The $1,000 Visa Gift Card (With PIN!) From Gift Card Mall [Now Only $500]

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Update:  The maximum value gift card is only $500 now, so this isn’t as good as it used to be.

Many grocery shops, drug store, office supply store, and gas stations let you buy gift cards with a credit card.  And as I wrote earlier, you can now add a PIN on many Visa and MasterCard gift cards.

I sometimes buy gift cards to complete the minimum spending requirement on credit cards and then use the gift cards for my regular spending.  But they are typically for $500 in value and have a purchase fee of ~$5.

A $1,000 Gift Card

A $1,000 Gift Card!

It can make sense to buy these cards with a credit card which earns a bonus when used at grocery, drug, office supply or gas stations.  And then use the gift card either for your regular spending, to buy money orders, or to load your American Express Bluebird at Wal-Mart.  Remember, you can pay your loans and bills using American Express Bluebird.

However, not ALL versions of gift cards can be used to load your Bluebird, so always start with a small amount as a test.

You can use gift cards with a PIN to:

  • Load your American Express Bluebird at Wal-Mart and pay your mortgage and other bills with Bluebird
  • Buy money orders at Wal-Mart, grocery stores or other locations to pay loans etc.
  • Pay bills at the Wal-Mart money center
  • Buy pre-paid cards from stores which don’t sell them with a credit card, but let you use a debit card
  • Potentially pay a lower fee ($2.99 to $3.95) when you pay your federal and state taxes with a debit card online

 $1,000 Gift Card from Gift Card Mall

What Does it Cost?

Gift Card Mall sells a $1,000 Visa gift card – with a PIN! – for only a $3.95 purchase fee.  You can buy this gift card with any credit card and you will earn miles or points for the purchase.  That said, I haven’t tested buying the gift card with a Citi credit card so do a small test to make sure that you aren’t charged cash advance fees because Citi usually charges cash advance fees.

Assuming you pay $3.99 for USPS shipping which is trackable ($2 more than the cheapest shipping option with no tracking), your total costs are ~$8 to buy a $1,000 gift card ($3.95 purchase fee + $3.99 shipping fees).

This means that you are paying ~$8 in fees to earn 1,008 miles or points.  So you’re paying 0.8 cents per mile or point ($8 in fees/1,008 miles and points).  0.8 cents per mile or point is a good deal for most airlines, Hyatt and Starwood hotel points, etc.

This is much less than the cost of buying lower denomination gift cards elsewhere!

Frequent Miler writes that you can even buy American Express gift cards though Big Crumbs and get cash back and then use those gift cards to buy the $1,000 gift card from Gift Card Mall to eliminate the purchase fees.  But that is too much work for me!  And be careful to NOT use a Citi credit card when you buy gift cards directly from American Express because you may be charged a large cash advance fee.

How to Buy The $1,000 Gift Card

Step 1 – Go to Gift Card Mall

Go to to the Visa gift card page on Gift Card Mall and enter $1,000 and click continue.

$1,000 Visa Gift Card

Enter Gift Card Value

 Step 2 – Enter Name on Card

You can actually enter your name on the $1,000 Visa gift card!  This makes it seem more like a real credit card or debit card when you use it.

Here’s what my card looked like.

$1,000 Visa Gift CArd-001

Has my Name on it!

Step 3 – Billing and Shipping Address

Be careful to enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.  Otherwise, your order may not process and you may not be able to place another order for 30 days!  You can look at your credit card statement online and enter your name, middle initial and address exactly as it appears online.

I got an error message after my first order (and a warning that I couldn’t re-order for 30 days).  But my second order (30 seconds later) went through, though I got a fraud alert from the credit card company.

Step 4 – Select a Shipping Option & Check Out

Choose a shipping option.

$1,000 Gift Card

Select a Shipping Option

I’d personally pay a few dollars more and choose a shipping option which can be tracked, just in case anything went wrong.  Here are the shipping costs for the different options.

