50,000 Point Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card is Back [Expired]

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This offer is currently no longer available.  Please check the Hot Deals tab for the latest offers.

I don’t currently get a referral for any of these Southwest Airline credit card deals.  I write about them because I’ve got these cards and think it is cool that Emily can fly with me for free for a year just because I opened a credit card or two.

FreeFrequentFlyerMiles posted that the Southwest Airline home page is displaying an ad for the Chase 50,000 point Southwest Airlines Premier credit card.

(Thanks to commenter Nathan for showing me how to make a picture link to another website!)

I had a link to an unpublicized version of the 50,000 offer in the Hot Deals tab since November, but it is nice to see the offer resurface on the Southwest Airlines home page.

As many readers know, the 50,000 credit card sign-on bonus from the Southwest Airlines credit card is currently counting towards the  110,000 points required for a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass.  However, this could change at any time and without prior notice.

If you earn the Companion Pass in 2012, you’ll get to designate a companion who flies free with you up to the end of 2013.  That’s close to 2 years of free flying!

I earned the Companion Pass in 2011 and have already have some trips planned.  Getting 1 personal and 1 business version of this card will get you most of the way to a Companion Pass and here are 10 different ways you could get the remaining points.

The ability to have a companion fly free with you for close to 2 years is seriously one of the best deals in miles and points land.  And Southwest awards are one of the easiest award to book – if there is a flight available, it is yours for miles and points.

There are 2 types of Southwest Rapid Rewards cards, both of which award you the sign-on bonus after the 1st purchase.

1.  Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier.

Both the personal and the business versions of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier offer 50,000 bonus points (worth up to $833 in free travel), but they have a $99 fee which is not waived during the 1st year.

However, you get a 6,000 annual point bonus which covers the cost of the $99 fee.

2.  Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.

Just like the Rapid Reward Premier card, you get a 50,000 point sign-up bonus (worth $833 in free travel) with the personal and business Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

But the annual fee is $69 which gets you a 3,000 point yearly bonus.

If you plan on keeping the card for more than 1 year, the Rapid Rewards Premier card is the better choice since the $99 fee is worth exactly 6,000 points.

But if you plan on cancelling the card before 1 year, you’re better off with the $69 Rapid Reward Plus card.

Bottom Line:  If you fly domestically in the US, the Southwest 50,000 point credit cards are worth a closer look.  Even if the 50,000 points doesn’t count toward the Companion Pass, you still get $833 worth of flights on Southwest for just the cost of the annual fee.

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241 responses to “50,000 Point Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card is Back [Expired]

  1. Hey Big D, I’m about to use your links to get the SW personal and business card. I want to get it at the same time because I’d like to maximize the length of the companion pass BUT I read that you said you get denials if you have more than 6 credit inquiries from an agency in 6 months. I’ve had 5 in the 4 months. Should I just apply for one instead of both? It might be YMMV but just wondering what you think. Thanks man

    • @TR – Congrats! Almost everyone who applied for the 50K offer using the link has got the 50K bonus even though the official offer is for only 25K points.

      @Sean – What Corinne said – It should be in the next statement.

      @Ryan from MA
      – It really depends on which agency Chase uses and your profile (income, credit score etc.). It is always YMMV, but also depends on your profile.

  2. Thanks Daraius, Chase also confirmed through email today that the 50K is in process, but will be 6-8 weeks. So for anyone else in a similar situation, despite having to call the reconsideration line right around the time the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier 50K offer was pulled, it appears they are still honoring the 50K as long as you applied prior to removal of the offer.


  3. FYI…I received the personal plus card today, and when I called in to activate it, the customer service person confirmed that I would receive 50K points after making my first purchase! I’m sure the business plus card will be here tomorrow and will be the same!

  4. I experienced a similar situation when I received my business card, that the 50k bonus didn’t show up until the following statement. Really though, it was my own fault, because I was overly aggressive in moving my statement closing date ahead, and cut it too close 🙂

    For my specific example, I had a charge on Feb 6, and my closing date was Feb 11, but that wasn’t enough time. When I called the support line, they confirmed that I would be receiving the 50k bonus, but it wouldn’t show up until the next statement, which is exactly what happened.

    This whole process of getting personal and business cards worked so well for me, I’m now working the same deal for my wife 🙂 Thanks Daraius for all the great info on this site!

  5. For those looking to apply to a personal and business card for 100,000 miles, it can be done. See here: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-FTiSxSeXuWE/T3P34Ruf15I/AAAAAAAAADQ/3Wt8p04W3jY/s980/swa%2520points.

  6. I got instant approval on the SW Plus personal card, but I got the “your application needs further review” decision on the SW Plus business card. How long should I wait before calling in to the reconsideration line?

    • @SL – I’d call them sooner rather than later and be prepared to answer their questions about your business. I’ve noticed that they like seeing businesses with long histories even if they aren’t very profitable.

