100,000 American Airlines Miles & $200 Statement Credit!

[Disclosure:  Emily and I do NOT get a commission for any of the Citi American Airlines Executive Card as of the post publication date.]

Via The Points Guy, you can now get 100,000 American Airlines miles on the Citi American Airlines Executive card + up to $200 in statement credits after spending $10,000 within 3 months.

This is the best deal which I’ve seen in the last year!

100,000 American Airlines Miles & $200 Statement Credit

100,000 American Airlines Miles & $200 Statement Credit!

This is 40,000 more miles than the regular offer for 60,000 miles!  And 25,000 more American Airlines miles than last week’s offer of 75,000 miles!

The regular offer for the Citi American Airlines Executive card is for 60,000 miles after spending $5,000 within 3 months.

So the 100,000 mile offer gets you an additional 25,000 miles, but you have to spend an extra $2,500 within 3 months.  Spending $10,000 within 3 months is a lot of money, so do what you’re comfortable with.

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but the mother-in-law rule says that I let you know of the best possible offer for a card whether or not it pays a commission.

And 100,000 miles is certainly better than 60,000 or 75,000 miles!

This FlyerTalk thread also talks about a potential 100,000 mile targeted offer, but there is no direct link to the card.

Citi American Airlines Executive Card

Link:   100,000 Miles Citi American Airlines Executive Card

The 100,000 miles offer is currently the largest sign-up bonus of any publicly available airline credit card.

But the 100,000 miles offer comes with a big string attached – an annual fee of $450 a year – which is NOT waived for the first year.  And you have to pay

But you can also get up to $200 in statement credits.  The card application page says:

Plus, earn up to $200 in statement credits on purchases within 12 months of account opening.

You can usually buy American Airlines gift cards to get the statement credit.  But in this case the fine print doesn’t specify that you have to make American Airlines purchases to get the $200 statement credit.

It seems to suggest that you will get a statement credit for all purchases!  That said, I’m not 100% sure what counts towards the statement credit, but will keep you posted!

This is just a terrific deal if you get a $200 statement credit, because you will then pay only $250 for American Airlines lounge access and 100,000 American Airlines miles!

Be Careful

There is a landing page for this offer, but it is supposed to be available only to folks who get an application at an American Airlines lounge.  So your miles may vary (YMMV).

That said, you almost always get the bonus (with Citi) as long as you can access the card application page.

In this case, I was able to enter the card application just by entering my name in the box and clicking “Proceed to Application.”  I left the other boxes empty.

I was Able to Apply

I was Able to Apply by Entering My Name and Leaving the Other Information Blank

Here’s a direct link to the application page for the 100,000 mile offer.

Please take a screenshot of the landing and application page if you do decide to apply!

American Airlines Lounge Access

The $450 annual fee is very expensive but you get an American Airlines lounge membership which costs up to $500.

Relax in an American Airlines Lounge!

Relax in an American Airlines Lounge!

If you normally buy an American Airlines Admiral’s Club lounge membership, the Citi American Airlines Executive card could definately be worth it.  That’s because you not only get 75,000 miles, but you also get lounge membership, and up to $100 in statement credits for purchases on American Airlines!

And as an Admirals Club member you also have access to the US Airways Club lounges.  That’s because US Airways and American Airlines are merging.

75,000 American Miles Up To $100 Statement Credit And Lounge Access For $450

Admirals Club Members Get Access to US Airways Club Lounges

The American Express Platinum card is losing access to American Airlines & US Air lounges on March 22, 2014.

But with an American Airlines Admiral’s Club membership (either paid or from the Citi American Airlines Executive card) you and 2 guests get access to the lounge (they don’t have to be traveling with you) and you don’t have to fly on American Airlines.

Other Card Benefits

In addition to the Admiral’s Club membership, the Citi American Airlines Executive card gets you:

  • 2 miles for every $1 spent on American Airlines
  • Free checked bag
  • Priority check-in (where available)
  • Priority boarding
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Up to 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) per year after spending $40,000 in a calendar year

Buying American Airlines Miles for 0.25 to 0.45 cents per Mile

If you’re not interested in American Airlines lounge access and are just in it for the miles, this could still be a decent deal.

