Your US Airways Card Will Become an American Airlines Card

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Million Mile Secrets reader GetToThePoints commented:

Lora has asked the most pertinent unanswered question by any of the bloggers. If we currently have the Barclaycard US Airways card should we cancel it so we can later apply for the new Barclaycard American Airlines card?

GetToThePoints wants to know if he should cancel his current Barclaycard US Airways card so that he can apply for the Barclaycard American Airlines card.

It doesn’t matter if GetToThePoints cancels his current Barclaycard US Airways card, because he can’t apply for the new Barclaycard American Airlines card (and never will be able to).

Barclaycard won’t be issuing NEW American Airlines cards for folks to sign-up for.  But the existing Barclaycard US Airways card will become a Barclaycard American Airlines card.

So if you don’t have a US Airways card, consider getting 1 now because it won’t be available much longer.  And you won’t be able to apply for the Barclaycard American Airlines cards!

Barclaycard US Airways Card

Link:   Barclaycard US Airways Card

Link:   My Review of the Barclaycard US Airways Card

You get 40,000 miles after your 1st purchase and paying the $89 annual fee.

With this card, you also get:

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • A free checked bag for you and up to 4 traveling companions on domestic flights
  • 5,000 mile discount on US Airways award tickets
  • Companion certificate each year for up to 2 traveling companions (this ends in December)
  • $89 annual fee, NOT waived for the 1st year

The Barclaycard US Airways Card Will Become an American Airlines Card

When American Airlines & US Airways finish merging, Citi will be the primary issuer of American Airlines credit cards.

But until then, the Barclaycard US Airways card with a 40,000 mile sign-up bonus is still available!  Although, I don’t know how long it will last!

At the end of 2014, the old Barclaycard US Airways card will lose these perks:

  • Yearly Companion certificate for up to 2 traveling companions
  • 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles after spending $25,000 a year
  • US Airways Club lounge pass and membership discount

But I don’t mind losing the companion certificate, elite miles, and lounge pass because the new perks are much better.  And I like the sign-up bonus!

And after the merger, this card won’t be available and GetToThePoints’ US Airways miles will become American Airlines miles.

Here are other ways GetToThePoints can get American Airlines miles.

Your US Airways Card Will Become An American Airlines Card

GetToThePoints’ US Airways Miles Will Become American Airlines Miles Which He Can Use on Cathay Pacific

Consider It Another American Airlines Card

With the new Barclaycard American Airlines AAdvantage MasterCard, GetToThePoints will get perks similar to the Citi American Airlines cards:

  • 10% mileage rebate on redeemed miles (maximum 10,000 miles a year)
  • 25% off onboard purchases (food and drink)
  • $100 flight discount each year after spending $30,000
  • Priority check-in

To me, getting 10% of my redeemed miles back is a good perk.

And if GetToThePoints already has all the Citi American Airlines cards, it would be like getting another American Airlines card, but from a different bank.

Bottom Line

GetToThePoints shouldn’t cancel his Barclaycard US Airways card in the hope of later applying for a Barclaycard American Airlines card.  That’s because the Barclaycard American Airlines cards are closed to new applicants and will unlikely be open to new applicants.

If GetToThePoints didn’t have the card already (and doesn’t have a lot of Barclaycards), getting a Barclaycard US Airways card is a good way to earn future American Airlines miles.

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44 responses to “Your US Airways Card Will Become an American Airlines Card

  1. If you apply for this card now and get the companion certificate that is good for one year, is it really still good for one year, or will it expired on December 31st?

  2. still no word on the 10k annual bonus miles just for holding the card?

  3. Can you get the US airways bonus twice? I had this Barclays Us airways card in the past. I converted it to another Barclays card once the fee came up. This was a little while ago. If I sign up for this card again. Am I eligible for the sign up Bonus?

  4. Beth asks a very important question — one I’ve yet to get a clear answer. Put differently and more bluntly, does the companion pass become worthless, void, dead as of December, 7 months from now? Straight answer this time would be appreciated. (and no, please don’t change the subject and try the lame claim that the new card’s benefit for those who spend more than $30,000.00 per year is better than losing this companion pass)

  5. I got the US Airways card in January 13 and cancelled in January 14. How likely am I to get approved for a second card? I also have the Barclays Arrival card that is active.

  6. Marvin O'Grovel

    If I have a card like this that changes issuers, does the new issuer do a credit pull?

    For example, if I had a Hawaiian Airlines Bank of America card that changed to Barclays and re-issued, did Barclays do a hard pull on my credit before issuing the new card?

    If speculation is correct and these cards will some day switch to Citi, I would want to know the answer to this question because I would certainly want to cancel the card ahead of a credit pull by Citi. Especially when I’m planning on cancelling it anyway.

    Anybody know the answer to this?

  7. From what I understand, companion certificates issued now must be booked within 9 months and travel completed within 12 months. Within 9 months and 12 months of the issue date of the certificate I’m assuming.
    That is what it said on the postcard I received from Barclay’s a few weeks ago.

  8. I think the companion pass is tied to the credit card, so it would become useless. The lounge passes though should be good, since they’re tied to your Dividend Miles account #.

