Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards Could Save You Money Loading Bluebird!

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Some folks don’t like buying PIN-enabled gift cards to load to their Bluebird account because of the ~$5 to $7 fee on these cards.  See this post for more on how to load a gift card with a PIN to your Bluebird.

But did you know you can buy Visa debit gift cards from Simon Malls for only a ~$3 fee?

Save Money on PIN-Enabled Gift Cards at Simon Malls

Why Buy PIN-Enabled Gift Cards?

I’ve written about buying PIN-enabled gift cards with a miles and points earning credit card, then using the gift card to load Bluebird at Walmart.  Then, you can use Bluebird to pay bills and expenses you can’t normally pay with a credit card, like mortgages, rent, utilities, and credit card bills.

Simon Mall Visa Gift Card

Buy Gift Cards With Miles and Points Earning Credit Cards, Then Load to Bluebird to Pay Bills and Expenses

You can also use gift cards to buy money orders at grocery stores and Walmart, but I would be careful not to do this too much.  Buying and depositing a lot of money orders can raise suspicion with the banks!

I usually buy PIN-enabled gift cards at CVS, office supply or grocery stores, but there’s always a ~$5 to ~$7 fee.  That’s a lot, especially if you can only find gift cards in $100 or $200 denominations.

Simon Mall Visa Gift Card

Regular Visa Gift Cards Cost ~$5 to ~$7

But if you have a Simon Mall near you, you can buy Visa gift cards for a fee of only ~$3!

Where Are Simon Malls?

Link:   Simon Malls Location Search

Simon Malls operates 325 malls in North America and Asia.  You’ve probably been to a Simon Mall and don’t even know it!

There Are Simon Malls in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Malaysia

Here’s a list of Simon Mall locations.  Or, you can use their search page to enter your zip code and find a mall close to you.  However, NOT all Simon Malls sell Visa gift cards.  Call in advance to make sure your mall sells them before making a trip.

How Do You Buy a Gift Card?

You can buy Visa gift cards at the mall’s guest services counter, up to a value of $500 per card.  It’s best to buy the highest value card you can to offset the fee.

They also sell American Express gift cards.  Do NOT buy an American Express gift card.  They don’t come with a PIN and you can’t load them to your Bluebird!

You’ll pay a ~$3 fee for each gift card you buy.  This is much better than paying ~$5 to $7, especially for lower value cards!

Because it’s a US Bank Visa, you have to call the number on the back of the card to set the PIN before you use it.

Folks on Flyertalk report that you can buy up to $10,000 in gift cards per day.  So even if you have to drive some distance to a Simon Mall, it could be worth it if you buy a lot of gift cards!

You can use the Simon Mall debit gift cards to buy money orders from stores such as Wal-Mart or grocery stores, but you can’t use it to buy money orders at post offices.  You can also use the Simon Mall debit gift card to pay bills with Evolve Money!

Drawbacks and Limitations

The Simon Mall Visa gift card is NOT available in all areas.  This Flyertalk thread reports some malls only selling Visa gift cards to businesses, or not selling them at all.  And others say they’ve had to fill out paperwork when purchasing over a certain amount of gift cards.

But I’ve been able to buy them at my local mall.

Call the Mall 1st to Find Out If They Stock Visa Gift Cards

Some folks earn category bonuses on their credit cards for drugstore, office supply, and grocery store purchases.  So depending on which cards you have, it might be a better deal to pay a higher fee but get the category bonus.

This shouldn’t be a problem for most folks (because we’re unloading these cards quickly to our Bluebird accounts), but if your card is inactive for more than 12 months, you’ll get charged a ~$3 per month fee.

I’m experimenting with buying Simon Mall gift cards online, and I’ll report back with the results in another post.

Bottom Line

You can buy PIN-enabled Visa gift cards at some Simon Mall locations for a fee of only ~$3.  Usually, Visa gift cards cost ~$5 to $7 at drugstores, grocery stores, and office supply stores.

Some areas don’t carry these cards, so it’s best to call the mall 1st before making a trip.  And don’t accidentally buy AMEX gift cards, because they won’t work to load Bluebird!

Do you have a Simon Mall nearby?  Have you been able to purchase Visa gift cards with a credit card?

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137 responses to “Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards Could Save You Money Loading Bluebird!

  1. Had trouble loading bluebird at Walmart yesterday with a simon VGC. Set the PIN by phone beforehand. Anyone else have trouble lately or tips in loading? I tried at kiosk and was able to load a meta bank card without issue in same trip.

