The Easy Way to Get the Extra 6,000 Southwest Points for the Companion Pass

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Update:  Some 1-800-Flowers bonus point promotions NO longer count toward the Southwest Companion Pass.  Promotions that include the phrase “Bonus points will not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass qualification” in the terms and conditions will NOT count!

So you’ve signed up for 2 Southwest credit cards or have got ~104,000 Southwest Companion Pass points.  But how do you earn the remaining points for the Companion Pass?


You Will Get 104,000 Southwest Points From 2 Southwest Credit Cards, but You Still Need 6,000 More Points to Reach the Companion Pass

There are 2 easy ways to earn more Companion Pass points for your Southwest Companion Pass:

Note: If you don’t have hotel points, don’t worry!  I’ll explain the fastest and cheapest ways to get them.  I’ve also experimented with whether the transfers count towards the Companion Pass and how long it takes to transfer points.

What is the Southwest Companion Pass?

Link:  Everything You Want to Know About the Companion Pass

Link:   8 Easy Ways to get the Companion Pass 

With the Southwest Companion Pass, whenever you fly on Southwest your favorite person flies with you for virtually free ($2.50 in taxes and fees) for up to 2 years!

You need 110,000 Southwest points, within 1 calendar year (January to December) to get the Companion Pass.  When you sign-up for 2 Southwest credit cards (when the sign-up bonus is 50,000 points) and spend $2,000 on each of them you will get 104,000 points.

But you still need another 6,000 points to get the Companion Pass.  Sure, you can spend $6,000 on your card, but we want Big Travel with Small Money! 

Transferring hotel points or using the Southwest shopping portal is an easier and cheaper way to get those last 6,000 Companion Pass points.

How Do I Know How Many Companion Pass Qualifying Points I Have?

You can check how many points you have towards the Companion Pass by clicking this link and signing into your Southwest account.

Which Hotel Transfers Count Towards the Companion Pass?

1.   Choice Hotels

Link:  Transferring Choice Hotels Points to Southwest

You can transfer 6,000 Choice points to 1,800 Southwest points.


You Can Buy 6,000 Southwest Points for $220

If you don’t already have Choice points you can buy them for $11 per 1,000 points.  Transferring 20,000 Choicepoints gets you 6,000 Southwest Points.  You can buy 20,000 Choice hotel points for $220 ($11 for 1,000 points x 20)

This is currently the cheapest hotel points to buy for the Companion Pass.

Choice Hotels Southwest

I Transferred Choice Points to Southwest to See How Long It Takes

Choice hotels says transfers can take 6 to 8 weeks, but read on to see how long it took to transfer.

2.   Club Carlson

Link:  Transferring Club Carlson Hotels Points to Southwest

You can only transfer Club Carlson points in certain increments.

  •  2,000 Club Carlson Points = 200 Southwest Points
  • 50,000 Club Carlson Points = 5,000 Southwest Points
  • 100,000 Club Carlson Points = 10,000 Southwest Points

Transfer 50,000 Club Carlson Points to Get 5,000 Southwest Points, Then You Only Need $1,000 in Credit Card Spending

If you don’t have Club Carlson points you can buy them in increments of 1,000 points for $7.  However, you can only buy up to 40,000 Club Carlson points per calendar year.

So you could transfer 40,000 Club Carlson points in 2,000 point increments to get 4,000 Southwest points.

If you buy the 40,000 maximum points for the year it will cost $280 ($7 for 1,000 points x 40).


I Also Wanted to See How Long It Takes For Club Carlson Points to Transfer to Southwest

Club Carlson says it can take 5 to 7 days to process and then another 4 to 6 weeks for the points to post to Southwest.

3.   Hyatt

Link:  Transferring Hyatt Hotels Points to Southwest

You will get 1 Southwest point for every 2.5 Hyatt points.  You must transfer a minimum of 5,000 Hyatt points, after that you have to transfer in 1,250 point increments.

When you transfer 50,000 Hyatt points to Southwest you get 6,000 extra miles.

Hyatt Logo

You Get 6,000 Southwest Points When You Transfer 15,000 Hyatt Points

There are many ways to earn Hyatt points.  One way is by earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points with Chase credit cards such as the   Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Ink Plus, and Chase Ink Bold.  You can then transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio and then transfer them to Southwest.  But note that you will about half the points when you transfer Hyatt points to Southwest.

You could also buy Hyatt points in increments of 1,000 points for $24.  You can only buy up 40,000 Hyatt points per calendar year.  You can buy 15,000 Hyatt points for  $360 ($24 for 1,000 points x 15).

The terms and conditions say that Hyatt points can take 4 to 6 weeks to post to your Southwest account.

4.   Marriott

Link:  Transferring Marriott Hotels Points to Southwest

Marriott hotel points transfer to Southwest points in these increments.

