35,000 Miles Hawaiian Air Cards Are Back!

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Thanks to Marilyn B for emailing that you can get 35,000 Hawaiian Air miles after spending $1,000 on either the Hawaiian Air personal card or the Hawaiian Air business cards!

Should I Apply For The Hawaiian Air Card ASAP?

Bank of America used to issue the Hawaiian Air cards, but lost the contract a few months ago.  Barclaycard now issues the Hawaiian Air credit cards.

Barclaycard is also getting stricter on approving folks for multiple Barclaycard cards.  So I wouldn’t rush to get the Hawaiian Air cards unless you have a specific need for Hawaiian Air miles.

If you’ve never applied for any Barclaycard credit card, I’d suggest getting the Barclaycard US Air card for 35,000 US Air miles after your 1st purchase before getting other Barclaycard credit cards.

That’s because Barclaycard will stop issuing the US Air credit card very soon.  US Air miles will eventually become American Airlines miles because of the US Air and American Airlines merger.  So this is your last chance to stock-up on US Air miles with the Barclaycard credit card!

Note that the 35,000 mile offer does NOT pay me a commission, but is a better offer for you than the public version for 30,000 miles (which does pay me a commission).

Hawaiian Air Credit Cards

Link:   Hawaiian Air Personal Credit Card

Link:   Hawaiian Air Personal Card Terms & Conditions

Link:   Hawaiian Air Business Credit Card

Link:   Hawaiian Air Business Card Terms & Conditions

1.   Sign-Up Bonus

You get 35,000 Hawaiian Air miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months.  

2.  Free Checked Bag

You get 1 free checked bag when you use your Barclaycard Hawaiian Air credit card to buy tickets directly from Hawaiian Air.  This appears to be valid only on the personal credit card and not for the business credit card card.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as lucrative as the free checked bag from other credit cards.

  • The terms say that you have to buy the ticket directly from Hawaiian Airlines. You won’t get the free checked-bag if you buy the ticket from third parties such as travel agencies (online booking sites such as Expedia, etc.)
  • You have to buy the ticket with your Hawaiian Air personal card
  • But the worst restriction is that the free checked-bag is only for the primary cardmember.  This means that a family of 4 with only 1 cardholder in the family, will get only 1 checked bag for free.  In contrast, the Delta credit card gets up to 9 folks on the same reservation 1 free checked bag.  Perhaps this is Barclaycard’s way of getting more than 1 person in a family to sign-up for the card!

However, Hawaiian Air elite Gold and Platinum members and Premier Club members get 1 extra bag if they have the Barclaycard Hawaiian Air card.

3.   50% Off Companion Discount

You get a 1-time 50% discount towards the CASH price of a coach round-trip ticket for a companion.  This isn’t valid for award bookings, but it could help save some cash for trips to Hawaii.

The screenshot below is of the 50% discount certificate from my Bank of America Hawaiian Air card, but it appears to have the same restrictions as the new certificate with the Barclaycard cards.

Barclays Hawaiian Air Credit Card

You get a 50% Discount On a Companion Ticket

However, this isn’t as lucrative as the companion ticket on the Alaska Air card because you only pay taxes and fees for your companion (instead of 50% of the cost) with the Alaska Air companion ticket.

This discount is only valid on round-trip coach flights between Hawaii and North America (inter-island flights don’t qualify!) booked through the primary cardholders account.  And the primary cardholder has to travel with the companion.

The 50% discount is valid for 13 months from when it is issued and will show up in your Hawaiian Air account.

4.   Discounted Award Travel

The terms say that you get discounted award flights for having the Hawaiian Air credit card.  This appears to be valid only on the personal credit card and not for the business credit card card.  

But you can only view the discounted awards by logging on to the Hawaiian Air website.

Barclays Hawaiian Air Credit Card-007

Pay 17,5000 Miles Instead of 20,000 Miles With The Barclaycard Hawaiian Air Card

In practice, this means that you get access to very limited awards for 17,500 miles 1-way to Hawaii instead of the usual 20,000 miles.

5.   Share Miles for Free

Most airlines charge to transfer miles from someone else’s account to your account.  But you can receive miles from a friend or family member for free, up to 10 times a year.

Share Miles for Free up to 10 Times a Year

Share Miles for Free up to 10 Times a Year

This is a nice benefit, but remember that your friend or family member can usually book award tickets for anyone!  So you don’t have to consolidate miles in one account.

