Use Evolve Money to Pay Your Utilities, Student Loans, & More With a Credit Card

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Update:   You can no longer load a Vanilla Visa to your Bluebird.

Update:   Evolve Money has shut down its service.

Many of us have been using American Express Bluebird to pay bills that can’t be paid with a credit card, like rent, mortgage, car loans, student loans, and utilities.

That’s because we want to get miles & points for our expenses.  And also to complete the minimum spending needed to get a sign-up bonus on a credit card.

Because CVS stopped allowing Vanilla Reload purchases with a credit card, folks are turning to buying PIN-enabled gift cards (i.e. Visa and MasterCard gift cards) with a credit card to fund their Bluebird accounts.  Gift cards with PINs can be loaded onto Bluebird at Walmart.  But it’s become more inconvenient with the extra step of going to Walmart several times a month to load your Bluebird.  

But did you know there’s another way to use gift cards to pay bills?  Evolve Money lets you pay bills online with a Visa or MasterCard debit or gift card (NOT American Express gift cards) – no trips to Walmart needed!  And you can buy a Visa or MasterCard gift card at CVS, drug stores, grocery stores etc.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Evolve Money: More Convenient Than Loading Bluebird at Walmart

What’s Evolve Money?

Link:   Evolve Money

Evolve Money is an online bill payment service that allows you to pay bills from your computer or mobile device.  It doesn’t cost anything to sign-up and standard bill payments are free.

You can pay bills using Reloadit packs (which can sometimes be purchased with a credit card) or debit cards.  This includes Visa and Mastercard gift cards with a PIN!  I usually prefer Vanilla Visa gift cards from CVS, because you can just use a random 4 digit number as the PIN (if you need a PIN)

You can purchase gift cards with PINs to earn points with your credit card.  And you can even earn category bonuses at places like office supply stores and gas stations if you use the right credit card.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Earn Miles and Points by Purchasing PIN-Enabled Gift Cards With a Credit Card

You can pay bills like rent, mortgages, student loans, car loans, utilities, and store credit cards with Evolve Money.  You can’t currently pay credit card bills, but that’s coming soon (however, they will charge a fee).

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Evolve Money Lets You Pay Bills With PIN-Enabled Gift Cards

They say they have over 10,000 payees in their system and are continually adding more.

And until April 21, you can use promotion code “SAVE5April” to get $5 off a single bill payment.

I decided to check it out for myself.

How Do You Sign-Up?

Signing-up takes less than a minute!  Go to Evolve Money and click “Get Started.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Sign-Up on the Evolve Money Website

Enter your email address, mobile phone number, and zip code along with a security question and password. 

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Just 1 Page to Register

Then I received an email and text message welcoming me to Evolve Money.  You can add information to your profile (full name, address, etc.) but you’re not required to do so.

How Do You Pay Bills?

1.   Add Bills

On the main screen after you log in, click “Add New Bill.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

The Add Bill Screen Comes Up After You Log In

Search for the name of your payee.  I looked for Sallie Mae to see if I could pay 1 of our loans.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Find Your Payee on the List

Fill in your account number and personal details, then click “Save Bill.”

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Adding the Payee Details Is Simple

Now you’ll see Sallie Mae as a bill payment option on the main screen.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

There’s Sallie Mae! That Was Easy!

2.   Pay Bills

Enter the bill amount in the box under the payee name.  In this case, I paid $132 to Sallie Mae.

Then click “Submit Payments.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Enter Bill Amount and Submit

You’ll be asked to add a payment method.  I used a Visa gift card I bought with a credit card.  Enter the card details and your information.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

You Can Use a Gift Card Which You Bought With a Credit Card (& Earned Miles & Points) With Evolve Money!

Then click “Submit Payment.”

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

Fill In Your Gift Card Details, Then Click “Submit Payment”

You’ll get a confirmation screen like this if the payment goes through.  It worked!  Evolve Money also sent me a text and email confirming the payment.

Use Evolve Money To Pay Your Utilities Student Loans And More With A Credit Card

A Gift Card I Bought With a Credit Card Worked for Payment!

I might use this service to pay bills often now.  It beats driving to Walmart to load my Bluebird.

Instead, I can buy a Visa gift card at a grocery store or office supply store with a credit card which earns a category bonus.  Or buy a Vanilla Visa card at CVS with a credit card.  Then I’ll load it into my Evolve Money account to pay my Sallie Mae loans and electric bill.

Are There Limits or Drawbacks?

While Evolve Money says they have over 10,000 payees in their system, folks on FlyerTalk report that it can be difficult to find the right payee.  Not all utilities, banks, etc. are listed (but you can ask to add your payee by sending an email).

You can NOT pay your credit card bill with Evolve Money!  However, they do list many retail store credit cards, like Macy’s, Kohl’s, and JCPenney.

Regular bill payments are free, but same-day payments cost $1.50.  They’re probably counting on making money off folks who leave things until the last minute!

