Using the Automatic Kiosk to Load Bluebird & Buy Money Orders at Wal-Mart

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Update:  You can no longer load a Vanilla Visa to your Bluebird.

A reader tipped me off that you can buy money orders and load your Bluebird at Wal-Mart using the Wal-Mart Money Center Kiosks.  I actually tried using one of these machines about 6 months ago, but was unable to get it to sell me a money order or to load my Bluebird.  But I’m glad that it is finally working!

Bluebird Reload Wal-Mart Kiosk-004

WalMart MoneyCenter Kiosk

This is great news for folks who buy Visa gift cards with a PIN using a miles and points credit card.  That’s because you no longer have to wait in line at the Wal-Mart MoneyCenter and be at the mercy of a teller who may not know how to reload your Bluebird.  And once your Bluebird is loaded, you can use it to pay bills and loans which you otherwise can’t pay with a credit card.

Frequent Miler wrote about his experience re-loading Bluebird.  Mine was similar except that my gift card was declined the first time I swiped it.  But it went through on the next try!

Wal-Mart MoneyCenter Kiosks

The Wal-Mart MoneyCenter kiosks are usually located near the customer service center or near the MoneyCenter.  They actually say “ATM” on them so keep a look out for them.

Loading Your Bluebird

Step 1 – Touch “Walmart MoneyCard”

The Wal-Mart MoneyCenter has a touch screen, so select the “Walmart MoneyCard” option.


Select “WalMart MoneyCard”

Step 2 – Swipe your Bluebird

Swipe your Bluebird card on the pin pad.  If you don’t have a Bluebird, see this post on what you can do with a Bluebird.

Swipe Your Bluebird

Swipe Your Bluebird

Step 3- Enter Amount to Load

Enter the amount you want to load.  Remember that the minimum amount which you can load is $20 and you can’t load more than $1,000 per day (up to $5,000 a month).  These load limits are shared with the load limits if you use Vanilla Reloads to load your Bluebird.

Select How Much To Load

Select How Much To Load

Follow the prompts and select to pay with a debit card when you’re asked if you want to pay with cash or debit.  Note that not all gift cards with a PIN will work as debit cards at Wal-Mart, so buy a gift card with a small denomination as a test first.

Buying Money Orders

You can also buy money orders from the kiosks, but you are limited to only 4 money order of a maximum of $500 each.

You Can Buy Money Orders From the Kiosk

You Can Buy Money Orders From the Kiosk

I wouldn’t deposit money orders directly in my bank account (because large deposits could be suspicious), but they may be useful to pay bills or other persons.  That said, I much prefer using my Bluebird to pay bills and loans which I otherwise can’t pay with a credit card.

Bottom Line

You can save time by loading your Bluebird at the Wal-Mart MoneyCenter kiosks instead of at the counter!

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192 responses to “Using the Automatic Kiosk to Load Bluebird & Buy Money Orders at Wal-Mart

  1. Thanks for the details. This is my second attempt using the kiosk, first attempt failed. After reviewing your instructions, the second attempt finally worked. Would not have figured out that BlueBird was noted as Walmart Money Card.

  2. Can I load multiple gift cards to bluebird at the kiosk at one time? Like say i want to load $500, and I have 5 $100 gift card (biggest face value carried by staples close by), can I load it all at once or I need to repeat the process 5 times? Same question for money order?

  3. When is the $1000 daily limit reset? Is it 24hours or resets at midnight?

  4. Anybody now the implications of running tens of thousands of dollars through a checking account each month (daily deposits never to exceed $9999 and no single money order over $1000). If you keep all paperwork of your purchases that generate the funds flow what’s the worst that can happen if you are flagged? As I understand IRS doesn’t consider Frequent Flier miles taxable, so you are ok there, you are allowed to take money off debit cards by PIN so no violation there. The only risk I see if the credit card company marking you for benefits abuse (just need to be smart here).

  5. I have a few bluebird accounts from my girlfriend and family members. I’m able to load one bluebird card ($1000) fine but when I go to load the second one a manager has to come over and approve the transaction. Do other people have this issue? Any way to get around it? I’m able to buy seemingly unlimited money orders.

