My Experience Using Western Union with Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Pre-Paid Debit Cards

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A few weeks ago, Gary Leff from View from the Wing, sent me a link to an offer by Western Union which waived the money transfer fee for transfers direct to a bank account.

Using Western Union with Cards

Using Western Union with Debit & Credit Cards

Unfortunately, the waived fees for deposits direct to a bank account is now over, though the landing page still gives the impression that fees will be waived.  Next time, perhaps I shouldn’t wait for the results of the experiment to come in before posting!

Hopefully this will be helpful for the next time Western Union waives fees for transfers to a bank account.

I experimented with Western Union with credit cards, debit cards, and with pre-paid debit cards.

I was charged cash advance fees and interest for using a credit card, earned no miles for using the Alaska Air and Delta debit cards.  The only success was being able to use Western Union to transfer money from pre-paid debit cards (Wells Fargo etc.) to Emily’s bank account!

The Western Union website was annoyingly slow and quirky (don’t press the “back” button on your browser).  My transactions were sometimes declined on-line, and at other times I had to call Western Union and have a rep call me back to verify my identity before the transaction processed.

Sometimes the telephone representative couldn’t process the transaction even after calling back to verify my identity, but the transaction was processed when I resubmitted it the next day!

Western Union & Credit Cards – Fail

I was fairly sure that I would be charged a cash advance fee for using Western Union to transfer money to Emily’s bank account using a credit card.  Cash Advances also earn no miles or points.

A cash advance is when you use your credit card to get cash.   Cash advances are charged a higher level of interest than regular purchases and there is no grace period to avoid the interest.  The interest starts accumulating the day you make the cash advance and usually compounds at a daily rate.

To be clear – cash advances are NEVER worth paying for – and certainly NOT worth paying for miles and points.

1.   Chase Sapphire Preferred.  I transferred $20 using my Chase Sapphire Preferred to Emily’s bank account.  Unfortunately, the transaction was coded as a cash advance so I paid interest and earned no points.

Using Western Union with Chase Sapphire Preferred

Cash Advance Charge for Using Chase Sapphire Preferred

2.   Citi Thank You Preferred.  I transferred $10 using my Citi Thank You Preferred to Emily’s bank account.  Unfortunately, the transaction was coded as a cash advance so I paid interest and  earned no points.

Using Western Union with Citi Thank You Preferred

Cash Advance Charge for Using Citi Thank You

Western Union & Debit Cards – fail

I actually expected this to work, but I didn’t earn any miles for using a miles-earning debit card to transfer money via Western Union to Emily’s account.

1.   Alaska Air & Delta Debit Card.   I transferred $10 using my Alaska Air and Delta debit card to Emily’s bank account.

Unfortunately, I didn’t earn any Delta or Alaska Air miles for using their debit card with Alaska Air.  These transactions posted to my account just a few days before my statement closed, so they *may* show up in next month’s statement.

But I suspect that Western Union is well known as a way to send money, so the banks could have systems in place to not award miles or points for Western Union transactions.

Western Union & Pre-Paid Debit Cards – success

Success!  Finally!

1.   Wells Fargo Prepaid Debit Card.   I was able to transfer $10 to Emily’s bank account using my Wells Fargo Prepaid Debit Card.

This is good news, because it is another way – after ATM withdrawals, cash back when shopping, and buying money orders – to remove cash from a pre-paid debit card.

I’ll write more on pre-paid debit cards soon, but some folks buy pre-paid debit cards with a miles earning credit card (to either meet the minimum spending or to earn miles and points) and then remove money from the debit card using ATMs, cash-back or with money orders.

I’m not a big fan of using pre-paid debit cards regularly just to earn miles and points, unless you have a legitimate reason to load a pre-paid debit card and the remove cash from it.

But I would use pre-paid cards as a way to meet minimum spending requirements on credit cards.  But weigh the risk for yourself – in the worst case you could be banned from doing business with certain banks if you abused this method.

If you do buy a pre-paid debit card with a credit card, be sure that you’re not charged cash advance fees for this.  Citi usually charges cash advance fees.

Western Union Transaction Limits

Western Union has certain transaction limits, which vary based on your profile and usage.  But I didn’t test to see whether it was possible to go over the limit.

For the “Three Days” service which I used, I had a limit of $2,500 per transaction.

Bottom Line

You shouldn’t use Western Union to transfer money with a credit card because you will pay the astronomical cash advance interest rate and will earn no points.

You don’t earn any miles when you use a regular debit card with Western Union.

But it could be worth it to use Western Union to transfer money from a pre-paid debit card, the next time Western Union waives fees for transfers to bank accounts.