    I applied for this card way back last year, and canceled it recently. Now I’m trying to find out if I can apply for it again and still get the bonus. Does it really vary on a case by case basis?

  9. I already gave a Citi And vantage card and don’t want a Barclays version. Any idea as to whether I can ask Barclay to convert me to some other card they offer and if so any suggestions?

  10. It won’t become a full fledged AA card folks…this is just a shill to get you to sign up for a card now. the real AA cards will feature the 10k pqm when spending $40k per year and the other perks offered by the citi card.

  11. Anyone know if there’s a second hard pull when the card changes over?

    And along similar lines, anyone know if there was a hard pull when BoA Hawaiian cards were reissued by Barclays?

    If they are going to do a hard pull in those cases, I would want to cancel before they start converting them.

  12. @Beth, Will, Laura and Taylor, I don’t know what would happen to my companion pass after the end of the year, but I just wanted to add more information to the companion pass. I just got my companion pass for this year’s renewal at the beginning of May. My companion pass certificate says this:
    ” Tickets must be purchased by : 01/31/15
    Travel must be complete by : 04/30/15″
    I would presume the certificate can be used until the dates above unless Barclay would yank the certificate premature of the expiration dates. I don’t know how bank works. My certificate is attached to my credit card # so when US Airways card changes to AA Barclay card, I suspect the account number will not change. It may be like the situation when my BofH Hawaiian airlines card changed to Barclay Hawaii Airlines, the account number did not change. I’m nor not if this helps any, but I though I’d put it out there, since I do have a physical companion certificate expiration date beyond December 31, 2014.

  13. @ Bob, No hard credit pulls when my HA Airlines card (Bank of Hawaii though) changed over to Barlcay.

  14. A question for you all. Are there any advantages to keep both the Citi Advantage and the Barclay AA card after the change over? I current have both the Citi AAdvantage and Barclay U.S. Airways. I really don’t want to pay two annuals fees for the same benefits next year.

  15. Sandy..that pretty much goes along with what the postcard says. Book within 9 months and travel within 12.

  16. Horrible article, no clear information. Your blog is slipping.

    I felt the companion fare with this card was one of the best perks, especially since its good for two extra people. I guess you appreciate this more when you have kids.

  17. Will dividend miles get forfeited if the card is cancelled after few months of using it?

  18. When will I be able to make one-way reward reservations on USAIR airlines i.e. when will the ff programs officially merge?

  19. I already collected the 40,000 miles. I’ve had the card and used it since last September. I am Platinum and have other Citi AA cards too so the Barclay’s card just duplicates benefits. My $89 is due in September and I see no reason to renew it. Am I correct? Do I lose anything? I assume my 40,000+ miles will just convert to AA miles sometime in 2015?

    • @Michael @Juli @Taylor – If you get approved, you should get the bonus.

      @Marvin O’Grovel – Barclays didn’t pull my credit when I got the Hawaiian Air card. The Barclays US air card will become a Barclays (not Citi) American Airliens card and shouldn’t have a credit pull.

      @KarinAZ – You could ask to convert to the Arrival Plus card.

      @Bob Roberts – There shouldn’t be a 2nd hard pull.

      @ Sandy – I’d keep only 1 version.

      @ Daniel – The miles in your account are yours to keep.

      @Billy D – Yes.

      @Mike – They should become American Airlines miles in 2015.

  20. I haven’t seen any mention of what will happen to the US Air “Business” credit card which I have; do you know what will come of it? Thanks!

  21. HoustonRobert

    Sheesh, folks, stop asking D so many inane questions. Sometimes, you have to do the homework yourselves (I’m looking at you, Will).

  22. Hello! What’s the best/cheapest way to use my 40K Dividend Miles to fly from Europe (London or France) to Los Angeles, one way? Thank you!

    • @Damon – They haven’t announced much, but I’d expect it go the way of the personal card.

      @J – US Air doesn’t currently allow 1-way awards, but you should be able to book 1-way awards once the miles become AA miles.

  23. Would the 10k anniversary bonus remain?

  24. Also assuming we would lose the free checked bags on US Airways since it will be an American card. I just signed up for this card last month because of the Companion Passes and free checked bags. It stinks that we will probably be losing both of them. They need to give notice that the card will be changing when you sign up.

  25. Daraius – I understand you keep wanting people to apply for this card before it goes away but after reading the comments on your previous post and this post I hope you understand that a majority of us: A) Already have a Citi AA card with an annual fee that gives us the same “new” perks that you are excited about, B) Only had the US Airways Barclays CC for the free companion pass, lounge pass, and other perks that are going away, C) Already have the US Airways Card and got the 40k bonus, and D) Are not big spenders.

    I know you still think the new card has better perks but a majority of your readers would disagree. I think the next time you post reminding us to apply for this card (because I know you will post a few more times), you should put a big disclaimer on the top that “if you already have a credit card that gives you 10% mileage rebate on redeemed mile, dump this card after getting your sign-up bonus”.

    I am using my companion pass in October and then this card is history.

