Southwest 50,000 Point Card is Back! (Expired) And (Targeted) 50,000 Mile Delta Card!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

1.   50,000 Point Southwest Card

Link:   Southwest Credit Cards

Link:  Southwest Companion Pass

Thanks to all the readers for sending me a link to the 50,000 point Southwest card!

All 4 versions of the Southwest credit cards currently offer 50,000 Southwest points after spending $2,000 within 3 months.  You can redeem 50,000 Southwest points for ~$850 in Southwest flights or for ~$500 in gift cards.

2 Southwest credit cards and 10,000 extra points can get you $3,666 in Southwest travel and a Southwest Companion pass so that your companion can fly free (pay just the $2.50 security fee) for up to two years!

The offer is likely to be around until October 30, 2013.  That said, you’re better off waiting to apply for the card until the 2nd or 3rd week of October.

That way, you have until the 2nd or 3rd week of January to complete the $2,000 minimum spending.  This means that the 50,000 point bonus counts towards the Companion Pass in 2014 and if you earn the remaining 60,000 points in 2014, your Companion Pass is valid until the end of 2015!

But you can apply now if you have already earned, say, 50,000 Southwest points in 2013 so that you can get the Companion Pass in 2013.  Or you can apply now if you’re not after the Companion Pass (but why?!)

There are 4 versions of the cards and each is considered a different product!

2.   50,000 Mile (Targeted) Delta Gold

I wrote yesterday about a targeted Delta offer for 50,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months.  I also said that the current offer which pays me a commission isn’t such a great deal because you only get 30,000 miles and a $50 statement credit for any Delta purchase after spending $1,000 within 3 months.

I didn’t receive a targeted email, but I  checked my targeted offer at DeltaAmexCard and was offered 50,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 3 month and a $50 statement credit after a Delta purchase!

This is the most generous Delta offer which I’ve seen!  The Card Match tool used to have an offer for 45,000 miles after spending $5,000 within 6 months, which isn’t as good as my targeted offer.

50,000 Delta miles should get you at least 1 domestic ticket on Delta or $500 in travel on ANY Delta flights if you use the pay with points feature.

Emily got an offer for only 35,000 miles so your experience will be different!

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73 responses to “Southwest 50,000 Point Card is Back! (Expired) And (Targeted) 50,000 Mile Delta Card!


    Looks like I may need to wait the 12 month period before applying again for a Delta SkyMiles AMEX.

    Is 12 months the standard required churn period for Delta AMEX to get bonus miles again?

  2. Does this apply for business cards too (the wait period)? I.E. I have the gold Delta card already from March 2013, could I get a business card? I have not found a clear answer on how Amex/Delta would deal with that. Thanks.

  3. so cool…… I need to reread the link about how long I can possibly wait to apply and try for a cp in the new year…. how many weeks is it? I have been waiting for this opportunity,tho I don’t know If I’ll qualify again…

  4. I had been planning on getting two of the SW cards (1 personal, 1 business) later in the year so that I could get the companion pass in early 2014. However, my last AOR was August 14 (Barclay Arrival World MC, SPG AMEX, and Club Carlson Visa), and I was hoping the SW deal would come back and I could apply in late November. The October 30 expiration throws a wrinkle in my plans. If I wait until near the end of October to apply for the SW cards, it will be about 75 days since my last AOR. What advice would you give me in my circumstances. Would you apply in late October even though it is less than 90 days since my last AOR or wait and hope that the SW deal is offered again in early 2014? I’ve heard that you need to wait 90 days for some banks and 60 days for others. I’m not sure what the recommended wait time for Chase Bank is. If it matters, I have one Chase card – the Priority Club Rewards (got back in May of this year). Thanks!

  5. Can I get this card again? I cancelled it last summer.

  6. The Southwest card-sorry I didn’t clarify

    • @Brian – Business and personal cards are considered separate products so you should be able to get the bonus for each.

      @JM – If you apply in mid-October, and complete the spending in the 1st week of January, you should have the points hit your account in 2014 which means that your Companion Pass is valid until the end of 2015!

