New Method: Evolve Money Now Accepts Credit Cards to DIRECTLY Pay Utilities, Loans & Mortgages!

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Update:  Some readers report being charged cash advance fees after a few days.  So be careful and do a small test transaction first!  Or set your cash advance limit to $0 or $1.

Readers also report that Evolve Money no longer accepts a credit card directly.

With Evolve Money, there’s a little-known way to pay your mortgage, student loans, utilities, and other bills with a credit card.  And you do NOT need to 1st purchase gift cards!

You can pay directly with your credit card!  So no need to futz around with trips to the stores to buy gift cards!

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets’ reader Penn who commented that you can now use a credit card to pay bills with Evolve Money!

New Method Evolve Money Now Accepts Credit Cards To DIRECTLY Pay Utilities Loans Mortgages

The Game Has Changed Again! You Can Now Pay Bills Directly With a Credit Card With Evolve Money!

I’ve written how you can buy PIN-enabled gift cards with a miles-and-points earning credit card, then use Evolve Money to pay bills that can’t normally be paid by credit card.  This way, you can earn miles and points for paying your mortgage, car loans, student loans, utilities, and store credit cards.

But now, you can use a credit card directly to pay bills!  So you no longer need to take the extra step of going to the store and buying gift cards (which always have fees of ~$4 to ~$7).  This is GREAT news!

Does It Really Work?

Link:   Evolve Money

Link:   My Review of Evolve Money

Million Mile Secrets’ reader Penn reported being able to use a Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard to pay a mortgage through Evolve Money.  And the payment went through!  I checked with Penn to see if Citi charged cash advance fees, and they DID NOT!  The transaction was coded as a purchase!

CIti is notorious for coding transactions with financial institutions as cash advances (which means much higher rates of interest with no grace period).

I did a “test run” to pay my mortgage directly from my Citi Executive card for $1.  For the method of payment, I clicked on “debit” and entered all required info and then hit submit!  It went through and I checked my Citi card transactions and it was listed as a purchase.  It was not a cash advance.

Evolve Money limits you to $1,000 in payments per day, so keep that in mind.  But it’s still better than having to buy two $500 gift cards which you would have to previously do to make a $1,000 payment!

See my introductory post on Evolve Money for details about paying large bills like a mortgage.

Remember, Citi could change their policy on this at any time, so it’s best to start with a small test purchase.  Or you could call your credit card company and ask them to set the cash advance limit to zero on your credit card (that way the transaction would be declined if it got coded as a cash advance).

I’d suggest doing a small test transaction with whichever card you use to make sure that you’re NOT charged cash advance fees.

Update:  Some readers report being charged cash advance fees after a few days.  So be careful and do a small test transaction first!  Or set your cash advance limit to $0 or $1.

I Had to See for Myself!

I had to try this method out to see if it worked.

I logged into my Evolve Money account to pay my student loan, which I normally pay using a debit or gift card.  Except this time, I used my Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®!  I left the method of payment as debit (the only other option is cash, anyway).

New Method Evolve Money Now Accepts Credit Cards To DIRECTLY Pay Utilities Loans Mortgages

I Tried Paying My Student Loan With My Barclays Arrival Plus Card

After hitting “Submit Payment” I got the confirmation screen.  The payment went through on the Barclays Arrival Plus card!

New Method Evolve Money Now Accepts Credit Cards To DIRECTLY Pay Utilities Loans Mortgages

One of Those Times You Want to High-Five the Computer Screen – IT WORKED!

To confirm it went through, I checked my Barclays account.  The transaction was listed as pending from “Vesta Evolve Money.

Now that Evolve Money is accepting credit cards as payment, it removes the extra step of going to the store to buy gift cards.  So this will save folks time, money (in gas and gift card fees), and aggravation!

Again, it might be worth making a small test transaction 1st to be sure the bank doesn’t process it as a cash advance.  But it sounds like Citi and Barclays are coding this as a regular purchase.

This is great news!

Note:   I couldn’t find any official information on the Evolve Money website about accepting credit cards.  It’s possible this could be a glitch of some sort and might not last.  But I’m hoping it’s here to stay!

