50,000 Citi Thank You Premier is back! [Expired]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

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I don’t get ANY referral if you apply for the Citi Thank You Premier with a 50,000 point sign-up bonus.  This is much better than my referral link of 30,000 points.

Million Mile Secret reader Carrie (thanks!) emailed me yesterday to let me know that she found a link to the 50,000 bonus points Citi Thank You Premier offer with the 1st year fee waived after spending $2,500 within 3 months.  Here’s a direct link to the application page in case the landing page disappears later.


I immediately updated the Bank Rewards Points page under the “Travel Credit Cards” tab at the top of the blog so that you have access to only the best offers.  I later updated the Hot Deals tab as well with this offer.

Lots of folks wrote in over the weekend to tell me that this was the beginning of the end for mega credit card bonuses.

I couldn’t disagree more!

There are 13 separate credit card offers each offering 50,000 miles/points or more on the Hot Deals tab.  We’ve never had so many offers for 50,000 miles or points at one time in the history of our hobby!

I’ve also been reading the public statements, talking with friends in the industry (my business school classmates and alumni develop a lot of the marketing campaigns for financial institutions), and generally analyzing the state of the banking industry.  And at one point I almost worked in the industry.

The CARD act has dramatically changed the rules of the games for banks and one of the ways they will compete (at least in the short or medium term) will be by attracting new users via higher sign-up bonuses.  2012 will be a another good year for credit card sign-up bonuses.  At no other time have we ever had 13 50,000 mile or point offers available at 1 time (sure, not all of them are public links) and it is only February.

Anyway, back to the Citi ThanK You Premier.  On Friday, my referral link for the 50,000 Citi Thank You Premier with the 1st year fee waived stopped working.  I couldn’t find a better link so I updated the Bank Rewards Points tab with the 30,000 point offer (which paid me a referral) and noted that it was best to wait for a better offer on the Citi Thank You card.

On Saturday morning, Million Mile Secrets reader Cheaplee (thanks!) emailed me a link to a 50,000 point Citi Thank You Premier offer, but the $125 annual fee was not waived.  Since this was a public link, it didn’t pay me a referral, but I removed my referral link for the 30,000 point version and replaced it with the 50,000 version because 50,000 bonus point is clearly better than 30,000 bonus points.

But thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Carrie, we now have a link to the 50,000 Citi Thank You Premier with the 1st year annual fee waived.  As I’ve said before, this is a great deal for getting coach tickets for travel within the US.  50,000 Thank You points will get you $665 worth of air travel if you redeem through the Citi Thank You Portal.

I also wouldn’t worry about Citi not honoring the offer, though I’d make screenshots of the offer page and applications just in case.  With Citi, you usually get the miles or points even if the offer landing page doesn’t work, but the credit card application works.

For example, the Citi AAdvantage 75,000 mile offers worked for months after the landing page died and lots of Million Mile Secrets readers together earned millions of American Airline miles!

Bottom Line:  The 50,000 Citi Thank You Premier is back with the 1st year fee waived and is an easy way to have Big Travel with Small Money within the US.

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66 responses to “50,000 Citi Thank You Premier is back! [Expired]

  1. Thanks for you thoughts going forward and the trend in CC deals.

    What do you think about the Citi American Airlines cards bumping their bonus back to 75,000 miles vs. the 50,000 they currently offer? Do you think there is a chance or do you see their bankruptcy as a hindrance to them bumping the promo to 75,000 miles??

    • @BillyBob – You could argue that Citi needs to increase the sign-up bonus to counter the negative perception of the AA bankruptcy and get more folks to sign up. But I don’t have any specific knowledge of them increasing the bonus. You could hold off a bit if you feel that there will be a higher bonus.

      @Jason – I would send the letter and if you are not approved, I would wait at least for about 2 to 3 months before reapplying.

      @Jeffrey – I believe that the 1.33 valuation is only for air travel, and doesn’t include hotels etc. booked through the travel portal.

  2. I recently applied for this card along with both BoH/BoA Hawaiian cards and US airways and was declined because they saw the other applications on Experian. I have called for reconsideration with no luck and have been in the process of constructing a letter to the executive offices until they dropped their sign up bonus to 30K. Since they have increased it back to 50K do you think I should send in the letter or since it has been about a month just reapply?

  3. I can’t really find an answer from Citi easily, but can the ThankYou Points (and, more specifically the 1.33 cents/point valuation on flight tickets) be used on other types of travel? I’m trying to plan a cruise, and though I can use miles to get to the port, it’d be great to use TY points at 1.33 cents per to help pay part of the cruise fare!