6.   $100 Statement Credit for Hawaiian Air Elite Members

Hawaiian Air elite Gold and Platinum members can get up to $100 in annual statement credits towards in-flight purchases.

This appears to be valid only on the personal credit card and not for the business credit card card.

In-flight purchases include meals, drinks and entertainment.  They do NOT include paying extra to select seats or for upgrades to first class.

But this isn’t as good as it seems because the terms and conditions say that you are allowed a maximum credit of $10 per day.  So you have to be traveling on 10 separate days to get the full credit (which should be possible if you’re an elite member).

7.   Annual Fee

However, the $89 annual fee is NOT waived for the 1st year.

8.   Foreign Transaction Fee

There is no foreign transaction fee (usually 3%) for charges not in US dollars.  More cards should have no foreign transaction fees!

9.  Anniversary Bonus

A.  Bonus Miles

You earn an extra 5,000 Hawaiian Air miles if you spend $10,000 or more within your card anniversary year.  Your card anniversary year usually starts when you are approved for the card and ends 1 year later.

An extra 5,000 miles is a very small incentive to spend $10,000 on your Hawaiian Air card!

Share Miles for Free up to 10 Times a Year

You Have to Spend a Lot to Get The Annual Bonus Miles

If you have the business card, you get an extra:

  • 20,000 miles for spending $50,000 to $99,000 or
  • 40,000 miles for spending $100,000 or more
B.   $100 Companion Discount

You also get a $100 discount off one companion ticket for each year you have the Barclaycard Hawaiian Air card.  This appears to be valid only on the personal credit card and not for the business credit card card.

This discount is only valid on round-trip coach flights between Hawaii and North America (inter-island flights don’t qualify!) booked through the primary cardholders account.  And the primary cardholder has to travel with the companion.

10.   Earning Hawaiian Air Miles

You earn:

  • 2 miles per $1 spent for direct purchases on Hawaiian Air
  • 1 mile per $1 spent for everything else

In addition, you may earn up to 10 miles per $1 on purchases by shopping with select Hawaiian Air partners.

Earn up to 10 Extra Miles Per $1 Spent With Hawaiian Air Partners

Earn up to 10 Extra Miles Per $1 Spent With Hawaiian Air Partners

Using Hawaiian Air Miles

Link:   Hawaiian Air Award Chart

Link:   Hawaiian Air Partner Airlines Award Chart

Link:   Hawaiian Air Non-Airline Awards

A.   For Hawaiian Air Flights

It costs 20,000 miles for a 1-way coach award from North America to Hawaii. And 7,500 miles for a 1-way inter-island flight.  Hawaiian Air also flies to Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and China.

Barclays Hawaiian Air Credit Card-004

The Hawaiian Air Award Chart

B.   On Partner Airlines

You can redeem Hawaiian Air miles for travel on different partner airlines including American Airlines, Virgin America, Virgin Australia, etc.

It costs 35,000 Hawaiian Air miles for a round-trip in coach on American Airlines between North American and Mexico or the Caribbean.

Use Hawaiian Air Miles to Fly on Other Airlines

Use Hawaiian Air Miles to Fly on Other Airlines

35,000 to 40,000 Hawaiian Air miles will also get you an award on Jet Blue worth $260 6o $339.

However, you have to book partner awards on the phone by calling 877-426-4537.  The call center is open only from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Hawaii Time.  In my experience, you have to call multiple times before the agent is able to book awards for you.

C.   Transfer to Hilton

You can transfer Hawaiian Air miles at a 1:1.5 ratio to Hilton hotel points in 10,000 mile increments.  This means that 10,000 Hawaiian Air miles will transfer to 15,000 Hilton points.  However, you have to call Hawaiian Air at 877-426-4537 to make the transfer.

Other redemption options includes redeeming for hotel, car rental, and other gift cards.  These aren’t a great value, but could be useful to some.

Bottom Line

It is nice to see the Hawaiian Air personal and business cards return with a 35,000 mile bonus.

It is worth applying for these cards, but I’d study the Hawaiian Air award chart to see if applying for the card makes sense for you!

PS:  I just got back to the US, and will try to reply to email and comments as soon as possible.

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73 responses to “35,000 Miles Hawaiian Air Cards Are Back!

  1. Since it’s Barclay, maybe they’ll offer an additional mileage earning incentive like the 15k bonus I just got on my last USAir card. I hope to see reports of this in a few months.

