Confirmed: ~$600 Flight With the FlexPerks Card up to March 7, 2014!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

I wrote earlier that in addition to the 20,000 point sign-up bonus on the FlexPerks card, you also get extra points for each Olympic medal the US team wins!  The link which pays us a commission doesn’t get you these extra points, so use this direct link to the US Bank Flexperks card to get the bonus points.

Confirmed 600 Flight With The FlexPerks Card Up To March 7, 2014

Lots of Olympic Medals for the US Olympic Team Could Mean Some Big Travel with Small Money!

You have to apply between January 31, 2014 to March 7, 2014 & spend $3,500 within 4 months on the US Bank FlexPerks card to get the bonus points.  You also have to make your first purchase by March 31, 2014.

How Many Points Will I Get?

The 2014 Winter Olympics has ended and the US won 28 medals.  You get extra points deepening on how many medals the US Olympic team wins.

  • Gold medal = 500 points
  • Silver medal = 250 points
  • Bronze medal = 100 points

The 2014 Winter Olympics are over and the US team won 9 gold, 7 silver, and 12 bronze medals.  So that’s 7,450 extra points.

  • 9 gold medals x 500 points = 4,500 points for gold medals
  • 7 silver medals x 250 points = 1,750 points for silver medals
  • 12 bronze medals x 100 points = 1,200 points for bronze medals

This means that you get a total of 30,950 points via the Olympic offer!:

  • 20,000 points from the sign-up bonus
  • 3,500 points from completing the minimum spending
  • 7,450 extra points for the 28 Olympic medals

You do NOT get these extra 7,450 points if you use the link which pays us a commission. But we always include the best offer even if it doesn’t pay us a commission!

So, instead, use this link to the US Bank FlexPerks card to get a total of 30,950 points!

How Much Is This Worth?

You can use your FlexPerks points on most airlines with no blackout dates or other restrictions. Note that you may not be able to use it for flights on Southwest because you have to book your travel through the FlexPerks portal (which doesn’t show Southwest flights).

You can use 30,950 points for an airline ticket up to $600.

However, you won’t get the maximum value out of your US Bank FlexPerk (based on the chart below) even if you redeem for flights.

For example, if you have 36,000 points you can only use 30,000 points towards a ticket that costs no more than $600.  Firstly, it is hard to buy tickets which are exactly even round numbers!  When was the last time you bought a ticket for exactly $400 or $600?

Secondly, you will have 6,000 points left over that are not good towards any flights because you have to have at least 20,000 miles to redeem for airfare.

Another bad feature is that you can’t pay cash for the extra cost of the ticket.  For example, the chart says that 30,000 FlexPerks will get you a ticket up to $600.  But you can’t redeem 30,000 FlexPoints for a $700 ticket and pay the $100 difference!

Note:  If you are not approved for the for the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards card, you may get the US Bank FlexPerks Select card which only offers a 10,000 point bonus.

Confirmed 600 Flight With The FlexPerks Card Up To March 7, 2014

You Can Use Your FlexPerk Points on ANY Airline, but the Award Chart Makes It Difficult to Get the Full Value of Your Points

30,000 Flex Points will get you:

  • $600 or less worth or air tickets or
  • $300 statement credit or

Bottom Line

The US Team won 28 medals in the 2014 Winter Olympics.  This means that you get 30,950 FlexPerks points when you sign-up for the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards card by March 7, 2014.

These 30,950 FlexPerks points can get you an airline ticket up to $600.  However, remember that it is difficult to get the full value out of your FlexPerks points.

If you are new to miles & points, you could be better off with some of the cards in the Hot Deals tab instead.  That said, this is probably one of the best times to sign-up for the US Bank FlexPerks card if you planned on applying for it!

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26 responses to “Confirmed: ~$600 Flight With the FlexPerks Card up to March 7, 2014!

  1. Math error. 20,000 + 3,500 + 7,450 = 30,950 (not 30,095)

  2. does us bank usually pull Transunion from CA

  3. I am needing to book a RT from BOS to YYT for July 2014 on Air Canada. fare running just a bit over $600 as of now but I would expect it to be higher by the time I would get all these points posted.

    Can I use the point and pay the additional cost in cash using FlexPoints for Air Canada?

    More importantly, I need to get a Southwest VISA at end of year to re up my Companion Pass – will this jeopardize that attempt? I am retired so income is not what it used to be. Great FICO scores though.