  4. Daraius, as always thanks for the info! I enjoy the site. It’s great to read the stories, as well as ways to get more miles! One question, I already have the ThankYOU Premier card from Visa that I applied for a few months ago. I did not go for the double browser trick to try for the Mastercard as well. Is it too late to apply for the Mastercard to get both bonuses? Thanks!

    • @Travis Swanson – I don’t have personal experience with the 2-browser trick with the Citi Thank You Premier and it may be too late now. But it doesn’t hurt to try, if you can spare the inquiry.

      @FrequentFlyerPost – It’s back on the blog!

  5. Actually, Citibank hasn’t brought back the 50,000 point offer. The URL specifically has /offer/Sept2011/50k/ in it, so this is an existing webpage that’s still working. Nice find!

  6. What is another good CITI BANK card to apply for at the same time so I can get approved for more at once…

  7. I’m new to all of this and have found lots of great information on your website. I’m not very familiar with the Thank You Points. Is there somewhere that I can specifically see what kind of things the points can be redeemed for?

  8. Nevermind! I just looked at the Thank you points website (duh, seems like a good place to start, right).

  9. It seems that Citi looks at inquiries more than 2-3 months old. I was denied for both the Citi Thank You premier and the Citi AA Business Visa – reason being too many inquiries in last SIX months. This was for my app-o-rama on 2/1/2012 while my last app-o-rama was on 9/18/2011 and 1 Chase application on 10/28/2011 that shows on Experion. Unfortunately Chase pulls both Equifax and Experion for me, Barclays goes to Transunion and everything else (Citi, AmEx, BofA, FIA) goes to Experion which is therefore very crowded with 10 inquiries since July 2011 before the current round.

    BofA Virgin Atlantic also denied (letter says FICO 764 but too many inquiries last 12 months!) while Chase United Explorer approved upon reconsideration where the credit analyst never mentioned the number of inquiries, she was only concerned about large number of new accounts since August 2011 and the total credit available to me (Chase and other banks combined).

  10. thanks for being the one blogger to report this. guess the others are too busy trying to make a few bucks of the 30k offer (maybe i’m just being cynical)

  11. So, if you get the Citi Thank You Premier and Preferred cards, would the 50,000 points earned from the Preferred also be worth $665 and go into one common Thank You Points Account? Thanks in advance… I’m new to this Citi proprietary points system!

    • @Jennifer – You could pair it with the Citi Business card or try to see if you can get both the Visa and Mastercard version of the Thank You Premier. Citi allows only 2 personal card applications every 65 days.

      – No worries! You can redeem Thank You points for gift cards (including a few hotel gift cards) and for other merchandise (usually not the best value).

      @Kroozer – Citi wrote that on my denial letter, but I managed to get approved after writing to the Executive Office. Bank of America declined my application, but I managed to get it approved after calling the reconsideration line. They were very easy to deal with!

      – I’ve seen the 50,000 offer mentioned on Frugal Travel Guy and FreeFrequentFlyerMiles today.

      – I believe that you can combine them, but don’t have any personal experience.

  12. Thanks so much for this link! It was on my list to apply for this card, and then I never got around to it and was sad to see the bonus reduced. I jumped on it after seeing this post and am keeping my fingers crossed I’m approved. Thanks for all your hard work!

  13. @MMS – What do you write to the Citi Executive office that is different from what you say on the reconsideration line? The credit analysts I spoke with (each application) would not budge, stating too many credit inquiries. I couldn’t deny the inquiries, and all other arguments – always paying in full, zero balances on all accounts – were to no avail as they kept going back to say that I scored very low on number of credit inquiries. They would not say what is “too many” regardless that the same were not a problem for Chase, AmEx, BofA, Barclays credit analysts. Yes, BofA reconsideration was easy, same as your experience. Thanks for all the great information coming from you!

  14. It is possible to do the two browser trick for the visa and mc? Has anyone tried doing this?

    • @Susan – I’ve had good luck writing to Citi to get reconsidered, but fingers crossed!

      @Kroozer – I address each of their concerns in writing, and in my experience the Executive Office seems to be more flexible. I explain that the inquiries was because I like to rejig my credit card portfolio, and apply for the cards which fit my needs and the Citi card fits my needs etc. etc.

      @Hamilton Kenney – I don’t know, but would love for a reader to let me know!

  15. @ Daraius i will try to apply tonight for thank you premier card Visa and Mastercard i will let you know if it work or if i get

  16. Since we are talking about Citi credit cards:

    What is the best offer that anyone has found for the Citi *preferred* thank you credit card? I remember reading around here that there was a 50K offer for this no-fee card but I can’t find it anymore.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    • @avi404 – The best version of the *preferred* which I’ve seen is for 50K, but you get the 1st 25K after spending $5K within 6 months and the next 25K after spending another $10K after 6 months. I don’t find this a very good deal.

