100,000 American Airlines Miles & $200 Statement Credit!

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Update:   This offer for the Citi American Airlines Executive card in this post is no longer available, but check Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Via The Points Guy, you can now get 100,000 American Airlines miles on the Citi American Airlines Executive card + up to $200 in statement credits after spending $10,000 within 3 months.

This is the best deal which I’ve seen in the last year!

This is 40,000 more miles than the regular offer for 60,000 miles!  And 25,000 more American Airlines miles than last week’s offer of 75,000 miles!

The regular offer for the Citi American Airlines Executive card is for 60,000 miles after spending $5,000 within 3 months.

So the 100,000 mile offer gets you an additional 25,000 miles, but you have to spend an extra $2,500 within 3 months.  Spending $10,000 within 3 months is a lot of money, so do what you’re comfortable with.

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but the mother-in-law rule says that I let you know of the best possible offer for a card whether or not it pays a commission.

And 100,000 miles is certainly better than 60,000 or 75,000 miles!

This FlyerTalk thread also talks about a potential 100,000 mile targeted offer, but there is no direct link to the card.

Citi American Airlines Executive Card

Link:   100,000 Miles Citi American Airlines Executive Card

The 100,000 miles offer is currently the largest sign-up bonus of any publicly available airline credit card.

But the 100,000 miles offer comes with a big string attached – an annual fee of $450 a year – which is NOT waived for the first year.  And you have to pay

But you can also get up to $200 in statement credits.  The card application page says:

Plus, earn up to $200 in statement credits on purchases within 12 months of account opening.

You can usually buy American Airlines gift cards to get the statement credit.  But in this case the fine print doesn’t specify that you have to make American Airlines purchases to get the $200 statement credit.

It seems to suggest that you will get a statement credit for all purchases!  That said, I’m not 100% sure what counts towards the statement credit, but will keep you posted!

This is just a terrific deal if you get a $200 statement credit, because you will then pay only $250 for American Airlines lounge access and 100,000 American Airlines miles!

Be Careful

There is a landing page for this offer, but it is supposed to be available only to folks who get an application at an American Airlines lounge.  So your miles may vary (YMMV).

That said, you almost always get the bonus (with Citi) as long as you can access the card application page.

In this case, I was able to enter the card application just by entering my name in the box and clicking “Proceed to Application.”  I left the other boxes empty.

I was Able to Apply

I was Able to Apply by Entering My Name and Leaving the Other Information Blank

Here’s a direct link to the application page for the 100,000 mile offer.

Please take a screenshot of the landing and application page if you do decide to apply!

American Airlines Lounge Access

The $450 annual fee is very expensive but you get an American Airlines lounge membership which costs up to $500.

Relax in an American Airlines Lounge!

Relax in an American Airlines Lounge!

If you normally buy an American Airlines Admiral’s Club lounge membership, the Citi American Airlines Executive card could definately be worth it.  That’s because you not only get 100,000 miles, but you also get lounge membership, and up to $200 in statement credits for purchases on American Airlines!

And as an Admirals Club member you also have access to the US Airways Club lounges.  That’s because US Airways and American Airlines are merging.

75,000 American Miles Up To $100 Statement Credit And Lounge Access For $450

Admirals Club Members Get Access to US Airways Club Lounges

The American Express Platinum card is losing access to American Airlines & US Air lounges on March 22, 2014.

But with an American Airlines Admiral’s Club membership (either paid or from the Citi American Airlines Executive card) you and 2 guests get access to the lounge (they don’t have to be traveling with you) and you don’t have to fly on American Airlines.

Other Card Benefits

In addition to the Admiral’s Club membership, the Citi American Airlines Executive card gets you:

  • 2 miles for every $1 spent on American Airlines
  • Free checked bag
  • Priority check-in (where available)
  • Priority boarding
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Up to 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) per year after spending $40,000 in a calendar year

Buying American Airlines Miles for 0.25 to 0.45 cents per Mile

If you’re not interested in American Airlines lounge access and are just in it for the miles, this could still be a decent deal.

If you get the full $200 statement credit for buying American Airlines gift cards directly from American Airlines, you are essentially paying 0.25 cents per American Airline mile ($450 annual fee less $200 statement credit / 100,000 American Airlines miles).

This is a terrific deal!

If you don’t get the $200 statement credit, you’re buying American Airlines miles for 0.6 cents per mile ($450 Annual Fee / 100,000 American Airlines miles).

This is much cheaper than buying 100,000 miles directly from American Airlines.  It costs $1,804 to buy 75,000 miles (including 15,000 bonus miles) directly from American Airlines (which isn’t a bargain).  You would usually pay over $2,000 for 100,000 American Airlines miles.

So getting the 100,000 miles offer is a cheap way to get a bunch of American Airlines miles.  100,000 American Airlines miles will get you 4 domestic coach tickets or a flight to anywhere American Airlines or their partner airlines fly!

