Why You Should Use Award Wallet to Track Your Miles

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It is difficult to track miles and points in different accounts and for different people (your partner, parents, children etc.)  Award Wallet helps you keep track all your miles and points including airline miles, hotel points, and car rental points.

You can also log into your miles and points account by just clicking on the link in Award Wallet, without having to enter the username and password yourself.  I like Award Wallet so much that I even advertise on Award Wallet, besides using it, of course!

And you get 6 months of free premium service if you use code “MillionMileSecrets” to sign-up for a new Award Wallet account.

 Award Wallet

Link:   AwardWallet.com

Award Wallet

Use Award Wallet to Track Your Miles & Points

Why Award Wallet?

It can be hard to track miles and points in different accounts.  Award Wallet keeps all your airline, hotel, and car rental miles and points in one place.  You always know your exact miles and points balance – and expiration date – so you can prevent them from expiring.

You can also add family accounts, allowing you to manage everyone’s miles and points in one easy and convenient place.  I use Award Wallet to track both Emily and my accounts as well as our parents’ accounts.

You can use Award Wallet – for free! – with 562 airline, hotel, car rental, and credit card loyalty programs.

However, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines do NOT allow Award Wallet to track your miles and points for you.  However, you can forward your mileage statements from Delta, Southwest, and United to Award Wallet and they will update your balances monthly.

How To Sign Up For Award Wallet

Step 1 – Register For An Award Wallet Account

Go to Award Wallet, and click on “Register” to create your Award Wallet account.

Step 1 – Click “Register” To Register For An Award Wallet Account

Step 1 – Click “Register” To Sign-Up For An Award Wallet Account

Step 2 – Enter Your Information

Create a user name and password, agree to the terms of use, fill in your personal information, then click “Register.”

Don’t forget to enter “MillionMileSecrets” in the “Coupon Code” field to get 6 months of free Award Wallet Pro!

Next Enter Your Personal Information And Click Register

Step 2 –  Enter Your Personal Information And Click “Register”

Step 3 – Enter Your Information

Your account is created and you can begin adding your airline, hotel, or car rental accounts.

Your Award Wallet Account Has Been Created

Step 3 – Add New Accounts to Your Award Wallet Account

Get 6 Months Of Premium Service For Free

Award Wallet offers two types of accounts:

  • A Regular account
  • A Premium version, “Award Wallet Plus.”

Both accounts allow you to:

  • Track an unlimited amount of reward programs for you and all your family members or friends
  • Track and share travel plans and reward balances
  • Get email alerts before your miles and points expire
  • Set custom views

Award Wallet Plus allows you to export your miles and points balances via Excel and gives you unlimited notice of expirations (the free version only allows for 3 notices).

Types Of Award Wallet Accounts

Types Of Award Wallet Accounts

You can use the regular account for free, but the premium version costs $5 (or you can pay more than $5) every 6 months.  I gladly pay the fee for the premium version.

But you can get 6 months of premium service for free!

Use coupon code “MillionMileSecrets” when signing up and you’ll get 6 months of premium service free.

How To Add Airline/Hotels/Car Rental Programs

Step 1 – Add New Program

After your account is created you’ll get a popup screen that allows you to add a new program.

You can simply click “Add a New Award Program” to start adding your accounts.

Step 1 – Click “Add A New Award Program” To Add A Loyalty Program To Your Award Wallet Account

Step 1 – Click “Add A New Award Program” To Add A Loyalty Program To Your Award Wallet Account

Or you can click the “+” or “Add a New Program” button to add your loyalty program information.

Step 1 (alternate) – Click “+” Or “Add A New Program” To Add A Loyalty Program To Your Award Wallet Account

Step 1 (alternate) – Click “+” Or “Add A New Program” To Add A Loyalty Program To Your Award Wallet Account

Step 2 – Choose The Loyalty Program You Want To Add

Click on the program name or the “Add +” for the program you want to add.