If you get the full $200 statement credit for buying American Airlines gift cards directly from American Airlines, you are essentially paying 0.25 cents per American Airline mile ($450 annual fee less $100 statement credit / 100,000 American Airlines miles).

This is a terrific deal!

If you don’t get the $100 statement credit, you’re buying American Airlines miles for 0.6 cents per mile ($450 Annual Fee / 100,000 American Airlines miles).

This is much cheaper than buying 100,000 miles directly from American Airlines.  It costs $1,804 to buy 75,000 miles (including 15,000 bonus miles) directly from American Airlines (which isn’t a bargain).  You would usually pay over $2,000 for 100,000 American Airlines miles.

So getting the 100,000 miles offer is a cheap way to get a bunch of American Airlines miles.  100,000 American Airlines miles will get you 4 domestic coach tickets or a flight to anywhere American Airlines or their partner airlines fly!

I don’t have the Citi Executive card with the $450 annual fee, but readers write that it is considered a different product from the regular Citi American Airlines cards.

So you may be able to apply for the Citi Executive card even if you have a Citi American Airlines credit card.  Remember to wait ~10 days between Citi applications, and don’t apply for more than 2 personal cards in a 65 day period.

If you don’t want to pay an annual fee or are new to miles and points, you’re better off with the other offers for 50,000 American Airlines miles which waives the 1st year annual fee.

How to Use American Airlines Miles

Here’s a link to a series on how to use your American Airlines miles.  It costs:

  • 25,000 American Airlines miles for a round-trip coach award in the US
  • 60,000 miles for a round-trip coach award to Europe or South America
  • 50,000 miles for a one-way award to Europe or South America in Business Class
American Airlines Business Class

100,000 American Airlines Miles is Enough for 4 Round Trip Domestic Trips or 1 Business Class Trip to Europe or South America!

For status-chasing Big Spenders, it could be worth spending $40,000 for 10,000 elite qualifying miles towards your American Airlines elite status, but if you aren’t chasing status, big spending on this card isn’t worth it.

But I Just Applied!

Citi usually doesn’t match you to a better offer if you apply for a card with a lower offer and there is a better offer later.

But Citi was matching folks to the better 75,000 mile offer last week.  So it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Please leave a comment with your experience to help others!

Bottom Line

You can get 100,000 American Airlines miles from the Citi American Airlines Executive card and up to $200 in statement credits after spending $10,000 in the first 3 months.

But you’ll pay a $450 annual fee, so this card isn’t for everyone.  That said, I’d gladly pay $450 for 100,000 American Airlines miles and a $200 statement credit!

And here are 40+ ways to meet your minimum spending.

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171 Responses to 100,000 American Airlines Miles & $200 Statement Credit!

  1. @Scott – Congrats! Don’t forget about Bluebird to help with those spending requirements.

  2. Scott, nice blog! Do you know if I would lose the miles I earn from this card, including the 100,000 bonus miles, if I close the card (which I’d like to do before the second year begins to avoid another $450 fee)? Thanks

  3. @Robert – You don’t lose the miles which are already in your account.

  4. Just applied and got approved after waiting on the phone for 2 minutes. The offer is still good ( I confirmed the 100k miles for $10k spend with the rep as well). This is my first AAdvantage card as I didn’t realize some of the possibilities until I stumbled on to this site while looking up some information before heading to Bora bora. I wished I read your blog before booking everything – anyhow, I did use the ambassador’s card while at the IC and got the room upgrade which was well worth the $200. Thanks for all these tips!

  5. @ys – Have a great trip!

  6. As a newbie, I must admit I was initially very skeptical. But now I’m a believer! Your suggestions not only worked for me in the past 2 weeks – they’ve put me and my wife on the path to earn up to 250,000 miles! I was just approved for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Card with the 50K miles offer. Within 48 hours of activating the cards, I realized I was in a position to spend $10,000 within 3 months and immediately applied online for the Citi Executive World MasterCard with the 100K miles offer – and was approved! Not sure if my long-standing Citigold banking relationship had any influence, but I was pleasantly shocked as it took fewer than 60 seconds to get approval. This happened less than 2 weeks after getting approved for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Visa (but ironically denied for the Sapphire & Marriott Rewards). My wife is waiting for her Sapphire and Southwest Rapid Rewards cards. We can finally go back to planning our vacation with the kids! Thank you!

