8,000 Free Miles for Hating an Airline!

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You can get 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles for free when you tell Spirit Airlines how much you hate them or another airline.

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline

Get 8,000 Free Spirit Airlines Miles By Telling Off Spirit Airlines

Spirit Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway

Link:   Spirit Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway

Your hatred of Spirit Airlines (or another airline) can get you 8,000 Spirit Airlines for free!

Send a hate message of 140 characters or less to Spirit Airlines about them or another airline and Spirit Airlines will give you 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles.

You’ll get the 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles within 10 days.  Each person is limited to 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles.  But you and your partner could both send Spirit Airlines a “hate” message and get 16,000 Spirit Airlines miles.

Are 8,000 Spirit Miles Worth It?

Link:   Spirit Airlines Award Chart

Unless you have a Spirit Airlines credit card, 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles doesn’t get you much.  Spirit Airlines credit card holders can get a 1-way ticket for 2,500 Spirit Airlines miles.  So 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles can get card holders three 1-way tickets.

However, a 1-way flight on Spirit Airlines costs more for non credit card holders.  But most of the award flights I found cost over 10,000 Spirit Airlines miles each way.

A 1-way flight from Houston to Oakland on November 8, 2014, costs 27,500 Spirit Airlines miles!

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline

You Would Pay 27,500 Spirit Airlines Miles to Fly 1-Way From Houston to Oakland

On Southwest, you would only pay 11,135 Southwest points AND you get 2 free checked bags!

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline

You & 2 Free Checked Bags Can Fly on Southwest From Houston to Oakland for 11,135 Southwest Points

But you could find flights for fewer miles.  And free miles are free miles!

What You Should Know About Spirit Airlines

1.   You Pay for Bags, Including Carry-on Bags

You pay for checked and carry-on bags with Spirit Airlines.  You are allowed 1 free personal item that is 16 x 14 x 12, so a small backpack or purse.

2.   $10 to Print Your Boarding Pass

You’ll pay $10 if you have to print your boarding pass at the airport.

3.   Water is Not Free

You do NOT get water or snacks unless you pay for them.

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline

Those Free 8,000 Spirit Airlines Miles Could Cost You Lots of Money

2 Things to Know About Spirit Airlines Miles

1.   3 Months Expiration Date

Your Spirit Airlines miles expire after 3 months or more of inactivity.  You get at least 18 months before your miles expire with other airlines and there are lots of ways to keep your miles from expiring.  So if you aren’t flying on Spirit Airlines or earning Spirit Airlines miles through the credit card or other mileage earning activity, you’ll lose your Spirit Airlines miles.

2.   Can’t Gift or Share Miles

Unlike other airline miles programs, like US Airways, you can’t gift or share your Spirit Airlines miles.  Although, you can redeem your Spirit Airlines miles for someone else.

Bottom Line

You can get 8,000 free Spirit Airlines miles if you hate Spirit Airlines or another airline.

But 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles won’t get you very far, unless you have the Spirit Airlines credit card.  And you have to pay for carry-on bags, boarding passes, and water.

Your Spirit Airlines miles expire after 3 months of inactivity.  So unless you’re flying a lot on Spirit Airlines or have the credit card, your Spirit Airlines miles could expire before you get a chance to use them.

But free miles are free miles and Spirit does have cheap redemptions to certain destinations!

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42 responses to “8,000 Free Miles for Hating an Airline!

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  2. If they would give me 8000 miles I could use on some OTHER airline, I’d do it. But even if they gave me 8 million Spurt miles, I’d pass. Life is too short (and they’re a-holes).

    • SPIRIT AIRLINE IS A JOKE. UNREAL Flight got cancelled this past April after they flew us from Minneapolis to Chicago. N we were headed to California for my 5 yr oldsons b day/ lego land trip. 1000$ later after having to sit at airport for 12 hours n say forget it a 1000$ on 3 1 ways from chi to cali. Spirit is a joke man. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GIVE THEM MY $$. THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR POCKET THATS IT. OH MY GOD THAT SUCKED

  3. I flew Spirit one time, and did not have not the horrible experience that many folks have. I flew for business, so I didn’t have to worry about baggage fees, etc. On both legs, the flights were actually on time, and I don’t remember any hassles checking in or boarding.

    However, Spirit puts the maximum number seats legally allowed on a plane, so there is no legroom, and the seats do not recline. On both legs, however, the flight attendants took pity on me, and reseated me in an exit row (I’m 6′ 2″). I wouldn’t count on that though.

