I have to remove the 50,000 point Chase Sapphire Preferred affiliate link by April 3 2012 [Expired]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

I’ve been asked to remove the affiliate links for the Chase Sapphire Preferred which offers a 50,000 points sign-up bonus by 10: 00 am EST on April 3, 2012.

I’m not sure if that means that all links to the Chase Sapphire Preferred will be for 40,000 points in future (since the official offer on the Chase website is for 40,000 points), or if non-affiliate links like this one will still work after April 3, 2012. 

Usually, there have been working links after the offer has been discontinued in the affiliate channel (think Chase Southwest for 50,000 points or Citi Thank You Premier), but I don’t know what will happen this time.

All that we’ve been told is that Chase will be updating the offers for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the regular Chase Sapphire.

As I wrote previously, it is not the end of the world if you can’t get in on the 50,000 point sign-on bonus.  There will be new offers and 40,000 points is still a bonanza compared to the sign-up bonuses just a few years ago.

In any case, I got approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred last week and Emily has had the card since June last year.  I had to call the reconsideration line to get approved, but it was a very easy call.

I like the flexibility of transferring points at a 1:1 ratio into my favorite air and hotel programs such as Hyatt, United, and Southwest (since we have the Southwest Companion Pass), the no foreign transaction fee, and the double points on hotels and dining.

And I particularly like pairing the Chase Sapphire Preferred with the Chase Freedom because the Chase Freedom earns 5x points in rotating categories (grocery stores in April, May & June) which we can transfer to our Chase Sapphire Preferred account and then to the different hotel and air partners.

Readers have also confirmed that you can get the sign up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred even if you have or had the regular Chase Sapphire card because they are considered different card products by Chase.

As always, Emily and I are very grateful to the many readers who apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred using our link!

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61 responses to “I have to remove the 50,000 point Chase Sapphire Preferred affiliate link by April 3 2012 [Expired]

  1. Thanks for lighting the fire under my ….
    I’m applying through your link this weekend!

  2. i have the 2 citi aadvantage amex and visa cards with 75k bonus points on each, ENJOYED the benefit!
    SOUTHWEST personal card. CHASE SP card. AMEX premier rewards and gold biz card.
    Chase freedom card. Any other cards with great bonus points or miles good for airlines or hotel stays?
    My most recent application was with CHASE SP card in JAN 2012 and before that was in nOV 2011 for CHASE SOUTHWEST personal plus card.
    Any other cards with great bonus points or miles good for airlines or hotel stays?

    thanks for any recommendations.

  3. D,
    Thanks for all the awesome info on your Blog. My wife & myself have signed up thru your links and appreciate the ease to navigate the information on your site as other good websites have some much info that it is somewhat overwhelming.

  4. Bummer. I was hoping I would be able to close my home refinance before they pulled the offer. Oh, well- looks like Southwest is next in line

    • @Brian @Ariosto – Thanks for using our link! Emily and I really appreciate it!

      @jim – The Chase Ink Bold for 50K Ultimate Rewards points, the Virgin Atlantic card which can be converted to Hilton points, or the SPG card come to mind.

      @Dan – It is only 10K points, and we don’t even know if all links to the 50K offer will die. Much better to get the house financed instead!

  5. CanadianMillionMiler

    My latest application with Chase was on February 28th for the ex-Continental card with the approval on March 1st, 2012. I also got approved for the AMEX 75K MR Business Rewards card promotion on the February 29th, 2012. Do you think it’s too early to apply for the Sapphire card given my mentioned recent credit inquiries? Should I wait at least a month from Chase’s last approval on March 1st (ie apply on April 2nd) to have a better chance of getting approved ?

    By the way, I got my brother to use your link to apply for a Sapphire card and he already got iapproved.

  6. I have posted 3 non-affiliate links here:http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/18250425-post2070.html

    The last one there is for a mastercard.