  2. Walmarts want debit cards with your name on them to buy money orders. Can you get Simon Mall cards with your name on them?//Also, other than the fee difference, how do Simon Mall cards differ from US Bank loaded cards from Kroger?

  3. I’m in the midst of a first-time minimum spend splurge, trying to spread the wealth. Had success with AmEx Target, which billed OK and got me off to a good start. But the Simon card seems to involve a physical visit to a Walmart to deposit it into a Bluebird, more than a two hour trip for me. Or I am yet again missing something? Can it be deposited into a Serve account online? Anyway at all to get it deposited into any cash account whatsoever online?

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  6. Alan, I was also in trouble in Walmart money machine. But was lucky to load it immediately with the help of cashier.

  7. Also some pome people recommend to use a button “Walmart money card” NOT “Bluebird card” on the screen when you start

  8. so guys, can i load to serve at walmart or buy money order with simon card?

    as of August?

  9. Can you make the same transfer from a Simon’s card to the American Express Serve card? Or will this only work with BlueBird cards?

  10. Great news. Simon is now selling gift cards in $1,000 denominations – still for $2.95. This cuts your MS costs in half and dramatically reduces the time required to load your cards to BB. Enjoy!!

  11. BTW – the card is no longer issued by usBank. It’s a Metabank card. You don’t have to register the card before using it. The pin is the last 4 digits on the card. Darius, you might want to update the article.

  12. Fee is too high now to purchase online and can only buy one at a time.

  13. Teri, can you still load to BB at Walmart?

  14. Hi, why can’t we do this?

    Step 1: Credit card => simon mall prepaid card of $500 => bluebird => checking bank account => pay credit card with bank account.

    Step 2: Repeat until reach whatever spending limit?

    Please advise.


  15. Fees cost to much now that this is not worth doing.

  16. Mike:

    Thanks for the response. Can you either link me or elaborate on what you mean? I thought the fees are $3 for a 500-dollar gift card?


  17. @Teri, I just purchased a simon GC, I only did $100 to make sure it will work at a Walmart. Now you mention the last 4 of the card is the pin# correct?

    @Patrick, the fee is still $2.95 and the lady told me it was upto $500. If this works for me, I will go back and try to purchase $1000 at a time.


  18. If anyone is interested, Simon Mall GC still work to upload to your BB.

  19. Simon Mall charged $3.95 for each fee today.

  20. Same $3.95 per for me yesterday in Virginia. Changes the equation somewhat but still cheap points/miles

  21. Confirmed $3.95 fee for Simon mall Visa when paid with CC.

  22. Hi NoVa Rick. I’m in No Va also. I went to buy the GC at Pentagon mall but the Simon person told me that the Visa or Master GCs sold by them are not PIN-enabled, so i didnt buy it. They are also by Metabank with $3.95 fee. Were you able to get the PIN and upload to your bluebird? Or what card did you get? Thanks much!

  23. I also am considering this process. I understand that Kroger will also take these cards for the purchase of money orders. Is there anyone out there that has tried this? What about the PIN question above from novadcnewbies? Hoping I can get this to work as well. Thanks!!!

  24. Does Metabank and Simon mall still work for bluebird? Should i use bluebird or serve now? Thanks.- AndyK

  25. I have no simon malls nearby. Will buying it online work for bluebird? Thanks.

  26. This past week I purchased two $500 Metabank ($1007.90 w/fees) VISA GC’s from Simon in Ohio, and loaded them at WalMart with PIN (last 4 digits of GC account number). No problems.

    I am spending to a $15K spend goal on the Fidelity Rewards credit card. I will earn status award of 1.5% cashback to 2.0% cashback after $15K spent.

  27. So when I buy these Simon GC’s they post under my credit card under “MISCELLANEOUS AND SPECIALTY RETAIL STORES “. What I am curious about is, CITI HHonors visa is running a X3 points promo until March 31st for eligible retail purchases (electronics & computers, Clothing, Toys and Department Stores). Wonder if Simon Mall will work for this bonus promo?

  28. Any word on if the Simon gift cards purchased online work to load BB?

  29. will this work with redbird. And anyone know if this is still working? currently living in las vegas and thinking of doing this.

  30. I am gonna buy $100 SC GF tmrw and try loading it on Walmart BB will post the status….

  31. That’s a success…..Though they charged my only $2 for activation fee against $100 and out of curiosity I asked that highest denomination they offer and it was only $250….But $2 is worth it….

  32. can I purchase visa gift card from simon mall and pay with a credit card by American express ?