I Just Booked First Class To Hawaii Using Iceland Air Miles for $330 + $38 in Taxes!

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Online Travel Review wrote about a GREAT way to get to Hawaii, Alaska, or Mexico in First Class using Iceland Air miles yesterday and updated his post with a very helpful FAQ today.

I’ve been on the phone with Iceland Air for most of the morning (yeah, thanks Jared!) and here’s what I’ve found out while booking a ticket on Alaska Airlines using 30,000 Iceland Air miles & $370 from San Jose to Maui in Hawaii!

You essentially buy 25,000 Iceland Air miles for 37,500 Kronas or $330 and get a bonus of 5,000 miles (up to September 28, 2012) for a total of 30,000 Iceland Air miles.  These points posted instantly in my experience.

Jared also mentions a way to share miles and bring the cost down.

You then call Iceland Air at 1-800-223-5500 (prompt 2) and redeem either 25,000 miles for a RETURN coach flight or 30,000 miles for a first class flight to Hawaii on partner airline Alaska Airlines. 

There are some restrictions which don’t make this a great deal for folks on the East Coast or those who have to stay overnight and then fly on a connecting flight the next day.  But this is great for folks on the West Coast to have a return First Class flight to Hawaii for ~$370!

Read Carefully

Please read the risks associated with buying Iceland Air miles to redeem on Alaska Airlines to the US, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico.

I paid $38 in taxes and fees in addition to the $330 for buying the miles.

I noticed that this is a great for travel from California (San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, & San Diego) to Hawaii, for travel along the West Coast, certain flights to Hawaii from Portland, and certain flights to Alaska.

I didn’t see much award availability from the East Coast, and couldn’t book any flights from Kansas City to Hawaii, though I could book flights from Kansas City to Seattle.

How I Booked a First Class Ticket to Hawaii Using Iceland Air Miles

Step 1 – Sign Up for Saga Club

I signed up for the Iceland Air Saga Club frequent flyer program.

Step 2 – Purchase Saga Club Miles

Actually, you may want to identify your destination and see if Iceland Air can see the same award seats before buying the miles which post instantly.

I then purchased 25,000 Saga Club miles for 37,500 Kronas or ~$330.  There is a 20% points bonus up to September 28, so I got 5,000 extra miles which posted instantly to my Saga Club account.

Step 3  – Identify Your Destination

While this is a cheap way to get to Hawaii, you can also fly on Alaska Airlines to Mexico, Alaska, or Canada which also have high fares.

Here’s a list of destinations which Alaska Airlines flies to, so check to see if your airport is listed.  If Alaska Airlines doesn’t serve your home airline, you’ll have to get to an Alaska Airlines departure city separately.

Here is the Alaska Air route map, but it didn’t list all the destinations for Kansas City, so I didn’t rely on it.

Also note that you may have better luck booking flights which are non-stop or which have only 1 connection which is not an overnight connection.  Iceland Air tried to charge me for 2 tickets if I had an overnight stop and then took the next flight out in the morning.

Step 4 – Finding Alaska Airlines Low Level (Super Saver) Awards

Iceland Air appears to be able to only book Alaska Airlines Super Saver awards.  Here’s how to find Alaska Airlines Super Saver Awards BEFORE you call Iceland Air!

Step 4 A

Go to the Alaska Air website and enter your departure and arrival cities along with your dates of travel.  Don’t forget to:

  • Click the box to “Use Miles
  • Click the box to see the “Award Calendar
  • Select First Class or Coach Class

Then click “Find Flights

Step 4 B

Click on “ ” and click “Continue

Step 4 C

First Class Super Saver awards are shaded in green and cost 37,500 miles in First Class and 20,000 miles in coach.  

You can NOT book Alaska Air flights using Iceland Air miles if they cost more than 37,500 miles for First Class or 20,000 miles in coach on the Alaska Air website.