Evolve Money has indicated that they would eventually accept credit cards to pay bills, so perhaps this is it!  However, you can’t pay a major bank credit card bill through Evolve Money.

Bottom Line

You can now pay bills directly through Evolve Money using a miles-and-points earning credit card.  Just enter your credit card information in the “debit card” box.  

So you can pay mortgages, student loans, car loans, utilities, and other bills with your credit card!  This is a great way to earn miles and points for bills you already pay and to help meet minimum spending requirements on cards!

There’s no more need to go to the store and buy PIN-enabled gift cards with your credit card to use with Evolve Money.  So we’ll all save time and money with this new method!

This change has made Evolve Money an even better way of earning lots miles and points to get more Big Travel with Small Money!  I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but Evolve Money has indicated that they would eventually let folks pay bills with a credit card!

Thanks again, Penn! 🙂  Our readers are the best!

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93 responses to “New Method: Evolve Money Now Accepts Credit Cards to DIRECTLY Pay Utilities, Loans & Mortgages!

  1. That is awesome! I already have BB account but I am definitely going to sign up for Evolve!

  2. This is great news! I hope it lasts.

    Off to open an Evolve account…..

  3. Whoa! This is awesome news! Do you think this would work with paying a store credit card bill? Say I use my arrival to pay my macy’s bill, would that be allowed too?

    Also, any know if a Chase credit card works for payment? Anyone test it out?

    Do you think Evolve will ever allow payment via their site to a major bank credit card?

    It’s too bad they don’t allow us to enter our own payees like BB.


  4. It says on their website (under “flexible”) they accept VISA and MasterCard.

  5. This is going to post as a Cash Advance on many cards….

  6. You sure it is not Cash Advance? This has been tried before, payment gets accepted, specifically by Barclays and a few days later it is a Cash Advance charge. If it works, great news.



  7. Adam (@SterlingTravelr)

    Doesn’t look like Chase cards work… at least it didnt for my Freedom card.

  8. Wait, is it Citi that might wing this over as a cash advance, or Chase? I have both options (and a small stack of debit cards that I will use by the end of the month). Just want to be sure if anyone knows for sure. I have both CVS and Walmart within 6 miles from here (but of course, it opposite directions). This would save steps in so many ways.

  9. I just tried with my CSP and I was given an error saying my card is not a debit card.

  10. I just tried with my Chase Sapphire Preferred and it didn’t work. It said it was not a Debit card after putting in the number. I tried it with my Arrival card and it did work. I didn’t try any other Chase or US Bank cards so this may just be with Barclay cards since AmEx is definitely out.

  11. I just tried using my CSP, ink bold and freedom. All of which are Visa. My IHG MC went through with a confirmation. Has anyone had success with any Visa?

  12. Just tried using Evolve with a CC and it would not take my BOA Travel Rewards nor would it take my Ink Plus card as a payment. It said “not a debit card”. Thoughts?

  13. the above cards were all Visa. Hmmmm

  14. @brian. I had the same issue. I used my IHG MC and it went thru. Currently says pending charge not cash advance

  15. Same issue with US Bank FlexPerks. “Not a debit card” error. Might have been a bit of a jump on posting this blog entry, Daraius :).

  16. Tried on Chase and USBank CC and did not work… Maybe is a Barclay’s snafu only?

  17. I ust tried a test run of $5 to my utility and used my chase Ink Plus (MS) and it went through. It shows on my chase account as pending and I hope it’s not a cash advance !!

  18. Tried CSP and Citi HHonors, neither worked for me. Tried Barclay’s Frontier Airlines, it took now I will wait and see how the charge shows up. If this works I may have to get a different Barclay’s car as I was not intending on keeping the Frontier card.

  19. Captain Hooks

    Barclay choice hotel card didn’t work nor did the sapphire prefered.

  20. Like others, Freedom didn’t work and neither did my Amex Everyday (just for fun) but the Arrival seemed to work fine! 2x points is fine by me 🙂

  21. I just signed up to try it out. Citi Dividend Visa was rejected (“not a debit card”), but Barclaycard Arrival MasterCard worked.

