Chase Southwest 50,000 Point & Air Tran with 32 Credits Ending Soon

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Link:  How to Fly Free for Two Years on Southwest

The Southwest website suggests that links to the 50,000 point Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card & the Chase Air Tran credit card with 32 credits by will end soon.

I don’t know if the non-affiliate offer will disappear as well (I’d guess not, but I don’t have any inside information).  But I wouldn’t worry about applying for the Southwest card now if you didn’t already plan on applying for it.

That said, it is rare to see all 4 Southwest cards offer the 50,000 point bonus at the same time, so if you’re looking for a specific card (Plus vs. Premier etc.), it could be best to evaluate your options.

As I wrote before in “How to Fly Free for Two Years on Southwest!” two Southwest 50,000 point credit cards can get you (hopefully) up to 2 years of free flying on Southwest with their Companion Pass.  Or at the very least ~$1,670 in Southwest flights if the points earned from the credit card stop counting towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

I just received my two Southwest cards, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for my Companion Pass in 2013!

Bottom Line

Chase and Southwest have had the 50,000 point Southwest offer every 2 or 3 months for over 1 year, so I wouldn’t worry about missing out on the cards now, because they almost certainly will be back.  As always, do what makes sense for you!

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59 responses to “Chase Southwest 50,000 Point & Air Tran with 32 Credits Ending Soon

  1. I actually have been seriously thinking about getting these cards now to take advantage of the companion pass for 2013 and 2014. Is there a limit to how many cards Chase will approve you for per year? Or a limit to how many they’ll let you have at one time? I’d like to get an Ink card and a Saphhire Preferred as well. I’m just not sure what to do first.

    BTW, it was great to meet you at FTULAX! I’m a new reader to your blog now. 🙂

    • @Tracy T – It was nice meeting you too! There is a limit to the number of Chase cards you can have, but it varies by person (length of credit, income, etc.) That said, you can call their reconsideration line and cancel 1 card or reallocate the credit line to get approved for another card. See this post for more details.

      You can usually get 1 personal and 1 business card at the same time with Chase after calling their reconsideration line. If you’re looking for domestic travel and Southwest serves your airport, it is hard to beat the Southwest Companion Pass (if you have a companion to fly with you). If you’re looking for international travel or to transfer points to Hyatt the Chase Ink & Sapphire Preferred/United 50K cards are better. You can get 2 cards now and the others when you next apply. I wouldn’t apply for more than 2 at a time.

  2. @Tracy T. – There is no limit to the amount of cards you can have with Chase. There is, however, a set credit limit at which Chase is willing to extend to you. If you are at this limit, you may need to transfer some credit from an existing line to open a new one. Keep in mind that the Chase Sapphire Preferred card has a minimum credit line of $5,000 as well. I’ve been told by many Chase reps that they can only issue you two cards every 30 days. Personally, I have received 4 cards from them in a 30 day period before. (Sapphire Preferred, Priority Club, Ink Plus and Southwest cards. Three of those are personal cards and the Ink plus is a business card).

    While I realize there is a trend for Southwest to offer the 50,000 bonus points every few months, to maximize the
    companion pass, now would be the ideal time to apply for the card. Make sure to start spending on it in January because your accumulation resets every calendar year. If you do end up missing the offer, there is always the small chance that it will not be available again. It may not also come back until the second quarter of 2013… which will really limit your companion pass use for it’s first year. Just a suggestion, but I would definitely consider everything.

    I would say the possibility of this deal going away is a bigger issue than the blog author is making of it (No offense of course). If you are looking for a card to use everyday, I would definitely recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred. The companion pass, however, is a unique deal that is really too nice to pass up.

    I hope this helps!

  3. I applied for both the personal and business SW card about 4 months ago. I just obtained my Companion Pass recently. Do you think they will have the Chase Airtran 32 credits in the near future, Darius? I am not sure if I should wait longer to apply for another Chase card (at least 6 months since my last application). I am afraid that this Chase Airtran card will go away soon.

  4. Your link to “How to fly for free for two years on Southwest” is actually a link to the credit card application page. Was this intended?

    • @Steve M – You’re right that now is the ideal time to get the cards to maximize the Companion Pass, but I don’t want to press the panic button either. The offer should be back soon, but things could always change.

      @gocong – I really don’t have any inside information on the Air Tran card. 4 months is a good enough wait to apply for the Air Tran card if that’s what you want to do (I usually wait 3 months between Chase cards). You can always call the reconsideration line if you’re denied.