$1,000 Gift Card

Different Shipping Options

Enter your payment information & check-out.  Use a credit card for which you have to complete the minimum spending requirement or one which earns your favorite kind of miles and points.

How To Activate & Set a PIN

Step 1 – Activate the Card

After you receive the card in the mail, go to the Gift Card Mall Activation Page.  Enter your card number and the 4 digit activation code.  The 4 digit activation code is mailed to you separately.

$1,000 Gift Card

Enter Card Details

Click “Submit” and your card is ready for use!

$1,000 Visa Gift Card

Gift Card is Activated

Step 2 – Setting a PIN

Click on this link to set a PIN for your gift card.

Enter your card details, select a PIN and hit “Submit

$1,000 Gift Card

Set Your PIN

Using the $1,000 Visa Gift Card

You can use the $1,000 gift card just like a debit card with a PIN, except that you can’t withdraw money from the ATM or get cash back.

Money Orders.   I was able to buy money orders at Kroger grocery stores and at Wal-Mart using the $1,000 Visa gift card as a debit card with a PIN.

Note that I would NOT suggest buying lots of money orders and depositing them in your bank account because it could be suspicious.  Please see the warnings in this post.  But I would use them to pay bills which I couldn’t otherwise pay.  That said, I prefer using Bluebird to pay bills.

Loading Bluebird.  I was able to load my Bluebird at Wal-Mart with the $1,000 Visa gift card.  I went to the Wal-Mart money center and handed the teller my Bluebird card.  I confirmed the amount I wanted to load on my Bluebird and swiped the $1,000 Visa card.

It promoted me for my PIN and the load was successful!  You can load up to $1,000 a day and $5,000 a month to your Bluebird using a debit card at Wal-Mart for free.  This limit includes the amount you can load with Vanilla Reload cards.

Cash Back.  I was curious to see if I could get cash back (the terms say that you can’t), and I wasn’t able to get cash back at Wal-Mart, Kroger and Hy-Vee.

Paying Taxes.   I paid $1,000 in taxes and was charged the lower ($2.99 to $3.95) debit card fee!

Bottom Line

The $1,000 Visa Gift Card (with a PIN) makes it easier to complete your minimum spending requirements and to earn miles with a credit card.  But don’t go overboard, and use this only for legitimate future spending.  And don’t max out your credit cards buying gift cards.  I also wouldn’t put high-value purchases on the card because it doesn’t have the return protections which consumer credit cards have.

I prefer to use gift cards with PIN only for transactions for which I couldn’t otherwise use a credit card.  Like paying bills with money or orders or loading my Bluebird at Wal-Mart and then using Bluebird to pay bills.

Update:  The maximum value gift card is only $500 now, so this isn’t as good as it used to be.

PS: I am traveling with family so won’t be able to get to the comments until night!

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146 responses to “The $1,000 Visa Gift Card (With PIN!) From Gift Card Mall [Now Only $500]

  1. Anyone tried using citi to buy GC’s at Giftcardmall

    Does it work, or its treated as cashadvance

  2. Has anyone bought Visa cards from the giftcard mall using the Barclays US Airways Mastercard? Does anyone happen to know if they charge a cash advance fee? I see the Citi cards do, but haven’t seen anything on the Barclays.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. I used Barclays Arrival- treated as regular purchase.

  4. FYI…The shipping charges have changed quite a bit. I just ordered 6 of the Visa Gift cards and instead of being $8.64, the shipping was $20.22. This brought the total up to $3043.92. With 1% cash back from TopCashBack, the net cost will be $13.92, a respectable .4 cents per point with a 1 point/$1 card. This is helping to meet the $10k spend on my Avios card, so the cost is about 1/10 of a cent per Avios mile. Not as great as making money on the purchase, but reasonable enough.

  5. I learned that Amex and Discover do not count Gift card purchases into valid spending that can earn points or cash rewards. Does anyone know which cards can earn rewards on Gift card purchases?