Select Dates

Note that this price is the prices which Alaska Air charges.  If you have Iceland Air miles, you pay the rate which Iceland Air charges (25,000 in coach and 30,000 in First Class), even if you redeem their miles on Alaska Airlines

I select my departure dates of April 3 and return on April 12, 2013 and then press Continue.

Step 4 D – Check Flights

Note that not all segments may be in First Class even though the calendar indicated that there was First Class availability.  So check to make sure that all segments are in First Class.


Step 5 – Write Down Information

I then either write down the flight information or keep the window open to refer to when I call Iceland Air to book the ticket.

 Step 5 – Call Iceland Air to Book

Call Iceland Air at 1-800-223-5500 (prompt 2) to book your award flight on Alaska Airlines.

The reps are very polite, but appear to be a bit stressed out today (thanks again, Jared – I kid, I kid!).  They will ask you for your first and last name, telephone number, email address, and your Iceland Air number.

Tell them our departure and destination cities and they should be able to see the same availability for Alaska Airlines Super Saver flights.

Don’t forget to ask them for the Iceland Air record locator.  Surprisingly, they weren’t able to give me the Alaska Air record locator, but I was able to pull up my flight on the Iceland Air website, but it was still processing and didn’t have an e-ticket number yet.

Double Check Your Flights

I still haven’t got an email confirmation, but was told to expect one by the end of the day when they bookings are processed.  I will then call Alaska Air to confirm my booking.

Step 6 – Gloat

Thank Jared and gloat at paying $380 for a $1,353.40 First Class ticket.  Or leave angry comments that I wouldn’t really pay $1,353.40 for a First Class ticket so I didn’t really save anything. 🙂


Bottom Line:  This could be a way to have Big Travel with Small Money from the West Coast to Hawaii or other locations which have good Alaska Air Super Saver awards.  But I wouldn’t expect this to last very long so don’t buy miles today for use later on.  And Iceland Air could change the amount of miles required without notice.

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110 responses to “I Just Booked First Class To Hawaii Using Iceland Air Miles for $330 + $38 in Taxes!

  1. How were you able to open an account so quickly?

  2. “Or leave angry comments that I wouldn’t really pay $1,353.40 for a First Class ticket so I didn’t really save anything” hahah millionmilesecrets humor

  3. Was just looking this morning at availability for a spring break trip with our 5 year old using BA miles on the same route you bought. Looks like you guys gobbled up our outbound trip :).

  4. worldtraveller2

    I signed up last night, but still haven’t got a confirmation account # and passcode yet. They sent me an email and said it would eventually be on its way.

  5. worldtraveller2

    did you have an account with Icelandair already?


    this is a secret,

    how dare you tell people about it.


    Just kidding, keep up the good work!

  7. Thank you for this! I’ve read about this on other blogs yours actually makes this understandable!

  8. Great post, MMS. Do you mind if I ask how u will get to California? I’m in DFW so no Alaska flights either

  9. Do you know what the fee is to change the dates?

  10. “We’ll use Southwest to get to California.”


    So if I get a ticket over to London, then book another ticket from London to Paris on a low fair carrier for $100…does that mean I got a ticket to Paris for $100? No.

    So basically $368 got you halfway to Hawaii from your departure airport.

  11. Can you get Alaska Air credit for the miles flown or will it be added to your Iceland Air account?

  12. How are you getting from Kansas City to San Jose? I see availability if I put in MCI to HNL just fine… (From KC myself!)

  13. Is this all year round or limited time?

  14. And of course MCI-SJC is not a non-stop. So 2 legs in cattle each way in order to begin taking advantage of the deal. Meh.

  15. @Pat O “We’ll use Southwest to get to California.”

  16. After just returning from Hawaii, all you guys have me EXTREMELY jealous!

  17. My account is still stuck in limbo. I fear this deal will be over before I am fully registered with Icelandair!

  18. @Million Mile Secrets do you have to call to buy the points? I tried to click on buy award point, it gives me a message “services not available”
    @DFWFlyer Alaska doe fly to DFW, you have to take connection from Seattle, and there are non overnight flights available.

