gave the 140K/$395 code (F5BP), my Marriott # and personal information, told to wait 10-14 days for a response. Hung up and immediately called Chase reconsideration at 888-270-2127. Verified some info on the app and placed on hold. Was asked to move credit line from another card; moved $5K from a Hyatt card. APPROVED and verified with the CSR that the offer was for 140K points after $2K spend in 30 days. Took about 15 minutes while I was driving to my office — productive morning!

    Before applying I had 4 Personal and 2 Business ACTIVE Chase cards, including Marriott and IHG Personal that I got 34 days ago; plus another 10+ active cards (Amex, Citi, Barclays, BofA, etc.). Over the past five years I have opened/closed an additional 15 Chase cards and 20+ cards from other banks. My wife has been almost as active.

    I sure hope the points show up. Thank you Daraius and all!

  25. Just called for the 140k offer. Asked if I had a Marriott # or RC# (so no need to convert your Marriott# to RC#). Approved instantly. It seemed the customer rep knew this offer. Correction to Tim: it is $2K in 3 months.

    Thank you Daraius. I did not pay attention to this until I read your blog.

  26. I just call to apply for the RC with the 70k no annual fee and got approved. Also same time apply online for the MR 70k no annual also, but had to call in to get it approve. When they look me up, they saw I also just apply for the RC. Only ask why I need two cards, I simply said, “I’ll be traveling more and using Marriott as my main stay”. They place me on hold and approved for my card. Now I have both RC and MR under one Marriott account, for a total of 140k, no af.

    Still think if I should also get the M Biz card also for another 70k no af, cuz total spending for 3 month would only be $5k combine and that would earn you 215,000 MR points with 3 cards, no annual fee, and only $5k spending ..

  27. We just called to get the 70,000 points, no annual fee card and they said we needed the code which was a *different* one from the 140,000. Wouldn’t take our application. Does anyone know a code for the 70,000 points card?

  28. I just applied for this card, version #3 promotion. I am not sure of when I will use the points, so I figured if I do not use them in the next year then I can cancel this card and keep the points via my Marriott card (much lower annual fee).

    I specifically asked the rep about flight incidentals and what they were. The rep stated a few things, and then I asked if a gift card would count. I was told it would NOT. Hopefully someone has found this out via trial and error, but this is what I was told by the rep.

  29. I applied for the 140K card today and was approved.
    The rep was able to pull out the offer without any issues, filled in the form, and said app is submitted.
    I called after around 2 hours to the reconsideration line, and got the status as approved (with a credit limit WAY BEYOND my existing cards).
    Did a app binge, and also applied for a United for myself, and a United and Marriott 70K for wife (these 3 online). Got a pending status online, but after calling reconsideration line,all were approved.
    With the 100K I already have in my Marriott account, I am getting dreamy eyed about the Euro trip next year.
    Thanks Darius, and keep up the good work.

  30. Daraius, sorry for spelling your name incorrectly in the last post.
    Apparently my spell checker was intent on correcting names too…

  31. Dear Darius,

    ” Ritz-Carlton 140,000 Points, Annual Fee $395″

    The $300/yr incidental fee for airline incidentals can cover annual fee of $395. How do i do that? What does it mean “airline incidentals” and what is include din it to maximize the coverage and get $300 back? Also how/which airline giftcards can be bought?

    Please reply ASAP,



  32. Just called for 70K no annual fee offer and was told that I would need the 12 digit code from the email… Will try again tomorrow… Anyone else get that info?

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  34. I was a bit nervous prior to calling to apply for the 70k, first year waived card but went very smooth. I was approved instantly with a much higher credit line than expected. I just gave the code and he read all the terms. The $300 incidental credit is for food, beverages, baggage fees, upgrades but have to be charged on the card. I gave my Marriott number which I didn’t want another account and he used that!
    I’m curious about the lounge pass if anyone has experience with that?

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  36. Just wondering if or when when we readers can expect to see answers to our questions above. Thanks Daraius!

  37. For the 7 day vacation, do you know if all of the nights have to be at the same hotel? My wife and I would likely want to travel around Europe or something like that instead of staying put for the entire week.

    I would also love to hear more about the companion pass idea. I’m hoping you were insinuating that when my wife and I combine points on this offer, all of the combined airline miles (say 110,000) can be transferred to my (or her) southwest account and qualify one of us for the companion pass.

    Love the site!

  38. Cheaper way to get the 7 nights + miles is by applying for the 140,000 mile card, and both the business and personal version of the Chase Marriott Card. Would only cost 395, and you would still receive 7 nights + miles. Only 1k more in min spending.

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  40. Here’s my experience applying for the 70,000 points no first year annual fee card: The first person couldn’t find the offer code, so she passed me to another who had no problem. She signed me up and synced it with my Ritz-Carlton rewards no. (just changed because Ritz rewards said there were more special offers sent to me, and they applied to both them and Marriott–retained same number). App was put through, but not immediately approved. I KNOW I have too many cards, so I said I’d be willing to send some of my available credit on other Chase cards to fund the new one. I was then passed to that person (reconsideration?), who asked why I needed so many cards. I said I had no hotel cards…. Anyway, she moved some money around and Voilá. We know we can always call later and ask the limit to be raised, if needed, but most of my other credit limits are just really too high.