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  7. I tried loading bluebird with VisaDebit card today, and my walmart would not do it, i did it last month, now they are saying we dont load one prepaid card with other(bluebird)

    What is going on, did anyone see this too

  8. Hi Daraius,
    I loaded blue bird but didn’t get a receipt. It was rejected. But I could have sworn it said approved. However, my BB account showed that I had the money successfully loaded. However, the card still has money . This ever happen to you? M scare to spend it both ways.:(:)

  9. Went to load at the kiosk this morning and there was a button on the home screen specifically for Bluebird. Using it I tried to load $500 and immediately got the screen requiring a supervisor override. This is the first load I had attempted for August, so it wasn’t an issue of exceeding the daily/monthly limit. Anyone else noticed this button and/or experienced the need for an override using it? Does the MoneyCard button still work for Bluebird now that Bluebird has its own button?

  10. Hi Daraius,
    I haven’t max out my blue bird. I only had about 2$ when I load. what I am saying is that the 500 that got loaded onto blue bird is still on my gift card. How could that happen? Do you have any idea? I should just leave it alone. I can’t call in this situation. What a dilema.:(

  11. @ben, I wouldn’t suggest putting in the 5 small amount. When I loaded 500 into greendot. No issue. When I loaded 250 like twice, I got shut down. I guess certain thing will trigger suspicious activity. Me? suspicious activity? M no Bonnie and Clyde. 😛

  12. BluebirdNewbie

    If you have a Bluebird sub-account, can you add funds to your own sub-account?

  13. Mr Intellectual

    Greetings Daraius and Million Mile Secrets Community,

    Firstly, can someone clarify the gift cards that are pin enabled and can be used to load at the WM ATM kiosk? There is probably a post somewhere, I just have not found it. (We should be looking for gift cards issued by U.S. Bank National Association that you register at Also, Metabank that you register at or I had no success with the Bankcorp issued card.) Secondly, how does one establish a pin with the gift cards? (Make a small purchase at a store and use the debit card function and create a pin upon first time use? Does this method work?) Thirdly, does anyone know if the ATM kiosk also works for GoBank loads?

    I am looking forward to using the WM ATM kiosk. I had extreme difficulty at WM; the cashier/assistant manager would not allow me to load my GoBank with a “gift card.” Even if I was allowed, I am not sure I could have. I am not sure how to establish a pin on my Visa Gift Card. I mistakenly purchased the Visa Gift Card that does not yet provide the pin function. Daraius’ post ( with corresponding images demonstrated that the Visa Gift Card ( through Bankcorp) is not pin enabled. I purchased this card (missed the key point in the post) and would like to transfer the funds to either my Bluebird or GoBank, if at all possible.

    • @Mr Intellectual – Vanilla Visa cards now have a PIN. Just select a random 4 digit combination as the PIN and you should be able to reload your Bluebird at Wal-Mart (through the kiosk or with a teller).

  14. Just a heads up, this Bluebird recharge route may be disappearing soon. I’m in Nor Cal. This past Monday I was able to load $400 into a WM kiosk. However, today (Thursday) I saw “Out of Order” posted on the touchscreen of the kiosks of two separate WM locations. I looked more closely and it appeared there was nothing wrong with the kiosks.

    So I went to the Money Center to do a swipe reload in person and the service rep explained that they just implemented a policy where they can only swipe reload using a “personal debit card with your name on it, not a gift card debit card.”

    Bluebird is becoming nearly useless now. =(

  15. @lolwut

    Since Walmart said they will only accept “personal debit card with your name on it and not a gift card debit card,” would the Chase gift cards work? My name is listed on them.

  16. Loaded my BB card with Chase gift card (my name imprinted on same. Entered PIN into kiosk machine and BB card loaded just fine.