      @WJ – You could apply since you didn’t apply for any Chase cards recently. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the offer back in December, but I don’t know for sure.

      @Jana Miller – There are 4 different Southwest cards, but you won’t get the bonus on the exact same type of card.

  7. Two questions: I already have the SW plus card, renewed it once, and it’s coming up for renewal soon. Do you think Chase is likely to approve a SW Premier card too, along with a business card application? I have a United card and a Sapphire preferred also. And, can I tell them i want to use the business card for my business-related expenses for my job, even if i don’t have my own business? I’d love to get the companion pass, but would prefer not to have Chase reject my applications.

  8. I’d love to get two Southwest cards and try to get the 110,000 bonus points to hit in January for the Companion Pass. I haven’t previously applied for any Southwest card, however I just applied for and received the Chase United Mileage Plus card (targeted 55K offer) at the end of last month. I also have a Chase Freedom card that I’ve had for around 7 years. No other new card applications within the past year.

    My question is…what are my chances of being approved for two more Chase cards in a few months (1 personal + 1 business)? My credit score is excellent (800+), but that would be 4 Chase cards total, with three new cards within about 2 months. My “business” is small ebay and craigslist sales. Just wondering if I should even bother trying to do this or if it is very likely that Chase will deny one or both of the new cards. Or….would I be better off applying for two personal cards (1 Plus and 1 Premier) instead of 1 business and 1 personal. Not sure I want to try to answer business questions on a reconsideration line, since I really don’t have much of a “business.” Again, not sure what my chances might be of approval in any scenario and whether it’s worth risking the credit pull.

    Thanks for your advice and for the awesome website!

  9. quick question:
    if you apply for 1 business and 1 personal would that could as 100k towards the 110k companion threshold?

  10. The link to “all 4 versions of the Southwest credit cards” is not working, can you repost with working links? I googled the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card, but it only offered 25,000 points, not 50,000.

  11. I am new to this site and am trying to learn. I need to learn your lingo as I am often stumped with all the acronyms. I have a few questions if someone is willing to help.
    1. I live in a very small town with a small airport that is only serviced by United and Alaska. If I need other airlines, I must travel 5 hours north or south to SF or PDX. My experience in the past with cards like Delta or SW has been non-fruitful. The companion fares must be ticketed to depart from an airport that services that airline. Mine does not. I would have to pay a large amount of money to first fly to SF, PDX, or LAX. Is it really worth it for me to get all these miles from other airlines?
    2. Is there a good “starting point” for me to gain the knowledge on your site? Do you have a “beginners” section?

  12. Hi! I was wondering if I can apply for both the SW cards and then put $2K each on it before Dec 2013 and stop there. Then in Jan, put the rest $6K (100K bonus + 4K for the $4000 changed on the card, remaining 6K miles left to get companion pass status, right? Will that mean I the pass will be good till end of 2015. Or should I apply for the card in Oct? I have some tuition that I can easily put on the card that will take it over the required $4K (both cards total). Or should I wait to hit the $2K limit on each card till about Jan? Let me know what you think? Thanks!

  13. I have a chase freedom card and a chase priority club card. I am thinking about applying for the chase southwest cards in mid october, completing the spending requirements in Mid to late December (so they hit the statement that I get in January) and getting the companion pass until 2015. I also have a mortgage with Chase that did not originate with chase- they purchased it shortly after we closed.

    Do you think I can apply for these 2 cards and get approved? After purchasing our house at the end of August we rented it back to the sellers for 5 weeks while they closed on their house. Can this be my business?

  14. Darius,

    Thank you so much for your blog! I’ve learned so much through you.

    You mentioned that there are 4 versions of the Southwest cards, and each one is considered a different product. I do not have a business, and so would need to apply for the 2 personal cards in order to have a chance for a companion pass. Do you think it’s possible that a person could apply for both Southwest personal cards on the same day and be approved? Or how far apart should separate applications be spaced if it is possible at all?