In this example, I’m adding the Agoda Rewards hotel program.

Step 2 – Chose The Loyalty Program By Clicking Program Name Or “Add +”

Step 2 – Choose The Loyalty Program By Clicking Program Name Or “Add +”

Enter your login details for the awards program you’ve chosen and click “Add.”

Next Enter Your Login Information And Click “Add”

Next Enter Your Login Information And Click “Add”

Your award account has now been added to Award Wallet.

STEP 3 – Your Account is Added

My Agoda Rewards account is now visible via Award Wallet.

Your Loyalty Account Is Now In Award Wallet And You Can View Your Award Account Balances

Your Loyalty Account Is Now In Award Wallet And You Can View the Points in Your Account


I can’t tell you if it is safe to store your information on Award Wallet or not.  I’m happy to sign-up for as many services as I can online, and don’t really worry about my accounts getting hacked in exchange for the convienence.

But do what you’re comfortable with!

You can store your password locally on your computer or with Award Wallet.  If you store your passwords with Award Wallet, you can access your account information from any computer through the Award Wallet website.

If you store your password locally, you can only access your information from that particular computer.

Award Wallet App

Award Wallet also offers an app for your smartphone.   This comes in handy when you’re traveling and need to access your frequent flyer number or hotel program number.

Here’s a link to download the Award Wallet App for Android.

Award Wallet App For Android

Award Wallet App For Android

Here’s a link to download the Award Wallet App for iPhone.

Award Wallet App For iPhone

Award Wallet App For iPhone

Bottom Line

Award Wallet allows you to track all your miles and points in one spot.

You get six months of FREE Award Wallet Plus when you use coupon code “MillionMileSecrets” for signing-up.

Don’t forget to install the Award Wallet app on your smartphone so that you can easily refer to your miles and points account numbers!

PS:  I’m driving all day and won’t be able to get to the comments until later.

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43 responses to “Why You Should Use Award Wallet to Track Your Miles

  1. Any codes for existing users to get upgraded to Premium? Thx

  2. AwardWallet used to be a great program. Then the airlines slowly chipped away at it. When USAir becomes AA you wont be able to really track any of the major programs. Which effectively made AwardWallet not worth much of anything. Its a shame because at one point it had lots of value.

  3. I stopped paying for this after this: American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines do NOT allow Award Wallet to track your miles and points for you. Kinda pointless if everything isnt in one place.

  4. I signed up a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed. None of the airline programs I belong to allow them to connect to the account. AA, United, Southwest, and Hawaiian are all blocked. It basically is a place to only track your hotel points now. You still have to connect to each individual airline.

  5. Darius, love your blog but this is too spammy for me. Why use this service (aside from you advertising on it) when so many programs don’t participate? Can use a host of other programs for the same thing, and they are free and have always been free. I use a simple spreadsheet, updated every quarter through manual nav 🙂

  6. I use AwardWallet’s workaround for my Delta, United and Southwest accounts. You can have your statements forwarded to your Award Wallet email address and they’ll automatically import the statement data into your AwardWallet account. I have Outlook automatically forward my statements and AwardWallet updates them when it receives them. The directions on how to do that are in each AwardWallet account’s edit screen.
    It’s not real-time like my other AwardWallet balances, but at least once a month they get updated. The downside is that it only updates when they receive your statement, instead of real-time. Also, American doesn’t allow that option. I generally know about how many miles I have in any given program, so this workaround suits my needs well. I just wish American would at least allow the same workaround.

  7. Daraius, you should mention that Award Wallet has the ability to update balances for AA, SW, Delta, and United by having a copy of your statement sent to your “Award Wallet” email address, which Award Wallet then does a web scrape of to get your balance.

  8. Thanks, Cindy B! I didn’t know that was possible.

  9. With most of the major US airlines opting out, this doesn’t make much sense for me…

    I just use an Excel spreadsheet, which is easy enough. It isn’t all that hard to log into my accounts every few months and update the totals and the new expirations.