  17. My BB experience – 2wks ago I was successful loading my prepaid visa debit card using the WM kiosk (cards where purchased at Kroger earning 2x fuel pts). I don’t specifically remember the steps I took but it worked. However this week I’ve tried 3 different Walmart kiosk and can’t get it to work. I’m clicking the Bluebird icon – enter the amount $500 and then it says Authorizing and just sits there. It won’t read my prepaid cards and eventually gets to the checkout screen with -0- amt. This last time I tried canceling the entire transaction and I locked the entire machine up. I ended up going to the counter and having the teller tell me my prepaid card won’t work – but after I asked her to run it as a debit card b/c I have a pin – it does work. I’ve been successful at the counter twice (each time having to tell the Cashier how to do it). I’m going to try one more time – using the steps outlined here.

  18. I just heard from Metabank.
    The limit on loading Bluebird cards at the Walmart kiosk is $1999.99 per STORE per DAY.
    Any transaction that will bring the DAILY total up to $2000 will trigger the compliance screen.

    You can still load at a Cashier or Customer Service when the Kiosk has reached its limit.

    Since you can load a Bluebird with cash, I suspect this is an anti mony laundering limit.

  19. Is the BBird deal now officially dead ?

  20. @Stanley, is there to do all of this without the moneyexpress atm machine?
    My walmart does not have this machine. Can we do this through customer service instead?

  21. Hi, just transferd chase gift card into bluebird, went to customer service to transfer to money order but the monsey order printer isn’t working, can I go back to the back to the kiosk, will it print out money orders? Or can I just go anywhere like cvs,walgreens for monsey orders from bluebird?

  22. Thanks for the great post! I’ve been using this strategy for a couple of months now; however, today when I tried to load my bluebird using the WalMart kiosk and prepaid Visa cards, my transactions were declined. Is this deal dead or is it just a machine malfunction?

  23. Actually, in regards to my previous comment, I just checked the Bluebird website and got the message “Bluebird is currently offline for maintenance.” Maybe that’s why my transaction was declined. I’ll try again later and report back.

  24. I just tried to load a BB with VGC at WM kiosk and it failed with the message “debit not approved call authorizer”. I’ve done it successfully there many times. Has something changed?

  25. @Brian
    I had the same problem on September 17th. I went to try again later, but the kiosk wasn’t on. I’m hoping it’s just a technical difficulty, but I’ll probably wait until next week to try it again.

  26. I think I figured it out. I noticed I had loaded exactly 5k on my BB between VGC and VR for the month so that must be the unintuitive ‘you hit your limit’ message. Will know for sure on Oct 1st.

  27. @Brian @My Previous Posts

    I was able to successfully unload $1000 of prepaid Vanilla Visa debit cards today. My conclusion is that if Bluebird is down for maintenance (which can be checked by going to their website), then don’t expect to be able to reload in Wal-Mart either.

    It was probably just a coincidence that the WalMart kiosk was shutdown during several attempts last week, and then when it finally wasn’t down, Bluebird was offline for maintenance. However it did serve as a good reminder to always have a backup plan for your prepaid cards in case you can’t unload them easily.

  28. Hi – I think I know the answer, but a little help is in order. I have never used Walmart to reload a Bluebird card because of the distance to the closes Walmart, because Visa Gift Cards are 4.95 vs. 3.95 for a Vanilla Reload and Vanilla Reloads were always in abundant supply.

    I have been using Vanilla Reloads for months, but like a lot of others, my CVS had been out of them since early September. I want to buy a Vanilla Gift Card and try it at Walmart. Is the Vanilla Gift Card one where you can assign a PIN? Does it work at the Walmart Kiosk? Also, my local CVS is running a current promotion that if you buy a prepaid card, you get $10 CVS reward dollars (so I should come out $5.05 ahead).

  29. I recently tried to load a couple of different gift cards (Visa & MC from Staples) at a kiosk. I was able to get to the part to enter the PIN for the gift card, but then it asked again for another PIN that was 9 digits. Re-entering my PIN did not work. Does anyone know what this “second” PIN screen is? Thanks!

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  31. Check out money center in 4 Walmart at Phoenix area.
    All of atms are down with error msg “pos server down…”. Does other people have the same problem? Is this deal dead?

  32. I’ve never encountered a second PIN screen using a One Vanilla Visa Prepaid Debit Card. I was able to reload $1000 today using the method described in this article, so I don’t think the deal is dead.