  15. Is there anything that would count as a Delta spend besides actually flying Delta to get the $50 credit? Thanks.

  16. I’m a newbie to all of this — I got the 50k SW offer in August in my 1st AOR (along with the United Explorer) and will give it a shot to get a SW business card @ 50k points in late Oct. and take the hit to my credit since it’s earlier than my next planned AOR. My current billing cycle end date is the 8th of the month. If I make my last purchases to get to 110k between Dec 9-31, they hit for a January 2014 Companion Pass eligibility for a pass through Dec 2015 right?

  17. I applied for the personal Southwest plus card back in January 2012. I’ve paid the annual fee the last 2 years and its coming up again in the next few months. I would love to pursue achieving companion pass status. Do I need to cancel the card for me to get bonuses on two new cards. If I apply for the premier personal version and business plus card, will I qualify for it? (I hope so!)

  18. Is there a article that explains the benefits of the South West Companion Pass and how it works? I see you ref. it in the article… and folks in the messages do too. Thanks!

  19. for 2 southwest cards earning 104,000 total I understand I need to complete my 2,000 spend on both cards in January, but does this mean also that I wouldn’t want any statements posting in 2013 because any spend at all in 2013 will result in points that will not count to the 110,000 needed is this correct? in order to have the 4,000 points count I would need my first statement post in January 2014 correct? thx

  20. Hi Darius, need your advice. I already have the SW Plus card and currently about 40k points in my account. Would I be able to apply and get the Bonus on the Premier card as well or no because it’s also a personal card?? And if yes, when do you suggest I apply to maximize the comp pass benefits?? I realize this will not give me enough points. But I also have 40,000 UR on my Sapphire and 40,000 on my Marriott Premier card. I could transfer some of those right?? Thanks so much. Love the site! Rod

  21. Thank for all your hard work… Absolutely love this forum!!

  22. Darius,
    I have the SW Premier card and have met the spending limit required so I applied for the SW Premier business card tonight and was not automatically approved. How long does it take Chase to review my info and is there a way to move it along faster? Thanks for all the info you post daily!

  23. Daraius,

    I’ve asked this before but could you please consider creating different postings for different type offers.
    Merging a story about Delta and Southwest into one article leads to questions about both topics in the Q&A section. Often times, this is confusing to the reader as to what question/answer goes with what offer.

    Also, could you please let me know what the churnability is on the Delta AMEX?
    I would venture to guess that others received the same message (OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE A DELTA SKYMILES® CREDIT CARD OR HAVE HAD A DELTA SKYMILES® CREDIT CARD WITHIN THE LAST TWELVE MONTHS.) as I did when checking my targeted offer at your DeltaAmexCard link.

    As always, Thanks in advance for your response and this blog.


    • @Sue @Mark @Peter @LM – I can’t tell you whether your application will be approved or not, but folks have got the Premier and Plus versions (or business cards) but it depends on your personal credit profile.

      @johny – Yes to both!

      @Christine – The links work for me. What error message do you get?

      @Tammy – If you have to travel 5 hours to get to an airport to use Southwest or Delta miles, it may not be worth it to collect their miles. But if you’re willing to drive to the other airport, you’d get a lot of options with Southwest points.

      @AK – I’d put slightly less than $2K on each card before December and complete the remaining in early 2014 to ensure that the points post to your account in 2014. If the 50K bonus posts to your account in 2013, you will have to earn the full 110K points in 2013 to get the companion pass. The best time to apply is around the middle of October.

      @Mary C – Checked bag fees should count, and the purchase has to be categorized as being from Delta.

      @Kim – If you got the card in August, your points will post in 2013. This means that you have to earn the remaining 60K points in 2013 (it will reset to 0 in 2014, so you’re better off earning the full 110K points this year).

      @seth – Here you go!

      @olivia – You have only 3 months to complete the spending, so best to get the cards in mid-October and complete the spending in early January so that all the points and bonus posts to your account in 2014.

      @Skyrod – Thanks for reading! Folks have got different versions of the Southwest card, but it depends on your personal credit profile. You can transfer points from Marriott to Southwest or from Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt and then to Southwest.