  19. Hey Darius,
    Do you know if you can change Icelandic award bookings on Alaska with no change fee provided that the origin and destination remain the same similar to OneWorld’s policy?

  20. Just called and they told me NO MEXICO. I wanted to do SFO-PVR. The agent said US only for Alaska Air redemptions. Anyone else run into this?

  21. I signed up for my account last night and bought 50,000 points too. Do you know what the fee to change flights after you book is?

    • @Jasmine @Kenny @Grant – The terms say 10,000 Krona (~$83 USD) or 12,000 miles. It is unclear if the rules for awards on Iceland Air which waive that fee for business class awards apply to awards booked on Alaska Air

      @Frank – Since you’re using miles to travel, you won’t earn any miles for the flights.

      @Pat O – We’ll use our Southwest Companion Pass or look for a cheap fare to get there. You’ll see availability, but not all of it is at the low level, and Iceland Air wasn’t willing to book a flight with an overnight stopover, though I suppose they might once they get more experience booking these awards.

      – This appears to be valid throughout the year, but it could change at any time.

      @Kirp – Yeah, that’s why we’re not sure if we’ll actually fly this route and we may change the routing.

      @InACents – Book another trip back then!

      @Bill – Sign-up for another account if you don’t get yours activated within a few hours.

      @adnan – I bought them online. The link still works when I checked –> https://buy.points.com/PointsPartnerFrames/partners/Icelandair/container.html?st=nt7LCLSEFA1FYVPx6Fjzu2RNWdUHjjTLIMxvYO1VnMQ7nomszPEkEAkG%2FVY94ZAHdv6uUWdGSCchjqqsZzmObw%3D%3D&product=BUY

      @steve – You’re right. The partnership is only for flights within the US and Canada.

      @susie – I wasn’t able to book stopovers for the same price, but Online Travel Review says that you should be able to. I suspect the call center folks are still getting familiar with these awards and will try again next week. But it doesn’t hurt to try! The terms and conditions don’t mention that stopovers are prohibited.

  22. anyone know if they allow stopovers to alaska for example juneau then anchorage from the bay area?

  23. Isn’t cheaper just to book through Kris Flyer using Amex Points and booking Econ for 35k anywhere in the country to Hawaii?

  24. How do you find out if all segments are in first class?

    • @Maury – It is 60K in business via Kris Flyer, but that is a good deal if you have the points.

      @Kadence – After you enter your dates, click continue and ensure that the flights listed are in first. The screen in Step 4 D will indicate which class each segment is in.

  25. Of course no points on an award flight ! I didn’t think.

    And it’s about time we got a good deal here on the West Coast.

  26. the thing is that the website won’t let you get another account, email account used. When I tried another email, it said user already exists! I tried to get 4 family member accounts last night. received email about technical difficulties, used 3 different browsers. I bet they will shut this thing down before I even get an account. Called and they said they couldn’t find me in the system to just email the tech support, which I already did today 3 times! again grrrr!

  27. Why do all segments have to be in first class? Is this really a restriction on the deal?

  28. So from what I’m hearing it’s another 15,000 per leg from the east coast and I assume the midwest. So it would cost me 60,000 miles each to get there from the midwest (I assume). That’s still only what $700 for first class? Not as good but still a good deal. I just wish they would let you book this online so you could see what is really available to them.
    Anyone with further success please post. I may pull this trigger on this on Saturday.

  29. So I tried registering and never got the email. I was however able to get my mom registered. Would there be any issues buying the miles with her account and the booking two tickets for my fiance and I?

  30. @Million Mile, ok this might sound stupid, generally in most of the US carrier child under 2 (lap) fly for free, now do u think iceland air might charge miles since its an international airline for child ? or any one run into this?

