Southwest 50,000 Points (~$710 to $850) Credit Cards Ending Soon!

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Link:   50,000 Points Southwest Credit Card

Link:   8 Easy Steps to the Companion Pass

All 4 Southwest credit cards are currently offering a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after you spend $2,000 within 3 months.  But this offer has been around for ~2 months which is longer than usual, so I was expecting it to end soon.  And I’ve been told that it is ending by the middle of next week.

That said, the 50,000 points offer comes and goes quite frequently.  So it should be back.  And usually you can find at least 1 version (there are 4 versions!) of the Southwest card with a 50,000 point bonus.  But it could be better to apply now, if you’re looking for 1 specific version of the Southwest card.

Why Should I Get the Southwest Credit Card?

The Southwest credit cards are my favorite cards for domestic travel because they are a great way for many folks to have Big Travel with Small Money within the US!

It is extremely easy to use Southwest points and everyone gets 2 free checked bags on Southwest!

50,000 Southwest points are worth:

  •  ~$850 in Southwest flights if you book before March 31, 2014
  •  ~$710 in Southwest flights if you book after March 31, 2014
  •  ~$500 in gift cards with 50,000 Southwest points

The points from Southwest credit cards count towards the Companion Pass.  Here’s a post on how to pick the 2 Southwest cards that are best for you.  The sign-up bonus from 2 cards will get you most of the way to the Companion Pass.

The Companion Pass is a great deal because you can get up to 2 years worth of Big Travel for free (~$2.50 in taxes and fees each way)!  The Southwest credit cards have helped us earn the Companion Pass twice.  Now every time I fly, Emily flies with me for (almost) free!

If you are trying to get the Companion Pass, make sure you don’t make these 3 common mistakes!

Southwest 50,000 Points 710 To 850 Credit Cards Ending Soon

With the Companion Pass You Can Get Up to ~$3,674 Worth of Travel!

Southwest starts flying to the Caribbean starting July 1, 2014 and you can use the Companion Pass for those flights.

Southwest 50,000 Points 710 To 850 Credit Cards Ending Soon

After July 1, 2014 You Can Use Your Southwest Points to Fly to the Caribbean!

Bottom Line

The Southwest Premier card 50,000 point offer has been around longer than usual.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise it is ending on March 9, 2014.  That said, this offer comes and goes every 3 to 4 months so don’t worry if you miss it!

And I suspect that at least 1 version of the Southwest card will still have the 50,000 point sign-up bonus.

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29 responses to “Southwest 50,000 Points (~$710 to $850) Credit Cards Ending Soon!

  1. Hi Daraius,

    Do all 110,000 points need to be earned in one calendar year? Or, could I earn say 105,000 this year (2014) then in January 2015 earn 5k more to achieve the 110k total. Would I then get the companion pass or would I simpy have 5k towards the pass? It kind of sounds like all 110k points have to be earned in one calendar year…

  2. Mark Fernandez

    Daraius and Emily, love the blog and the valuable information. I have 3 Southwest cards. How do I determine which 3 I already have in order to apply for the 4th? Thx. –MRF

  3. If you have had all 4 versions before and cancelled them several months ago can you do this deal again?

  4. @Scott – All points have to be earned within the calendar year. The earlier in the year you earn it, the better off you are, since it is good until the end of the following year.

    @Mark – It isn’t unheard of that Chase would give someone two identical cards, but generally speaking there is a premier and plus version of the personal and business. I believe blue is the plus, black is premier. Or you could see the cards online when you log into your accounts.

  5. If you have the premier card, can you apply for the plus card? I read a report of someone on FT getting denied for the bonus on the Plus card due to being an existing card holder.

  6. So we JUST got approved for our 2nd (a business) card this week… Do we need to hurry and get our $2000 charged in the next couple days?

  7. @Dave – I was approved for the Premier and the Plus (both personal) on the same day and received both 50,000 point bonuses.

  8. Is it likely that these cards will come again later in the year? I don’t see myself spending 10k in the next few months to get the extra miles but could do that later this year or early next year.

  9. @Abhi,
    Yes, these 50K offers come and go all the time.

    All 110K need to be earned in the same year.

  10. @steve yeah I’ve heard there isn’t a problem getting them on the same day. The issue I’ve heard is having one for a year or more and then applying for the other.