    If you want to redeem miles, you have to get their credit card to make it worthwhile, as it cuts the redemption rate in half, and it keeps you earning mile to beat the 3 month expiration problem. Also, you have to be able to plan out a few months if you want to redeem the miles. Most of the available flights are mid-week, so it would be fine for someone who is retired, or has a similarly flexible schedule.

    Earning miles with the card is ridiculously easy – you get 2X miles for ever dollar spent, and can find flights for 5000 miles round trip. That means you can get a round trip ticket for $2500 in spending. They do tack on some fees depending on when you book your ticket.

    The key is to avoid the seating and baggage fees. Spirit does allow you one “personal item”, no bigger than 16″ x 14″ x 12″. Search around, and you can find sites showing how to pack for a trip in a conforming backpack or piece of luggage. Or you could just ship your stuff ahead, depending on where you are going.

    I can handle all the extra fees, etc. with Spirit. They big problem with them is they are notoriously late, and they routinely cancel flights with no recourse other than giving you a refund. Again, if you are retired, this might not be a big issue, but if you have to be places at certain times, Spirit might not be worth the risk.

    I have 22500 Spirit miles banked, and going to try to use some of them this fall. Wish me luck!

  4. @ STEVE Spot on review. There are some great values to be had with Spirit if you’re flexible, can plan ahead, travel light, and understand all their fees. The customer service and clientele can be questionable as well I’ve found.

    With that said, I also keep their credit card to take advantage of low level rewards. You really can’t beat $2500 worth of spend for a RT to Ft. Lauderdale or NYC from Chicago during low season. Their are many other great bargains to be had those are just the ones I redeem most often.

  5. Good luck with your redemptions btw. Just plan ahead!

  6. I would get the credit card and do some manufactured spending to get the free flights, but that would mean I’d have to fly Spirit more. I don’t think I want to do that. It’s just too much hassle, and the lack of legroom makes their flights quite uncomfortable for me. Would there be a way to use the miles to upgrade to their big seats?

  7. Use for MagsForMiles, only 4800 for The Economist!

  8. @ iahphx – You have to pay extra for the Big Front Seat even if you use miles for a ticket. You can go to the website and price it out. For example, from DTW to LAS, it is $65 more, each way. Its a business class seat, just without the other business class amenities. The problem with the BFS is that you have to pay extra for each leg, so if you make a connection, you pay the BFS fee 4X on a round trip. Its really only good for non-stops.

    BTW, I logged my hate, now waiting for my 8K miles.

  9. What I hate about spirit air is went you book flight you don’t know that you don’t sit with your love one me and wife and kids was coming back from Vegas and went I pick tickets up the ticket read one seat in row B the second row c and the other 2 seat was row E and H when we ask can we all sit together they say the flight was over book and there wasn’t anything they can do . there a lot of hidden thing to like no movies , price are to hi for foods and bags can cost you lot of money come and going and the fast check in stop running about 8pm

  10. Can I transfer these points into my starwood account? I heard starwood has lots of airline partners and I would love to have 8000 starwood points so I can travel to Paris.

  11. Dan's the man

    @Rapid Travel Chai- Who was that guy sitting next to you and Darius at Dan’s seminar the other week? Thanks for the tip about using the Spirit miles for magazines.

  12. Took a bump a few weeks ago on Spirit and tried to use the travel voucher yesterday. I know how they work and chose several midweek dates several months out. Was told flights were already full and many dates were blacked out. Finally got a flight in February 2015. The taxes and fees they wanted to charge on my “free” ticket were as much as purchasing a ticket. I understand the cheap concept with Spirit but not the deception and why they always try to screw you. Never again.

  13. I had the most horrible time, traveling from American airlines

  14. talk about arrogance, the most hated, despised, loathed airline in the country now tries to capitalize on its infamy…. I don’t get it. Chutzpah at its worst. They deserve to fold.

    btw, while I’m at it, I used to fly Frontier, but their recent charging even for carry on bags, …. and all the other nonsense…. bridge too far.

  15. a few things…

    -140 characters is not enough to say everything you need to bad about spirit
    -the mileage example you give is the extreme ant-spirit case… for as much as i hate spirit (because i’ve had to fly them a lot), their credit card and mileage rewards are possibly the highest return you will see on credit card points in general. it does suck their peak times do last so long
    -still waiting on the miles posting and i did this 3 days ago

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  17. I concur with Steve’s comments.