  7. The Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards PREMIER card – both business and personal – are available with a 50k bonus on first spend – thru chase’s website. This includes the 6000 point bonus each year (which equates to $100 in wanna get away fares, which covers the money you spend on the $99 annual fee)

    Personal – http://bit.ly/Hi9YzH

    Business – http://bit.ly/HG4rGo


  8. CORRECTION – the pages are still up but they link to expired offers. Damn!

  9. I shortened the links myself so they wouldn’t clutter the page.

  10. @Jake – You got my hopes up that the Premier card was back!

  11. Hi,
    Regards to Southwest mileage booking, are they flexible in modification, such as cancel or changeing to antoher date by paying the differences in points. Do they charge additional fee for changing? I called them up and they said they are very flexible but not sure if I can trust that rep. They said that if I cancel the booking, the points will just go back to my account, is that true? Please advise.

    • @Tiffany – If you make a booking using points, you can cancel it at any time and the points go back to your account without a fee for changing or cancelling. So it doesn’t hurt to make a booking using points, since you can always cancel or change it later.

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  13. Just applied for the SW Plus card and got the “Decision Pending” screen. I’ll call in a few days if it doesn’t pop up in my Chase account. I suspect it’s because I entered Self-Employed into the occupation box.

  14. Thanks D! Applied and approved for Barclay US Airways 40k bonus.

  15. I’m trying to get the 2 * 50,000 points for both personal cards (Plus and Premier) as well. I got the Premier a few months ago and just got approved for the Plus (after calling the reconsideration line). I will let you know if the additional 50,000 points post to my account.

  16. Update from comment on 3/15: CP posted this weekend! I got 100,000 points from the Chase Southwest Premier and Plus cards (both personal) and flew twice for work to get the other points.

  17. @Philip – Congratulations! I feel more optimistic that I didn’t open an additional credit card in vain after closing my Chase Sapphire Preferred card. Enjoy your companion pass!

    Thanks again, Daraius, for the links!

  18. Tell me if I’m crazy, but I think I’m seeing the PREMIER card offer exactly like we want, on Southwest.com itself. Here are the direct links, and yes, they click through to the credit card offer page!

    PERSONAL – http://bit.ly/IHLjaH

    BUSINESS – http://bit.ly/JhspHx

    50,000 bonus points after your first purchase2 – that’s over $800 in Wanna Get Away?® Fares that can be redeemed for 2 FREE ROUNDTRIP FLIGHTS!

    You’ll also receive 6,000 bonus points every year on your Cardmember Anniversary, which can be redeemed for a $100 Wanna Get Away?® Fare – covering your $99 annual fee.† Start planning your trip to one of the 70+ destinations Southwest Airlines serves.

  19. i have the southwest personal card, can i get the $99 business card again for the 50k point? if yes, my plan is to cancel the personal $69 card which i applied last year and re-apply after a few months to get 100k points for the Company pass. does it work? tia

  20. Thanks MillionMilesSecrets.com!! I used your strategies to get the SouthWest companion pass. I had a SW card that earned me 2 free flights a few years ago (when it was 32 credits for 2 flights), but I was still able to get 1 business and 1 personal card that each earned me 50k points for a total of 100k. I also had 30k spare points, so I converted those to 10k SW points for the 110k total. Thanks again!

  21. Thank you so much for all the posts. I have applied for a Southwest airline credit card a while ago and I have read that you can apply for both the Premier and Plus PERSONAL and still get the points for both. My question is how do I check to see if the one I applied was Premier or Plus? I went into my account and it only said Southwest Reward points. Thanks ahead for the replies.

  22. Never mind. I figured it out:) My other question is that after calling in the reconsideration line about my Southwest business card, they asked me lots of questions about my business. I told them that I have an online business such as Amazon and Ebay. They then asked me to send in the proof so I sent it to them. I’m just wondering what I should do at this point. Should I wait for them to mail a decision or should I call in again? And what should I tell them? I really want to get approved. Thanks.

  23. Can someone else thats a different name than me for example my daughter travel along with her friend using the companion ticket? Or the person has to be traveling with me?

  24. @Eric – As I understand it, you must designate a companion, and you can change this a few timers per year. But, they MUST fly as your companion with you on the same flight. You must be on the flight and also take your designated companion for this to work. Both the companion and the person who earned the companion status is non transferable. That’s a little confusing, does it make sense to you?

  25. Thanks Ken. Also my first name is different than my official passport name.Does it matter since I can anyways enter it when booking or it has to be changed?

  26. @Eric – Did you change your first name after you received your passport? I’m fairly certain that everything has to match. I’ve even heard problems with people booking a ticket with “Mike” and having “Michael” on their passport. It would probably be a good idea to clear the name difference up with your passport so everything matches. When I got married my wife had to go through hoops and take off work to change everything around. It was a real pain.

  27. Thanks to you and your awesome info!!!
    *Question…..how much or often do I need to actually USE the new card I just got approved for? Will there be repercussions if I use it sparingly,and use my other SWA card for the most part? Do I get into ‘trouble’ for not using the new one much?
    *Anyway I just called the reconsideration line, DH and I had the SWA premier cards and got the 50k each – then I read about the companion pass….so I applied for the SWA plus card w/50k bonus- was given the ‘maybe’ screen…..today I called,and was approved with a small credit switchover from my other card… I think I’m good to go for the pass soon,right?

