You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards at CVS

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Update:  You can no longer load a Vanilla Visa to your Bluebird.

Million Miles Secrets reader Joe commented:

Can you still use a credit card for the Vanilla Visas at CVS, or are you buying these somewhere else?

Joe is referring to Vanilla Visa gift cards, NOT Vanilla Reloads.  CVS recently changed their policy to no longer allow you to purchase Vanilla Reloads with a credit card.

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS

Can You Still Buy Vanilla Visas at CVS With a Credit Card?

You Still Have a Reason to Visit CVS!

Even though you can’t buy Vanilla Reloads with a credit card anymore, you CAN buy Vanilla Visa gift cards with a credit card at CVS!

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS

Variable Load Vanilla Visas Allow You to Load up to $500

The best Vanilla Visa gift cards are variable load, which means you can buy them in the denomination you want, from $20 to $500.  It makes the most sense to buy $500, because you pay a fixed fee of ~$5 (in addition to the amount you load) for each card.

What Are Vanilla Visa Cards Good For?

You can use Vanilla Visa gift cards to reload your Bluebird account at Walmart.  These are the easiest to use with Bluebird because you can set the PIN by typing in a random 4-digit number the 1st time you use it.

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS

Use Vanilla Visa Cards to Reload Bluebird at Walmart

Then, using American Express Bluebird or Serve, you can pay bills and expenses you can’t normally pay with a credit card.

Or, you can use Vanilla Visa card to pay bills with Evolve Money.  You can pay student loans, car loans, utilities, and even your mortgage!

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS

Evolve Money: More Convenient Than Loading Bluebird at Walmart

And because Evolve transactions are done online, this might be an easier option for those who don’t have a Walmart nearby.

Bottom Line

You can still buy Vanilla Visa gift cards at CVS with a credit card.  The variable load kind are best, because you can buy up to $500 and pay just 1 ~$5 fee.

Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used to load your Bluebird account at Walmart, or pay bills and expenses online using Evolve Money.

So if your local CVS cashiers have been missing you since the demise of Vanilla Reloads, you still have a reason to pop in and visit! 🙂

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85 responses to “You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards at CVS

  1. The real appeal of VRs were the low fees. You can buy plenty of Visa GCs for less than $5.

  2. William – which other Visa GCs are less than $5? The only other ones I know of are the various mall GCs, but not of the malls near me have those.

  3. I’m puzzled. One Vanilla is already a debit card and it says so.
    Usually, gift cards require setting a PIN to convert them into debit cards. If the Visa gift cards will accept any PIN, you should be able to buy money orders for deposit by swiping in a Walmart money center. Right?
    I have been using only One Vanilla from CVS.

  4. You can still buy OneVanilla cards too. They work just like Visa Gift cards and they have a pin so you can load them onto your BB account at Walmart. I buy them at CVS.

  5. Don’t the office supply stores still have gift cards/debit cards available for purchase with a credit card?

  6. I buy Variable load Visa GCs at Walmart and load them to the Bluebird while I’m there. I see no need to run around to a bunch of different stores. (Unless of course you are getting category bonus at office stores) I also buy visa gift cards online. Takes about 5 days to get them though.

  7. FYI on Vanilla Reloads at CVS. Each time I bought one on Chase Sapphire Preferred (3x) my account got locked by security and I had to call and verify. This was all in a month. My account got locked the 4th time and I was pretty mad and I contacted Chase on Twitter. Come to find out it was a LEGITIMATE fraudulent charge – $15 to the Mexican telecommunications company Telefonica. I think someone got my my AC# at CVS – because that was about the only place I used that card. Chase and I got it all worked out – but it was a pain while it was going on.

  8. Oh – and no more Vanilla reloads in my area either (East TN)

  9. As someone else mentioned above why go to CVS, is there a good reason for this?

  10. Can you load visa gift cards to AMEX Serve as well?

  11. I think you have to think these through with your rewards programs. I bought $2000 worth yesterday at CVS, to get 2x rewards on my Barclay card. Looking at redemption options, 4000 points gets me $20 credit on travel purchases, but I just spent $20 on the 4.95 x 4 card purchase. I am still new to this, so I am constantly running the numbers through my head, and realizing not all cases are great to use these. With what programs do the rest of you find these work the best? Thanks.