    If I could put everything that is on my spreadsheet on AwardWallet and have it auto-update I’d use it, but if I have to do most of it myself I figure I’ll just do all of it and then know it is accurate.


  10. Agree with other comments – without my biggest airline – United – its not worth it. Either AwardWallet tracks ALL of my awards or its just another site that I need to check.

  11. AwardWallet was once a great product, but now, without the function of tracking any of the major airline miles, what’s the point to promote it here?

  12. Same as the others, it is just one more site now I need to check. To me, the best option is a Google Document Spreadsheet because it is easily accessible from your computer, SmartPhone, Tablet, basically any Internet connected device on the entire planet. Once all of the big airlines stopped supporting Award Wallet I stopped using it.

  13. How can you use Awardwallet when it doesn’t support the 3 majors: British Air, American and United?? Is there a way around this??

    Joel Gilgoff
    Sedona, AZ

  14. Well, for Southwest, United, and Delta, Awardwallet still stores your login credentials and can log you in with one simple click on the airline name. I find this to be very convenient.

  15. @Devin: I track my Hawaiian miles with awardwallet just fine. I don’t see any indication that it is blocked.

  16. DariusTheJackAss

    When are you going to mention that most major airlines have pulled out of Award Wallet? Or are you just collecting money from Award Wallet for sending sheep to their Web site only to be disappointed after opening an account?

  17. I very much like AwardWallet’s interface, but as others have mentioned, it’s almost useless now because of the inability to track all the major US airlines. I use Points.com now because they have partnerships with just about everyone even though their UI is nowhere near as good.

  18. I value being able to have all of my account info and login info in one place, which is more important to me than just the balances. I can forward my statements for United and Southwest as others have mentioned, but I can also manually track any program that isn’t available. So I manually entered American under a different name and still track my account info and balance thru Award Wallet. Do I wish the airlines weren’t being complete jerks about a simple aggregator tool? Sure, but I still use Award Wallet daily.

  19. How much does it cost once the free trial period is up?

  20. I personally use manilla because it shows me my United and Sputhwest points balance, unlike award wallet. I also love that it keeps track of ally credits and their balances/payments due. Maybe I’m missing something, but I feel like it’s way better than award wallet!

  21. BOShappyflyer

    I already have the paid Awardwallet account and I kept it. Sure, it’s a bit of pain not having the AA or United account balances available (among others), but it’s still useful to keep all my account numbers (and that of family members who don’t manager theirs) in one place. Will I continue to keep the paid version in the long run? I don’t know – I suppose I could just as easily keep track of it in spreadsheet, but I like Awardwallet and want to support it as it works well for my setup.

  22. @Rachel, after the 6 months of Award Wallet Plus expire, you will be downgraded to basic Award Wallet. You can buy Award Wallet plus for $10 for another 6 month period or enter another promo code to get another 6 months of Award Wallet Plus free.

    For Award Wallet to work properly with Delta and United, all you need to do it log into your Delta and United accounts, change your email address to [Award Wallet username]@AwardWallet.com. This technique works because Delta and United will send weekly or monthly account updates to the Award Wallet email address, update your Award Wallet accounts, and then forward those emails to your email address.

  23. I disagree with the negative comments here.

    In addition to airlines, hotels, and rental cars, Award Walet also tracks my balances of cashback portals, as well as credit card reward programs (chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi Thank You, etc). I have almost 50 programs tracked between me and family members!

    Indeed, I could maintain a google docs spreadsheet of my 50 programs…but I really don’t understand the argument that it’s easier to do so than to use Award Wallet.

    As a few others have pointed out, Award Wallet tracks every program automatically except American, Delta, United, and Southwest. However, for Delta, United, and Southwest, you can forward your statement to award wallet, and it will track your balances and expirations. With a SMALL amount of effort, you can essentially automate that too – I set up my gmail to auto forward these statements to Award Wallet, so I don’t even have to forward them.