      @Eve – Thanks for letting me know. It was supposed to go to the post and I fixed it!

  5. @MMS @Steve M: Thanks so much for the thoughtful advice. I should have mentioned that I don’t have any cards with Chase right now. I do fly Southwest frequently, but would like to start accumulating URs for international travel. If its likely Chase would approve me for 4 cards in a year (750+ credit score), I’ll get the 2 SW cards now and the other 2 in a few months. Thanks for your help!

  6. If I apply the Chase Airtran, can I transfer the 32 credit to the southwest points? If so, how many points can I get?
    I have SW plus personal for 1 year, can I apply SW prime card now? Do they allow us to hold two SW personal cards? If I need to call the reconsideration line, what’s the best reason you recommend to tell the rep since I have a SW card already, why want to apply another?

    Should I wait 3 months after I apply one card and start to apply the other?


    • @Tracy T. – I can’t comment specifically, but many folks (including Emily & I) have got 4 Chase cards in 1 year. Good luck!

      @hill – You can’t transfer the Air Tran credits to Southwest points, but you can transfer them to Southwest credits. You may be able to get a second personal card, but if you already have another recently opened version, you may not get the bonus points. You could cancel your existing personal card and apply for 1 business and 1 personal card if you want to go after the Companion Pass. But as always, do what you’re comfortable with.

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  8. After you got approved for the business card, did you have to make another call to be considered for the non-business plus card? Or was the person that helped you able to take care of that one as well? Just applied for both business and regular premier! Hoping to get companion pass! Thanks for the tips. I’ve even been able to get my mom hooked on this!

    • @Lori – I submitted the personal application after talking with the business reconsideration department and called the personal reconsideration department (888-245-0625) for the personal card. Good luck!

      @hill – If you have a personal Southwest card, you should be able to get the sign up bonus on the business versions as well. I wouldn’t do more than 2 Chase cards at a time.

  9. Thanks for your quick reply!
    The Air Tran card seems cannot contribute to the companion pass…
    Should I cancel the current SW personal card before I apply the business card?
    How long should I wait after cancel the personal card?
    Can I apply two cards at the same time or need to wait another 3 months?


  10. What about doing both personal cards (premier and plus)? Is it even worth it? Has anyone had success doing 2 personal at once?

  11. With your experience in the past with the Southwest cards – once the December statement is issued, it should be all clear to spend the $2,000 that will post on the January statement right? My concern is that I spend $2,000 now that my December statements have closed, and some reason Chase awards the 50,000 bonus randomly and not on the next statement. The bonus should post on the next January statement right?

    • @Ed – A reader wasn’t able to get approved for the 2nd card at the same time. Business and personal seem to work the best. Or you could do 1 personal now, cancel it later and then get a different version.

      @Rob S – To be completely safe, I wouldn’t spend the complete the $2K in December, perhaps say, $1,900 and spend the remaining $100 in 2013 just to be sure it won’t post. It usually posts a few days after the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes, but sometimes (rarely) it could post as soon as you complete the minimum spending.

  12. So I understand correctly, there are four SW cards: two personal and two business.

    You have been asked to remove the link for only one of the personal cards. This should leave one personal and two business links, yes? Or after tomorrow will both personal cards be removed from the 50K offer?

    Bottom line, is today the last time to apply for both a personal and business 50K card (at least until the promo possibly returns)?

    Thank you!

    • @Jaime – That’s correct – there are 4 Southwest cards each currently offering 50K. I have been asked to remove the link to the Personal Premier card, so the other 3 should still be available. That said, I don’t know if Chase will pull the public links to the other cards as well (I want to say no, but I don’t have any inside information).

  13. I just got approved for the personal card (used your link)! But they need to do a further review on my application for the business card. I’ll be calling them! Thanks for all your advice.

    • @Tracy T. – Congrats and thanks for using our link!

      @Jamie – The Plus card has a lower annual fee of $69, but charges a 3% foreign transaction fee and gives you 3K points for renewing your card. The Premier versions don’t charge foreign transaction fees, give you 6K points on renewal and can earn A-List status points.

  14. Thank you for clarifying. What is the main difference between the two personal cards? Business cards?

  15. I just applied for both the business and personal card. Did the business first and got this message:

    Here’s what you can expect:

    Our goal is to notify you in writing within 10 days; however, in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days.
    If you are approved, you will receive your card and other important information in the mail.
    Please do not resubmit this application.