  12. HaveChildstilltravel the issue is not all WM will sell VGC with a CC, remember this game is YMMV! I can buy VR’s at Valero where I live, in other states that doesn’t happen….

  13. Sorry, I meant 4000 points gets me a $40 credit, but that’s only ahead $20. So say you’re trying to save up 200, 000 points for a $4000 credit, but you just spent $2000 on card fees and 400 card purchases from CVS, not to mention all the trips to Walmart to load Bluebird. I guess it’s just up to the individual what’s worth it.

  14. Can I load my Vanilla Reload card with this? I also want to take my wife to Paris as you have! TY.

  15. Was trying to purchase Vanilla Visa gift cards yesterday at CVS in Mountain View CA and was told by cashier that cash was the only acceptable payment method for them. There was a sign posted that credit cards would be accepted for retail gift cards (amazon, macy’s, etc.) only.

  16. Can someone confirm that you are still able to deposit the funds to your Bluebird account at Walmart?

  17. I was using Vanilla Reloads for a short period after I finnally found some a few months ago. Then when I applied for a Southwest Bus card. I was denied with a credit score of 788! I called the recon line they grilled me about gift cards I purchased with other Chase cards ( Ink Plus, Marriott, Southwest, Freedom, etc). They asked me why I bought $500 GC. I choked and said they were for my kids. The only Bus I have right now is a real estate rental that I own.They scolded me for not using my Business card for Business purposes. They said I already had 2 Bus cards and what did I need a 3rd one for. They said it had only been 10 months since my last Bus card app(Ink Plus). I don’t want to get shut down from Chase so I am staying away from them for awhile. Beware.

  18. Tony you’re right. Fortunately mine still allows it.
    Gail that is a scary story! Chase scares me. LOL. I was denied for an Ink Plus (my credit score is 816) and it spooked me. I know they (obviously) have access to your account but it’s weird they would be scrutinizing it during an application.
    I am very conservative with GCs (I think) I only do about $2500 a month. I’m sure I could get more business class flights if I did more but I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me.

  19. anybody feels that this deal will shut down faster than the last vr

  20. You can liquidate One Vanilla cards at Walmart through a money order. Just enter any 4 digit number as the pin. Limit of $1000 per money order and $2000 a transaction, but you can have as many transactions as you want. Recently bought $22k in money orders in one trip, no problems.

  21. 22,000 $ in money orders? Are you serious????

  22. You are smart Chuck. And what do you do with 22K in MO? Are you legal? Also Gail seems like a petty amateur. There is no way they told you what you bought on a competitors CC.. They have no way of seeing what you bought with a competitors CC. Maybe you told them ? And I’ve dealt with Chase for 20 years (3 freedoms and 1INk) and never a problem. You people are ruining it for everyone else.

  23. also you can load the Vanilla card on the spot at CVS to MVD.

  24. Why would somebody (Gail) make that up? Not saying she did, not saying she didn’t but why? It absolutely is going to be ruined for everybody else. I’m seriously just waiting for the bottom to fall out of this. I’m enjoying the heck out of it now but things seem to be changing rapidly. 🙁
    Btw Barry I did get denied for the Ink and I have excellent credit. I am nervous about Chase and tread lightly with them. Glad to hear you have not had any issues

  25. So you are saying take the $500 VGC to WM and buy $1000 mo’s. So they allow multiple swipes per MO or do you back out the .70 fee to make it even?

  26. Barry – all those cards are Chase cards; no “competitors” cards there.

  27. @SJintheOC, the math is actually quite simple with the Vanilla Visa Gift Cards or any other $500 card for which we pay $4.95. It is a 0.99% cost. Use any credit card which gives you a return greater than 0.99% and you are in the black. And you’re absolutely right – the costs of trips to CVS and Walmart should to be factored in.