I don’t have the Citi Executive card with the $450 annual fee, but readers write that it is considered a different product from the regular Citi American Airlines cards.

So you may be able to apply for the Citi Executive card even if you have a Citi American Airlines credit card.  Remember to wait ~10 days between Citi applications, and don’t apply for more than 2 personal cards in a 65 day period.

If you don’t want to pay an annual fee or are new to miles and points, you’re better off with the other offers for 50,000 American Airlines miles which waives the 1st year annual fee.

How to Use American Airlines Miles

Here’s a link to a series on how to use your American Airlines miles.  It costs:

  • 25,000 American Airlines miles for a round-trip coach award in the US
  • 60,000 miles for a round-trip coach award to Europe or South America
  • 50,000 miles for a one-way award to Europe or South America in Business Class
American Airlines Business Class

100,000 American Airlines Miles is Enough for 4 Round Trip Domestic Trips or 1 Business Class Trip to Europe or South America!

For status-chasing Big Spenders, it could be worth spending $40,000 for 10,000 elite qualifying miles towards your American Airlines elite status, but if you aren’t chasing status, big spending on this card isn’t worth it.

But I Just Applied!

Citi usually doesn’t match you to a better offer if you apply for a card with a lower offer and there is a better offer later.

But Citi was matching folks to the better 75,000 mile offer last week.  So it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Please leave a comment with your experience to help others!

Bottom Line

You can get 100,000 American Airlines miles from the Citi American Airlines Executive card and up to $200 in statement credits after spending $10,000 in the first 3 months.

But you’ll pay a $450 annual fee, so this card isn’t for everyone.  That said, I’d gladly pay $450 for 100,000 American Airlines miles and a $200 statement credit!

And here are 40+ ways to meet your minimum spending.

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252 responses to “100,000 American Airlines Miles & $200 Statement Credit!

  1. Hi,
    I am wondering if my cut off date is 9th of the month, and I have completed the required purchases will they put my miles in my account before we have payed the bill? Do you have to wait the 3 months to get your miles?

  2. @andrea – If you completed it a few days before the cut off, you should get it when the statement closes.

  3. Thanks so much. I hope so as we have some reservations on hold.

  4. Do the 100,000 miles count toward status? (i.e. can you get platinum status because you now have the miles through the card or are they not counted toward your status?)

  5. Hi Daraius, do you know if people are still successfully getting the bonus twice by signing up for the card twice? thanks!

  6. @Jared – It doesn’t count towards status.

    @ Rachel – Some are, but I can’t comment specifically.

  7. If I do this deal , get the 100K miles, then cancel the card before having the pay the annual fee again for the next year, what happens to my miles? Will they live on forever in my AA account, or do they expire?

  8. Great site!

    I had a question about Lounge memberships. Lets say you have a United Club credit card but you’re NOT flying United on your current trip. Can you still go to the United Lounge if you’re flying, let’s say, Delta?


  9. @ David – The miles in your account are yours to keep.

    @Deep – You sure can.

  10. There have been a lot of recent posts about this offer and if it has expired. Is the link on you Hot Deals page still for the 100k? Does it waive any part of the $450 fee? As this offer appears to change, is a better offer/link available?

  11. Can the 100000 miles be used on US Airways since they just merged?

  12. @Tidbits – The link on the Hot Deals page goes to the 100K offer with the statement credit.

    @ddpowell24 – They sure can!

  13. QuickQuestioner

    Thanks for all the helpful info. I have searched everywhere to see if the 100,000 bonus offer has expired or if it’s still available. Citi’s website shows the only World Elite AAdvantage bonus mile card has a maximum of 50,000 miles. They confirmed the same by phone.
    Have you confirmed 100% that the above link you have posted still works to get the 100,000 bonus miles? And if so, how much longer will it be available?
    Did you say it’s better to sign up in the middle of the month (or a few days into the month) in order to stretch the 3 months into 4 months? how does that work?
    Please advise regarding sign-up and best time of month to sign up. Thanks!

  14. I got approved for this card on the 28th of june.

    Earlier in june I had been targeted for complimentary Gold Elite status until september 15th, 2014. Just got the offer by email, signed up and that’s it. Gold status for a few months.

    This temp upgrade has the possibility of being extended until February 29, 2016 if I “Fly on American, US Airways or select airlines* to reach 6,000 elite–qualifying miles or points by September 15, 2014”

    I’m wondering what can I do to achieve this extension:

    How do they disburse the EQM for this card? once a year? I’m going to spend $10k in the first month, with the possibility of spending another $20k before the end of august, which could technically earn me 7500 EQM. I’m wondering if this would help me get 6000 EQM.

    Otherwise, I might have to buy a ticket (instead of using miles) to fly from Europe to LA, which earns over 6000 miles after the 25% bonus for gold members.

    Here are the details of the offer https://www.aa.com/content/images/email/marketingOneOff/HVC/HVC_trig_V1_GLegal.html

    Thanks Hilary!