  2. Is the Bank of Hawaii card gone too? I have gotten the Bank of America card and the Bank of Hawaii one.

  3. Do you know if Barclays will let you sign up for a personal and business card at the same time?

  4. Too bad BOA lost the contract for this HA card, made for a great additional option for AOR.
    Barclays should waive the $89 AF, that would make this product more desirable. Thanks for the post D.

  5. Hey Daraius, Thanks for the shout-out! Will be watching this one to see if Barclays decides to waive the fee or offer the extra mileage incentive @Lisa mentions. Got that on my USAir MC and husband is working on the same offer for his right now.

  6. is there any card that you can use to get bags free on Hawaii Airlines or any card that you can get bags free for inter island flights?

  7. Hey! Long time follower and fan. Thanks for all ur help. 2 things please- (1) after canceling a chase card (ex: sapphire preffered) how long must I wait to reapply and recieve the bonus again? How about with Amex? Thanks so much! (2) I switched my chase sapphire preffered Visa card into a MasterCard a little over 6 months ago. Can I now apply for the Visa card and get the 40,000 bonus? Or will chase tell me that since I have the MasterCard I can’t get the visa with the bonus? Thanks! Love ur website!

  8. Hey from what I can tell, discounted awards may also be available if there is a Bank of Hawaii check card linked to the Hawaiian Miles Account. Possibly diminishes the value of the card for us Hawaiians with bank of hawaii accounts.

  9. Business card is worthless except to transfer to HH…they don’t let you combine points from business and personal cards and keep them in separate accounts…as you stated business card awards are on a different, higher rate, award chart. At least this is the way it was with the old cards, and since it was HA policies that made the CC company look bad (csr claimed it was one of the reasons they were dumping the card) I think it will be the same with barlaycards

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  11. I doubt Bank of Hawaii issues HA cards anymore. Their card was handled by FIA, which is BofA’s credit card department.

    • @Jasmine @tassojunior – They no longer issue the credit card since it was issued by a division of Bank of America.

      @Brian – Barclays is a lot tougher than other banks, so it could be a struggle to get both.

      @MYRflyer – It was better when BOA issued the cards.

      @Marilyn B – Thanks again!

      @steven K – Not that I know about. You could get the American Express Platinum card, designate Hawaiian Air as your selected airline, and use the $200 yearly credit towards the bag fees.

      @ Aaron – I don’t believe that you can have 2 versions of the Sapphire Preferred open at the same time. AMEX specifies in the terms and conditions that it may be possible to get the bonus again after ~12 months of not having the card open. But read the terms and conditions carefully since it keeps changing.

      @ Chase – Good to know!

      @wise2u – Couldn’t you just merge the two Hawaiian Air accounts?

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  14. No, that is the problem. I had BOA try and they could not get it done. Hawaiian Airlines sets them up in separate accounts and they can not be combined. I would be interested to see if this changes now that Barclaycard has both cards.

  15. Daraius, I wanted to use your link for the Barclay USAirways card , since I don’t have any Barclay card yet, and it says that the offer is already expired? Do you have new working link that I can use to apply for the card and get the best signup bonus? Thank you!

  16. EDIT: your link is working, but the link in FlyerTalk aren’t (the one that has the annual fee waived for the first year)

  17. Darius,
    I closed my BofA Hawaiian card last year (Feb 2013), am I still eligible for the promotion of 35000 miles if I apply for this card, since it is less than 1 year?

  18. Hi,do you know long it take for the companion pass to show up after each card is approved?

  19. Is there any way to avoid or get the $85 annual fee for first year waived? it kills the deal….

    • @David G – Try the 3rd link in the FlyerTalk thread for the better 35,000 mile offer.

      @kay_jay – They are from different banks, so it should be possible.

      @ Andy – I don’t have experience with Barclay, but it was pretty quick with the Bank of America cards.

      @David G – Not that I know about.

  20. Thank you for your response, Daraius! I have another serious question: If I apply multiple different credit cards that are issued by same bank in same day, would that be counted as one hard credit pull and less hurt for credit score? For example: I apply Barclay USAirways and Barclay Hawaiian Air on the same day, using different browser/incognito trick. Is this doable?
    Thanks again!

  21. What happens to existing BOA cards? will it get converted to a different card or will it retain the same benefits?

    • @David G – Different applications with each bank will count as a separate inquiry. There’s no way to combine credit inquiries from multiple banks.