    Then did the personal and got the same message.

    So I should call the phone numbers when they’re open? 4:56 AM here.

    Later today want to apply for Club Carlton as well. Doing a mini 3 card app o rama for my first one.

    • @Sean – I prefer to call because I’m impatient, but do whatever you’re comfortable with!

      @B.C. – You can call to confirm the bonus when you activate the card. BTW, I still see 50K from my link and on the Southwest website. Where did you see the 25K offer?

  16. Forgot to copy this part too from the beginning:

    “Thank you for applying. Your application requires further review before making a decision.”

  17. Hey MMS,

    Thanks again for all of your information. I applied for a Southwest Premier Personal and Southwest Premier Business Card yesterday and got approved (although it took some negotiating). I see that they did in fact change the 50,000 points to 25,000 points today. Do you think I need to call back and make sure I am getting the larger promotion or should I just wait and ask when the cards arrive? I took screen shots of your 50,000 points link for both just in case.


  18. The Chase website. Ok thank you, I’ll call when I get the cards. Appreciate the quick response!

  19. I applied the business card(use ur link) yesterday and called today. I explained the process of my “small business” and they approved my application with a 5k credit line.

    I applied the carlson card yesterday just before the SW card and got approved instantly.

  20. Yes, effective this morning all of the Southwest cards dropped their bonuses from 50,000 points to 25,000 points

  21. Quick question! Of course thanks to you my husband still has 65000 Southwest points and I am his companion. We have traveled to Nashville, Chicago and San Francisco. Can you re-qualify for the pass without getting another credit card? If so is there an easy way to do it quick. I already have a chase card . I am afraid when the end of 2013 comes there will not be an opportunity for credit cards. What is your advice? Do you think I should just apply and qualify him as my companion? 2013 would be an overlap year but 2014 would be taken care of. OOps that was not quick. Sorry!

    • @Christine – I agree with Steve M that waiting is perhaps the best way because you will have 2013 overlap if you get the Companion Pass again in early 2013. You can renew your companion pass by earning 110K points in a calendar year, but that is hard to do. The only downside to waiting is that the credit card sign up bonus may not count towards the Companion Pass when you get them next year, but as always do what you’re comfortable with!

  22. @Christine – In my opinion you should definitely wait. If you are covered with the companion pass all the way through 2013, there is absolutely no rush. Not to mention, the Southwest bonuses were just reduced this morning from 50,000 to 25,000 points. Given Southwest’s track record with these cards, you can expect that the 50,000 bonus will be back within the next year. (My OPINION not something I know for sure). As for your question pertaining to the necessity of a credit card application for the pass, the answer would be no, you do not need to apply for a card to get it. Applying for the cards was simply the easiest way to obtain it. I hope this helps and I’m sure if MMS has a different opinion he will let you know. Thanks!

  23. Hi Milllion Mil Secrets. Earlier this year around March, I applied and received 50k SW points for a personal card. I saw your post and applied for a business card on Nov 30 and just received it.

    I was hoping to be able to get the companion pass in time by spending the $2k limit the first week of December and get the points posted. Unfortunately, I called 2 different Chase representstives yesterday and the told me that the rewards points would not apply until 103 days (the 3month timeframe to spend $2k). Are they correct? If so, tha means that I’ll have over 100,000 points but not in the same calendar year :0(

    I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

    Thank you,
    From a faithful Million Mile Secrets reader.

    • @Tam N. – Call the number at the back of your statement and ask when your 1st statement closes. If it closes on say, December 25, and you complete the spending at least 8 to 10 days before the points should post a few days after the statement closes. It is going to be VERY tight. That said, the points could post later on, so your miles may vary, but they usually post a few days after the statement closes if you complete the spending well in advance of the close date. Good luck!

  24. Thank you Darius. I wanted to wait a bit longer before applying for another Chase card, and the AirTran offer is gone. Hope it’ll be back in a few months.

  25. I had the Chase SW card for exactly 1 year, then cancelled today. How long do I have to wait before I can apply again for another 50k? I know with Citi AA cards, it’s typically 18 months after your last application. What is your experience with Chase SW?