  • 10,000 Marriott Points = 2,000 Southwest Points
  • 20,000 Marriott Points = 5,000 Southwest Points
  • 30,000 Marriott Points = 10,000 Southwest Points
  • 70,000 Marriott Points = 25,000 Southwest Points
  • 140,000 Marriott Points = 50,000 Southwest Points

Transferring 20,000 Marriott Points to Southwest Will Get You 5,000 Southwest Points

If you have Chase Ultimate Rewards points you can transfer them to Marriott at a 1:1 ratio.  To earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points use Chase credit cards such as Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Ink Plus, and Chase Ink Bold.

You will get the best value out of transferring Marriott points if you have a LOT of them.  That’s because with Marriott’s Travel Packages you get hotel nights and Southwest points.

With Marriott Travel Packages You Get 7 Hotel Nights and Enough Southwest Points to Earn the Companion Pass Without Credit Cards

With Marriott Travel Packages You Get 7 Hotel Nights and Lots of Southwest Points!

You can also buy Marriott points in increments of 1,000 points for ~$13.  Buying 20,000 Marriott points will cost $250 ($12.50 for 1,000 points x 20).

Marriott Transfer to Southwest

I Transferred Marriott Points to See How Long It Takes for the Points to Post to My Southwest Account

Marriott terms say, “Please allow up to six weeks for miles to be posted to your frequent flyer account.”

5.   Wyndham

Link:  Transferring Wyndham Hotels Points to Southwest

You have to transfer Wyndham points in certain increments to Southwest.

  • 6,000 Wyndham Points = 1,200 Southwest Points
  • 16,000 Wyndham Points = 3,200 Southwest Points
  • 30,000 Wyndham Points = 6,000 Southwest Points

30,000 Wyndham Points Will Also Get You Those Last Southwest Points You Need for the Companion Pass

You can buy Wyndham points in increments of 1,000 points for $11.  It will cost $330 ($11 for 1,000 Wyndham Points X 30) to buy 30,000 Wyndham points.  Wyndham recently changed the amount of points needed for a transfer without any notice.  So be careful with leaving lots of Wyndham hotel points in your account.

Wyndham points can take 6 to 8 weeks to post to your Southwest account.

How Do I Use the Southwest Shopping Portal to Get More Points?

 1.   Buy Flowers

Link:  1-800-Flowers

Thanks to Joel for pointing out in the comments section that you can still get 1,750 Southwest points when you buy flowers from 1-800-Flowers!  Make a minimum purchase of $29.99 before December 31, 2014.  Then enter promotion code “RR29” and your Southwest number to get the points.


I Bought Emily Flowers Because I Enjoy Brightening Her Day, NOT Because I Wanted to See How Long It Takes the Points to Post 😉

Southwest terms say it can take 4 to 6 weeks for the points to show up in your account.

2.  Shopping Portal

Link:  Southwest Shopping Portal

Besides flowers, you can get bonus points for making everyday purchases through the Southwest shopping portal.  For example, if you’re shopping at Sears, you can click through to Sears via the Southwest shopping portal and earn extra Southwest points!


Earn Bonus Points When You Shop Through the Southwest Portal

How Long Will It Take for Points to Post to My Southwest Account?

I was curious to see how long it would take for the points to show up in my account.  Here’s what I found…

HotelPoints TransferredFlower Delivery DatePoints PostedPost DateCounted Towards the Companion Pass
ChoiceJanuary 8, 2014January 17, 2014January 17, 2014YES
Club CarlsonJanuary 10, 2014January 17, 2014January 17, 2014YES
HyattJanuary 8, 2014January 13, 2014January 9, 2014YES
MarriottJanuary 8, 2014January 9, 2014January 9, 2014YES
WyndhamJanuary 8, 2014January 9, 2014January 9, 2014YES
1-800-FLOWERSJanuary 8, 2014January 9, 2014January 31, 2014January 31, 2014YES
Southwest Shopping PortalJanuary 8, 2014January 15, 2014January 15, 2014YES
  • All points in my experiment counted towards the Companion Pass
  • Wyndham and Marriott points only took 1 day to post
  • Hyatt points took 5 days to post
  • Club Carlson points took 7 days to post
  • Shopping portal purchase took 7 days to post
  • Choice Hotel points took 9 days to post
  • Points from 1-800-FLOWERS took 23 days to post

Note:  Your results may be different than mine!

Bottom Line

Once you sign-up for 2 Southwest credit cards you still need another 6,000 points to get the Southwest Companion Pass.  The easiest way to get those extra points is by transferring hotel points or buying items through the Southwest shopping portal.

Points transferred from Choice, Club Carlson, Hyatt, Marriott, and Wyndham all count towards the Companion Pass.  Points earned through the Southwest shopping portal also qualify for the Companion Pass.

If you don’t have hotel points, Choice hotel points cost the least.

In my experience, most of the points transferred within a week.  The flowers took the longest to transfer at ~3 weeks.  However, this is just my experience and yours may be different.