  7. I’m a newbie to this site and applied for the 100K Citi AA Exec card as was denied. This is the first credit denial I’ve ever received and the spokesperson on the phone admitted that my credit was excellent but simply said the ‘automated’ response was that I have another Citi account. I don’t have a Citi account but he mentioned it may be a private label card from a store. I’m waiting for a letter, which I don’t expect will shed any new light, but was very disappointed that there was no reasonable explanation.

  8. Applied for this card and got approved online instantly with a $50K credit limit. (I also have their Citi AA Amex, Citi AA Visa, and Citi AA M/C from prior 50K bonus offers). When I called to activate, I confirmed the 100K offer for $10K spending. This is a great offer and looking forward to accumulating more AA miles! Over the past three years, my wife and I have redeemed 6 business class tickets on Cathay Pacific for US – Asia trips already – all on points. Love this “hobby”.

    Thanks a lot for this blog; I enjoy catching up on your daily emails to stay on top of latest offers.

  9. I’m a newbie when it comes to using credit cards to earn miles and I am wondering how opening and closing credit cards with different lenders affects borrowing in the future. I am interested in the 100,000 miles and am willing to pay the first year annual fee but am not willing to do that year after year. If I open the card, use the points and close within a year, will that affect my ability to open another card from Citi in the future? Thanks for the help!

  10. I just discovered your site yesterday and have been pouring over it. This seems like such a good offer! I’m trying to figure out how to save money on mine and my husband’s flights to Europe next year. What are the $200 statement credits good for? We’re planning to travel next summer, so could I open the card, earn the points and credits, book a flight by this time next year and use the $200 credits on the annual fee? When do you have to pay the annual fees?

    Lots to learn!

  11. @Denis W @R- That’s great news and thanks for sharing!

    @J Mag – See this series of posts.

    @Tiffany – You pay the annual fee within the 1st month. But get the statement credit for total purchases of $200 or more. You should book your flights as soon as you get the miles in your accounts because it is tough to get flights to Europe during peak periods.

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  13. So I applied for the Executive card at the beginning of Feb and was approved. Applied for the MasterCard personal one on the 4th of March (about 30 days apart) at 50k points and was denied. Referencing your comment: “Remember to wait-10 days between Citi applications, and don’t apply for more than 2 personal cards in a 65 day period.” Is there something else I could have done to avoid this? Is it because they are both MasterCards? Will I have a better chance if I apply for the visa personal card? Last time I applied for a citibank personal visa was Nov 2011. Thanks Darius.

  14. In conjunction with my last post: I guess I am scratching my head over what you mean about applying for 2 personal cards in a 65 day period? I read in one of your articles that citi now allows only 1 card approval per day (as opposed to the 2-browser trick they allowed before) however, this still means that one can get 2 personal cards in a 65 day period? How so?

  15. ….follow-up from my 3/3/2014 post. I was approved for the card with 100K points for Citi and glad they confirmed the $200 credit is for any purchase.

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  17. Hi Darius, I am wondering if I can get additional cards for my parents so that they can have lounge access? I just called Citi to ask, and they said I can get additional cards at no fee, but that I would need to be present for my parents to access the lounge. Was this information correct? Do they actually/ how would they verify at the lounge that I am the main cardholder? Thanks!

  18. Hi Daraius, I used the Citi AA CC to buy some VR, but it’s been 2 days and it’s still showing up as a temporary authorization. How long does that take to disappear and show up as a charge? Is Citi typically this slow when it comes to VR charges? Thanks!

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  20. Hey Daraius – I got this card at the end of February and my 1st billing statement (March 7) shows that I have several thousand points that have transferred to AA. But my account over there still shows zero points. I see on Flyer Talk that a handful of people are having the same issue. I’ve contacted AA through email, Twitter & the customer service line and nobody can give me an answer other than “wait, it takes 6-8 weeks for the points to show up.” But obviously, the vast majority of ppl with this card are getting them immediately. Any tips on getting those points to show up in my AAdvantage account??