      @Scott – Welcome! The Citi Thank You Premier offers a companion pass when you purchase a ticket through their travel partner spirit incentives. I don’t know if you can book a cheap ticket and still get the companion pass or if you have to book a ticket at a higher price to get the companion pass.

  17. Hey this looks like a great deal… I’ve been reading your forum as well as several others and am looking to finally get my feet wet in the credit card bonus game. This will be my first card that I apply for primarily for the bonus. I noticed on the site for the card that it comes with a complimentary companion ticket every year. Do you know if this would be given to me when I apply AND every year thereafter or would I only receive the companion ticket at my one year anniversary and then every anniversary thereafter? If I could get a companion ticket it would certainly sweeten the deal!

  18. I just applied for the MC and Visa and got approved for both, does that mean I will get the 50,000 points for each once I spend the 2500?

  19. So will the Amazon payment minimum spending trick work for this? I would like to apply for both the premier Visa and Mastercard but no theres no way I will spend that much in 3 months.

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  21. i just got my cards in the mail, and i got visa’s instead of a visa and a mastercard… do you think i will still get the 50,000 for each? i must’ve hit the visa twice instead of the MC.

  22. Just an FYI, there is a report on FlyerTalk about a user who received a 2011, 1099 tax form after he redeemed some ThankYou points in 2011. However, his points were mixed rewards from credit card(s) and banking products. I haven’t heard of any 1099s issued for pure credit card points, though rules may change.

    I redeemed 50K Ty points in January 2012 for 4 separate one-way tickets. I found the portal to be very easy to use, and meshed nicely when I couldn’t find award availability using my Continental/United miles (one-way redemption). I was booking for 5 people, limited time frame, complicated US domestic itinerary, and was very pleased with this product. I just hope not to get a 1099 next year!

    • @MJLouise – I’ve redeemed TY points in 2011 and not got a tax form. The deadline for mailing the forms was Jan 31 so I’m too worried about receiving a 1099. There also hasn’t been a reported case of folks getting the form ONLY for the credit card sign up bonus. But as you point out, the rules could always change.

      I agree that these points are very easy to use and the no blackout days makes this a great choice for folks looking for domestic US tickets.

  23. During my last churn (5 days ago) I was approved for the Citi ThankYou Premier Card with 3ok Bonus Points (applied through their website instead of an external link). Is there any way I can convince them to honor the 50k bonus for me even though I applied for the card with 30k bonus?

    Thanks you.

    • @Andrew – Citi usually doesn’t match the better offers. But you could call and threaten to cancel and mention the lower offer as the reason, and they’ll give you some points as a good will gesture. Make sure to say that you’re thinking of cancelling the account because you’re disappointed with the lower sign-on offer, because they could just call your bluff and cancel the card.

  24. Thanks for the response! I will try that as soon as my card arrives. Too be honest it was my fault for not searching for the higher offer before applying for the one with 30K points. I will know better next time.

  25. Just to be clear, isn’t this a “use at your own risk” deal? Because of the SEPT2011 on the header? Apparently not according to the previous comments.

  26. Daraius – i have been reading your blog for a few months now and am LOVING it! You have fantastic tips which I have used to GREAT success! I just got off the phone with Citi reconsideration line after being denied for the 50k premier rewards card due to too many requests for credit. I used your method of being very pleasant and having a reason for wanting this card. I told the lovely lady that I had significant travel spend coming up for the summer and realized how terrific this card would be for me to put it on. I told her I had recently applied for a few airline cards before realizing I could just use THIS card for everything – thus the reason for my several recent inquiries. Two minutes later and we were all set! I hope to see you at the April conference! Very Best Regards – Stu

  27. I just received my Citi Thank You card and the term and conditions read:

    Redemption of ThankYou Points related to your participation in ThankYou Rewards may result in your receipt of taxable income from Citibank in the tax year in which the ThankYou Points are redeemed. In accordance with U.S. tax law, Citibank may be required to send to you and file with the IRS a Form 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income) for the year in which a reward is issued to you.

    Not sure what to make of this as they say that they can report the points to IRS when points are redeemed, but then they go and say that U.S. law may require them to report when they issue you the reward.

    @ Dario, did you earn / redeem more than $600 worth of Thank You points in 2011? Because that seems to be the threshold.

  28. I went to the link “50,000 Citi Thank You Premier” but there’s no reference once your at that link that says anything about you getting 50,000 points after spending x amount of dollars. Something sounds a little fishy with this to me.

  29. I have the Thankyou Mastercard for a few months now, can I also apply for the Visa now and get the bonus?

  30. Hi Jeff from the comment above.. Did your application for both the Visa and MC versions of this card get approved?

  31. FYI,

    I have had MC card for 2 months and the bonus has posted to my thankyou account. Today I just applied online for the visa 50,000 deal, and was instant approved. Just need to spend $2,500 more.