    I wonder if it is just MasterCards for now, and whether this is a glitch that will get coded as a cash advance.

  22. citi aa executive world mastercard went through. shows as :

    05/15/2014 VESTA EVOLVE MONEY 866-9726137 OR 1.00
    Person: Not Available

  23. USBank Visa also didn’t work (“not a debit card”).

  24. Barclay Hawaiian worked, for now. Listed as Purchases.

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  26. @MMS – isnt it true that if you dont pay the full monthly amount on a mortgage payment in *ONE* transaction that the bank thinks its only an additional payment towards principal? e.g. if your mortgage is over 1k, it isnt process as the mortgage payment?

  27. Does Evolve charge a fee for using a credit card to make payments?

  28. Thanks D! This one should be dead within minutes.!

  29. Tri n – depends on your mortgage company. Mine (JP Morgan Chase) accepts the payments and applies each as additional principal. Once the total amount was on board at JPM-C, I secure messaged them and told them to re-apply as my monthly payment. No problem. (Well… they DID ask me not to do that again…)

  30. This is awesome! The only thing that sux is that they don’t have that many payees…

  31. Just paid my mortgage with evolve using my Barclay Arrival Card! Thanks, hope this deal doesn’t die!

  32. And here we have Evolve who allows us to use debit cards to pay bills not available for normal CC pmts but we are gonna get over on them to squeeze a few CC charges out of them? How can anyone see this as sustainable with them eating the 2+% charge for each $1k you charge? They lose $20-30 on each 1k transaction you run. So if 100 of us hit them for a CC charge then they lose 2-3k? Seems like we as Mileage Collectors are constantly shooter ourselves in the foot by intentionally running a deal over. This shouldnt have been treated like a mistake fair.

  33. This has been known for several months. Of course, since MMS decided to out it, it will be dead soon. MMS published it since it’s another reason to push a credit card.

  34. “Just paid my mortgage with evolve using my Barclay Arrival Card! Thanks, hope this deal doesn’t die!”

    I fear that the irony of firing a bullet into a deal. while saying that you hope it doesn’t die is lost on you.

    I hope people exploiting this glitch/loophole don’t kill the nice little deal that Evolve has been up until now.

  35. citi forward, chase southwest RR, citi premier – all no go. Maybe deal is dead? Or just limited to mastercard? Congrats to all who got this to work, and good luck to all….

  36. Mate – You really stuffed this up. The same bloody day you posted this, Cap 1 is shut down. Well done.


  37. If you’re going to do this, set your cash advance limits to $0.

  38. looks like only work with Mastercard, not Visa folks.

  39. This is obviously a glitch. Evolve never intended to be used for free payments with a credit card. I won’t pass judgement on whether or not you should have posted this, but I think it is very likely Evolve will put a stop to this very soon now that it has been shared by a major blogger.

  40. Set your cash advance limits to zero doesn’t seem to work all that well. US Bank (Club Carlson) and Barclay (Hawaiian) said they could not do that. It would change the terms and condition, they say.

  41. @Mileage Update – Couldn’t agree more.

  42. Just did it with Citi AAdvantage for $10 and when I log into Citis website it went thru as $10 and my Cash Advance is still at $0!

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  44. As of now, Citi Advantage and US Air credit cards still work when making payments with Evolve. Called Citi and zeroed out advance without issue; US Air could not do it.

  45. “There’s no more need to go to the store and buy PIN-enabled gift cards with your credit card…”

    Wrong. If you’d like a 2X, 3X, or 5X multiplier for your points, you will still need to go to the store and buy gift cards.

  46. Darius, Murderer of Deals, strikes again. This red arrow here points to what was once a great thing

  47. First tried SW (amex) and got the ‘this is not a debit card’ error.
    2nd tried Sapphire Preferred (chase visa) – didn’t work
    3rd tried US Airways (Barclay mc) – worked! Now to just keep an eye on it.

  48. tried using my marriot rewards visa signature and it gave me an error stating that the card is not a debit card.

  49. Tried with Citi AAdvantage and it worked, listed under temporary transaction and not cash advance
    Tried with CSP and it didn’t worked, “not a debit card” error.