  31. Unfortunately when I check availability of flights from MSP to HNL, this always seems to be the result:
    MSP -> SEA ->SAN -> HNL with a overnight stop over for 75K Alaskan miles.
    MSP -> SEA -> HNL with no overnight for 150K Alaskan miles.
    Which means that this deal really won’t work for MSP to HNL, most of the time, right?

    Update: Well I DID finally find MSP-> SEA -> HNL for 75K Alaskan miles next JULY 🙁

  32. I’m looking to travel from SNA thru SEA to Alaska, either Anchorage, Juneau, or Fairbanks for March 23-30 next year. Can I only book tickets that are Super Saver for Coach and First Class?

    Anyone try to boo travel to Alaska instead of Hawaii?

  33. I’m having trouble booking SFO – EWR with this deal. Anyone else able to book coast to coast US trips with icelandair miles?

  34. @Adnan: you can book the award and then call Alaska Airlines directly to add the lap infant. I recently booked a Delta award on AS SFO-PVR (Mexico) with a lap infant. After booking, I called up AS directly to add the child and there were no fees. For domestic flights within the US, you can even show up the day of the flight and add the child at check in. Flights within North America, the Caribbean, and Mexico don’t charge extra but if you are leaving the country you should put them on the reservation ahead of time and make sure you have all the proper documentation (especially if both parents aren’t traveling). Make sure to read AS’s policy on lap infants because it has some restrictions on what seats you can use.

  35. Success! 2 first class tickets from san diego to honolulu from march 23-29 🙂

  36. Update on my earlier comment. I was able to book a Mexico trip today. Called in yesterday and they said US only. Called this morning and fed them the airport codes SFO-PVR and didn’t say cities or Mexico. They checked and it came back available and I booked 🙂

  37. I can find a flight from ORD to HNL. I can’t find a flight home. I was able to find direct flights between ORD and ANC. Now I need my Icelandair membership number so I can purchase miles!

  38. Thank you!! Really appreciated the step by step explanation too. I booked my parents on a flight since they live in the Bay Area (OAK to HNL in April) and they are VERY excited about going! 🙂

    • @Aaron – That was just a reminder in case some folks want all segments to be in First Class. I haven’t tried booking a mixture of First and Coach, but I assume that should be possible.

      – In my calls with the reps, an overnight stay in Seattle (rightly or wrongly) triggers double mileage. But a connecting flight during the day did not. I suspect they are new at booking these awards and we’ll know more next week.

      @Matt – I don’t see any restrictions on award bookings for others, so I suspect that is possible. But read the terms and conditions.

      @adnan @STeve – I’d do what Steve suggests and call Alaska Airlines and add the lap child. The terms say that infants need to pay, but that could be for flights on Iceland Air only. https://www.icelandair.us/frequent-flyer/about-the-program/conditions/detail/item210539/TermsandConditions_-_Award_Flights/

      @Allen – You can call next week, and the reps may be able to book the flights with the overnigh stopovers next week. I suspect this was the 1st time they’ve booked so many awards on Alaska Air so they may be a bit overwhelmed.

      @Grant Thomas – You can only book Alaska Air Super Saver flights using Iceland Air miles, and you should be able to book flights to Alaska. And congrats on the HNL flights.

      – It is tough to find Alaska Super Saver awards from the East coast.

      @Steve – Thanks for the update!

      – There are worse things than being stuck in Hawaii!

      – Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and safe travels!

  39. Just got this when trying to sign up for th eIcelandAir program:

    Your application has been received but we are experiencing some technical issues that we are currently working on.
    You should receive a confirmation to your e-mail address with your Saga Club number and username and password.
    If a confirmation with your Saga Club number does not arrive within 2 hours we ask you to contact us by email at icc@icelandair.is

    Please send us the following information and we will register you manually:

  40. Sorry I am away so I tried to read as much as I can but didnt see anyone asking this – Is this deal only good on Alaska Airlines? Can we use theseon any other partners for first class? can we go to Iceland on their airline in first class?