  7. Daraius, for those of us (like you) who just applied and got approved for the Sapphire Preferred, do you think Chase, since they are dropping the official bonus, will now be hesitant to match bonuses larger than the 50k? (e.g. to try to get 75k instead of 50k). Did you try to send a secure message to get a larger bonus?

  8. I have two Chase cards; one from an application in Dec. 2011 and one from Jan 2012. Is it too soon to apply again?

  9. @sun_aa, thanks for the reminder about the MC version of Sapphire Preferred. I’m surprised few bloggers (other than DansDeals) have highlighted the MC option in the end days. No doubt a lot more people in that boat. From what I recall you can get 50K bonuses for both Visa and MC.

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  11. Bummer!!! My next App-o-rama is 4/15 and this card is on my planned list … 10K points means 10K miles – not a huge amount but might steer me to a different and more lucrative card deal. Thank you for the heads up … and hoping that it will be replaced with a 60K points sign up bonus 🙂

  12. After reading up on the MC version of SP at DansDeals, it sounds like you might need to convert to the MC version first and then re-apply for the Visa to churn the bonus. I’m not sure why you can’t just apply for the MC version, but perhaps the conversion from Visa to MC clouds things on the Chase side to make it look like you never got a bonus for either. Has anyone with the Visa applied for the MC and got two 50K sign up bonuses? Or do you have to convert Visa to MC first and re-apply for the Visa?

  13. @hikert- i applied for mc yesterday after getting the visa 4 months ago and confirmed the bonus. It isnt easy to get approved bec they view it on the chase end as the same product but if you can come up with a reason why you need the mc itll work. The blogosphere thought you cannot apply directly for MC (even on dans deals he converted his first then applied visa again). However you can directly from mastercard.com sight with the 50k bonus in plain sight

  14. @mike, thanks for confirming! I suspected that was the case but didn’t want to steer anyone wrong. I’m scratching my head as to DD’s convoluted method to get the second bonus but perhaps he only gets a referral on the Visa.

  15. @hikert- I wrote DD about it. I believe he was unaware about a direct MC application. Many others (like points guy) have also said that you CANT apply directly for MC. Which as we know isn’t true. You dont see the application for a MC on chase site. You have to find it on MC. Much like Daraius I dont believe that DD is petty about advising only what gets him a referral. Now let us know if you talked yourself into a MC card as well. Good luck !

    • @CanadianMillionMiler – I don’t suspect that waiting a day will help – you’ll have to call the reconsideration department either way. I don’t know your profile (credit score, income, length of credit, other Chase cards etc.) so can’t comment specifically. But if your only Chase card is the Continental card and you have a credit score above 700 and can spare the inquiry it doesn’t hurt to apply. You can always reallocate credit from the Continental card or even close it (if you have another United card). I got approved for both the Hyatt and Chase Sapphire Preferred last week, but my last Chase application was in November last year. On the other hand, it is only an extra 10K points.

      Thanks for having your brother use our link. Emily and I really appreciate it!

      @sun_aa – Thanks for sharing those links. Hopefully they will work after the affiliate links are changed! How do you know that the 3rd link is for a MasterCard? I don’t see that in the offer landing page.

      @Thomas – As long as there is a working link to a higher offer, I don’t see why Chase shouldn’t match a lower offer to that higher offer. But Chase usually doesn’t match to very select targeted offers like the 75K Chase Sapphire Preferred.

      @Deb – I really can’t answer that question, because there are other variables involved (credit score, income, length of credit, other Chase cards etc.) so can’t comment specifically. If you can spare the credit inquiry, it doesn’t hurt to apply and call the reconsideration line and negotiate approval by either closing a card or shifting credit line from one card to another. On the other hand, only you can evaluate if it is worth an extra 10K points!

      @HikerT – I’ve heard of folks receiving the bonus by downgrading the Sapphire Preferred to the regular Sapphire, and then applying for the Chase SP MasterCard version. But that prevents you from getting the regular Sapphire bonus later. What I’d like to know is if you can apply for the Chase SP MasterCard either with an existing Chase SP Visa or having already received the bonus on the Visa version.