  15. @QuickQuestioner – I used the link on the Hot Deal page and it worked.

    @eddie – The EQM should post after the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes. That said, I’m not sure if eqm from the credit card will count towards the EQM for the gold challenge.

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  17. Heres hoping

    Anybody applied for and received this card/offer in July?

  18. I applied on July 2nd 2014 through the link, I was nervous as it didn’t mention anything about a bonus (nothing at all!). I was instantly approved for the card. Called in and confirmed that I got the 100K miles and the $200 statement credit. Woohoo!

  19. I applied on July 2 2014 through the link, was worried as it didn’t show me anything about an offer on the application page. Was instantly approved. Called in and confirmed that I received the 100K miles and $200 statement credit. Woohoo!

  20. @dave s – Congrats and thanks for the update!

  21. hello darius, or anyone who can answer.

    i got the AA exec in march and met all requirements. and got my points. so my question is this info all correct?

    i can not apply for the regular AA personal card 50K offer…for 18-24 months. but i could apply again for the EXEC now?

    also if my boyfriend were to open an AA person 50K offer and get approved, he could open up an AA EXEC anytime after 8 days and get the bonus for both offers, just not the other way around?

    if any one can clear this up or confirm it for me, i would be most grateful, thank you!

  22. Nirmala Wadhwani

    I want to apply American Airline Black card

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  24. Just tried the link and got approved instantly. Also I called the Citi and confirmed that I will get 100,000 bonus points and $200 statement credit.

  25. I was just approved via the link above – received 100k miles and the $200 credit.

  26. Can anyone confirm if the statement credit is only given for AA purchases or for meeting the $10,000 in 3 months?

  27. @Derik – For the 1st $200 in any purchases.

  28. Question for you:
    I applied and received this card for myself and also a separate card for my wife.
    I have called and activated my card.
    It will take 2-3 months for us to spend the 10k on my card.
    My plan is for us to just keep my wife’s card “un-activated” until we meet the 10k spending threshold on my card, then she will call and activate her card and we’ll start spending on hers.
    My question is, What will happen when my wife calls to activate her card 3 months from now? Will she get 90 days to spend from that date, or will she be out of luck due to some time restriction?
    Great site.
    Thank you,

  29. Looks like the link is dead today, 7-11.

  30. @Sam – You get 3 months from when you were approved and not from when you activated the card.

    @ RevNelson – Hopefully a new link comes up!

  31. Hi Daraius – I am in a very bad situation and I was wondering if you had any advice. I made the mistake of not realizing that the $450 annual fee for the Citi American Airlines Executive card did not count towards the $10,000 spending requirement. My 3 month period ended 10 days ago and I was only $231 short (excluding the $450 yearly fee)! I called twice and spoke with a Supervisor, to no avail. I couldn’t help getting a bit emotional since we were counting on using these miles for our honeymoon :(. I accept that it was my mistake to have overlooked this rule, but I wanted to see if you thought there was still a way to “fight” this. I would go out immediately and spend the last couple of hundred dollars if I could. Please let me know if you have any insight! Thank you in advance.

  32. If the link was dead on 7/11, it’s now working. Just applied, was approved and called to confirm both the 100k miles and $200 statement credit.

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  34. Hi,

    Is this deal dead now? The link doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  35. seems to be yeah, was working last night, not sure why it’s down now.

  36. @Amanda – You could tweet Citi or write to their executive office.

  37. How do you all meet spending limit?

  38. Link is still broken? I’ve been trying for the past 3 days. nada. Darius? any idea?

  39. From what I’ve been hearing this offer is finally dead. Six months was a long time for this kind of offer!

  40. @Frenchy @Scott – Looks like it is finally dead.

  41. If I have this new card (executive) and I have the regular AA city AA card that has been around a while with the 50K sign up that give 10% back when making a an award booking– which card should I use when I make my award booking to ensure that I get my 10% back in miles when making award booking? Does the new Executive AA card offer this?

  42. Can I transfer money from another credit cad to reach the $10,000?

  43. Hey Darius, If I sign up for an American Airlines Mastercard or Visa Card and spend the minimum amount to get the promotion points, Will I still get to keep the points if I cancel the card. It looks like its a big annual fee of $450. I wouldnt want to keep the card forever.

  44. I am declined for my first one. Called recon was told that I had a bad account with Citi before. I went on to ask what was bad about it, just to find out I had a Dividend card that was closed for inactivity. I did not spend anything on it, because it had no good rewards.

    They closed my account= Bad account= No future business.

    How cheap is this bank?

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  46. The 60k link is broken. Is there another one?

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  48. My offer spend $3k and get 60,000 points. I met the $3k in the first month 2 days before my statement cut off. From you experience when does those 60,000 points show up?

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  51. @LeeRoy
    If all the transactions post this statement then you will get in current statement, otherwise wext statement.

  52. Hi Daraius,
    Now that Costco has dumped AMEX, and takes any Visa, do you know of any Visa card tied to AmericanAir?

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