  41. I want to take part in this deal but I think I might wait a few days. It would make a lot more sense for me to fly out of Chicago b/c I can get a direct flight there using my SW points and that’s longer I would be in first class. But all the 70K R/T tix to Hawaii have overnights on the west coast. I am hoping in a few days we will be able to book those too.

  42. (1) Do overnights stopovers in San Diego or Portland also trigger the double miles charge?
    (2) Has anyone successfully booked a mixed First Saver / Coach Saver award?

  43. I just signed up my wife and myself for Saga accounts with Icelandair. All worked without a hitch. Then followed Jared’s buy (42,000 points) + 20% bonus for $543…50,400 points…….they posted almost instantly…then transferred 50,000 points from my acct. to my wife’s…cost $25….transferred almost immediately…50,000 plus 20% bonus = 60,000 points for $568…it worked very smoothly (plus needed AMEX spend for my Virgin Atlantic AMEX card!).
    We want to use for PHL-HNL late 2013…..it may not work if we can’t connect but get still will get great value in First Class either PHL-SEA or SEA-HNL for $568 ($284 each)…so here’s hoping for a Grand Slam but if not, a home run will do!
    Thanks for the tip, Daraius & Jared!!

  44. @Steve and Millionmiles… Thanks

    • @Ken – I believe they’ve been a bit overwhelmed.

      – You can use Iceland Air miles to go to Iceland, but it isn’t worth it. The best use is to use them on Alaska Air.

      – I’ve been told that overnight stopovers trigger double mileage charges, but that doesn’t sound right to me. I’m going to wait a few days until they get a bit more experienced with this and call again.

      – Thanks for sharing!

  45. Everything finally worked for me eventually – found a solid transcontinental positioning flight so I could avoid the problem with multi-leg / overnight bookings and will pay the change fee if they ever get it fixed. Looks like they might have changed some of the flight numbers overnight just to give everyone a heads up.

    I’m headed to Maui with the SO in first!!!

  46. I’m still waiting on my Iceland Air frequent flier info by email 🙁

  47. Do you have to create separate frequent flier accounts for each member of your family? I plan on flying with my wife, and 2 children.

    • @Loren – Thanks for sharing and safe travels.

      @Ken – Perhaps send them a reminder email?

      – You don’t have to, but there is a limit on the number of miles you can buy, so you may need another account. Award availability for 4 will be extremely difficult in First Class, so I’d research availability before buying the miles.

  48. Y’all are forgetting that award availability is fluid. Just because one seat is available today, doesn’t mean that a second seat won’t open up next week or next month. And a family of 4 does not HAVE to fly together.

    Two can go LAX-HNL and two can fly SAN-HNL.

    Two kids can fly economy and two parents in first on the same flight. You can get creative. Your nanny does not need to be in first class.

  49. Hello,
    Is anyone finding non-overnight layover flights out of LAX to Maui? i feel like i have searched every single date.
    thank you!

  50. After finally deciding to go ahead and buy the Iceland Air miles, customer center was closed at 2pm when I called today, so gonna be calling them back tomorrow am for sure. I already have days picked for next July, out of FLL, so wish me luck. By the way, after buying the Saga miles and getting 20% bonus, transferred them to my travel partner so he got a 20% bonus as well, so all together we bought 50k Saga miles and ended up with 70k ( 10k extra for buying and another 10k extra for sharing, good deal, hah)
    Will write an update tomorrow after I called Iceland Air.

  51. I am not sure if if i missed it any where, is it possible to transfer iceland Air miles to alaksa then to emirates ?

    • @Joshua Pickles – All valid points, but I also want to manage expectations that you shouldn’t buy miles for 4 people and expect to book flights in First Class the next day on the same flight.