    Spirit has some incredible off peak miles redemptions and fantastic ticket prices but you have to know when to look and where to fly for the bargains and definitely read the small print. I’m surprised so many people responding on this post seem to hate Spirit because earning points to fly and travel with little money is all about reading the fine print, doing your research and scoring the good deals of which there are many to be had on Spirit. I often get a 10% return on my spend which is pretty amazing, even more if you consider what it would have cost to fly on another airline.

    I think the best thing about Spirit is they don’t always try and screw you if you need to fly at the last minute. If you’ve ever had to book a last minute flight on AA or even Southwest you know what I’m talking about…..the prices easily quadruple for people booking a flight a day or two before a trip. On Spirit the prices don’t seem to spike from what I’ve seen. I’ve flown from Dallas to Las Vegas at the last minute for $68.99 on Spirit whereas that same ticket was easily $300 to $800 on any other airline.

    If you are tall, or traveling with children or need a flexible itinerary then Spirit may not be for you.

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  19. For anyone going the magazine redemption route… So our 8000 miles posted Thursday to our accounts and we have already redeemed them for miles! If any of your readers need a step by step guide on how to redeem once the miles post, we wrote a blog post about it, as it was somewhat deceiving at first to a couple of our readers. The post is here: http://twototravelandtango.com/travel-tips/how-to-redeem-free-spirit-miles-for-magazines/#more-376

    Excited about a free year of The Economist, ESPN, and Time!

  20. I will never again fly on spirit. From N.Y. to San Juan P.R. They make get out on Fortlaurardale Fl. of the same plane that took me to N.Y. to charge a $100 for the same hand bag that I did round trip before and 20 other passengers. Thers no free snaks and the theres no direct fly.

  21. Sprirt Airlines has horrible customer service when it comes to booking a flight and checking in my luggage. Their employees should smile more and be more friendlier. I hate Spirit Airlines. I would never fly again. Unless there was a change.

  22. So here is my story about Spirit: I bought a good ticket from Minneapolis to Chicago, bare bones, which was fine with me. ON the way back they were oversold and they offered one voucher ticket to volunteers that wanted to give up their seat. As they couldn’t find volunteers that easily (maybe most people knew what they would ge tinto if they said yes) they raised the offer to 2 vouchers. After a bit of thinking, as I had to miss work the next day and I was dieing so see my daugher, I said yes. I though, here it goes to one fun trip with her in the future. They put us up in the worst hotel they could find but that’s another story. When I try to get the vouchers redeem (I still have a couple of days to do it if I want to) I realized that even if they claimed to be usable for up to $500 tickets, they have virtually no value. You can only use them in April to get the most value and most of the times they’d give me a discount of$60 to $100 for a ticket and I have top ay the rest which goes from $100 more to $300 more. I guess I knew that Spirit was the worst airline around but I gave them a try. In the past I had a great experience being bumped of a flight with United. They have my husband and me a $600 voucher each, put us in a 5 star hotel and upgraded us to busness class the next day on a trip to South America. Sweet. Next time you hear Spirit wants to bump you off the plane, JUST SAY NO.

  23. Spirit airline has the most rude flight attendants and rarely justify why they charge me for a carry on . Taken the same bag for 9 flights at no charge and last flight they charged me100!! Fed up

  24. Spirit airlines has to be the worst flight I’ve ever been on. The seats were so uncomfortable, they didn’t even recline back. Plus they don’t even you a complimentary drink. Also, you have to pay for your luggage. I will never fly Spirit airlines again, unless they make a 360 turn around.

  25. Sharita Carstarphen

    I think the baggage fees are ridiculous.

  26. Spirit turns on its head what we have taken for granted as acceptable customer service. I’ve had many irate discussions with a Spirit CSR including the following statements:
    1. “My $9 fare club membership renewed today less than an hour ago – it states that I have 365 days left on my membership, which means that I haven’t used any of the membership for this year yet. What do you mean you CAN’T you refund my money?”
    2. “So if I want to cancel my $120 one way flight, I will OWE $10?”
    3. “Is there a CSR who is not at a call center in Bangalore?”
    4. “You mean that I can’t get my miles reinstated after just 3 months of my last flight?”
    5. “So when they say on the flight that the 5000 mile bonus can get you a round trip ticket (when they are pitching the credit card) they are lying because my 16,000 miles can’t actually be redeemed for anything?”