    In my case, I walk past a CVS once a week at least and shop there about twice a month. I pick up my VGC’s during one of those trips. The Walmart to load them to a BB is literally a one-minute detour from my route back home from work. I figure that the two-minute travel detour and the five minutes it takes me there is worth the 2.01% (when a card gives me 3%) or even 1.21% (Barclays Arrival) return.

  28. I think people miss the point a little.
    These gift cards are not to make thousands of miles, but they are a good way to meet minimum spending requirements on new cards and get the bonus.

    To spent $30 and get a 50,000 sign up bonus works well for me.

  29. James – nail on the head. They are also a good idea if you need a handful of miles to hit a reward. $30 to get enough miles fir an extra hotel night in Hawaii, etc.

    That said, I’m in a conundrum right now, as I can buy Visa and MC gift cards – at a grocery store that I pass every single day – with no fee at all. In fact, I can buy $500 GCs for $497. While I’m currently wrapping up my initial wave of CC apps and minimum spend targets… the temptation to churn ~$30,000 worth of GCs a month – in perpetuity – is very high. I figure between two serve accounts, two go bank accounts, two yahoo payment accounts, and an evolve account I can liquidate $32,000 worth of GCs a month… and that’s without getting into MO’s. With a Barclay card, that’d be 64,000pts/mo or 768,000 points a year, by churning the same $5,000 or so every week. Add to that going nuts by strategizing my “actual” spend with things like buying gas GCs at staples with my Ink card, etc… Where does the madness stop? 🙂

  30. I have run 1000’s of dollars thru various Chase accounts to meet minimum spend and NEVER had an issue with Chase. The first time I make more than two GC charges on a new card, I will get the fraud block. I call and tell them I will be making multiple identical charges on the card and get the block lifted. No problems thereafter. Have NEVER gone thru an inquisition about why I am doing this. Never been questioned about it when applying for a new card. Recently got a BA and SW card, and had to call to re-arrange the credit among the existing cards. I have been a Chase customer for 20+ years, have a checking and savings account with them and multiple CCs, both personal and business. Charge 1000s per month, mainly on the Ink cards at Staples, OD, OM, if have to minimum spend to satisfy. Some business charges, but mostly MS.

  31. You do realize that the influx of buying beans at CVS caused CVS to stop selling them with CC, right? I’m sure your readers love getting stuck with thousands of dollars in credit card debt when a deal dies after you post about it 5 times in a 2 week period.

  32. I’m not sure why my last comment was deleted, because I spoke the truth.

    Everyone should be aware that WalMart has stopped allowing GCs to be loaded and will sometimes ask to see the card. It is prudent to not proactively ask if GCs can be loaded to your product. This tidbit should have been included to avoid frustration down the line for the readers.

  33. TheDapperDon — Vanilla Visa Gift Cards actually have the word DEBIT printed on the front, so don’t ask the cashiers if they will allow you to load GCs, ask them if you can load a debit card. Or don’t ask at all, because it is obviously allowed. And nobody is getting stuck with thousands of dollars in credit card debt because of advice from this blog–the giftcards/debit can still be exchanged for real money or loaded into a Bluebird account, so please take your histrionics elsewhere.

  34. “Everyone should be aware that WalMart has stopped allowing GCs to be loaded…”

    Not everyone, apparently. I didn’t know that, and neither did the helpful woman at the WalMart near my office this morning when I loaded some GCs there. Go figure…

  35. PS to DapperDan: it was a casino/fraud scam in NJ that caused CVS to stop selling VRs…

  36. I live in State College, PA. I tried to load my visa gift card issued by Metabank today in my local Walmart, but the staff from money center told me that they ARE NOT allowed to load Bluebird account with ALL the prepaid gift cards, because they are afraid that drug dealers would laundry money through those prepaid cards. Does this happen in other places too?