      But it would be great if you can get the bonus on both versions!

      @Kalboz – I’m hoping too!

      @mike fein – Congrats and thanks for your email and links to the direct MC version. Chase will approve you for a card for the 2nd time, but later send a letter saying that you’re ineligible to get the bonus for a 2nd time – especially if it is the same product. Please let us know if you do actually get the 50K bonus. That would be huge! I’ve added the MC link to the Bank Credit Card tab as well. Thanks for sharing!

  16. ok D but the rep on the phone who negotaited the “need” for both cards confirmed I would get the signup bonus a second time

  17. I don’t see the logic as to why they could NOT be considered separate products. Many have converted the Visa to MC and got the 50K Visa bonus again while holding the MC product. Unless they are considered separate products how could that possibly occur?

    As far as the explanation to Chase to have both cards, it seems pretty easy. Just tell them you want the MC version because you are planning a trip to Israel and want the rental coverage that only the MC provides, but don’t want to cancel the Visa product and lose the 7% bonus for spend already put on that card.

    I think most of the bloggers have missed the boat on the MC angle.

  18. Thanks Daraius! New to the game and really dig your site. Got instant approval using your link. Only have a Citi Forward Thankyou card with ~100k pts, but I’ve learned those just aren’t worth as much as the other programs. Thanks again!

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  20. Just used your link to get my mother her Sapphire Card. Instant approval, thanks for your informative site. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  21. I have a Sapphire Visa since June 2011, can I close it today and apply for the Sapphire MC?
    BTW I used your link friday for my wife. Tx

  22. My year for free chase sp is up, what is the best option for me, i have the ink bold card, should i transfer my chase sp point to my ink card and then close it(is the ink points worth the same as the chase sp?) Or downgrade my card? Also my citi card is up, but got aproved in january for the ink bold and the southwest, so i dont know what to do, i need to close the citi, but scared to apply for any other card because jist got aproved in jan for the two cards? One more thing, when i close my citi do i lose my aa points? Please respond

  23. i got the CHASE SAPPHIRE PREFERRED VISA card 2 months ago and got the 50k bonus . What’s the link for the Mastercard version of Chase SP card? and almost sure to get a new 50k points on that?

    We were in Canada for 1 one week and always drank coffee at the Tim Horton, they don’t accept any cards other then mastercard, otherwise I ‘d have earned 2 points for every dollar spent on my CHASE SP visa card.

  24. You can apply for the MasterCard version here: http://www.mastercard.us/

    It will take you to this link:


  25. @ HikerT
    Thanks for the links. Wonder if anyone had success getting approved for the MC version of chase SP on top of the chase SP visa version you already got.
    maybe i should convert the chase sp visa to MC version first?

  26. i still want to know if you can get 50k bonus on CHASE SP mastercard if you alreayd got the bonus from chase SP visa,

    as for the reason to tell the REP on phone for chase SP mastercard, you are staying 2 months in Canada and you will eat breakfast at the TIM HORTON and they accept Mastercard only and no visa or amex. lol!

    • @HikerT – Thanks for the link to the MC. I added it to the Bank Points Credit Card tab and to the Hot Deals tab!

      @Ted – Welcome, and thanks for using our link! Thank you point can be quite worthwhile, especially when you have the Citi Thank You Premier card and can redeem for 33% more towards airfare. So 100K points are worth $1,333 towards airfare.

      @rookie10 – Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I really appreciate it!

      – Since you already have got the bonus on the Visa, you could try closing it and applying for the MasterCard version. Worst case, you get denied after chatting with the reconsideration folks. If you do get the bonus, could you please let us know? I don’t have personal experience, but would love to know if you can get the bonus again. Thanks so much for using our link!