  26. Captain Hooks

    Anybody notice that the terms and conditions for the US Air card says that if you dont use the card every 6 months they can cancel your account and take your points?

  27. Captain Hooks

    Would hate to be the first! LOL! Will put a lightweight bill on autopay until I cancel the card.

  28. I tried applying for this card today. I have had the card in the past. My score is over 800. Barclays will not approve me because I have had the card before. That is their reason. Has anyone else had this happen. I think that is crazy. Oh well, just not meant to be.

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  31. I have a US Airways Visa Sig card from Bank of America. Will this card’s benefits change too?

  32. Anyone who thinks that losing the companion ticket is no big deal obviously flies solo. I fly alone for work but I planned on hopping a flight for vacation next year. With 2 companion tickets, I would have only had to purchase 2 roundtrip flights. Now, I am looking at 4 full-priced tickets. How is this not a huge loss?!
    The fact that us airways flight attendants are still pushing this garbage on nearly every flight is just stupid.

  33. @@ Captain Hooks | June 5, 2014 at 8:15 pm |

    Anybody notice that the terms and conditions for the US Air card says that if you dont use the card every 6 months they can cancel your account and take your points?
    Million Mile Secrets | June 6, 2014 at 2:06 am |

    @Captain Hooks – They’ve said that for a while, but haven’t heard of it happening to anyone. In general, the points in your account are yours to keep.


    Someone reported via the Points Guy,

    that they cancelled their card after 2 months and Barclay took back the miles from US Air. So they may be enforcing the 6 month rule. And for those that think your miles or points are safe once they get transferred from a card issuer, the terms for the US Air car specifically state Barclay is empowered to instruct US Air to remove/return miles for chargebacks, non payment, etc.

  34. As a sidenote, I have one card, got 4 mo ago. Just applied for a 2nd, not closing the first. Denied, called recon, spoke to rep and manager. They said no, only one card product per person, so they may be cracking down. Heard previously that people were churning these successfully. YMMV though.

  35. My anniversary renewal is coming up next week and I’m not sure if I want to renew and pay the annual fee. So I asked if I still get the 10K anniversary bonus since it wasn’t listed as a benefit and this was their response:

    “At this time, since the merger wont be completed until 2015, we are still uncertain whether the 10,000 anniversary miles will be kept on your account starting next year. However, since there are no modifications on your rewards for this year, you will still get your anniversary miles for 2014. Once updates become available for changes to be made on your benefits, we will notify you directly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause”

  36. For years we have enjoyed the great benefits with the Barclay’s USAirways Mastercard. Honestly, why would I want to pay $89 a year for the weak benefits the card will begin to offer in 2015? I am not going to renew the Barclay’s USAirways Mastercards in 2015 and instead try to fly Delta more (American Express offer a Delta Card with a FREE companion ticket – yes the yearly fee is $199 but it turns out to be same as the Barclay’s card ($99 companion ticket + $89 yearly fee). Or I’ll just shop around for cheap flights and use my Marriott Visa and get reward points for free hotel stays.

  37. I’m with you Kerry, the companion discount, and the 5000 points were worth it. The new benefits are junk. I’m going to cancel as well, and use my Marriott going forward. Each month American has made this a less-beneficial relationship with regards to elites and benefits from cards. It’s very disappointing. I’m guessing they are betting it all on paying 1st class passengers, and the rest of us, elites and non-elites, are just cargo. I suppose they don’t think we will talk with others, and be just as disloyal to them as they are to us in the standard paying customer role. Eventually, it is better to just go back to buying what you need from each airline, only when you need it, and forget trying to build a professional relationship with a vendor.

  38. I don’t understand HOW my US Airways Card will magically become AA Citi Card. These are two separate banks. I agreed to terms under the US Airways Card but never did agree to terms of the Citi Card. Sounds like a lawsuit in the making to me. I will cancel the US Airways Card when the companion certificate ceases. I would only consider applying for the AA Citi Card if they offered the 40k sign on bonus. If denied because I was a form US Airways card holder, I would switch to the AE JetBlue card due to JetBlue offering the most nonstop flights from Boston.

  39. Is 15,000 USAir Miles worth the $89.00 renewal fee for the Barclaycard?

    My wife’s USAir Barclay card is up for renewal. She has a targeted offer of earning 15,000 bonus miles for spending $500/month from Jan-March, but will have to renew her card. The renewal fee is $89.00. Does it make sense to renew. I have done the math and think so, since they will convert to AA miles. Please let me know. I have been subscribing to your web newsletters for a few years now and recommend all my friends and family. Thanks MMS!

  40. I have a little over 60,000 (now AA) miles. I was planning on booking 3 RT tickets (2 for 1 trip and 1 for a separate trip) when they were US Airways miles because they had the 5,000 mile less rule for cardholders. Now AA doesn’t have that offer. I understand they give 10% but but that will only give me 5,000 miles back for the 50,000 trip. Therefore, I’ll have 15,000 for the next trip. I really don’t think the card is worth it for me if I can’t get that 3rd trip now. If I call to cancel would they give me 10,000 miles or close to it?