  37. @barrytuneup

    I am legal. I deposited them all with USAA bank, no problems. I’m sure it could be a problem if I did it every month, but as a once-in-a-while thing it’s not a bad way to rack up a bunch of miles or hit some reward threshold.

  38. Be careful paying your mortgage with multiple small payments (i.e., each payment smaller than your monthly bill but adding up to the required total). Some mortgage companies apply these partial payments to principal, which means you are still on the hook for the full monthly amount… I learned the hard way

  39. @Sandra,

    1. Folks were caught with HIGC gift cards after this blog blasted the deal. 2. If GCs can’t be loaded at WM because of a change in policy, folks will be left with cards to liquidate and debt on their credit cards. 3. It’s not allowed everywhere, because their is fear. Fear from WM that they are supporting “drug dealers” and fear from folks that walk up to the register and aren’t sure what the heck they are doing.

    @RJP The memo stated that the change was due to the fees.

    Some WMs have stopped folks from loading. Don’t add your WM to the list by showing them the card.

  40. The Dapper Don — You are fundamentally misunderstanding the fact that the card that is mentioned in this post is also a DEBIT card. It is sold as a gift card, but the word DEBIT is physically printed on the front of the card right above the Visa logo. This game is not without risk and each person should only do what they’re comfortable doing. It is not like Daraius and Emily are dragging us into CVS to purchase gift cards or home improvement cards–we make choices and we’re stuck holding the bag when the game changes. That being said, the cards are ALWAYS worth money, either through directly spending them on goods and services or liquidating them through reselling channels (or in the case of actual DEBIT cards mentioned above, withdrawing the funds by using them at grocery stores and getting cash back) so it’s really not an issue for people who carefully read posts and understand the risks that they’re taking.

  41. Sandra, The Dapper Don is exactly correct. You cannot get cash back on the gift/debit cards. You either need to load them to Bluebird or spend them. Some Walmarts have cracked down and won’t let you load gift cards to Bluebird anymore. Other Walmarts don’t seem to care. At the Walmarts near me, the official policy is no gift cards (not even debit gift cards) are allowed for loading BB — Some cashiers ask and turn you away, but others don’t pay any attention to it. If more and more Walmarts start denying gift cards, then it is possible that some people will be overextended on their credit — with credit card bills coming due while holding more gift cards than they can quickly liquidate. I can float $5,000 easily if Walmart shuts this down once and for all. If that happens, I’ll just bleed down the gift cards over time. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to float that much cash, however.

  42. My CVS tonight had the choice of the pictured Vanilla card or one with a more grey front with a sparkly wrapped box with a black top. The charge for this card was $1 less, $4.95 It is a Visa. Lists no cash or ATM access. I assume it is the same as the one for $5.95 since it is identical on the back?

  43. On opening above card, it does say Vanilla on the upper left, Gift written large across the face. Debit below the hologram, and Gift Card Recipient on the name line.

  44. I was using the Vanilla Reloads for quite some time here in NJ until CVS pulled the plug. This week, I decided to try buying some gift cards with PINs and loading them at WM. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those money kiosks in my WM so had to go to cashier. Over two days I successfully loaded $2k through 4 separate transactions (and cashiers) using $500 GCs.

    Today, I went ahead a tried to load another but was asked by cashier for the card. He went to his manager, who said that this was not allowed and that I could “only use bank debit cards” so there’s that. Seems like a real YMMV here. It would appear that the WM POS system does not block GCs, and it is up to the cashier. If you get a good one who doesn’t check the card, you’re all set – otherwise no dice.

  45. Jon P – I’m in NJ as well – which WalMart was that?

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  47. Just purchased a $200.00 VISA GC at Staples with my cc and went straight to WM where a cashier uploaded it to my Bluebird acct with no problem. I was tempted to go back to Staples and do another one but didn’t have time. So happy when these things work and never understand when they don’t.

  48. Seems as though some CVS cashiers are confused about purchasing the “One Vanilla” prepaid debit cards with credit cards. Went to a CVS yesterday and before I could even get to the counter said that all Vanilla purchases were cash only. When I mentioned that I read it was only the VRC’s, she said very plainly, _all_ Vanilla cards are cash only. It’s only a dollar per card, but when you’re talking about several cards per month, over a year that’s a not-insignificant amount of money.