  33. I haven’t been successfully able to load Blue bird at any (tried 3) walmart money center kioskis – after swiping my card and entering the amount I want to add the machine prompts an error that more info is needed and to go to the service desk — anyone else experiencing this?

  34. I went to a walmart and the atm is down, go to money center in person and she refuse to load saying gift card is not allow.
    She said the reason the atm is down is because they shut it down to prevent people to load gift card there.

    not sure, will try more walmart later.

  35. The gap between the Amex/BlueBird promises and actual delivery seems to be growing. The Walmart ATM I just used to get cash charged this BlueBird user $1.50 in addition to the $2.00 Amex Network Fee.

    The realization that AMEX/BlueBird is also charging merchants the higher credit card fee schedule without giving us many of the usual credit card benefits is a very unhappy epiphany. For example, AMEX/BlueBird will not go to bat for you in the case of a dispute. Your dispute rights are limited to those associated with ATM payments – i.e. none. Yet AMEX/Bluebird has taken no risk, has booked the funds in advance, and leaves the BlueBird card holder on the hook for criminal merchants.

    Also – the BlueBird cad is no good at the Post Office for Money Orders.

    Hours spent on the phone with incompetent clerks at Certergy who refuse to approve ordinary routine iPhone check deposits has really angered me. I was unsuccessfully depositing a $500 refund check from a national insurance company and the BlueBird/Certergy telephone clerk actually demanded that I have my insurance company call Certergy so that my insurance company could have it explained why my insurance company’s check format was “no good”. Arrogance layered on top of stupidity is always very unattractive. It turned out, of course, that Certergy hadn’t been able to read the iPhone image and that there was nothing wrong with the check. btw: the image, submitted 3 times, was perfect.

    AMEX/BlueBird requires ADR – you can’t sue them (except in your own local small claims court which supplies no damage awards but only “money back”). I have already requested ADR (Arbitration) to be compensated (maybe $25/hour) for the time I waste with BlueBird/Certergy clerks.

    It is clear to me that AMEX/BlueBird is a beta product -and that we should be paid for the experiment while they develop the software over our backs. My suggestion is that we all demand ADR for the time and expenses of every AMEX/BlueBird screw up. You can send a postcard demanding arbitration to:

    American Express, Bluebird
    PO Box 31900
    Salt Lake City, UT 84131

    At least the USPS will get the business. If we swamp AMEX/BlueBird with ADR requests, then they might begin to offer serious customer service and compensation for their screw ups. Free ATM service for 6-months would be fair compensation for 2 hours of being jerked around by Certergy clerks. Am I right?

    nb: Maybe we can make AMEX/BlueBird the venue for the first “class-action ADR”.

  36. My child was able to purchase one of these cards never id and he can now go online and do whatever. I watch my child’s online history but I can’t be an eagle eye and the kid is not technology challenged so I think these cards should be sold to the parent with the child or 18 and older. Concerned parent who only wants whats right. Please ID!!!

  37. Finally bot my BB and luckily I found a CVS and bought my first VR for $500 and used my Chase.. tomorrow to buy another and start paying my rent, etc.

  38. @Larry (many others)…if you are going to pay your rent with the VR from your Chase (or whatever) card. What do you plan to do with the bill for VR that show up on your credit card?
    We load VR to get points but it seems people forget that you have to pay the credit card bill with all the VR purchases. Which is fine by me because you still meet minimum spend and get points.
    Just an observation….

  39. It is correct that I can purchase a One Vanilla or other pin-enabled Visa debit card at office stores and convert to a money order at the wal-mart kiosk? Easily hitting bluebird limits on VRs, looking for alternative. Hoping office stores have $500 denominations.

  40. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this. Can you use the TEMPORARY My Vanilla Debit cards at a Walmart kiosk to get a money order?