      @BillyBob – The terms of most American Express cards say that you have to not have the card for at least 12 months to get the bonus.

  24. Thanks….does Chase have any set rules on how often you can apply for credit? My main concern is that I just applied for the Chase United card last month. If there is some set rule where they will automatically reject any application for another card within a certain timeframe, then I may not risk the credit pull.

  25. Hi,

    I applied on Sept 15. Got closing date of Oct 5. So 90 days from date of approval means until Dec 15. Since my closing date in Dec will be Dec 5, I will just spend $2000 between Dec 5 – Dec 15, to ensure that 50K will post when my closing date of Jan 5 comes along (along with 2000 points for spending $2k). Thus I will get Preferred Status through 2015. Is that correct?

  26. Also,

    Do points earned through Chase Ultimate Rewards go for tier Preferred qualifying status (not companion pass)?

    • @Mark – It varies by person, but usually 1 business and 1 personal card within ~1 month. I’d wait a month before applying to be sure.

      @Mike – That should work, but you need 110K points for the companion pass. But the 50K which posts to your account in January will count towards the 110K points needed.

      @Mike – Unfortunately, they do not count.

  27. Daraius-

    One of my readers pointed out that the terms and conditions of the Companion Pass say

    “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.” (Emphasis added.)

    So, are the 50K points from each card “partner bonuses”? Was this clause in the T&C when you got your pass?


  28. Darius, thanks for the excellent advice! I applied, and was instantly approved for my 2nd (premier) Southwest Card.

  29. Has anybody else noticed that Experian seems to be dropping credit inquiries after 12-13 months? I noticed this phenomenon in July and it’s holding true in Sept (pulled my report today). While I *should* have 15 inquiries in the past 24 months, I actually currently only have 6 inquires on my Experian report. I had 4 from the end of August 2012 that were on my report in July, but have dropped off this month. It’s weird since Experian still says “they can remain for up to 2 years” and yet it appears that 1 year after the month in which the inquiry first appeared…that inquiry now gets dropped. Pretty nifty development if you ask me. It also appears that’s what credit card providers seem to care about nowadays as I got denied in July for a Barclay Arrival because I had opened up 8 accounts in the previous 12 mo (despite only 2 inquires on my Transunion report).

  30. In addition, would Daraius or anybody else happen to know what Chase’s SW Credit Card products were in 2009? I used to have a Chase SW Credit Card that I first got in 2009, and cancelled in Feb of ’12. I still have the statements and nowhere does it mention “Premier” or “Plus” as it’s specific product. Basically I’m attempting to figure out if I should apply for the “Premier” or “Plus” option this time around to ensure I get the 50k bonus still. I’d prefer to apply for “Plus” as it’s got a cheaper annual fee…but perhaps the safe route is to apply for the “Premier”? (I know I never had a black card)

    • @Gary Steiger – The same T&C were there when I got the pass ~3 years ago and have always been there. It is unclear, but likely refers to partner bonuses (eg. double points on car rentals or hotel stays). That said, the credit card points could eventually stop counting towards the companion pass.

      @Skyrod – Congrats!

      @Gabriel – Very interesting and I’ve got to check this out! Did you get points or credits in 2009? If you got credits, you likely will qualify for all 4 versions of the current Southwest card.

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  32. Darius,
    Points transferred into SW from chase did not count towards my companion pass I earned in 2013. Also only 50,000 points from one card counted towards the pass .

  33. I received credits in 2009, not points (I don’t believe points were even an option until late 2011). Now, one thing I *do* remember is that the card changed from a white to blue…blue appears to be the “Plus” version of the card nowadays. So let’s say in theory I applied for a SWA card that offered credits and was ultimately converted to a “Plus” card somehow. If I applied for “Plus” now, do you think I’d still get the bonus? Or best be safe and spend $30 extra dollars to ensure I get them with the “Premier” (Black) card?

    • @Stew – You can’t transfer points from Chase directly to Southwest, but it does count if you transfer them from Chase to Hyatt/Marriott and then to Southwest. If you have 50K points, you have to get the remaining 60K points before December to get the Companion Pass.