      @Joseph – I got a renewal notice for my Hawaiian Air card, so it could remain the same.

  22. We don’t currently have any Barclay’s cards. I know we did in the past. I thought it was my Air Tran card which I closed in Sept. 2013 but I looked at it and it is a Chase card. Maybe the one before the Chase one was??? I’ve never had a US Air card. Should we both apply? Is there some other card it could’ve been? We have only ever had: Amex gold premier, Citi AA bus and pers and amex, Chase Southwest bus and pers, Air Tran (had it 2 separate times), Chase United and Ink, and the Capital One from the match your miles thing. Thanks for any words of wisdom.

    • @Tammy Horvath – You’re right! Barclays used to issue an Air Tran card before Chase did. It depends on your goals, but I prefer the Barclays US Air, Arrival card ($440 in unrestricted travel) to the Hawaiian Air card. If you’d rather have cash to cover hotels or travel expenses, I’d pick the Arrival card. Otherwise the US Air card over the Hawaiian Air card.

  23. Thanks!!! We both got approved for the US Air card. If we don’t use the miles they will eventually combine with our AA miles. I have to book a flight to Las Vegas from PIT or DCA/ BWI area in November yet, but other than that everything is already booked for this year.

  24. I already got the 35k bonus for the BOA card last year. If I cancel the BOA card and then reapply for the Barclays one, will I be able to get the 35k Bonus again? Do I need wait a certain amount of time in between?

  25. Just a question…never been to OGG.I realize suddenly that there are not any airport lounges here except Hawaiin .Will they accept any other airlines passes? I tried to call but they are closed today.I leave soon and have a very long wait after dropping the car off! Thanks. I am here in maui right now.

  26. Hi Daraius,
    I want to cancel the us air card but do they have the dining to program or any other way to earn pts so that my miles won’t expire until I us air miles becomes aa miles? Thanks

  27. Just opened the new Bank of Hawaii hawaiianair mastercard. What will happen to my old Bank of Hawaii hawaiianair visa? Will I have 2 different accounts with different lines of credit? or Will they merge my card?

  28. I picked up the BOA card and the Bank of Hawaii card last March. I just received an email from Barclays saying that my current BOA card will be converted to a Barclays MasterCard in April. I was going to cancel both of them anyway, but I was going to wait till after my next application round in late March. Should I go ahead and cancel now so that I Can apply for the Barclays card later and get a new sign up bonus? Does cancelling a card or two hurt my chances of getting other cards in late March/

  29. Hey Darius,

    Just a few things for readers and a question for you. I have the older BOA Hawaiian Miles card and applied for the Barclay Bank Hawaiian Miles card and was approved and received the bonus while still having the BOA card open. Now that they are getting rid of the BOA HM card they will transfer the information to Barclay Bank and you will be issued a new card in April. The BOA information will be void and a new online account with Barclay will need to be created. I’m not sure about those who already have a Barclay account but I believe they will be merged.

    My questions is about churning Barclay cards as I want to apply for another HM card. It looks as if Bank of Hawaii is offering a HM card but it is through Barclay Bank also. If I have the new Barclay Bank HM card can I apply for the BOH HM card and get approved while still having the other Barclay card active? I’m mostly looking for the bonus miles but will probably keep the BOH card and cancel the other card. The other part of the question is just looking for your opinion. If you think I can apply for the BOH HM card should I do so before my BOA card is transferred to Barclay in April? I wanted to wait a few months so I can use the one-time 50% bonus later next year to book for end of 2015/2016 travel.

    Thanks for your help!


    • @Tom – I’d cancel now, and canceling doesn’t usually impact other card applications

      @Keola – I’d apply for the BOH card before the old BOA card is transferred to Barclays. Barclays has tightened up on applications, so it is unclear if they will let you have both the BOH and regular Hawaiian Air card. That said, please let us know if you do decide to apply!

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  32. My wife and I will be traveling to Hawaii in Oct. We will need to make 2 inter island flights on different days. One from Oahu to Kauai, and another from Kauai to the Big Island. If we get the cheap fares, it would be 30k total miles(7500×4), and if we got the card we could fly for free using miles from this card if we sign up for it. If we pay for the flights, they would be about $75ish a piece plus taxes, so that would probably be about $350 total cost. My other option is to use AA miles, AA charges 5k miles per inter island flight, so it would cost 20k AA miles which I have and could use. I’m learning towards my wife or I signing up for the card, but not sure if it’s worth it just for these inter island flights….