    I think this is only limited to MC however will try with Chase visa to confirm.

  50. This is not new; it’s been the case since Evolve began. Been kept hush, originally to keep it from being shut down, but more recently because Chase started treating them as cash advances for those transactions that don’t get blocked.

    I’ve known this for months, but I stopped doing it the second my Chase MC hit me with a cash advance fee. It was a good couple of weeks. Anyone deciding to begin just now is playing with fire, IMO. I won’t join the deal-killer chorus here, but I’ll say this should not be portrayed in this fashion as a joyous new happening. It’s neither.

  51. will allow you to pay mortgages to many lenders on credit card but they do charge a fee. Might be worth it for the required spend cards but maybe not so much for just plain mfg. spend.

  52. Couple important things:

    Barclay’s will not set a cash advance limit to zero on their arrival card. We have 3 in our household. I called on all and they said they cannot make it a non-cash advance card. So on that one, proceed with caution.

    More importantly, if you intend to go after the big kahuna with this = mortgages, do your homework. My mortgage is $2900. My bank is Flagstar. They will not take any form of payment to be considered as applied to my monthly mortgage unless it’s in FULL in ONE transaction. They will not take multiple debit cards. They won’t even take multiple checks. ALL PARTIAL PAYMENTS, even if they are in the same envelope or within seconds of each other on the web, are considered contributions to principal. I have 2 friends who have their mortgages with other known banks (can’t remember), and it’s the same rule.

    However, John Hancock and Met Life WILL accept partial payments for long-term care and life insurance policies. For our large family, that’s $8K of extra spend that used to have to be paid by check. Both of those companies are supported by Evolve.

  53. It’s a good way to get your Arrival shutdown as well, as many have posted on Flyer talk.

  54. Ive always been a fair proponent of bloggers, as I dont think its them posting that gets deals shut down, but the people who take advantage of them in excess of what is normal (mostly a lot of FTers), but it boggles my mind that you, of all people, have not learned by now that there is NOTHING to gain by posting something like this which is so obviously not working as intended. It is amazing that “deals” like the HIGC and the recent staples gc with portals have not taught you what happens when the masses get ahold of something that is not working as it is supposed to be. You should know this just by the fact that you are inputting your information under DEBIT card. Now, Evolve may want to implement credit card payments in the future, but I suspect it will be with increased fees, either on our end, or on their receivers end. I find it unlikely that that has been implemented yet without a tab to “pay with a credit card”. Evolve has shown a decent presence in the online communities, so I expect they are reading this and attempting to shut this down, or modify it as it current exists as free payments. So what exactly does the blogger gain by posting something like this that will likely be shut down momentarily? More credit card referrals? Shame on you….

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    Discover It
    Chase Freedom (VIsa)
    Citi Forward (Visa)
    Amex AAdvantage Silver
    AAdvantage Visa Bronze

  57. buncha fools

    when a site like Evolve lets a CC go through like this, it is a glitch, a mistake, a hidden loophole that is NOT supposed to be doable, known or heavily exploited. Here we have a situation–like many I have seen before it–where a company is aware of MSers and even proposes to work with MSer mentalities (letting people use GCs, etc) and charges no fee right now. But now, this CC thing comes up and hey, yeah it has worked before… I can tell you that when Evolve first started I ran a ton of GCs thru to pay my Citi equity line and then they took the line away and so now, the only thing I would bother needing Evolve for is my National Grid electric Bill… and that yes, I even ran like $50 in CC just to see if it work one time. But I didnt say a thing about it publicly! Now, though, a gazillion people are going to do this and guess what is going to happen:

    1) Evolve gets hit with HUGE fees.
    2) many of you will get hit with CA fees
    3) Evolve may stop all kinds of things and call it abuse
    4) everybody loses.

    Why make such things so public? For what personal gain?


  58. Thank you Darius for continuing to post information that will help ALL people travel big for small money. @marathon man, he’s not doing it for personal gain (duh). He’s not being selfish and continuing to provide a great service to his blog followers. If you think he’s one of a “buncha fools” or “dumb,” might I suggest you stop reading his blog? After all, this is a free country and you’re not being forced to do so, correct? And I’m thinking it’s 99.99999% probably you located this “glitch” completely on your own, without ever looking at the internet? Please.