    As an aside, I’ve been to my local Super WM now 4 straight days and have loaded $3500 on my BB from Visa debit GCs that I’ve purchased at Kroger. 3 of the days I was able to use the MoneyCenter kiosk, and yesterday I used the MoneyCenter counter because the kiosk was down. No one asked to actually see the cards, and the loading was easy peasy.

    Now, what I might run into is supply problems finding the VISA debit GC’s. I can only find them at Kroger and I have no idea how frequently they’re restocked.

  49. Just loaded $500 on two Vanilla gift/debit Visas. Tried to check balance and received a “System Error. Please try later” message. Anyone else have this issue?

  50. I am not a regular at doing this and honestly will probably never come back to this site or do this again… however as the information listed here did help me when needed, thought I would post my experience. My rent came due and my bank blocks me from purchases of more then $300 per day with Debit but unlimited Credit access. With the bank being closed I started poking around for ways around this as you cannot (in most places) buy a money order with credit… even though its linked to my bank account. Anyways, I was able to go to my local CVS, use my debit card as credit (they did ask for card and ID) and purchase a Vanilla Gift Card for $500.00 with a $4.95 fee. I then took the card to the WM money center and bought a $500.00 money order and paid the $.70 in cash. At my WM the money center counter is high the pin pad is not visible to the cashier. I asked for the money order, handed him $.70 in change and swiped the card, made up a pin number and was handed my money order. No questions asked at all. This was in Riverside, So Cal. Thank you to the OP for the information, I avoided a $50 late fee and was able to get around my banks ridiculous $300 per day limit.

  51. I went to officedepot today and they refused to sell me vanilla one on my CC. I was told it is cash only.

  52. Garyst16, I have the same issue that you have. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to get this issue resolved with Vanilla Visa and to get a replacement card. I have called them many times and they keep saying they are doing their research and that it will take 5 business days to provide me with status. I am still waiting. I am just curious to hear how you are dealing with this issue and if you’ve made any progress with them. In my case, the receipt from CVS says it was activated but when checking balance on line it says “System Error, please try back later” and Vanilla Visa tells me it wasn’t activated. properly. We can bounce around ideas on how to resolve this issue. Main thing is to get our money back. After this experience, I will never again buy Vanilla Visa Gift Card again, ever!!!!

  53. Garyst16 and Steven, there was a glitch with the computer and the way some cards were activated. I had this same problem with Visa GC I bought last week, and they were not Vanilla. First, I went through the issuing bank, and got the run around. Then, I just decided to take the cards back to the merchant. I brought them everything and told them that they did not activate properly, and they reissued my cards. Easy, 5 minutes out of my day, and the problem was solved. Was able to take the new cards to WalMart and load them to my Bluebird immediately.

  54. I was bummed about the end of Vanilla reload at CVS as that is how I was doing a lot of my spend for new credit cards. I was excited to try the information from this post and it was spot on. Purchased the Vanilla Visa at CVS with my new Starwood Amex (need 5k spend in 6 mos.) then went to Walmart and had a cashier load it on my Bluebird card (no kiosk at my Walmart). The cashier wasn’t 100% sure how to do it but got it right after a couple of tries. The extra step of going to Walmart is a hassle but worth it to be able to hit new credit card spend quickly. Thanks Darius & Emily!

  55. Do Vanilla VISA gift cards have any advantage over One Vanilla debit cards? If none, why bother?

  56. I went to many CVS stores in my region (Philly) and they are not excepting credit cards as payment for ANY Debit/GC cards. I checked many other stores as well and they have the same policy. Bummer.