  26. I got my companion pass just as described, using Hyatt points to make up the difference quickly. The mistake I made was after getting the first card in November, not thinking, I put over $2000 on it that first month…! After I thought about it I had to quickly get the business card, spend another $2000, get points from Hyatt to Southwest, all before the end of the year. I originally going to spread the first card over in 2013, and then get the rest done, have it for 2013 and 2014. When I knew I would never get this bonus again it was balls to the wall and 12/30 I was just in time for the pass. But I only will have it for 2013….awwwww!

  27. The companion pass offer is NOT TRUE. I now have 2 Southwest cards and now have 110,000 points. Chase and Southwest refuses to put me in the “companion fare” category since the fine print says that points going for companion fare do NOT include bonus points from a credit card. Only evenue miles count. This whole offer was misunderstood and not researche enough.

    • @GW – Glad you made it. You can still travel a good bit in a year!

      @Alan – You need 110K points within ONE calendar year to get the Companion pass. It has worked for me and other readers who earned the full 110K points within 1 calendar year.

  28. This link for 50,000 appears to still be active as of 2/12/13. Can I trust it?

  29. Southwest may have changed their Rapid Rewards T&C’s where bonus points no longer count towards Tier Status, and therefore it is not possible to obtain companion pass with credit card points being the primary driver of points accumulation.

    From their website:
    “Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

    I recently received my bonus in 2013 and apparently do not qualify for companion pass status. I only have my actual flight segments in my Tier Status calculation.

    I will update if I actually receive a companion pass in the mail.

  30. Daraius,

    I have Southwest plus card can I apply for the Southwest premier and get the bonus? I can call reconsideration line to have them change the plus to premier since premier give 6000 pts on anniversary instead of 3000 (my reason).thanks

  31. Stephanie Hill

    I don’t have any chase southwest cards. So we want sign up for the personal and business card and hopefully get companion status eventually. Can my husband sign up for both cards and have me as a signer so I can spend on the card too? But the cards would not be in My name. I do most of the spending for our daily/monthly needs since he’s at work all day. Is it best to sign up for cards at the same time? And, once we are signed up and approved say, this month – do we need get our qualified 110k points by December 2013? When we get the cards, should we start spending right away? When does the 3 month bonus period start? Sorry for all the questions. I am new to all this.

  32. Stephanie Hill

    Hi – another quick question. If I pay my mtg with card, does that kind of purchase yield $1 for $1 points? Thanks!

  33. Stephanie Hill

    I have yet another question….so if we get the bonus points and the companion pass, can we still use all those those points to book flights? Because if my husband has a companion pass and can use the points to book their flights and then if I was able fly free that would so cool! Do I understand it right? Also, for the bonus points do we have use them all in one year, or can we spread them out over a couple years? Thanks so much!

    • @Stephanie Hill – You can get an additional card as an authorized user and charge amounts to the card, but the points will go to your husband’s account. You need to earn the full 110K points by December 31 of this year to get the Companion Pass. If you pay for meetings with the card, you will earn 1 point per $1 spent. You can use the bonus points whenever you want and you can use points to book flights and to then add a companion. Check out this post for more details.

  34. Stephanie Hill

    Thanks so much for you reply! Sorry I meant if we pay our mortgage with the card, would we be able to earn $1 for $1 on that? Thanks for answering all these questions!

  35. Hello, I am pleased to say that I received a personal and business card from chase southwest and received the bonus points. I am $800 from the $110,000 needed for the companion pass. So I will buy the rest. This is all because of your help on your blogs! So thank you very much! I do have one question. Recently we’ve had a hiccup on our finances and need to delay are most recent payments due (we pay the balance in full every month) on both Chase SW cards to a zero percent card til we can get on our feet again. If we transfer the balances from the recent bill cycle (so I don’t think it will affect the $2000 spend requirement), will those Chase SW points not be realized if I transfer the current balance owed ? Hope that makes sense. Thanks!!

  36. Thank you! Just to clarif: So I assume the same would apply to the spending and points after the $2000 min spending on each card between 104,000 to 110,000? My current bill/balance that I’m hoping to transfer to another card is for spending that helped me get from 104,000 – 109,200 points. I’m so close to 110,000 points and don’t want to lose the points I’ve acquired beyond the minimum spend. I think the points I’m talking about have posted, because they show up on my online acct, saying this is what I earned this cycle…. So, once they show up in the acct then I should be ok to transfer the balance somewhere else and still keep the points earned right?

  37. Thanks again!!!