      @adnan – You’re not transferring them to Alaska, you’re just redeeming for a flight on Alaska Air. There’s no way to redeem Iceland Air miles for a flight on Emirates.

  52. HI,

    Can you get the fare lower by combining your miles purchased with that of a spouse?

  53. I’ve got two Icelandair emails in Icelandic confirming that I’ve been ticketed, but should we be expecting a ticketing email from Alaska Airlines as well?

  54. do we know if this is still working? I went on to buy miles and am getting an error every place I go!

  55. I checked my CSP card this morning and the charge for the Iceland Air points went thur Points.com, so there is no foreign transaction fee.


  56. Grant, thanks for sharing that. I was just about to ask if there was a forex charge. 🙂

  57. why is Mexico crossed out? Are there no more Alaska flights available to there? Or is Iceland Air no longer allowing their miles to apply to Mexico?

  58. If anyone is able to book a connecting flight, let me know, tried a few valid, and everytime the rep told me the system would not let her do the connection from mailand to hawaii. works fine for direct flights though.

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  60. I purchased some points but they haven’t shown up yet – any idea how long this will take?

  61. Frank, I’ve been waiting 3 hours so far. I haven’t been able to get an answer from others that didn’t have them post immediately. Seems like the majority of people had theirs post immediately. I’m starting to worry a bit. I was all ready to make my call, and I think the call center is only open for another hour.

  62. I booked to Mexico. Called in the first time and said I wanted to go SFO to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and the agent promptly told me U.S. only. Called back the next day and just gave the airport codes of SFO and PVR with the dates and classes (which I knew were available). They said no problem and took my info and sent my confirmation. However I’ve now run into a separate problem. The flight number/time changed right after I booked. So my reservation is there at Alaska and I can select seats, but there is no ticket number. It’s like the reservation is just being held, and I have not been charged the fees to my CC yet. I’m trying to figure it out and get a hold of Iceland Air to look into it.

  63. I am very interested in this and wanted to confirm whether it was a first class round-trip from California to Hawaii. Do the 30,000 Iceland miles convert to the equivalent of 75,000 Alaska miles.

    • @Frank @Matt – Mine posted instantly, but there have been a few cases of the transaction being declined by the bank. Has your credit card been charged?

      @Steve – It took 4 days for my card to be charged and to get a confirmation email.

      @Kevin Thompson – The miles don’t convert and can’t be transferred to Alaska Air miles. But they can be used on Alaska Air flights, subject to certain restrictions.

  64. My bank still shows it as a pending charge.

  65. I am little confused about the milage,
    I found this coach ticket
    DFW 2:10 pm Mon,Mar 11 SEA 4:30 pm Mon,Mar 11
    SEA 5:20 pm Mon,Mar 11 OGG 8:20 pm Mon,Mar 11
    OGG 12:15 pm Sat,Mar 16 SEA 8:50 pm Sat,Mar 16
    SEA 7:35 am Sun,Mar 17 DFW 1:20 pm Sun,Mar 17
    The above schedule on coach requires 65K miles per person now are we allowed to book coach for 65K?

  66. The lady at points.com I chatted with yesterday said there is a 10 day waiting period for new accounts before you can purchase points, so my purchase didn’t go through. I told her that it was supposed to be lifted, but she said it was on there.

    The booking agent at IcelandAir said the 10 day hold was temporarily lifted and that you couldn’t put a hold on any Alaska award flights because Alaska requested IcelandAir no longer do so. So I tried buying more points, and they still didn’t post immediately.

    I chatted with points.com rep again today and she said the 10 day hold was slowing it down. When I called Saga Club this time, they said that the 10 day hold is back in effect and that I can’t purchase any points til my account is 10 days old.

    The departure I was looking at is already gone from last night, so I’m guess by this weekend when my account hits 10 days (and that’s from when I registered, not when I got the registration email on Tuesday) I’ll have no shot at getting anything reasonable. Oh well, guess I waited too long.