  33. I was just thinking about this further and realized I would have to pay the yearly fee which would make it less attractive to get the card. Also it appears the Virgin Atlantic CC would be a better deal since you can get 50k points from that, and it would only cost 12k points for the inter island flights, and then I would have 38k points left over to use.

  34. @Andy – I just applied for the Barclay’s card from Hawaiian. The partner coupon arrived immediately after opening the CC account. (Unfortunately it’s only for North America to Hawaii flight (we plan to use the card for international flights).

    Does anyone know how quickly the 35,000 mile bonus arrives? I just hit the spend threshold and would like to use the miles ASAP for some inter island flights. Thanks!

  35. Hey Matt,

    The miles will post to your Hawaiian Miles account after your credit card statement closes. I received my card at the end of last month and the miles just posted this past weekend.

    Hope that helps.


  36. @Keola- Thanks for the information! I contacted Barclays and they mentioned the end of the bill cycle. However, they said that it could take up to 6-8 weeks after the bill cycle to post. Sounds like it was a lot faster for you! Hope I experience something similar. Thanks again!

  37. Is there anyway to get the annual fee waived. It use to be a phone call but those days are over. I have not tried in 20 years. Just wondering if there is a way.


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  39. On the 50% off companion ticket…do i have to first buy a full price ticket?
    Can i use the reward miles for my own ticket and then the 50% off for companion ticket?

  40. Hey Julie,

    You have to book both tickets together and they both have to be paid tickets. You cannot use your miles for your ticket and get 50% off of the other. You need to sign into your hawaiian miles account once on hawaiianair.com and search for a reservation with two passengers. once you search you can choose to select your coupon.

    Hope that helps.



  41. Thanks Keola!

  42. So I could I use Award miles for my ticket and pay for my 2 kids tickets and get one of those tickets at 1/2 price?

  43. @ALbert… Yup! The tricky part is that these tickets are based on availability. By booking your tickets with Award miles it might jack the price of your kid’s tickets up. A couple years ago I booked our flights using two web browsers because I noticed that if I selected 2 passengers the tickets were cheaper than selecting 4 passengers. I entered two passengers on each browser and clicked “book” simultaneously… One booking went through and the other came back as an error. When I reentered the information and tried to book the flights had slightly gone up.

    The price of your Award Miles ticket could go up from 17,500 one way to 25,000 one way or the price could go up. Not saying it definitely will, just giving you a heads up.



  44. Thank You! Keola

  45. Hi,

    Great blog! I recently got this credit card and reached the 35K miles. When I go to their website, they say I can only transfer my Hawaiian miles for Hilton at 1:1.5 (Hawaiian to Hilton). I thought you said it was a 1:2 ratio?


  46. That sucks! Wish that had been mentioned in your review. Now I’m basically going to get 45K HH Points vs 70K, as you can only convert multiples of 10K. That’s a huge difference, making the card way less valuable than originally stated.

    My mistake, I should have researched the card more instead of just going by what was on this post.

  47. If I use my HA miles for award tickets to Hawaii and charge the taxes to HA Credit card, do I still get the 1 free checked luggage or is it only free on revenue tickets? Thank You!

  48. I already have a hawaiin airlines credit card, had for abut 9 month, can I sign up for another one and get the sign up miles again?

  49. Hi,

    Is it possible to transfer your Hawaiian airmiles to a partner like American Air? Or is it limited to Hilton only?


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  51. Hi, I was wondering how soon you get the $35K miles. Is it as soon as I charge $1K to the card or do I need to wait out the 90 days?
    Reason being that I plan to take a trip next month and was wondering if I sign up for the card, I will be able to use the miles to pay for it?

  52. Dana,

    You do not get the miles until after you make the charges and after your bill cycle clears. See above comments from March/ April 2014 for clarity. Bottom line: it could take about 2 months/ 60 days to get the miles.



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  54. Thank you so much for clarifying the credit card Mike’s world! I still haven’t decided which card us best for non frequent HI traveller.

    I do have one Barclay card already, am leaning towards that or Delta.

    Please put me on your email list!
    Thanks again…

  55. I had a Hawaiian Airlines card – I was paying bills & buying gas in earnest over a year and saw nothing showing up. So I read through the fine print: You have to have a mailing address in Hawaii in order to accrue points! PHOOEY

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