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33 responses to “My Experience Using Western Union with Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Pre-Paid Debit Cards

  1. Thanks for experimenting MMS. Would be interesting to know what other prepaid debit cards would work with WU.

    • @Grant – I suspect it may work with many of them.

      @Monte – I didn’t try that out, but it would be great because it would be a great way to earn Ultimate Rewards points! Stay tuned for more on the WellsFargo card.

  2. Could the wells fargo prepaid card be used to pay chargesmart ?

  3. Can the wells fargo card be loaded with prepaid debit cards purchased at office max of grocery stores?

  4. I would like to know if Amex prepaid card will work. Has the offer really finished.

  5. @Monte — What would be the point of using the WF prepaid card on chargesmart, as opposed to just using a credit card? I’m not seeing any reduced fees by chargesmart for using a prepaid card.

  6. Would like to know whether we can unload the money from a Amex prepaid card using this as well. I am currently maxed out and need a method to unload it without Amex’s FR risk 😀

  7. Hello i was wondering if I bought a pre-paid wells fargo card with a credit card worth $1200 would that give me rewards points, then if i took that pre-paid card and sent a paypal cash gift to a friends account and he does the same the next day to another one of my bank accounts so i could pay off my credit would this work, ( btw i just found this site today and i love it haha)

  8. thanks, would i have to pay a transaction fee for using the credit card?

  9. Did you try using bluebird? I am new to this. I need to send 800 usd to my family in Romania and would like to make this money count toward a credit card spending limit. Any suggestions/advice? Thank you!

  10. Just today I tried to do a Western Union transfer online and pay with a VISA prepaid credit card. It was refused. I called them and they told me that they do not accept any prepaid cards, even their own Western Union prepaid cards. Does this make sense?

    • @Dana – I don’t know of a way to send money overseas using Bluebird. You could get another Bluebird card and have your family use it since it doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

      @Bud – Very interesting. I haven’t experimented much with Western Union, but thanks for sharing!

  11. Tried making a Western Union “quick collect” payment with my Chase Ink Bold. It was declined by the bank. “U8021 We’re sorry, we are unable to process your transaction because your payment was declined by your bank.”


  13. No Name Please

    I would like to know why you thought you might get miles on a cash extraction from a credit card. This was eliminated years ago by the credit cards for any cash or cash equivalent. This used to work when buying AAA traveler’s checks but they stopped that several years ago too.

  14. you can’t pay WU with a credit card, and you can’t buy a prepaid card with one either

  15. I tried using my credit card to send money to my sick wife in Africa but was decline, now which type of card can actually be use to do that transaction…?

  16. Thank you for confirming this. Sadly I fell for the credit card to bank transfer scam and got hit. Won’t make this mistake again.

  17. i was transfer to western union and i use my credit card ! i put all my details and after am on to payment it was say my billing address is not compare ! im here at CALI right now but my card is from NEW ZEALAND how can i do to work my card even i am not on my real country ??? pls answer my question thanks

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  21. Thank you for the updates on this page. Credit card companies appear to hide different fees or decide to add fees based on a payment. We are having issues with Cash Advance fess going through Paypal.

    Keep educating so people can be safe from the large financial institutions.


  22. Western Union has now stopped accepting prepaid cards for money transfers. Sounds like they have made a deal in the back room with the credit card companies. What a shame:(((

  23. I have sent 215.00 and you guess have taken another 179.87. I would like to get that back. Or sent it to my husband.

  24. Frederick Mistretta

    I remain confused about this issue. I have a Mercedes Benz lease through Mercedes Benz Financial Services. I once made a payment on this lease through Western Union. I paid a $15.00 transaction fee but I also was charged cash-advance fees and interest by Chase Card Services. I subsequently made another payment using an American Express Card. Again I paid a $15.00 transaction fee. However, I was not charged cash-advance fees. The transaction was treated as a regular charge. Western Union warns the customer that cash-advance fees may be charges. However, what is the deciding factor? Why should the cardholder pay both a transaction fee and cash-advance fees?

    • Hi Frederick

      I regularly pay my MBFS loan account with my AMEX cards. AMEX does not charge any cash advance to pay MBFS via Western union (other credit card companies do). My understanding is because AMEX has a mercedes credit card, they have provided an exception for MB even though it is through western union (I am not an expert and just guessing here).
      I have tried paying MBFS with my AMEX PRG, platinum and business platinum – the transaction always goes through as purchase.

  25. No name right now

    I don’t know where you get your information but I send my husband money in morocco by Western union every week with a pre paid walmart card and it goes through every time try that because I never have had a problem and I have done this for 1 year

  26. I will like to think Mr Bob to help me out to take good care of me & I hope this help me out A lot

  27. I will like to think you Mr Bob helping me out