  21. @Jon – What’s the reason for the denial?

    @Sara P. – That’s correct. See this post.

    @ Angie – Call Citi and confirm that they have the correct AA number associated with your card. They may have set up a new account for you.

  22. Hey Daraius. When an authorized user uses his card, am I still earning the same points as if it were on my card?

  23. @Tiffany Heidenthal – You sure are!

  24. Daraius–do you know when this offer is scheduled to expire? I’m seeing reports of people getting two and am considering it. My girlfriend did her last app on 1/3 so I am wondering if we can wait till 4/4 to apply.

  25. @Gaurav – I’ve heard rumors that it will be reevaluated on the 21st, but expect it to last longer than that.

  26. I just tried to apply and it kept asking me to re-do my email address on a correct format – tried several times, but Citi’s website doesn’t seem to be working properly.

  27. Data point: Just applied and was approved for a second AA Exec card. Looking forward to another 110k miles. Hopefully this offer will be up for another couple of weeks so I can get my girlfriend in as well!

  28. In September I applied for the Citi Gold AA card for 25K, then a few days later I applied for the Citi® Platinum Select® AAdvantage® World MasterCard® 50K card, then 65+ days later I applied for the Citi AA Business card for 50K (I got the business card around December, I’ve already completed the minimum spending but still haven’t received the miles yet, the customer rep said AA miles from business cards take longer to post than personal cards, was this the same experience for you?)

    Based on the above description, as of March 20th, do you think I would have a good shot at getting approved for the 100K card or probably not??

  29. Hi Daraius – Does this card also refund 10% of your points back for AAdvantage award redemptions similar to the Citi AMEX AAdvantage card? I’m thinking of closing my Citi AMEX and applying for this one but I’m wondering if I should get my 10% refund for the award redemption before I close it. Thanks!

  30. @ Brandon – It may be possible, but your experience could be different. Good luck!

    @Chris – I don’t believe that you get 10% of your points back with this card.

  31. Hi Daraius, I was wondering how long it typically take to receive bonus miles after reaching a spending goal. I signed up for the Aadvantage platinum card and am supposed to receive 30 K miles. Thanks for your help!

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  34. How about this “rather expensive” strategy to meet spend threshold: Buying a far-out refundable airfare at or near $10K? Upon posting of the 100K points, one cancels tix for full refund! I don’t have $10K to pay off CC at due date, so I might have to pull out signature loan and pay total interests of $230 for about 3 months–time estimated for points to post, tix cancellation, tix refund, citi cutting me a HUGE refund check. What’s WRONG with this plan, asides from the fact $230+$250=$480 out-of-pocket cost for AA lounge access, which I will infrequently use, and 100K AA miles AFTER $200 in statement credit? Interest cost can be a bit more agreeable if I do balance transfer at 2.49% with some credit union ($62+$250=$312)… Either way, with sig loan or BT, amount needed to cover $10K payment would NOT go over 50% utilization on my “victimized” trade line! Will Citi revoke points already awarded for a $10K tix cancellation? Ethical issues?

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  36. Hi Daraius,
    I applied and was approved for the Citi AA Visa signature card in February. I have just applied for the Executive version and had to call to request immediate consideration. They denied my application because I ‘already have one personal AA card’. I also have the AA World Business card, since 2007.
    Is it still worth calling the reconsideration phone line?

  37. Hi all, I’m somewhat new to miles and I’m not certain if these miles have special restrictions. Would I be able to use the miles to upgrade my friends and family or do I have to use the miles only for myself?


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  39. @Dave – If the link in the post works, the offer should still work.

    @Shar – In the next statement from when you complete the minimum spending requirement.

    @ cmoz – I wouldn’t do that because it crosses my line, but do whatever you’re comfortable with.

    @maria prel – The Executive card in this post should be considered a different version than the cards you’ve previously had.

    @Matt L – You can use the miles to book flights for others. Upgrades are usually poor uses of miles and points.

