Can My Wife Apply for the Same Card in Her Own Name?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Steve Merchant commented:

Can I have my wife apply for a card in her name and get the bonus points?  Or are we considered as a family?

Can My Wife Apply For The Same Card In Her Own Name

Can Steve’s Wife Apply for a Credit Card in Her Name?

Yes!  A spouse, partner, or family member living with you can apply for the exact same credit cards and receive the sign-up bonuses!

Emily and I do this to earn more Big Travel with Small Money.  For example, we each have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus and other cards.  And we each got the sign-up bonus on the card!

But What If Your Partner Has a Limited Credit History?

If Steve’s wife hasn’t established enough credit history to get her own cards, she can start by being an authorized user of her husband’s cards.

This will help her establish a credit history and a good credit score.

Can an Authorized User Get the Bonus?

Yes, a parter who is already an authorized user on your card can apply for the same card in his or her own name.  And still get the sign-up bonus!

So Steve’s partner can get the same credit card which Steve has to earn more points!

Double Points 

If Steve’s wife is an authorized user on his Chase Sapphire Preferred card, she could still get a 40,000 point sign-up bonus when she applies for her own Sapphire Preferred card.

The 40,000 points Steve’s wife could get from the sign-up bonus would give them more Ultimate Rewards points to use for travel.

Can My Wife Apply For The Same Card In Her Own Name

Emily & I Both Have the Chase Sapphire Preferred & we Each Got the Sign-Up Bonus!

By getting her own card and the sign-up bonus, Steve’s wife would earn more points faster.

But, Steve’s wife would not get the sign-up bonus if she were a Joint User.  A Joint User is different from an authorized user because a Joint User is financially responsible for charges on the credit card.

And a Joint User usually CANNOT get the credit card sign-up bonus for him or herself again (unlike an authorized user who can get the bonus).

Bottom Line

Steve’s wife can get the sign-up bonus when she applies for a card in her own name even if she is an authorized user on his account.

Emily and I often apply for the same card, even when we’re authorized users on each other’s cards.  This way we double our sign-up bonus and get Big Travel with Small Money!

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16 responses to “Can My Wife Apply for the Same Card in Her Own Name?

  1. Yet another excellent post Daraius. There’s another prudent benefit from a spouse building up her/his own good credit record. I recall the tragic stories where a husband perished — and the surviving spouse/family were then straddled with accumulated debts without the established credit scores.

  2. If a spouse applies for the same credit card can she use the same rewards number that is tied to a previous rewards credit card? Or does it have to be her own separate rewards account?

  3. Great post, I have a clarifying question. I was approved for the CSP this week and was going to add my fiance as an authorized user for the 5k bonus. Can I do that next week then have her apply for the CSP in a month and still receive the bonus?

  4. Hello Darius,

    You indicated authorized user applying for card on their own will get the bonus points once approved. Is this true for all credit cards, or just with Chase Sapphire. My husband is an authorized user of my Amex SPG card, and applied for same card under his name. He met the minimum spend of $5,000 in 6 mos (within 2 mos of getting his credit card), but was given only 10,000 pts. instead of 25,000 pts. Have contacted Customer Service and was given different stories, promised they will look into it, get back in 72 hrs,; within a week, etc. We still have not heard from them, and my husband had to undergo knee replacement surgery, so have not had the chance to follow thru or I’m to the point of just giving up!

    Any thoughts or advise. Thanks.

    • @Will – Thanks!

      @Mike – It has to be her own account

      @Steven – Yes, that should be possible!

      @Lena – Most banks let the authorized user get the bonus if they apply for the card in their name. That said, AMEX sometimes restricts the sign-up bonus if folks already have an existing AMEX card.

      @Jeff – You could explain the additional accounts as being authorized user accounts. Or you could stop adding each other to all your cards if you’re concerned about the impact.

  5. Darius. I just did my first AOR in Jan and added my spouse to all to help meet min. spend. Now we are doing an AOR in her name and although her credit is still the same, I noticed all of those account are showing on her credit reports. If we both alternate and do 4 cards every 1.5 months, we would have 32 cards each per year showing on the reports. I thought that as an additional user it would not show up on the report, but now that I know it does we are hesitant to add each other for the minimum spends because I would think that many cards would look bad on a report regardless of who is the primary holder. Is this a valid concern?

  6. what about referral bonus? I have an SPG AX card and add my partner as an authorized user. She wants to get her own SPG card recently based on the sign-up bonus and I notice AX is offering referral bonus of 5000 points for approved application. In this situation, can I still get the 5000 referral points if she gets approved?

  7. Hi,
    My mom has a short credit history and low income with a score of around 680. Her application for United Explorer Card was denied. Not knowing anything about piggybacking until now, I added her as an authorized user when I got my Sapphire card a few months ago. At that time, I just thought of earning 5000 extra mileage.
    She travels between Hong Kong and Boston every year, burning up most of the mileage I saved, to avoid the bitter winter conditions. What credit card do you recommend for her to earn mileage of her own? What strategy can you think of?

  8. @Lena – I went through the same experience with the SPG AX card – my offer was 10k after first purchase, and then 20k after spend was met. I got the 10k, but not the 20k. Called AX and they told me there was no 20k in the offer. Well – I still have the original email where they outlined the terms and specified the 20k. I pestered AX until they gave me the additional 20k. Simultaneously I appealed to [email protected]. Too bad they made me jump through hoops just to get them to fulfill their part of the bargain. At any rate, don’t give up – keep ringing their phone. It took me two calls to AX (total of about an hour) and two or three emails to [email protected] – – AX never bothered to call me back; the miles just appeared finally. On the other hand, William @ [email protected] followed up with an email when he found that AX conceded they owed me the 20k:

    Dear Mr. ———–,

    Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out. It seems that AMEX agrees that you should have gotten an additional 20K Starpoints for this offer, so they are going to deposit that amount into your SPG account as a gesture of goodwill.

    Congratulations, and thank you for your loyalty to Starwood Hotels & Resorts and for being a Preferred Plus member in Starwood Preferred Guest.

    Best regards,

    William R. Sanders
    Social Media Specialist
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

    [email protected]

    • @weina xiang – You should get the referral bonus, but just make sure that it is for the best publicly available offer.

      @sheila – I’d suggest starting with the Freedom or entry-level card and then trying to get the “premium” cards such as the Sapphire Preferred or United card etc.

      @Sam – That’s very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. So my wife always feels awkward buying VRs. If I’m an authorized user on any future cards I can just buy these for her and they will count toward her minimum spend requirements, right?

  10. I don’t know if you heard, but the Chase site is now showing that the Sapphire Preferred Cards has a $125 annual fee now. The must have just changed it.

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  12. What about a business card? Can my wife apply for the same business card that I already have, under the same business, since we both run our personal business together?

  13. Can I use my business EIN for LLC to get my wife a card using her ss#, info etc.? Is there any way for them to know if she is a part of the business or not?