    BTW – Barclays went through no problem at all. Many thanks again!

  59. Actually Xtina, I do not really read the blog. I am on it now because someone alerted me to this thing. And also now to reply to you.

    The thing is, Evolve was in a way, embracing us and letting us MS and now, as MSers, they could perceive us as screwing them over. Remember the The Frog and the Scorpion fable: Scorpion asks for the frog to give him a ride on his back over to the other side of the river. The frog says, well you are a scorpion and you will sting me! The scorpion says, Nahhh I wont! Just give me the ride please. Half way over, the scorpion does sting the frog. The frog, before dying, says, hey why did you do that! Now we will both drown! And the scorpion says, Hey, I am a scorpion, that’s what I do!

    Yeah, many like me had used or tested the ability to use CC in Evolve. Surely they saw it –or did not see it but it was small in comparison to what also gets done and is allowed. But now… now it’s out there, huge, huge spike of use! Why, today alone I bet every MSer with a Barclays card who does use the service has tried it! (I actually do not have either but likely would have myself!) and so it’s not that you or I does a thing, it is when it gets too big too fast and too public… that is what I mean!

    Rite Aid for a long time took debit AND unbeknownst to many, they mistakenly took credit for MO purchases. Now the stores no longer accept debit. Think about it and try and guess why.

  60. I got a response when trying to enter my Capital One that this is not a debit card

  61. i just tried a few visa cards they didnt work, so tried my cit madster went right thru wi`

  62. @ Xtina, you’re flat wrong. MMS has a lot to gain by doing this. It’s one more way for him to push credit cards and get page views. You realize he gets a referral on those right?

    Marathon man’s scorpion and frog fable holds true. The irony is that by publishing these loopholes, MMS ultimately hurts himself in the long run for a short term gain.

  63. I think the funny thing will be next week when everyone who jumped on this and got hit with CA fees is whining that they got screwed by Evolve, or their card company, or even MMS.

    The irony of getting screwed while trying to screw someone else might be too much for them to take…

  64. i treid this 2 months ago with citi aa executive .. it was cash advance posted after a few days.

  65. looks like the partys over …fun while it lasted! Oh well, at least theres BB.

  66. @Marathon Man: Amen!

    @Xtina: Typical sycophant you are. I also ended up here as a result of the same reasons as Marathon Man.

    @Darius: You know this ‘glitch’ has been around for a while, right? (pretty much since Evolve started). I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal… you’re far better off using a 5% CB CC to buy no fee GC’s and then unload them on Evolve… anyone using Evolve directly with CC for less than 3% reward is an idiot. But… I digress. What’s worse, Evolve was the friendliest to ‘Manufacturers’ out there. They actually encouraged us to buy GC’s to use as ‘debit cards’ on their site. Now you encourage your… ‘really experienced user base’ to hammer this for full worth just because your same said ‘experienced user base’ hasn’t figured out how to earn more than 1$ (or 1 mile per dollar)…

    What do you think is going to happen when they figure out that they are hemoraging money due to cc fees?

    Here’s a scenario you haven’t thought of… (or rather don’t care about)… when they fix this glitch, perhaps they conclude that allowing customers to simply payment sources at will is no longer desireable as well…. To the most ardent of MMS subscribers; this means that Evolve might not allow you to register more than one debit card per account… to the even more ardent: this means that you may not be able to register a new GC with them… Does anyone remember the original Serve card? It was merely less than 2 years ago… Oh… yeah… this is MMS’s board afterall., I should set the expectations bar a little lower to compensate…

    It’s a shame really… all these idiots with their ‘Arrival Cards’ hammering this company for CC charges meanwhile had they inserted at minimum one simple step they could be earning 5%, and Evolve would be paying debit charge fees instead of CC merchant fees.

    Well MMS…Consider running in the D-CA 12th when Pelosi retires… you’ve certainly cultivated a feverent 9and rather uncreative and unthinking…this helps in politics!) user base judging by these comments.