    One last question – if my husband got the US bank flex card/ points, can he buy the ticket in my name?

    Thanks! As always, great info from Darius,

  4. can you apply the points to more than 1 ticket in 1 transaction ?

    Like if you had $600 to spend could you buy say 2 tickets for $300 each and have that all covered ?

  5. Does the card have an annual fee I am not seeing?

  6. Has anyone figured out how to get cash from these points?

  7. A bonus of 7450 points.

  8. Under review :(. Will give it a few days…

  9. Hi;

    I read your blog every morning as soon as I wake up. On 19th I applied for US Bank card with your link. They sent me an email saying that they did not approve me; they need more information; the form is on its way in 7 – 10 days. Shall I call them or go to my branch where I have a loan and a business checking account?


  10. Jan US Bank pulled Experian for my Club Carlson app. Maybe they pulled TU as well, I don’t have access to that.

    • @John – More like the last 2 digits got transposed. But is now fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

      @Deb T – I don’t believe it gives you the option to pay cash for the fare if it is over the number of points you have. I’d personally get the Southwest cards first for the Companion Pass.

      jason – You have to buy one ticket unfortunately.

      @Jason – It is $49 which is waived for the 1st year.

      @suechibana – I’d wait for the letter and then go to the branch to see if they could help.

  11. I don’t completely know how the US Bank program works. But it looks very similar to the Canadian Capitol One World Aspire program. It was only valid for “travel” transactions, i.e. hotels, flights, cruises, etc. You could not go over the value you were redeeming for (although you could go under). I ended up using it for hotel stays and travel packages – I made sure the hotel/my travel agent split my bill so I paid the exact amount (i.e. $600) on my Capitol One credit card and the rest on another credit card. That way, I was able to redeem at close to full value. I did a cottage rental, a Disney World package, and a hotel stay and all worked.

    Note – my first attempt at redemption failed when I went on Expedia and carefully purchased 2 tickets worth a total $300 (because I was redeeming for $300 worth). When the bill came, Expedia split it up into 2 separate transactions for 2 tickets worth only $150 each. Ended up paying cash for those tickets *sigh*.

  12. You can use it on more than one ticket as part of the same itinerary – unless they changed something in the last year. I just did that last year to purchase a ticket for me and my wife without a problem.

  13. Great info, thanks for posting. This will be on my next App-o-rama, and will let you know how it goes …

  14. I’ve had a lot of success with US Bank after I froze my IDA and ARS secondary credit reports, especially with Club Carlson cards.

    I’ve also amassed almost too many FlexPerks from the last Olympics promotion and (manufactured) spending at grocery stores on that card. The $400 limit for a 20K ticket and $600 limit for a 30K ticket can be frustrating, but it feels great when you can extract as much value out of it (I’ve bought several $398-$399 tickets for 20K and even one $799.80 multi-city itinerary for 40K).

    Keep in mind 2 x $300 tickets (total $600) would cost 2 x 20K points, not 30K in my experience, so that’s also frustrating.

    I aim for within $25 of a threshold because when you redeem a ticket, you get a $25 credit toward any airline fees. These can be baggage fees, in-flight food, etc. I usually buy a $50 airline gift card and ask for $25 back ($50 can be a baggage fee for all Flexperks knows). There was one instance where I need to make a same-day change for my dad for $50, but it cost only $25 after I got the fee credited.

    Also worth noting that $24,000 of spending gets you 3500 bonus points, which can be used to take away the $49 fee for the 2nd year. While it’s not as great a value as $70 potentially toward a ticket, it’s a bird in the hand so I’m willing to use the points toward the fee. That’s $2K/month in manufactured spending, so certainly doable, and it keeps the card alive for a while.

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  16. Daraius, please correct me if I’m wrong but I read somewhere that family member’s individual accounts – i.e. husband & wife’s – can be consolidated and the points be merged into one account?
    I myself already have had the card for many years, but I’m eyeing the referral bonus of 5k points to refer a “friend” and now seems to be a good opportunity.

  17. Does the BUSINESS version also have the Olympic promotion?
    Customer service said No, while the Business App line “looked it up” and said Yes.
    I have had the personal card for 2 years
    I do know not to call usually but was very subtle with the reps mentioning i would like to add the Business card for work purchases.

  18. Can you combine the 5k referral bonus with this promo?

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  20. Where does it say 150 days? I only see 4 months.

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