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31 responses to “The Easy Way to Get the Extra 6,000 Southwest Points for the Companion Pass

  1. Why not just spend $6k on the card that you would have spent anyways? Spending $200+ on hotel points and transferring them seems like both a hassle and more expensive than the opportunity cost of not spending $6k on another card (like a 2% cash back card).

  2. I have one, buy How can u get 2 southwest credit cards?

  3. My experience in January:
    Hyatt took 6 days to post (Jan. 1-7).
    Marriott took 5 days to post (Jan. 1-6).
    Choice took 8 days to post (twice)(Jan.1-9, and Jan. 17-25)
    Regarding Hyatt, I transferred 50K on January 1st and the 6K bonus did not post. I had to call Hyatt to get them to manually transfer the extra 6K bonus, which took an additional 5 days to post (Jan. 8-13) to my SW account. All counted towards CP.

  4. I got an offer for a Chase Marriott card w/ 50K points for spending $1000 in 3 months… I was trying to find an article on Million Mile to see if you guys have talked about it yet, but I can’t find anything. Any thoughts?

  5. Here’s a way that worked for me. Use promo code RR29 or RR42 when making a purchase at These are the promo codes from the Southwest Valentine’s day promotion but the code offer states that it’s good until 12/31/14. The purchase has to be $29.99 or more (not including shipping). This gets you 1,750 Southwest points rather than the current Southwest portal default code of 1,000. I’ve used the code twice and the total of 3,500 points posted toward companion pass. Oh, and my wife and aunt loved their flowers! Here’s a link if it’s helpful:

  6. Let’s not forget about earning points by flying! I was so focused on how to earn the additional 6,000 miles, that I had forgotten I had already flown Southwest for business 3 x’s this year, for a total of 5352 miles (points), which means I am only short 648 points…

  7. Do you (or any readers) know if transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards count?

  8. Transfers from Chase UR does not count towards CP.

    • @Chris – You could do that, but some folks would rather spend $200 than $6,000

      @Charles – Strange that the bonus didn’t post automatically!

      @Seth – There’s a better 70K offer available as well.

      @Joel – Very helpful. Thanks!

      @MayanBrian – Direct transfers do NOT count.

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  10. My points from February order to 1-800Flowers through the shopping portal has not posted yet. Phone call to customer service left me sitting with horrible buzzing in my ear. Maybe they will post this month. Was going to order flowers for prom and can’t find any promotion through Southwest shopping portal now.

  11. Rental car bonuses (600/1200/2400 miles, depending on company and length of rental) are another option. In my experience, Avis points post within a few days after you return the car.

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  18. Do the 6,000 anniversary points you get count toward the companion pass?? So, if you got a card last year, an the 6,000 anniversary points post, would that be a way to reach the 110,000?? thanks

  19. Marriott points to Southwest are actually the cheapest per Southwest point, if you are trying to purchase hotel points to complete something closer to 25,000 SW points to get the CP.

  20. My Hyatt points were not companion pass qualifying. So disappointed!

  21. Much to Chris’s point, do all purchases count? I was thinking I could use a money transfer service like Venmo, Paypal, or Square to send money to a close friend at the 3% rate. The extra $6000 sent, which is easily returned for free via the same services, would then cost a max of $180 in transfer fees, cheaper than the Marriott $250. Do you think this would work?

  22. So I bought flowers on 1800 flowers and they are in my account but when I search for points for my companion pass they are not showing up. Does it take a little longer for them to post to my account for the companion pass?

  23. Have you experienced similar point transfer times between Marriott and United?

  24. Does it matter when you earn the hotel points? I am thinking about getting the 2 SW cards in Nov/Dec this year and spending the $2k per card within the January 2016 statement. Can I accumulate Marriott points over the next 6 months and transfer them in January 2016 to makeup the 6k points to reach 110k?

  25. I thought transferring hotel or Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Southwest did not count toward the companion pass. Am I wrong?

  26. As of January 2016 Hyatt pointsl transfers to Southwest qualify towards companion pass. I transferred Chase Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt Gold Passport on January 5, 2016 and the transfer posted almost instantly. I then transferred those points from Hyatt Gold passport to Southwest Rapid Rewards on January 6, 2016 and they posted January 13, 2016. Yes they did count toward the Companion Pass. I believe Chase UR points do not qualify for the companion pass because they transfer at 1 for 1.
    (Thanks Everyone for all the info that helps me optimize my points)

  27. I have 100,000 Hyatt points. My wife has 200,000 Hyatt points. I have no Chase credit cards and am not in a position to apply for any this year. I just met the minimum spend on my new Southwest card for 50,000 points. What it be worthwhile to transfer 100,000 points from Hyatt to SW to get closer qualifying for the CP?

  28. Highly recommend using RocketMiles one hotel night and there you have 6000

  29. It doesnt look like Southwest is a transfer partner for Wyndham anymore. I dont see them on the list.

  30. Greetings,

    Is there a work-a-round for converting Hilton points to Southwest? I’ve got 270,000 Hilton points and trying to get the companion pass.