      @Gabriel – Better to get the black Premier card to be sure, but I’d guess that you’d be able to get the Plus card too.

  34. I am getting mixed answers from different representatives on the question of : “Can husband and wife combine points to hit the 110,000 mile companion pass, with out a charge for transferring points?” Do you know the answer?

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  36. Please elaborate on Stew’s question and your response. Transferred points count towards Companion Pass??? If so, then I could transfer 110,000 CHASE points to Hyatt then SWA to meet requirement? I must be misreading your response. Please clarify.

  37. @Tammy – Which airport are you going out of? KFall’s or North Bend/Southwest Oregon? Alaska stopped serving OTH and left it with United and SeaPort. Not sure where you are flying out of…but if Eugene (EUG) is closer you can catch Alaska/Delta/United/American.

  38. Hello,

    I got the SW Personal Plus card 2 years ago (when it was actual 2 free flights and not 50k bonus) and upgraded it to the Premiere card in February before I found out about any of this companion pass stuff. I recently closed out that card in June or July – do you think I would still qualify for the 50k points from either Plus or Premiere? Asked a few reps but they just tell me I may or may not qualify for the points but never a straight answer.

    Also, I already got approved for the business cad just wondering if I should wait before applying for the personal one

  39. Hi! I just got the SW Premier and Plus cards today. If I put $1500 on each card in Oct 2013, I will have 6000 miles posted to my RR account in November. Then in late Dec, if I put another $500 on each card, I should reach $2000 on each card, and the 100,000 miles should post in Jan 2014. So for the 110,000 miles needed for the Companion pass, do I need 4000 more miles for that? Would the 6000 miles earned in Nov 2013 count towards that? Or I would need to make 10,000 more points starting in Jan 2014? I am bit confused on that. I think I am OK about getting the 100,000 miles to hit my account in Jan. What I am not sure about is would the rest 10,000 miles have to be earned in 2014 as well? Or would any miles earned in Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 count for the companion pass? Please let me know. Thank you!!

    • @Dan – YOu may be able to get the bonus again on those cards since you got credits and not the free flights, but I can’t say for sure. If you already have the business card, it makes sense to earn the remaining 60K points in 2013 to earn the companion pass in 2013. Your points reset to ZERO points on December 31, 2013.

      @AK – As long as you time it right and the points post in 2014, you should get the Companion Pass in 2014. The $1,500 you spend in October won’t count towards the Companion Pass (1,500 points per card or 3,000 points for 2 cards) in 2014, and you’d need to get the full 110,000 points in 2014 (but you’ve got the whole year to earn them!)

  40. Not to sound to dim…but if I wait till the 3rd week of October to apply, then hopefully I’ll have 2nd week in January to hit the spend(s) and get the points….. should I apply for just the one card this month, then wait for another offer in January to get another?

  41. in response to AK’s post….. So the actual money spent would have to be when? December 2013 or after,into January,right? I am likewise trying to time this correctly….

    • @Jm – Don’t cross $2,000 in spending until Jan 2014 to make sure that your points aren’t posted in 2013. But if your statement has closed on 15th December, you can start the minimum spending because the points won’t post to your Southwest account until the next month (which is in 2014). If you can’t meet the minimum spending, you could be better off applying for another card in January!

  42. Question Darius,
    Probably has been answered before but…………should one apply for 1 personal card then the business card at the same time or space them out? if waiting to apply for 2nd card, how long should i wait? Also, which one would be better to apply for first?
    keep up the good work!

    • @J – I’d apply for the personal card first and if instantly approved, would try for the business card. SOme folks get approved for both cards at the same time, but it depends on your credit profile with the banks.

  43. Thanks Darius. my credit report/score is pretty good as far as i know. Ill try the personal card first, wait to finish $2000 spending until January so points post in 2014. then get the biz card early in 2014 when they offer the 50,000 bonus again, if they do so. is this a smart play or should i try for biz card right away if i get personal card since they could pull the 50,000 offer anytime and never do it at that points level again?