  40. Hi Daraius,
    thanks for your response. I just called the reconsideration line and the rep explained to me that there were 3 credit card requests in my file. The first request was for the personal AA card, the second was a duplicate request for the same card that apparently i had inadvertenly submitted. This is why they did not even check my credit. The system will not let them process a 3rd application. I should reapply in 30 days. Apparently they cannot remove the duplicate request from the history of my account. (bummer!)
    I am not sure when this offer ends.
    all the best, your website is always so useful.

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  42. Hi Daraius,
    I just saw your post about the VR cards, how saaad…. However, I am now happy that my application for the Executive card did not go through, I could not have met the minimum requirement without the help of the VR cards.

  43. Andy Jennings

    Got the 100k card in Feb, already had the regular one, score went up 12 points, just had 110k posted to aa account.

  44. Hi Darius,
    I’m really interested in getting this card. I currently have active:

    1. Amex gold rewards – since 1990 – have about 400k rewards points banked. We run everything we can through this card because of the points to dollars ratio.

    2. Amex platinum – since about 1 year, did 2 sign up deals in 2 years for this one and got 75k on the last one, also called them up and complained about the aa/usair club issue and they gave me 15k points & another 100 bucks for AA. I use this for all company expenses.

    3. Marriot rewards – just got it and met the 1k min spend for the 50k points promo, not sure if ill use this but thought it would be nice to start a hotel rewards card. Will also use for some company expenses if its worth building more on.

    4. Discover card – ive had sine like 90 as well and its just sitting, dont want to give this up as i have a long history with them

    5. Chase slate – ive also had for years and its just been sitting, i dont use it or get any real perks out of it, but i have a long history with them that id like to keep open. i think im gonna run some transactions to keep it active

    6. Citi Thank You Preferred – since 90, the recently cancelled this card as it sat inactive for so long so i called them back up and had it reactivated, but they did pull a credit report.

    I recently just cancelled:

    1. Amex plat delta card as they just jacked up the annual fee to 200 and dont like all the changes they have implemented

    2. Banana Republic Card – Stupid card i got a few years ago when i made a large purchased a ton of clothes…

    About me:
    I own a business, do a decent amount of business travel. I have stuck with Delta and also did the Amex Delta Platinum with a sign up bonus last year sometime. I cant recall which one it was but i have @100k miles and silver elite status. Wife travels for her job as well and also has Silver Elite with Delta.

    We used to do 1 big vacation to europe per year and covered our airfare with Amex Points. We had our first child last year and didnt do a europe trip and probably wont do one for another year or two :o( so my goal is to rack up as much points and hotel rewards to do a really big trip next time we go.

    I’m considering ditching the platinum amex again, but am hesitant for several reasons. 1 – i think it might be too soon and Amex will frown upon it an reject me next time i try to do another amex plat sign up bonus. 2. I like the idea of club access if I’m on Delta. Truth is many times i don’t even have time to goto the club but its still nice to have access. I thought the amex delta plat came with ability to pay like 25 bucks for club access which i might consider reactivating and keeping for any future Delta purchases. Then id ditch the amex plat and save 250 in annual fees. 3. priority pass for when we travel internationally 4. global entry to get

    So now im thinking about this AA CITI as i can get AA status, lounge access and make a switch from Delta. As far as hotels cards i was thinking CITI Hilton Honors Reserve, and/or the amex starwood. I read your blog on the chase priority club visa but i dont see any promos currently.

    As far as my chances of getting approved – I have 2 recent enquiries (March 2013) Chase Marriot & Citi on the reactivation. Sounds like i cant do 2 more citis this month… My score has been a consistent 770-790 for years and currently hovers around 770.. I did do a bal transfer of 4k to discover that has 16k avail credit that will stay till august which is the first time I’m carrying a balance in years. not sure if this helps or hurts me. i can pay more than the min no problem.

    So questions – should I:
    1. ditch the Amex Platinum?
    2. reactivate the Delta Platinum Amex?
    3. get the Citi AA Reserve? Can do the 10k in 3mo min spend…
    4. get the Citi hilton honors reserve? Can do 2500 in 4mo min spend…

    Any other suggestions?