You can only pay up to $1,000 per day.  So if you have a large bill (like a tax, mortgage, or rent payment) you might have to split it into 2 or 3 payments.

Note: If you’re paying the same amount twice to the same payee, wait at least 5 minutes before submitting the 2nd payment.  Otherwise, the system thinks it’s a duplicate.

And with mortgage payments, make sure the amount is applied to the current payment due and not just the principal.  Sometimes, payments less than the full amount will be applied as an extra principal payment.

Bottom Line

Evolve Money is an online bill payment service that lets you use a gift card with a PIN to pay bills you wouldn’t be able to pay with a credit card.

While many folks use Bluebird for this purpose, it’s become more inconvenient to load Bluebird accounts since CVS stopped selling Vanilla Reloads with a credit card.  So Evolve Money might be an easier option if you don’t want to make the drive to Walmart!

You can NOT pay credit card bills with Evolve Money.  And you can only pay up to $1,000 a day to payees in their system.  But it is a great way to pay student loans, taxes, etc. indirectly with a credit card and earn points!

I’ll be using Evolve Money to pay some of my bills because it’s free, convenient, and lets me use gift cards I bought with a miles and points earning credit card.

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119 responses to “Use Evolve Money to Pay Your Utilities, Student Loans, & More With a Credit Card

  1. So I tried to pay my mortgage in May, but payments were over a week apart…applied to principal. The nice people at Chase applied it to my mortgage payment. This month I made $1k payments (five $200 VISA gift card payments) on Friday evening, then $1k Saturday (really Friday night after midnight PST since evolve counts days as midnight to midnight Pacific time). I tried to do the balance on Sunday, but it said I had reached my limit since apparently they would post on the same day…all on Monday or something like that. I opened a second account with a different email address and paid the balance that way.

    They all posted by Monday at midnight and were automatically applied to my mortgage payment, not principal. You may have to call and ask Chase to set it up that way (when I called in May, she changed something on the account so it would apply to payments first, not principal…but then told me that only happens if it is all together in 1 payment for the exact amount). Apparently 30 individual payments all posting on the same day totaling the exact amount also works.

  2. So I see where you enter the debit card info – what about the name and address? It sounds like you’d have to register each debit card to your self (quite a big hassle).

  3. Data is can I use suntrust delta debit card and earn miles?

  4. Oopsie, I think I meant to type Daraius, not Data is. Hee hee. Sorry.

  5. @leslie – That works!

  6. Joseph Lewis

    I tried using my evolve money acct today and was unable to make the payment on my student loan. So I called customer service, and she said I had made too many payments using their system to the same vendor (abt 20 for $10k). I tried creating an acct for my wife, but evolvemoney has blocked my student loan acct # from receiving pmnt from any evolvemoney acct. Any alternates to evolve money that do the same thing? Otherwise, I’ve got $2k of Visa Gift Cards on my hands I need to pay student loans with.

  7. Is there a way to change the date that the bill will be paid? My bill isn’t due until the 1st, and my only option seems to be 2 weeks before, on the 21st.

  8. I was using the blue bird method of paying all my bills by reloading my account every month with Visa Vanilla gift cards at the Wallmart money center. It worked up until this last billing cycle. I bought 1K worth of Vanilla Gift Cards and I am finding them very hard to use since my information isn’t attached to it. I looked into using Evolve but you need a card name for that too. Any suggestions?? Would be much appreciated.


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  10. I went by OD and tried to get a few different types of gift cards. All required cash only and the transaction would not go through.

    Went by CVS and seemed to be able to buy the card no problem. only bought 50 because i’m a scaredy cat, but it worked =)

    Once I get up the nerve i’ll go back and buy one for 500 =)

    I REALLY need to be able to buy these at an office supply store though or my ink plus card loses a LOT of its value.

  11. I was trying to pay for mortgage by evolve money. I can not find any space to leave message such that “applied to current amount due” otherwise it will be applied to principle. Any ideas to pay for current month due? Thanks.

    My current monthly due is over $1000 but the largest amount I can pay is $500 from OneVanilla.

  12. You can no longer make more than 1 payment to a bill per month! So long paying off large mortages!

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  14. I had bought 2 Simon Visa gift cards and tried using Evolve to make payments and was given error that Evolve does not support this type of card. Do you know if I am doing something wrong… Help???

  15. i paid a bill to T mobile threw vesta evolve money an amount of 250$ when i put it threw it said fail but when i went to check my balance on my account the money wasnt there and Tmobile never receive it i wanna know where did that money went im not happy about your company the transaction number is\302107 i would like that money return to my account thank you.

  16. has anybody had any problems with evolve money? i did a payment for pg&e and it was successful but pg&e never received the payment. it’s been 9 days since i did the payment. the last one i did before this posted on the same day in pg&e. thanks.

  17. What is the new method for using visa/master debit card without 3% fees like evlove?

  18. I tried to load money to evolve money from Visa Gift Card I got from Staples. Evolve money can load money, but they charge 3% of bill payment. Is it possible to avoid the 3% surcharge!!!

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