  67. @ Ozaer N.: so you meant that we cannot pay bills by using CC anymore via Evolve? Have you tried it?

  68. For suckers bashing MMS here, why not ignore this site and get a life yourself? Do us a favor pleas.

  69. Can I use this to load my BB card?

  70. @Darius , have you tried using Nationwide visa buxx to fund evolve card . It can be used as a debit card cause it has a pin

  71. I used my Citi executive elite and paid one dollar on my car lease and then went to my Citi account and it was not tagged as a cash advance. I then waited a day and paid the remainder of the payment and checked my account and it was not tagged as a cash advance. Both payments were listed under temporary authorizations. I just checked my Citi account and both are completely removed from the temporary transactions and do not appear in the transactions. I received confirmation emails from Evolve that they had been processed. I will call the BMW finance company to see if they have any record. Will let you know what I find out.

  72. And to all those who criticize MMS – so how in the world would you have found the information anyway eh? Chrystal ball? Osmosis? Fortune teller? Oh I see, you would have rather have gotten the information and kept it to yourself… nice!!! The web is a wonderful tool… you can find all the information you seek, but you cannot keep it secret…. stop WHINING I say and get off this site if you don’t like it. We, the others, will not miss you. ciao

  73. Some of the responders here think that they deserve to know things other’s don’t. Reminds me of bosses who withhold info from their subordinates, because the boss is insecure or feels threatened or just wants to prevent anyone under him from succeeding.

    I tried several cards on May 15th. All failed. BUT I still appreciate the willingness of MMS to share info, rather than withhold.

    All people who seek information deserve the information. The people who are upset with MMS because he blogged about a smart technique are sickos.

  74. This comment is at the bottom so most readers of this blog will never see it, but it has to be said. Please stop visiting this blog and giving Daraius any blog traffic. This blog is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to points blogs. Daraius does not find any of the deals himself and just steals content from others. Further, he pushes deals that he does not test himself which can lead to unintended consequences like cash advance fees. Daraius does not care about you. He steals content from others in the hope of making a quick buck off of uninformed readers. It is not very hard to find most of the information Daraius posts as it is available on many other blogs or message board. The problem is that most people don’t want to spend any time or effort learning about this hobby of ours.

    This posting is just one example of many of how this blog is completely unethical. If you want to read more look here:

  75. Better By Design

    Once again Daraius steps in to over-promote a glitch as a “deal”. As someone above said:

    ““Just paid my mortgage with evolve using my Barclay Arrival Card! Thanks, hope this deal doesn’t die!”
    I fear that the irony of firing a bullet into a deal. while saying that you hope it doesn’t die is lost on you.
    I hope people exploiting this glitch/loophole don’t kill the nice little deal that Evolve has been up until now.”

    This is incredibly irresponsible to promote this glitch – the fine folks at Evolve were working hard to give people an easy way to pay bills (often with a gift card) and now people are piling on to a glitch that is going to cost them in a big way.

    If Daraius was a responsible person, he would have checked with Evolve directly FIRST to confirm that this was a feature – and if it turns out to be, great – but I’m betting they are spitting mad over there as their website is probably bleeding cash today because of this irresponsible post.

    Ups to Marathon Man for attempting to explain to the readership here why this is a very bad thing.

  76. I just tried to do this with my American Express card and I received a message that it was an invalid card number. So it doesn’t work for that card, but it did work with my Barclay card.

  77. While I am ambivalent as to whether this glitch should have been posted as “a deal” I tried putting $6.00 through Evolve on my Barclay card. Interestingly the $6.00 hit my water bill as coming from “ORCC E-checks” while the other $60.80 I put through evolve on a debit card hit as coming from “Mellon ACH” which is what every other payment I’ve ever put through evolve has come from. Wonder if that difference is meaningful.

  78. All this blog and many others do is posting things that can benefit everyone. Many of you (not all as I don’t want to generalize), that are so strongly opposed to it give me the impression that you rather keep it for yourself, showing the attitude ‘The less others know about it the more it will benefit myself’.