  44. FYI, if you have more than 2 credit card applications within the last 60 days, there is a high chance at the application will be denied. I had applied for the two SW cards the same day with Chase and got approved. Then 2 weeks later, I tried to apply for a targeted 50K mileage plus card with Chase and did not get it because of the above reason. Nothing wrong with my credit as it is in the high 700s.

  45. I have had the SW companion pass for 2 years after getting the plus versions of business and personal cards. I cancelled business version when annual fee came due and kept personal. Do I have to cancel the personal plus card prior to applying for the 2 premier versions in an effort to get another 2 years of the companion pass? Thanks in advance

  46. Any news if this offer is still expiring on October 30? I’m deciding if I should apply next week or hold longer. Also trying to figure out how to time personal vs business applications.

  47. Thanks for this post!! I got the 50k miles offer via email from Delta and took advantage of it, thanks to your tip that this was a great (and rare) offer. I live 20 min. from DTW and fly Delta exclusively — was just waiting for the right offer before I applied for a card. I have also received multiple snail-mailings recently from Delta with 35k offers.

  48. Hi Darius,

    You are doing an outstanding job with your blog!
    One question….. I am new to SW reward points and don’t yet have a rewards account. I just tonight applied and was instantly approved for the Personal Premier card. On the application it said that if I don’t have an account they will create one for me when it is approved. OK….now I want to apply for a business card. How do I make sure that the miles are credited together to work towards a Companion Pass?

    BTW – Thanks to your great site, my wife, daughter and I are traveling free to Hawaii in Feb. 🙂

    • @L – Very nice!

      @Wayne – Thanks! You can call Chase and find out which number they used for the personal card and enter that number in the card application. Your Southwest number will also be on the front of the credit card. Or you could apply for the business card separately and then call to merge the accounts, but I’d just enter the same number on the business card application.

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  50. Hello Darius:

    Good morning. You have an exceptional blog. I have been monitoring all the outstanding credit card offers that you bring to our attention for the last few months. Finally I took the plunge to apply for both the Business and Personal versions of the Chase SW Premier Rewards Credit Cards using the links provided here on your blogs.

    It took about 55 minutes with the Reconsideration to convince and get the magical approval through (though they pulled part of my Chase Sapphire Preferred limit to get the Business card approved). Full credits to all the tips and tricks that you have explained throughout your blog posts.

    But the Personal Approval was instant without having to call anyone.

    Now I just called out to Chase and requested them to expedite the delivery of the cards and they obliged as well.

    Once again, thank you for all the wonderful information that you are sharing with us. Great job !!

  51. i have called SWA 5 times to ask if the 50,000 apply toward the companion pass. 2 agents said yes, 3 others however said they are bonus points and DO NOT count. any insight?

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  53. Enjoy your blog Flying My wife and are 1st Class to London based on your British Airways companion pass blog. I also applied and received the Southwest Chase Visa cards only to find out by phone that the 50k points cannot be used towards a companion pass, any thoughts on additional confirmation.

  54. I just received the 50,000 miles after $1,000 in purchases in 3 months offer from Delta in my email today (11/5/13). Just wanted to let you know this is still floating out there.

  55. Are you sure this expired? I still see it on Southwest website:

    I called the number provided 1-877-665-9146 and the rep, reading from a template, automatically said that there is a 50,000 point bonus on the card. So she answered my question before I can even ask it.

  56. I have had a Southwest Plus card for about two years and was approved for the Southwest Premier card on Nov. 18th before the 50,000 mile offer expired. How do I verify that I will get the 50,000 miles after spending the required $2,000, before I start charging on this card?

  57. Delta amex question.
    I applied when I got a targeted offer for 50k for the personal card, I am now waiting for the business 50k offer. When I use the delta amex card match, it says I already have/had a card and need to wait 12 months. Will I need to open a new skymiles number for the business? Will I not get a targeted email offer since I applied for the personal 50k amex? Don’t want to miss out on a 50k business.