      @Mark – You can transfer your points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred to the Chase Ink Bold and then close the Sapphire Preferred. Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase Ink Bold can be transferred to airline and hotel partners (just like with the Chase Sapphire Preferred). If the AA miles are already in your account, you will not lost the points if you cancel the card.

      @jim – Please let us know if you get the bonus points on the Chase SP MasterCard. I don’t have personal experience, but some folks have reported success.

      @mike fein – Thanks for sharing the link and your experience. Please let us know if you do get the bonus again. I do know that Chase will let you get a 2nd version of a credit card, but will sometimes send a letter saying that you won’t get the bonus again. I want to confirm that that is not the case with the MasterCard and Visa version.

  27. @Jim- scroll up- I was approved for MC yesterday 3 months after my approval for Visa. Rep said i am entitled to bonus. Daraius is a bit skeptical if I will actually get it so I will let everyone know in a couple of months

  28. What’s your gut feeling on the future of Sapphire Preferred bonuses? I won’t hold you to it, but play Nostradamus for us. Do you think the official bonus will stay at 40K for a while, decrease, or increase? Do you think we’ll see another 100K offer (not just targeted) this year?

  29. If i ope.ned two chase cards around three month ago can i open other chase cards now or it is to soon

  30. @Daraius, as HikerT and mike fein have pointed out, DKWS is advertised at mastercard’s website.

    I didn’t know that one could get a signup bonus for MC and Visa. Dan at dansdeals says here(http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/18635) that he has got the sapphire bonus multiple times. I am not sure how he managed that. If anyone gets the bonus, please let us know.

  31. @SUN-AA
    sometimes Dan maybe making up stories saying you get multiple bonus on same cards just cos they get referrals for applying from their link?
    waiting for success stories on bonus on visa and mc version of chase sp card

  32. Thanks for all the great I information!
    I visit your site every day.
    I used your Chase Sapphire link last week. My wife used it successfully today.
    Best Regards,

  33. @Sun-AA I will go on record about Dan from Dans Deals to tell you that he is a super honest person. It is true that he personally is extraordinarily savvy about getting his own cards over and over. However, he is not lying about the facts. He has OFTEN emailed screen shots of his bonus hitting on the same card more than once. I can also tell you that I have gotten the bonus on the Continental card more than once as per his suggestions.

  34. It’s a frequent theme at Dan’s Deals to have folks do things a certain way, to ensure Dan gets a referral in the interests of supporting his site (e.g. signing up for lesser offers and taking the risk of getting matched). Nothing wrong with that as long as it works, but it does beg the question as to whether existing Visa cardholders could just apply for the MC directly to get another 50K bonus, instead of converting the Visa to MC and re-applying for the Visa. At this point in the game there is no time to convert the Visa to the MC, so any blogger truly looking out for their readers should be offering advice that is not tainted by referrals. I’m not saying that the case here, but it wouldn’t shock me either way.

  35. One more question i see citi charged my card for the anual fee, whats the best way to about closing the account and for them to credit me back for that charge. Also should i apply for another citi card even i am almost sure i wont get approved, then call up to cancel my current card and ask them to use that credit line for the new card, will this work?.

  36. @Mark: Citi cc reps told me (on several occasions) that they can not move the credit line from one account to another. You have to first close one account or ask to lower its credit limit, then hope for the best with the new one. Also, if you want to close a Citi account without having to endure a sales pitch, you can do it through a secure message request.

  37. CanadianMillionMiler

    I can confirm that there is a way to move your credit with Citi. I recently applied for the Citi Thank You Premier card. I was not instantly approved, so I called the reconsideration/credit deparment immediately and she offered to move the credit from my AAdvantage card to the new Thank You card. She even asked me how much credit line I wanted to move.

    • @Matt – I think we’ll see another 100K offer, but likely not for the Sapphire Preferred. Chase has spent a lot on marketing, they have gained market share, and their competitors don’t offer such generous bonuses, so I can understand why they’re cutting back the bonuses.