  45. Hello Darrius,
    I have applied for Citi® Platinum Select® AAdvantage® World MasterCard® / 50k miles offer – got approved and just received the card this April 1.
    I would love to Apply to the Citi 10k miles offer.
    How should I proceed in order not to be denied?
    Can I call them, and they could check me out? that way.. I dont apply, get denied, and wait longer?
    what’s the number to call them to check that out?

  46. @maria prel – Glad it worked out!

    @charles – You can call can convert the Slate to the Freedom card. I’d get the Citi Exec card because 100K is a lot of miles! Hilton Reserve is good for 2 free weekend nights. I’d also consider the SPG card for hotels. And perhaps the Ink Plus/Bold card whose points you can convert to United, Hyatt or other hotels. If you no longer travel on Delta, you could cancel the Platinum card.

  47. poohcrackers

    I applied for this offer last week and was instantly approved. I already had the Citi AA visa signature since October so I wasn’t sure if I qualified for this Exec deal, but all looks good. Just received the card yesterday and verified with a representative of my 100k signup bonus with the $200 statement credit! I’m new to the game, and what persuaded me was we have been researching and shopping around the past several weeks for our honeymoon coming up later this year. I’ll have no trouble meeting this minimum spend with booking our trip to Fiji!

    I have been reading more of your posts as well as other travel blogs and I’m interested in making my credit work for me with points and miles deals. So you’ll probably start seeing more of me around. Thanks!

  48. @poohcrackers – Congrats!

  49. Daraius – thanks for the website. I’ve been a reader for many years and have signed up for many cards through your site.

    I”ve got a quick question if you don’t mind. I saw you and Emily went to India recently. I just found out I will be going to Kochi, India in July for work. My wife is going to come visit me for a week and I’d love to avoid the $2K airfare. Any tips on a card or two that could help the most?

    This 100K AA one looks great, except I don’t think I can put $10K of spend on a card in one or two cycles. What about the 50K version? Any other suggestions or do you think it’s a little too late to fly with miles? I have tons of Southwest points (including CP) and ~50K Delta Skymiles currently, but that’s it. She’d be flying out of Atlanta.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  50. @Kevin – You could fly on Etihad with AA miles, but would need ~90K for a return coach ticket. Or you could do 1 way on American Airlines and 1 way using United miles, but it could be hard to find seats in July. I’d consider the 50K AA personal card and the 50K AA business card. Note that you will pay high fuel surcharges if you try to redeem AA miles on British Airways, so I’d skip that option.

  51. Darius – thanks a ton as always! I just finished spending $10k on mine and got another one for my wife and hope to spend $10k at the earliest possible. With the VRCs not being an option at CVS anymore, any other avenues to spend $10k asap?

    Also, I plan on using AA miles to India (MAA). How many miles do I require for a round trip for 3 (including my little one)?

  52. Anyone know how long the points take to hit your AA account? Just got my statement and it says I earned the 100,000 bonus, but I don’t see them in my AA account yet. Looking to cancel so I want to be sure they post first.

  53. Darius- your vacation to Paris inspired me. I just received a offer from Amex business platinum card. Spend 5k over three month and receive 100k membership reward points, . Should I jump on it? I have 750k miles on Korean air,550k miles on Asiana air and 200k on UR. Need 4 biz tickets to Europe and its tough with those two Asian award programs.. I applied for chase sapphire and Barclay arrival , Chase gave me instant approval for $30k but Barclay said they will need to review.. Is that normal for Barclay arrival card?

  54. @JayPee – Buy Visa gift cards and go to Wal-Mart to reload your Bluebird.

    @Mark – Should be within your 1st to 2nd statements.

    @ Yong – That is normal for the Arrival card. The 100K is a good offer as well. That said, I’d ask an award booking service to help you use your existing miles.

  55. Hi Darius,
    Thanks for the feedback. You suggest converting my slate to a freedom and also picking up an ink plus bold. What do you think about the Chase Saphire Preferred as an alternative to the freedom or ink plus?