    In summary
    -award wallet automatically tracks the grand majority of my programs on it’s own with a one time setup by me.
    -award wallet tracks United, Delta, and Southwest once per month by having my statement auto forwarded from gmail (again, a one time setup for each account by me). Note, that if you don’t want to use the auto forward feature in gmail (or don’t have gmail), you can give United, Delta, and Southwest your direct Award Wallet email address. The Award Wallet will import and instantly forward the statement to you.
    -it will not track American, but I enter this manually periodically under a different code name.

    So, I have to manually check and update ONE program periodically, 3 others are done only once per month “automatically”, all the others are done regularly. I simply don’t understand the argument that maintaining a personal spreadsheet is anywhere near this easy.

    2 more things worth pointing out:

    For a $10 donation, you can get a “OneCard”. It lists all of your program numbers, status, phone number on ONE credit card sized plastic card. Incredibly handy.

    Additionally, Award Wallet tracks your travel plans. It does pretty good at organizing them on it’s own, but like TripIt, you can merge or change them how you’d like. But much, much better than TripIt, changes to your travel plans for accounts that award wallet can access directly are automatically updated as well. TripIt leaves whatever information was forwarded to it, and never updates. For those of us that travel frequently, Award Wallet is a superior product due to updating with changes in travel plans.

    Just another satisfied AwardWallet user.

  24. Has anyone tried usingmiles.com – I like it, though it has same limitations re some airlines as awardwallet- if someone has tried both usingmiles and awardwallet, which is better and why? Wondering if its worth the shift and new setup. Thanks.

    • @JetSetterFL – Perhaps in a later reader giveaway!

      @Rob – I’m curious which program you use (besides Excel) to track AA, United, and Southwest? I like Award Wallet because it tracks almost all the hotel and airline programs – even obscure foreign programs. I wouldn’t advertise on it if I didn’t feel it was the best (though limited b/c it doesn’t track AA, UA, Southwest etc.)!

      @Cindy B @Curtis @ANC RED-EYE – Good point and I’ll update the post to mention that.

      @Joel Gilgoff – You can use it to track British Air miles.

      @DariusTheJackAss -Perhaps you missed the “However, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines do NOT allow Award Wallet to track your miles and points for you.” in the post?

      @Toni – Thanks! I’ve never heard of manilla, but will check it out.

  25. Let me know what you think of manilla! I love it! 🙂

  26. As always, thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the auto-forward-from-gmail trick but will set up my United account to do that.

  27. Additionally, it is worth noting that your images of the android app are out of date. Within the past month, the android app updated and looks quite similar to the iPhone app. You can now use it to see your travel plans as well.

  28. wondering if theres another free service beside award wallet that organizes southwest and usbank club carlson premier visa signature cards? it seems they don’t take what i have?

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  30. How do you feel about adding chase ultimate reward account to the AwardWallet? Isn’t it same thing as giving an access to my credit card?

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  33. I agree with Jay. Some of us have our bank accounts through Chase – Isnt the ID and password the same so I would be giving Award Wallet access to my checking account?

  34. Jay and John have a good question regarding the Chase account ID/password. Isn’t that quite risky? Thank you.

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  37. Regarding security, I would not enter the credit card accounts credentials (Amex Rewards, Chase etc). There are some credit cards that move miles to your FFP after a month anyway. But Amex Rewards doesn’t so just manage that manually. I wouldn’t want to trust the security of AwardWallet as my Amex Rewards allows me to view my Pin online, see my statements and other personal data.

    The other awards programs (AA, BA, IHG etc), do not provide too much information and access if AwardsWallet’s website was compromised.

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  41. Sorry to inform ya’ll but Manilla is closing its doors.

  42. If the coupon above does not work, I have 10 uses of (Free upgrade coupon for the first time
    users) “free-hlnbrv” (that is a lowercase L)