  57. Johno–same experience here in Pittsburgh. Rite aid told me they would tho.

  58. It appears that Walmart is dead. They changed their systems thus morning at least in the LA area and the transactions on the vanilla gift cards go through as credit without the opportunity for entering a pin. The store manager confirmed a system update this morning. She states that a bank issued debit card will work but not a gift card. I’m not sure how a computer would know the difference. Are they coded differently? Help

  59. Mr. McGibletts

    Ore, same thing just happened to me tonight in south Riverside County. I bought one $500 Vanilla Gift Debit Visa 3 days ago and was able to load it onto my Bluebird at the Customer Service/Returns Desk. So I bought two more yesterday and when I tried to load them tonight, they kept swiping as credit instead of debit.

    I just got off the phone with Vanilla Visa Customer Service. I explained my situation and she had no idea (I figured they wouldn’t but it was worth a shot). I’m going to try this next: buy something cheap like a pack of gum, tell the cashier I am using a Debit Card, swipe the card and hopefully be prompted to select a PIN which would then “convert” it into a debit. Thoughts?

  60. Loaded four visa GCs at Walmart yesterday, no problem.

    At to the person who called Vanilla Visa customer service, don’t make such a noob mistake in the future. ‘”the first rule of point club…. don’t talk about point club.”

    As to someone not being sure how a computer would know the difference between a gift card and a bank issued debit card… that’s just really sad. 🙂

  61. I bought the pack of gum. Went through as credit. I cAme back today to try and there’s the same problem. Here’s what I was told: the system was upgraded and the old system had different buttons for CREDIT and DEBIT. The new system JUST has a button called CARD. They push that and somehow the reader needs to know. There’s no way for them to force debit through.

  62. Same experience at two different walmarts in Maine today. I think Vanilla Visa Bluebird reloads at Walmart are dead… It was great while it lasted. Now I need to figured out what to do with $2000 worth of Vanilla Visa Cards!!!

  63. Just a note about using VGCs with Evolve — I bought 2 VCGs for $500 to pay $1000 towards mortgage thru Evolve. One went thru without a hitch, but I tried to use the 2nd $500 card too quickly, and Evolve told me to wait 10 minutes to try again (I guess that prevents accidental duplicate transactions). HOWEVER, they put a request thru for the $500 from VGC anyway! So, when I went back in about 20 minutes to try again, it said that there were insufficient funds on the card. After going round and round on the phone with Vanilla and Evolve (both passing the buck), I ended up having to wait 7 days for the money to clear to use again. Very nerve-wracking wondering if my $500 was lost in cyberland. It did clear out, but I felt this was not very professional of Evolve. I will stick with Bluebird, since I trust the American Express brand that backs it.

  64. Same problem, tried a One Vanilla Visa which used to prompt to create a PIN, and a Vanilla Visa Gift Card which did as well, both cards ran as credit, and earlier in the week Vanilla cards were working fine. I tried two different Wal-Marts in Utah.

  65. Vanilla Visa Gift card not working at Walmart as Debit 🙁 Minnesota

  66. Illinois is dead.

  67. Two weeks ago I purchased$2500 in Vanilla GCs and was able to use them to load to Bluebird. Bought some more this week, and at the Walmart cash register, they will only go through as credit cards, to which the cashiers at 2 Walmarts said I could not use a credit card to load BB. The system did not even get to the part where it asked for a PIN. I am in Washington.

  68. I tried this system today. Bought a $200 Vanilla visa gift card at Office Depot–she said should would let me use my cc just this one time because the manager would not allow it. Went to the Walmart Money Center kiosk tried to reload–no dice. Went to Fresh and Easy got $50 cash back entered pin.
    Went to petsmart no cashback allowed. With pin installed at Fresh and Easy went back to Walmart entered pin and it reloaded to Serve card. So the trick is you have to make a purchase first and enter a debit pin before going to Walmart reload Serve. Also the phone and website will not create a pin.

  69. I called Bluebird customer service and they said Vanilla gift cards can’t be used to load Bluebird accounts. Anybody else able to contradict this with recent ( June 16) experience?