  56. @charles – The Sapphire Preferred is a good card, but you won’t get the bonus if you convert the card. So better applying for that card separately to get the bonus.

  57. Darius, Thoughts on my strategy here? First of all, If I have the Citi Visa AA regular card if I sign-up for this AA World Elite MC card above will I still be eligible for the 100,000 miles? Also, I hate annual fees so will work to get that $200 Hilton credit and was also thinking of signing up for the new AMEX SimplyCash Business card with the $250 credit once reaching spend threshold of $3,000 in 3 months. Therefore, apply that $250 for this annual fee and in essence have no annual fee – what are your thought here?

    Thanks for all you do!

  58. @WJB – If you have the regular Citi AA card, you can still get the Exec card. Just make sure that you don’t have more than 2 applications within the last 65 days. If you apply for both cards, you effectively won’t pay an annual fee (though in reality you will pay it on the Exec card, but will get a $250 credit on the other card).

  59. Hi Darius,
    I’ve applied city 100k elite exec card and got instant approval on Feb 17th 2014.
    Recently i applied regular AA card 50K (platinum select AA world master card) on April 6th & received declined letter by stating that “our records indicate that you already have citi aa account…”

    What mistake have i made for being declined? Can i reapply AA 50k offer? or if i call customer care, will they reconsider?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  60. @Malli – You can get the regular AA platinum select card and then get the AA executive card but as reported on FlyerTalk, the reverse order does not work for the reason your letter stated.

  61. Thanks mattewD!
    So how long should I wait & reapply for getting it approved?

  62. @Malli – You’ll need to wait 65 days from the date of the first application (assuming you’ve only applied for the two cards with Citi you described above) before another Citi card of any kind will be approved. However I’m afraid you’re done with the “personal” AA Platinum 50K cards for around 18 months from the date of your first application. You can still apply for the Citi “Business” AA Platinum 50K card or even get another 100K Executive card knowing you can only apply for two cards of any kind in a 65 day period (and not more than one in eight days). Here’s the part you’ll hate (sorry to be the bearer). You could’ve gotten approved for a second 100K Executive card had you applied for it instead of the 50K Platinum (search google for “flyertalk 100K citi”).

  63. @Malli – Good News! Check my math on the 65 days from your first application on February 17, but you should be able to get another 100K Executive card on April 23 (assuming you’ve only applied for the two Citi cards you mentioned above) .

  64. I am somewhat new to this and I have never opened a Citi card of any kind before. I recently bought a house and will be doing some remodeling, so I thought it would be a good time since I shouldn’t have a problem meeting the 10K spend. I actually think I wouldn’t have a problem meeting a 20K spend, so I am wondering what would be the best strategy for getting the maximum amount of AA miles? Thanks!

  65. @Katie – Some folks are reporting that you maybe able to get 1 Executive card now, and another in ~8 days. As always, your experience could be different, but you’d get 200K miles.

  66. Thanks matthewD for the in depth details. One question, do I need to wait 65+ days from my recent declined application date (April 6th) or from the first approved application (Feb 17th)? for applying the second 100k miles card.

    I’m not eligible for the personal 50K miles any more. am i correct?

  67. @Malli – Your done with any “personal” AA card (NOT including the Executive) for 12-26 months (18 months for most) from the date you were last approved for ANY AA card (INCLUDING an Executive). If I were you, I would apply for the second Executive card on April 24 assuming you’ve only applied for the two Citi cards since February 17. Good Luck!

  68. One other question. Does this card earn 1 mile for every $1 spent? I didn’t see anywhere that it did, but the non-executive card does. Anyone know? Thanks!

  69. Just a heads up. Looks like a couple corrections might clarify. Change the $100 to $200.

    “If you get the full $200 statement credit for buying American Airlines gift cards directly from American Airlines, you are essentially paying 0.25 cents per American Airline mile ($450 annual fee less $100 statement credit / 100,000 American Airlines miles).

    This is a terrific deal!

    If you don’t get the $100 statement credit, you’re buying American Airlines miles for 0.6 cents per mile ($450 Annual Fee / 100,000 American Airlines miles).”

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