  67. @Matt, I received an email today saying my purchase did not go through and to try again. It has only been 5 days since I joined. So I first checked with my bank and it still says “pending”. So, I tried again to purchase … and it went through immediately.

    Now I just need to book an award … but I think mine will be easy as I live on the west Coast and I am very flexible with dates.

  68. @Frank, did you just make the purchase that went through recently?

  69. @Matt, yes today at around 3:00 pm, California time.

  70. I tried at 440Eastern. didnt go through.

  71. Thanks for the update. I think I’m gonna try tomorrow morning. Give it one last shot.

  72. I tried buying yesterday a little after 5pm (Pacific) and today about the same time. None have gone thru yet but it is showing pending on my credit card. I spoke to an Iceland Air rep today and she said that it should take 24 hours. When you buy it also says you should receive an email confirmation within 24 hour. I plan to wait until tomorrow to see whats going on if my first purchase does not go through – if so I will try to cancel the purchase and try all over again.

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  74. I followed the steps above and found availability on AA via the their site and confirmed availability on expertflyer.com, yet when I called Iceland Air, I was told it’s not available. 🙁

    Any suggestions? (besides calling back and speaking with someone else?)


  75. @ T I think you can only book flight which is Alaska Air

  76. @adnan – yes, sorry, it was an Alaska Air flight , which showed super saver availability. And when I called back, I just got a quick Nope, nothing available, not that month, not the month before (within a few seconds). But I can still see it on alaska air’s site and expert flyer.

  77. @t

    What flight/routing and dates?

  78. @MMS and others
    I made the reservation…an itinerary with 2 people….I was charged $130 as the reservation fees :(((

    That’s certainly way higher than what’s being reported here…

    Could you let me know if I was missing something or what you think might have triggered such high fees?

    Thanks in advance.

  79. @Srini I was charged $283 in fees for two tickets ORD-SEA-OGG (openjaw) KOA-SEA-ORD. I called to question it, the Icelandair rep said they are being told there is currently an issue with the taxes they are required to collect on these tickets, and they are working through this with Alaska Airlines. The Icelandair rep indicated that the 7.5% US Transportation tax is what is causing the taxes to be so high. She said I should wait until Monday and they hope to have it resolved – I don’t know if that means the taxes will go away, or what exactly (neither did she).

  80. @MMS You mentioned paying $38 in taxes and fees for your ticket. I presume that $25 of that is the Icelandair booking fee. So that leaves $13 in other fees.What were those other fees? I cant understand why they would charge me the US transportation tax on a points redemption-that has to be wrong. It was the exact amount of tax that someone buying a first class ticket on Alaska would pay.

  81. Any good deals on flights from the West coast airports to anywhere on the Alaska network using these Saga miles (SFO, SJC, OAK, LAX, BUR, LGB, SNA, ONT, SAN)?

    Any good use of these miles on other Iceland partners within Europe, and to Asia from Europe for example (not on the Alaska network obviously)?

  82. @MMS and others too,
    Have you ever made an award ticket bookin on Alaska Airlines (using Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan points)?

    If so – what were the charges? Please let me know.

    When I spoke to Iceland Air Call Center (1-800-223-5500 – Option#2) today, I was told that Alaska Air is levying the following charges per person for award bookings:
    US Domestic Transportation Charge – $18.92
    Security Service Fee – $5+
    Flight Segment – $7+
    USA Passenger Facility Fee – $9+

    Thanks in advance for your kind response.