  70. Carol, it’s people like you that shouldn’t get into this hobby. Seriously, why would you call? Ridiculous.

  71. Ok, what am I missing? It looks like Bluebird lets you load money from a debit card right on their web page. So why do I need to go to Walmart? Is the “load from their web page” new or did I overlook the explanation in the posts? I have several Vanilla Visa Gift Cards that I want to try to load onto my Bluebird account from home. Will I not be able to do this?

    Also, their web page says there is a $200/day and $1,000 month limit but the Bluebird rep I spoke with said it is a $100/day and $1,000 month limit. Obviously I will try the $200.

    My other problem is that my mortgage payment (which includes property tax) is $1,577/month, so the $1,000/month cap won’t work for me. Anyone have any ideas for a work around? (Maybe my wife can pay the $577 through an account I will have to set up for her.)

  72. @Don only bank issued debit cards can be linked online to BB. Using a VGC will get your account revoked.

  73. Liz from Minnesota

    Walmart is no longer allowing Vanilla Gift Cards to be loaded to Bluebird as of 6/18/14. The change payment trick is not working… getting error 94 and 96. I plan to try Metabank and US Bank gift cards. I set up an Evolve account and sent a test payment to my mortgage company with a VGC.

  74. Last week I could easily load Vanilla gift cards to Bluebird @ Walmarts in the Cleveland area, but suddenly this week I am unable to do so, either through the kiosks or the clerks @ 3 different stores. When I asked why, all the clerks told me they could not accept the Vanilla Visa card, only a debit card. It does look like the Vanilla Visa is dead, except through Evolve Money (with their limited list of payees)

  75. Is the walmart bluebird reload dead for all visa gift cards or just vanilla? I’ve got a $500.00 visa gift card (with PIN) that I haven’t used yet. But it’s not a vanilla visa.

  76. @Richard – not sure if all visa gift cards are dead @ Walmart, but all the clerks I talked to said “we can’t take the Vanilla card.”

  77. I purchased a vanilla visa gift card from CVS for my 13 year old son so that he could make an online purchase. I tried to register it at Vanilla and it wouldn’t register. I called the help number and was told the card had never been activated. I gave them the information from my CVS receipt which included an activation number. I was told to call back three days later which I did. When I called I was given a complete run around and I was never reimbursed for the purchase of the card from Vanilla Visa. I explained to the Manager at CVS what happened and I was told that CVS does not refund gift cards. My son was disappointed I was out double the money after reimbursing my son. Needless to say I reimbursed him with another companies gift card. I will never ever purchase a Vanilla Visa Gift card again. I always relate this story to customers that come into my store and suggest they purchase gift cards from a company other than Vanilla Visa

  78. Hi Daphne,
    We are sorry to hear about your experience with our card. We are here to help! Could you send us a private message with a contact number via Facebook at, or Twitter @VanillaCares or @VanillaCard? We will have someone contact you right away.
    Team Vanilla

  79. Has anyone tried going onto the vanilla visa site, logging in, and then setting their PIN number? Does anyone know of this method works? Thanks

  80. Jeremy isidore

    I just spend $20 on vanilla reload an how would I spent $20 off the card n where do I use at?

  81. Martin Killington

    On the one hand, it’s good to see Vanilla sort of stepping up to help someone who’s been shafted. On the other, it’s a bit dismaying to learn that Facebook and Twitter are the only ways they allow contact….

  82. Hi Martin,
    You are right, we are indeed trying to open up the channels of communication, so we can provide as much assistance to our customers as possible. To your point, while receiving an answer is quicker via social media, you can also contact us at 1-800-571-1376 or via email at [email protected]. We encourage you to send your feedback, so we can continue to improve and serve you all better.
    Team Vanilla

  83. As of August 28, 2014, you can no longer load Vanilla Visa Debit GC at Family Dollar NY stores by order of District Manager. If anyone can still load at Family Dollar NYC stores please post here.

  84. LoL I would hope everyone has enough sense to know that vanilla wouldn’t be using YAHOO for email.. they have their own domains.

  85. Can you do a cash advance on the Vanilla Gift card to get the cash out?