  32. Just did 2-browser trick for $50K Preferred annual fee waived (used link from your page provided by Carrie). When I opened 1st app it let me pick MasterCard or Visa (so that is why I started a 2nd browser). I filled out both apps and processed the Visa one first. Instant approval. Then I processed the MC one (have screen shots of all steps so I know I picked MC) and….Instant Approval. Only thing is the approval on this 2nd one (step 5 final summary) showed Premier Visa Signature Card (just like the 1st one) not MC. It gave same credit line but showed my credit score went down by 3 more points since the first app was approved (1st app 788, 2nd app 785). I set-up online acct immediately and 2nd one req’d different user name than 1st so it seems like I have 2 accts. I also have screen shots of Offer and Landing pages. So we’ll see what happens in the end…if I get 1 Visa and 1 MC or 2 Visas or 1 Visa and who knows how many points.

    • @Lu – Thanks for confirming that you can get the bonuses on both version of the Thank You card!

      @Brad – If you were approved for both cards, you’ll get 50K for each. Emily and I also managed to get 2 Citi Thank You cards. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Can any one please let me know the reconsideration contact number for citi thank you premier credit card ?

  34. Joe Rodriguez

    @Brad – did the two browser trick finally worked for you as you expected?

  35. Is this offer still available?

  36. Joe Rodriguez

    @Daraius – I did the 2 browser trick following Brad (it’s 5 comments prior to this one)’s success but I only was instantly approved for the Visa. Called today to the application status line and lady was vehemently expressing that I have to wait until I receive a letter in the mail. I’m guessing that she knows what I’m up to.

    If I write a letter to Citi, how should I make my case if I’m already approved for the Visa? I’m obviously not going to even mention it in the letter. By the way, I submitted the application just an hour before you posted your march/april apporama results, in which you recommend doing the 2 browser trick on TY Premier.

    • @Denise – As long as the links to the offer works, you should be able to get the sign-up bonus.

      @Joe Rodriguez – I’d call again or write a letter to Citi asking for reconsideration. Good luck!

  37. Joe Rodriguez

    Last question (I swear, lol): Do I have more leeway if I threat to cancel an existing card with the bank? In other words, I have a Citi AA that I can get rid of. Would a threat to cancel it lead to an approval of a denied TY Premier application?

  38. The link was working up until yesterday 5/31/12 =( missed my chance.

    • @Joe Rodriguez – No worries with the questions. Feel free to email if that is easier. If you’ve maxed out your credit with Citi, you can offer to close an earlier card to get approval for a new card. This works great with Chase and Bank of America, but no so well with Citi, but that’s just my experience. Other readers have had success with this strategy.

      @Tisha – There is a 60K offer on the Bank Points credit card tab, but it requires you to keep the card for 1 year to get the full 60K bonus.

  39. I really appreciate your detailed analysis of credit card offers. However, I think you glossed over one important aspect the 2-year Premier card has in its favor. While it’s a hassle to remember to make the charges in the second year, the increased bonus more than offsets the $125 annual fee the second year. I look at that as getting the annual fee waived for the first two years, and still getting $673 in free airfare. A bonus is that I can hold onto the card for two years, rather than needing to cancel it after 11 months to avoid the annual fee. Maybe I have a longer time horizon than most since I’m not a hardcore churner (4-6 cards/yr). I’ll probably apply for this card, as I have two AA cards to cancel by August and need somewhere to try to transfer the credit limits.

    • @SC Parent – The 50K version is longer available, so this is clearly the best sign-up bonus for Citi Thank You Points. I’d rather get 50K upfront as opposed to waiting for a year, but as you point out, waiting for the 2nd year isn’t bad either. Most folks are not hardcore churners, so this would be a good a good card for them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  40. Citi Premier 50k link is worknig again:


    Can one reopen a Citi credit card for the bonus a 2nd time after some waiting period? I recall comments about this on here, but I can’t find them again. Thanks.

  41. I applied & got instant approval for $8K CL through the Offer link. Really wondering if I honored with 50K Bonus points. I did save screen shots of each pages. Did anyone applied & got approved recently? Should I call CS now or wait 24/48 hours ?Please advice!

  42. I cannot believe this happened to me but I just realized I had not hit the minimum spend on my 50K offer which expired on 7/3!! I was thinking of putting the &1,000 more I needed on the card today and then writing to the exectutive review department explaining that I missed the cutoff by a day. If there is no chance then I don’t want to waste the spend. What do you think??? What an idiot i am………………….

  43. link does not appear to be working. any more links to the 50,000 pt offer?

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