      @Mark – It depends on a lot of other factors so I can’t really comment. You almost certainly will have to call the reconsideration line, but only you can evaluate if it is worth an application or not.

      – I pulled the link from the Mastercard page and posted it on the Hot Deals and Credit Card tab. I haven’t heard of anyone on FlyerTalk getting both bonuses either, but am curious if it is possible or not.

      @Billiken – Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I greatly appreciate it!

      @Mark – You can call Citi and ask to cancel the account. You’ll likely get connected to a specialist who’ll make you an offer to keep the card. If the offer is worth more than the fee, you can accept and cancel the card a few months later. In my experience, Citi reconsideration reps refuse to negotiate on the phone and I’ve got to write in to their Executive office. But CanadianMillionMiler below has had better luck than me.

      – Thanks for helping out. That’s been my experience as well.

      – Thanks for sharing. That’s never happened to me, but glad to know that it is a possibility.

  38. CanadianMillionMiler

    FWIW, just to add that in my case, the credit analyst told me that I wasn’t instantly approved because my total credit line with Citi had already reached the max they would offer for someone with my level of income, so she asked me how much credit line I wanted to move to the new card.

    Interestingly, about 6 months ago or so when I was approved for the Citi Hilton card, they sent me a letter that they approved my card by reallocating the credit line from my other Citi card (without me requesting for it). IIRC, the letter mentioned that if I was not ok with the credit line reallocation, I could call them.

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  40. @jim While its healthy to be skeptical, I don’t know if I would believe that he would make up stories just to get a referral. As HikerT says, people on his forums seem to like using his referrals/affiliate links even if they have to then do something convoluted to get the best offer. Either he’s honest or he’s running a miles and points ponzi scheme.

  41. Hi.
    I just signed up (with your referral as a thanks for turning me onto the 75k AA card). I called today because my app was going to be decline. I just got a Freedom card last month and the 70k Marriot card three months ago. The women was super helpful though, she said we could cancel the marriot card – 70k points for $5 spend, awesome! – and open up the Sapphire. Done! I got the card expedited to me and confirmed that I will get 50k points after meeting the spend. Only question now, if i transfer the 30k points from the Freedom card do i get a 7% dividend on those too?

    • @CanadianMillionMiler – Very interesting! I’ve never had them do that, unless I write to the Executive Office, in which case they usually approve me.

      @Louis – Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I really appreciate it! Emily had luck with transferring the 7% from the Freedom to the Sapphire Preferred and getting the dividend. But I’ve also read reports of folks who didn’t get the bonus while doing that. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

  42. I just signed up using your referral link and got the following immediate response:
    “Thank you for applying. Your application requires further review before we make a decision.
    Here is what you can expect:
    Our goal is to notify you in writing within 10 days; however, in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days.
    If you are approved, you will receive your card and other important information in the mail.
    Please do not resubmit this application.”

    Do you suggest that I call the reconsideration line or simply wait for a letter from Chase?

  43. If I already have the Chase Freedom card, can I apply to get Saphire and still get the sign-up bonus?

  44. @ danial, FREEDOM is separate card and nothing to do with sapphire . the points are same but different product

  45. Can anybody tell me if the links posted by sun_aa ( http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/18250425-post2070.html ) work for 50k bonus?
    Thanks in advance.

  46. Jenn, the last 2 links still show 50K when you click on them. If you haven’t signed up yet, I’d go for it!

  47. Ink Bold is 60K now btw so combined with the SP 40K it’s the same total 😀


  48. there are still inks for 50k both for visa as well as mc out there. the MC linke daraius has posted still works

    • @Jenn @TK – The 50K links still work and as long as you see the offer, you should get the points. But I’d take a screenshot of the offer page, just in case.

      @HikerT @mike fein – Thanks for helping out!

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  51. Thanks for the information! Thought I might not have a chance because I’ve had some hard pulls recently but I used your link and was approved! Guess having my parents harp on me about good credit worked. Thanks agian!