  41. Can I use a $1000 to load Bb directly? Or do I need to break it up into two $500 transactions? Thank you!

  42. I just recently did this and I was successful Saturday Feb 22 2014
    They wouldn’t let my buy gifts cards with a credit card so I had to go to a nearby Best Buy to get a visa debit. The max for those cards was 200$. I wasn’t able to buy a money order so I had to withdraw as cash for 1.50$ fee

  43. I have been to two locations of Walmart one in Mountain View and the other one in Milpitas but on both the kiosk for making moneyorders were out of service since long and the staff couldnt tell whether or when these will be working.

  44. OK, maybe I’m stupid, but I can’t figure out how to enter the PIN on the kiosk

    Preiously there was only 1 PIN entry request. When I entered my pin and pressed the green enter key on the keypad I’d just delete the PIN I entered

    Last time I tried, there are now 2 PIN entry requests on the keypad. For the 1st request the keypad screen displays a long rectangular box. I enter my pin and another but different PIN request comes up. Instead of a long box it displays an underscore for each digit. I enter my pin, hit enter, and it just deletes the pin.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you

  45. Hi asdfasdf,

    I can confirm what you found. Around March 1st, Walmart Kiosk blocked GC reload by using this 2nd pin request with an underscore for each digit.

  46. @reasdf That’s a bummer with the new Wal-Mart Kiosk system blocking GC’s now 🙁

  47. I have a postal money order can I cash it at walmart or load it on my bluebird card at walmart?

  48. Is there way to look up Wal-Mart locations with money center kiosks? The stores I usually visit do not have them, but there might be others. The best I could figure out is to use the money center search on If it doesn’t say “Available at customer service desk,” then I assume the store has a kiosk. That is just a hunch.

  49. Hi I have question if anyone have this issue.

    I got 4 cards to load at WM ATM (2 VISA GC and 2 Onle Vanilla Visa). I load 1 GC to BlueBird (which i reach the monthly max with bluebird) 1 GC and 1 One Vanilla VISA to GoBAnk. when i loading the last One Vanilla to go bank, the ATM say something like “for my protection, please ask the assoiciate to complete the transaction”. sorry it’s not word for word but does anyone have this issue?

    I’m thinking if GoBank has a daily limit changed to $1000. I hope if i go back again next day it won’t give me the problem, or else i’m screwed.


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  51. Hitting the max on Serve and BB at the kiosk. If I try for a MO, do I enter for $499.30, as the .70 fee will eat up the $500 balance on the vgc? How many can I print before it cuts me off?

  52. Bluebird asked for another pin after I entered the debit card pin. It asked for a 7 or 8 digit pin. Any idea what this is?

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  54. Where are the Wal-Mart MoneyCenter Kiosks
    Located ?

  55. I tried using the Walmart Moneycenter kiosk today and could not load my Bluebird or my Walmart Moneycard (Greendot) using VISA gift cards issued by US Bank. I also tried at the Moneycenter cash register and same thing. It said tender not accepted. I think Walmart and/or Metabank (their payment processor) has cut off this route to manufactured spend.

  56. I am looking for information on purchasing a money order kiosk to start my business. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  57. Can i reload my card using personal checks?

  58. Can you have Serve and BB at the same time? I just received BB card a few days ago, then tried to apply for Serve today. Serve denied me and said I already have BB card. Is this happening for any of you?

  59. I, like others here, went to WM today and tried to load BB card for the first time. I used Metabank issued Visa GC debit card and got the second request for the PIN. I cancelled the transaction and called BB. BB said prepaid debit cards won’t work to load if the debit card itself doesn’t allow for cash withdrawals. I never told her it was a GC, but I guess only regular debit cards work to load BB. She also mentioned buying a green dot money pak and said I could use my debit card to buy the money pak, then use moneypak to load BB via moneypak website.

  60. I have a greendot prepaid visa card, can i use it to purchase money order from the walmart machine?

  61. You are allowed $1K per day on BB, $5K per month. If you try to load 2 x $500 Gift Cards in Walmart’s Kiosk, the machine will often times call a manager & you can’t proceed without them doing their thing. Some get kinda testy. I’ve gotten around the limit and shut-out successfully (100% of the time) with loading 1 @ $500 and 1 @ $499.99. No error messsages — no supervisors called. Slick.

  62. If you have a Bluebird sub-account, can you add funds to your own sub-account?