  6. Does Chase treat gift card purchases with one of their credit cards as a cash advance?

  7. Has anyone tested this and bought something with the gift card to see if it actually works?

  8. I can’t find any info on the internet, but has anyone used SPG American Express to buy Visa gift cards from the Will there be a cash advance fee if we use the SPG? Also, I am not able to use my Ink Bold on It says “invalid card number”. Has this happened to anyone? Appreciate it if you can share your experiences. Thank you!

  9. So I can buy 2 gift cards with my discover and not get charged cash advanced?? That would certainly help pay my rent that only takesvcvisa and MasterCard..

  10. Read this post, figured I’d give it a try, and voila – it works.

    Bought a $500 Vanilla visa gift card at CVS and a WalMart $500 gift card at, well, WalMart.
    Looked for a kiosk at several WalMarts so I wouldn’t have to deal with people but couldn’t find any, so went up to the cashier and told her I wanted to load my BlueBird with a couple of debit card. First try with the WalMart card failed so I did the Vanilla and that worked fine (put in a random pin during this first transaction just like they say on the Vanilla site). Then she said try the other one again and that worked as well (pin is last 4 digits of card for WalMart visa gift cards). Bam! – $1000 loaded on BlueBird (checked on cell phone as I walked out of the store).

    Just paid daughter’s student loan and electric bill out of BlueBird. Going to do another $500 today (different credit card to buy gift card) and then pay the mortgage.

    Now the only issue is getting a credit card that gets me more miles than the 1.25/$1 I get on my Cap 1 Venture card.

  11. If you need a really reliable safe secure way to purchase iTunes gift cards or VISA Match Cards, I suggest you go to for all your gift card needs! They are extremely quick! I have been purchasing my cards from that website for a while now and it has always been a great success.

  12. Just opened Barclay’s US Air & they offered the spend $750 for 3 months & receive 15K bonus. Can I still buy these & roll thru BB? I am currently trying to make the spend on 2 SPG’s $5K.

  13. I buy about $10k in gift cards for my employees for Christmas bonus’s. Is there a way to get a discount or at least miles buying these? What is the best solution? A few years back I could buy $1000 cards for $900. It was a sweet deal. Can’t find that anymore. Anything like that out there?

    • @ellen jackson – You could try to buy them at a discount online. If you want miles and points, you could buy them with the Chase Ink cards at an Office Supply store like Staples/Office Max or Office Depot and get 5X Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back.

  14. I know this article’s a little old, but the link for setting a PIN is no longer correct.
    and I can’t find in on their website. Does anyone know the updated link?

  15. nevermind. Found it. for future reference it’s

  16. I’ve bough several Visa Gift Card ($500) from shopping mall with lower fee ($2.95 per card). Is it OK to buy these VISA gift cards from shopping mall? I meant in term of credit card company triggers the alarm?

  17. I want my giftcard 1000$

  18. Ordered four Visa Gift Card from, but could not activate three of them. The error message is “Unable to activate your card – Invalid Activation Code / Card Number”. Has Anybody had the same problem? How to activate them? Cannot call them now because the giftcardmall office is closed during weekends.

  19. I want the card so I can go shopping with it for me plus my kids to cause Christmas come up I gust want to get gift to

  20. You have to call up at (877) 426-2551 and tell them that even after 3 weeks, you have not received the activation code. Keep pressing 0 till you reach customer service. Then they will ask you for order number, etc and they will activate it within 24 hours.

  21. Are there any restaurants that sell mastercard and visa gift cards? I have Chase Freedom, this quarter I get 5% cash back at restaurants. Other than eating at restaurants, it would be nice if I could buy a gift card to get me to the $1500 quarterly limit.

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  24. Has anyone tested this and bought something with the gift card to see if it actually works?

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  26. Im wondering if the author of this site doesn’t get an incentive for pushing certain cards and services because a simple search will find better deals online such as Costco where you can get a reloadable gift card up to $1000 with no purchase fee and free shipping