    Nevertheless, I have had some positives once I figured out the system:
    1. ORD-LAS round trip for $109. I went for a conference that was not paid for by work. Got the big front seat and took 3 days of suits in a suit bag over my arm, covered with my coat, plus laptop bag, and paid nothing for carry on luggage.
    2. Volunteered to take the next flight out of DTW to LGA on an overbooked flight, and got put on Delta First class, plus 2 free round trip tickets. Free ticket ended up costing about 80% of the value of the ticket because taxes aren’t free.
    3. Often made trips from ORD-SFO/LGA-ORD with big front seat. I don’t need anything more than a laptop bag on a weekend trip, so it works out better than an equivalent economy seat on another airline.
    4. Missed my flight out of ORD once – they gave me a full credit for the ticket purchase price, and I rushed over to MDW to take a refundable Southwest. I had booked as a backup.

  27. Add on comment –
    5. Just figured out how to avoid losing my miles – milesformags lets you subscribe to magazines and newspapers using spirit miles. I got a flyer to use up my Delta miles that never expire, but figured I’d check if I can use up my Spirit miles that are about to expire instead, and they do accept them! I’ll be getting the Economist, Time, Barrons and WSJ, some of which I would have otherwise paid money for.

  28. Spirit Airlines are the worst thieves in the world. After making some simple changes to flight date, the charges were increased by more than half of my original fare and when I cancelled within seconds of seeing the bill, they refused to refund any of my funds. I ended being charged over $1000 for nothing.

  29. I would recommend taking a survey once every 2-3 months using milesforthoughts.com so you don’t lose the points if you don’t have a credit card.

  30. Alejandra Aramburu

    If you have not read in detail about how spirit airlines works do not travel in this airlines.
    All surpises that you encounter makes a not nice trip at all. My dad who is 82 years got a very nice experience with thi airline specially for the way he was treated by an airline agent in San diego California Agost 9 -2015. He traveled with his small carry on and it fitted perfectely in the cage the airline has. In our way back we checked in the machines and surprisily when we were boarding they told him he needed to pay 100 dollars for his mini bag, whitout any explanation and in a very bad manners they asked him to pay. Why if the airline this requirements don’t have an agent or a person to advise the passengers in the check machines??, results a lot cheaper to pay on line or during the check in ,

  31. I hate airlines that make you jump through hoops to get free miles

  32. SPRINT mails are not good

  33. Very Displeased! Have had a spirit mastercard for 2 years now and over that course decided to financially stop using credit cards and get out of debt. I called a while a ago and waited on hold for an hour and got told that the miles don’t expire when you have a credit card. So needless to say I have not made purchases on the card and then all the miles expired without notice. Got on today to book a trip (had 45000 mile) and had zero. Now I am trying to call them but apparently they one have one person working. Cancelling the card now and will never recommend spirit to another person.

  34. Oh spirit airlines, you are the cheapest but also the biggest assholes. How are you going to expire peoples miles after 3 months? I used to have almost 5000, im now down to 1000. I use the spirit dining which should keep my points from expiring and even though my credit card is tied to spirit dining and i dine at the restaurants listed, I have stopped receiving my points. Whats the point of this program if you stop honoring points? What, was I earning too fast for you? I better receive those 8000 points for this.

  35. Leg room amongst the common folks is the one thing I hate about Spirit. Yeah, the exit seats are a better option, but your chances are slim.

  36. We always travel Spirt Airline’s.We have always enjoyed our flight.We used United Airlines and some very rude flight attendant’s ,we never went back to them again. That is when we tried Spirt and enjoyed our flivht. We were treated with respect each time flew after. We are also card holder’s. Love Spirt ,Hate United. John Farmer.

  37. In my opinion, Spirit is not as bad as most people make it out to be. You just have to know that you will need to pay for a bag if you have anything more than a purse or small backpack. In the past, I have had several flights cancelled on spirit, but I think they have been improving on this in the last few years. I have been flying Spirit from Atlanta to Tampa once a month for the last two years and have only had one or two flights delayed. I think the flight cancellation issue occurs more on international flights also. It does annoy me that spirit doesn’t even give you water or some pretzels, but the legroom problem doesn’t affect me because I’m only 5’5.

  38. I love traveling with sprit airline because its cheap and the staffs are nice. The other airlines are to expensive thats why i hate them

  39. Hi,

    Is the hatethousandmiles over? Because, I keep trying to go to that website and its down.

    Am I too late for the 8,000 for the hate at Spirit.com?