  11. @Steve, how recently did you get approved for both the premier and plus cards?

  12. I’m considering applying for both personal and business card and I have a question about business card. I just started my business and I’m wondering if I should hold off from applying for it. Any advise? Thank you!

  13. Hi – normally I can navigate my way around and figure out the best way to get these points and the best deal but want to make sure I am not messing this up. My husband and I have had the southwest rapid rewards (black) credit card since August 2011. We use this for EVERYTHING so we get points quickly but never enough to get up to where we need to be. We are avid users of the dining and shopping as well but still won’t cut it. I am looking at signing up for a second credit card (the account we use is mine) or maybe even 2 more credit cards if there is a way to transfer points from the bonus programs. What would you suggest as the best route to do this? Should I get the business card? Another chase card? So far this year we have gotten around 15,000 points that are companion qualifying on our own so if we can get two large credit card bonus in the next month by spending the required amounts we may get this faster….any thoughts appreciated! we want to get booking before the SW rates go up 🙂

  14. one more piece I forgot to add to the confusion…I have the southwest plus card in my name but I am not the primary card holder – it is my parents. I have had it since I was a teenager (may years ago) and just keep it now as an easy way if I am at the store to grab stuff for my parents and no need to exchange funds. That is attached to my dad’s rapid rewards number but I am not sure they would let me apply for that card….

    • @Scott – All 110K points have to be earned between Jan 1 & Dec 31 of a year. You would simply have 5K towards the Companion Pass in your example!

      @Mark Fernandez – See section B) 11 in this post.

      @Dave – Some folks get the bonus, but some folks don’t. So it is ymmv at this point.

      @Cherie N – You have 3 months to complete the minimum spending for the 50K pts. And up to Dec 31, 2014 to earn the full 110K points.

      @steve – Thanks for the data!

      @Abhi – You don’t have to spend $10K for the extra points. See this post for other ways to get the 10K points.

      @Rose – In my experience, they like seeing a business with some history before approving business cards.

      @Erin – You can apply for the card even if you’re not the primary card holder. The points go into the account number which you enter on the application.

  15. I am pondering applying for the SW cards before it expires but not quite sure how to go about it. Another website usually recommends doing the multi browser to apply for multi credit cards from the same bank. Some folks on this site seems to suggest that just applying on the same day will do. I have several credit cards but only 2 (AA & Jetblue) with mileage points so thats why I am interested in the SW cards. I also would like a card that I can use to fly internationally-which would be better card-United, Us airway or BA. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi,

    This is my first time doing this, and I was wondering, does the statement have to close with at least $2k for the points to post? If I make a purchase of $2k, but then pay off the bill before the statement closes, then I won’t get any points, and I’d have to make the 2k spend again the next month?

  17. I already have two southwest credit cards. Should I cancel them before applying for the other two or apply and then ask them to move credit?

  18. After I’m done with this deal I plan to convert the SW business card to Ink cash which will avoid the annual fee and give me 5% back at office supply stores. Will that prevent me from applying for Ink plus/bold in the future?

    • @Mimi – The United card or the Sapphire Preferred card is a better card for international travel.

      @Linda – You have to complete $2K in spending (excluding the annual fee), to get the sign-up bonus. It usually posts in the statement after you complete the minimum spending.

      @Jeff – You usually can’t convert a hotel or airline cards to a bank branded card.

  19. So, I should wait until my statement closes for the month before I start paying it off with VRs, for the points to post to my account? Or, will the points post the minute I hit the spend amount, even if it is before my statement closes?

  20. Hi Daraius! Can you respond to my question also!

  21. Hi Daraius,

    I opened up a personal card with your links last month and have received the 50K points from that card. If my girlfriend opens a southwest personal card, and uses my rapid rewards number on the application, so her 50K points go into my account, will that be considered 100K total points?

    Thanks for all your help!


    • @Jackie – It depends. You’re not technically supposed to do that, so it will be a pain to sort out if the points don’t automatically post to your account.

      @Mandy – If you already have 2 Southwest cards, you’re unlikely to get approved for another 2.

      @Linda – The points post in the next statement once you complete the minimum spending requirement (assuming you completed them within 8 to 10 days of the statement closing)

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  24. So I was approved for the credit card…when do I get the 50,000 bonus points? Is it as soon as I get the card or after I spend $2,000? Looking to book some flights ASAP and want to use the points.