  41. I have Chase United Club card, so I called to ask if the $300 incidental credit would cover my United Club membership (paid as Club card annual fee). And no wonder it does not :))

  42. This is a very tempting offer as the $790 fee for two cards is at least worth the 7 nights for hotel, the airline miles are a bonus for sure. I did however have a question, or two. Do the 7 nights under the 7 nights + miles have to be consecutive and in the same destination? Also, are you required to make the air purchase at the time you select the 7 nights + miles offer or do they deposit the miles into your airline account and leave it up to you?

    • @Steven H., Carol, and Jayu – No, it can’t be used for airline gift cards. According to the T&C’s:

      “Only the following types of non-ticket Net Purchases qualify for this offer: airline lounge day pass, or towards a yearly lounge membership of your choice; airline seat upgrades; airline baggage fees; in-flight internet/entertainment; in-flight meals; Global Entry fees.”

      You also have to request the statement credit (it doesn’t get applied automatically): “To request a statement credit to apply towards qualifying airline incidental Net Purchase(s) made with your Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card, you must contact J.P. Morgan Priority Services at the number on the back of your Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card within 4 billing cycles of the purchase date.”

      @Carol – Yes. It’s per calendar year!

      @Brandon @RNP @Joseph – See Tom’s great comment here!

      But no, it’s actually not necessary to convert between account types. Same program, same benefits, you can use the points interchangeably on RC and Marriott properties, just different award charts.

      @Tom – Thanks for the tips. Very helpful!

      @Preacher – I believe so!

      @Geoff – They are not considered different card products. You can only get 1 version, and can’t have gotten the new cardmember bonus on the RC card within 24 months of applying (per T&C’s).

      @Shana Gainey-Lewis – If you look at the T&C’s on the Ritz-Carlton Rewards program, they say that you can earn and redeem points at RC properties except:

      “Members may earn and redeem Points at participating Marriott hotel brands and The Ritz-Carlton hotels:
      The Ritz-Carlton hotels – all locations except:
      The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore
      Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
      Dorado Beach, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
      In addition, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Clubs, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, and The Abaco Club do not participate”

      So I’m gonna go with NO because the Dorado Beach is not a participating hotel.

      @Paul – I like the way you think, but it’s almost impossible to get 3 Chase cards at a time!

      @Kent C – But that’s 2 card apps instead of 1 (and Chase may limit total number of cards and credit it will extend to you). So might not be an option for some folks. But could be worth it if it is!

      @Boonie – Just call the number at the back after 9 to 10 months and evaluate if it is worth keeping for the annual benefit.

      @Marriott Marty @John @Brandon @Tim – Best bet is to hang up and call again. Sounds like some agents are able to help but others aren’t aware of the offer or how to get the offer.

      @Anne – It is in the post – F53K

      @Corban Christina G – Yes, unfortunately, it does. You can’t split the stay up. Has to be 7 consecutive nights at same hotel.

  43. I received my Lounge Club card today! It’s like a cc and has my name on it. Was attached to a letter with the website for participating lounges and stated it was for myself and accompanying guests.

  44. I just called Chase today (9/25/14) to sign up with the 140,000 point Ritz offer. The CSR said the offer had gone viral and as of yesterday Chase required a 10-digit referral number. Anyone have a 10-digit referral number?

  45. Hi there,
    It seems like the two offers are dead now. Only offer is 70K with the annual fee not waived. Do you think there will be a better offer soon?

  46. Hi there,
    It seems like the two offers are dead now. Only offer is 70K with the annual fee not waived. Do you think there will be a better offer soon?

  47. Tried several times this week. All dead offers. Anyone have a code to share?

  48. can you share the points with family members so they can use it when you sign up for this card to get the sign up bonus

  49. What happens if I am a Marriot rewards silver member (0 pts), applied for the card and forgot to call chase to change over the account from Marriot to Ritz?

  50. Thank you for the blog post! I’m considering having my wife and I both apply for the RC card to get the 280K points deal. Then, we’ll get use the Marriott hotel + air package. I just have a few questions:

    1) For the Marriott hotel/air package since they say 7 days, do the dates for the air travel + hotel have to be the same? If we want to travel to London for 2 weeks, couldn’t I book hotel nights from Feb 1 – 7 while my wife books Feb 8-14? At the same time, could we have our flights be leaving Feb 1 and returning Feb 14, or even some other day in the future e.g., Feb 22?

    2) Understanding that the Marriott hotel/air package earns me miles, can I use the miles to book air travel immediately? How long does it take Marriott to credit the Mileage Plus miles? I want to use the miles for 2 more tickets for our kids.


    • @Allan – They should find your old account, but can call to be sure.

      @Daniel – You get air miles in your account and can use them whenever you want (they don’t have to match the hotel dates). You can use the miles as soon as they post. I’d say ~10 to 14 days.

  51. My husband and I both got these cards several months ago and plan on using it to re-qualify for the companion pass. Will the redemption work at a marriott vacation club property or only hotels? Thanks!

  52. Is the 140K offer still available?

  53. Applied from the website for the 140k, but said the offer was no longer available. Anyone else have any luck?

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  55. Hello,

    Do you know that if the airline incidental include award booking fee and award redeposit fee?

    It’s not clear from T&C Thanks

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  57. I too tried to apply for the 140k offer over the phone using the provided code and was told that it was no longer available. They were also not sure if it would run again.

  58. So I tried the code is not valid. This sucks really wish I jumped on this offer. Any idea when it will come back?