    We are made aware of glitches all the time and I’d like to make these points:

    1. If you morally opposed to it then simply don’t do it. No need to judge others.
    2. How about the airline glitches e.g. posting incorrect fares? We know it is a glitch, how many of you return the money after finding out or tell the airline ‘my apologies, please charge me for the difference’.
    3. You really think this Evolve thing is a glitch? I find that hard to believe. Not sure what their reasons are but I for one do not believe it is a glitch. To me it feels like they’re doing some testing/research. Is there really anyone that believes it takes a financial institution weeks if not months to close a hole in their system. My grand children still believe in Santa Claus, well I don’t!

  79. Well, looks like you killed it. Thanks again Darius.

  80. This blog needs to be shot down! Honestly, why in the world would you think that Daraius the “Deal Assasin” would care about the longevity and well-being of start-up companies like Evolve? And then what happens next? Probably the owner(s) of this company will lose millions of dollars trying to recoup their losses and getting into debt which is the whole opposite mission Daraius is SUPPOSEDLY trying to convey in this blog, which is don’t get int this game if you are not credit responsible.
    How do you think this is fair if you or your parents were the owners of Evolve?
    I agree with @Betterbydesign that Daraius should have checked with evolve whether or not this was going to be allowed before letting you get shut down or with possible CA fees.
    See, it all comes down to his own benefit!!!!
    Stay away people!!

  81. On May 16th, I tried 6 different credit cards. Evolve refused all of them. I think this article was a fraud. What’s worse is that Evolve now has a bunch of people’s account numbers.

  82. Including six of yours…


  83. Aaaaand its dead….. Previous working cards no longer working. As expected. Hopefully Evolve shut it down fast enough that they didnt hemorrhage so much money that they need to shut down completely, it would be a shame for a real ms opportunity to go by the wayside because of an exploited glitch.

  84. Wow, I can’t believe it. I am going to defend Darius.

    I don’t always like Darius’ methods, but talk about no “honor among thieves.” You people calling for Darius’ head for posting this, maybe you should get over yourselves. Look at your calender, it’s the 21st century. Travelblogs are everywhere now. This stuff gets published these days.

    When I see a “too good to be true” fare, or room rate, I book it. I don’t hide it. If the company tells me it was a mistake and cancels it (with plenty of notice!) o.k.., that’s life. So now y’all will have to buy a gift card to use Evolve, and it’s Darius’ fault. Big deal. Stop trying to turn this into the seedy dark side of travel.

    RJP above ^^^ said it best: “The irony of getting screwed while trying to screw someone else might be too much for them to take…”

  85. Are they any updates on this?

  86. I love how the thieves that milk this dry get upset when it’s made public, screaming of ”greed” when they’re really just upset they can no longer milk the flaw for all it’s worth.

  87. Did about 10 payments and got this eMail from Evolve today:
    Good afternoon,

    This email is to inform you that your account with this biller at Evolve Money has been suspended due to the volume processed, there is now a 4 payment limit on this account per month. We are unable to allow future payments to this account until July 1, 2014. Please be advised that future attempts to make a payment to this account prior to this date will result in an authorization hold of funds on your attempted payment method. We regret any inconvenience this causes, but hope that you will continue to pay other billers that are available to you through Evolve Money.

    Thank you,

    Evolve Support

  88. I’m really trying to understand those who get upset that this deal was made public because “now it will be closed down” etc.. So in otherwords, there is the “last one in mentality”?

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  90. Just used Evovle today for the first time. What I don’t like is that if you load it with a debit card and don’t pay a bill with the full amount on the card, the balance of the card doesn’t load onto Evovle, it stays on the card. Now I have to manage cards with small outstanding balances on them. This is in stark contrast to Bluebird, where I can load the entire card onto the account and maintain a balance there. This makes the process quite a bit more burdensome than loading cards onto Bluebird.

  91. It appears BP is right. It is no longer working for me on any of my cards 🙁

  92. This trick is dead atleast with barclay arrival, have to try others

  93. Fees & Limits
    Are there limits on the amount ($) and number (#) of payments I can make?
    Does it cost anything to use the service?

    Signing up for Evolve Money® is free. To make payments, there is a 3% Bill Pay Fee. However, this fee is waived for major debit cards and cash payments.