    Best Wishes,

  83. @Srini and others – I called again today, the rep said they are still working through the fees. As a datapoint, here’s what I was charged for ORD-SEA-OGG (openjaw) KOA-SEA-ORD.
    ISK2020 = $16.80 /US Alaska/Hawaii Departure Tax (US)
    ISK6750 = $56.16 / US Transportation Tax (US)
    ISK8280=$68.62 / XT
    The “XT” is some sort of extra bucket in the airline code world. What’s in the bucket isn’t itemized on my Icelandair invoice. I went to ITA (http://www.itasoftware.com) and priced the equivalent trip, on the equivalent dates and times, and found additional charges that add up to this amount (approximately due to currency conversion). Those charges would be for-

    Flight Segment = $15.20
    Passenger Facility Charge = $18.00
    Sept 11 fee = $10.00
    Booking Fee = $25
    Total in Fees=$68.20
    I would be curious to see some other datapoints from MMS readers, to find out if Icelandair charged them US Transportation Tax. I was reading Mommypoints blog earlier this evening as she posted the deal again this morning and someone commented that unexpected charges have shown up from Icelandair on their credit card to the tune of $780 for 4 tickets, in addition to the points purchase cost (I posted these comments on there too as well, looking for some datapoints from her readers since Jared from onlinetravelreview.com is out of pocket for a while on vacation).

    I do not believe they should be charging the “US Transportation Tax” or “US Domestic Transportation Charge” as you call it above @Srini, on these redemptions because that tax is based on the cost of *buying* a ticket, and not a points redemption.

    A little digging around shows this on the irs.gov website:

    “As a general rule, all amounts paid for the air transportation of persons are subject to tax. Where no amount is paid for air transportation, such as when the transportation is obtained by the redemption of frequent flyer miles, the transaction is not subject to the percentage tax, the domestic segment tax, or international facilities tax. Cite: Rev. Rul. 84-12, 1984-1 C.B. 211. “

  84. I was charged a high tax rate as well.

    Did you guys get an booking confirmation e-mail? I called yesterday around noon ET to book my flights and the rep said I’d get a confirmation e-mail. The e-mail never came and the points are still in my account.

  85. @BR,
    Please check your spam folder.

  86. Nothing in my spam folder either. You think I should call them?

  87. @BR,
    Yes, you can call them and ask for the record locator.

  88. Called them up and the rep gave me the record locator, but she said for some reason it was still in queue to be ticketed. She said it would likely be ticketed later today.

    I also asked her about the higher taxes, and she said it was still something they were working out with Alaska Airlines.

  89. Just booked my first class tickets to Hawaii. I followed the steps above and it took me less than 5 minutes.

  90. Book my tickets today to Hawaii today and and was charged $150 in taxes per person. Ridiculous.

    • @BothofUs2 @Srini @BR @MZT – If you make the same booking on Alaska Air, you only pay $2.5 per segment for the September 11 Security fee. Iceland Air charges 3,000 Krona for an award booking on Alaska, but that was less than the $38 I paid. The taxes and fees are pricing to high, but hopefully they fix it soon!

      @laurent – This could make sense for flights on Alaska Air, but not for redeeming on Iceland Air.

  91. Warning Do Not Buy. Deal Dead 🙁 Icelandair got crushed with calls and emails once the strategy was leaked. Talking with them it turns out Alaska is no longer honoring the difference in award travel redemption amounts. So unless you are going to Iceland for 150,000 miles you might as well save your money.

  92. 1) Frank – I booked last night at 8PM Central Time. No problems at all. Definitely not dead in my experience.

    2) Overnight connections *are* allowed if they’re part of a published fare/routing. I have one – ticketed – with ticket numbers and invoice from IS for the taxes/fees. The catch is you can’t *force* an overnight, it has to be included as part of a published routing. See http://www.onlinetravelreview.com/2012/08/17/an-icelandairalaska-faq-and-how-to-bring-the-price-down-below-300-via-miles-sharing/ for more information, although I have a longer connection on the return – just under five hours – but not an overnight.

  93. Update: ONE overnight is allowed per Alaska rules. It appears the connection on the other leg should be less than five hours so it’s not counted as a stopover.

  94. Just booked 2 first class tickets to Hawaii leaving in 2 weeks. Deal is still alive. $60/pp in taxes +$25/pp booking fee

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