  28. Hi everyone, thanks for the SUPER useful information.

    I already have a SW rewards card; however, I have used up all my original rewards that I got a few years ago when I first opened the card. I want to apply for the biz and personal ones that have been mentioned on this post. What is the best way to do it? Should I cancel my current card and then apply for these? I think I have a Plus card now- is it ok to still keep that and apply for a premier one?

    Thanks for your help!

    • @Jake – That’s great and thanks for sharing! I had a link to the personal Premier, but nice to know that the Business Premier is also available!

      @Ben – You can get the 50K sign up bonus on the business card without having to cancel your personal card. However, you need 110K points for the Companion Pass not 100K, but it is fairly easy to get the extra 10K points.

      @Ryan – Thanks for sharing and congrats!

      – You can look at the physical card and it should mention if it is a Plus or Premier version. I’d call the reconsideration line again and speak to a different rep. Hopefully, they haven’t made a not on your account that you’ll be sending in information.

      @Eric – Ken is correct. You have to be traveling with your companion. However, you can choose only a limited amount of Companions so choose the person most likely to fly with you. Southwest doesn’t fly internationally, so your name on your driver’s license should be fine.

      @Ken – Thanks for helping out!

      @J Murphy
      – Sounds like you were approved and based on comments should get the points on the new card. I try to have a small recurring purchase on each card to help show activity on the card.

      @Bhumi – You can keep your plus card and apply for the new ones or cancel it – whichever you prefer. If your earlier card offered you $500 in credits, you can apply for the current versions and get points.

  29. Million Mile Secrets. Actually I don’t think it says on the physical card, or if I was blind when searching for either the word Premier or Plus at that time:). I figured out by finding the annual fee which I paid 69. So I figured it was the Plus.

    I sent in the info after the rep told me to. I should of done what you have suggested but it’s too late now. I have read your posts about Sole Proprietor and I would fit in the category of selling merchandise online. However, I did not pay tax for what I was selling so I don’t know if that would consider a business. I guess I didn’t have much luck as many readers here:(

  30. Thanks Darius! I’ve also read on your site that you have to wait 65 days to apply for the business card (the post I read had to do with the Citi AA card), does that apply for Southwest too? I applied for the personal one yesterday, is it ok to apply for the business one right away or do I have to wait?

    BTW, I love your site- it’s so useful!

  31. Why is it that when you follow the link to the business card it does not ask for an Employer Identification Number? The Ink Bold does as do all of the AMEX business cards (I am aware that for a lot of small businesses the owners social is used instead of the EIN). The Southwest Business Card is also not listed under “business credit cards” on the Chase web-site. Just curious as to why this is unlike so many other cards.

    • @Amy – You’re right that it doesn’t mention it on the card. But the Plus card is blue and the Premier is black, but I wasn’t clear earlier!

      @Bhumi – With Chase, you should be able to get 1 personal and 1 business card around the same time. But you will have to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

      @Brian – I looked at the application form and I see a field for Tax ID number!

  32. I see on the side bar for the SW Premier Offer, that you can get up to an additional 15,000 points for a balance transfer. Do you know how this works, and how you find out how many points your would get? Thank you!

  33. You are right, on the Premier it does but on the Business Plus it does not. Weird.

  34. I applied and received a Southwest Plus personal card in November of 2011. I have been using it very consistently since then. I am just now finding out about this little trick, and would love to use it and achieve companion pass status for my wife and I until the end of 2013. I understand all the posts about the reconsideration line and such. I just want to make sure I take the best route with which cards I apply for and under who’s name since I already have the Plus card.

    Should I cancel my current card and apply for a Premier personal and Premier business card? Should I have my wife apply for both cards? Any help is appreciated.

  35. I’m thinking it may be better for my wife to apply for the cards. Did I read somewhere that someone was able to do this by applying for 2 different personal cards, a premier and a plus? I may have my wife just do that. She already has 10,000 points towards “A List” anyways, where I do not.

  36. @Julie, I did a $15000 balance transfer on my SWA Premier card back in January, and it gave me 15,000 points for it. Interestingly, although the literature says a 3% transaction fee (which would be a pricey $450), my fee was actually capped at only $99, which is quite a good deal for 15,000 points. I tried searching tonight for some other reference to confirm the balance transaction fee is always capped at $99, but the best I could do was a mention on http://www.personalfinanceanalyst.com/southwest-credit-card-a-visa-with-rapid-rewards. Basically, I’m not sure if this was a limited time offer, or if it was specific to the Premier card, or if it’s always Chase’s policy to cap the fee at $99.

    @Jeremy, I personally found it pretty easy to apply for the SWA business card for my upcoming business of selling items on eBay (used my SSN, had no previous business income, and no huge expectations for upcoming income) 🙂 I had to call the reconsideration line of course, but overall that whole process went pretty smoothly. Victor had luck above applying to two personal cards, but that seems risker IMO than applying for a personal and a business card.

  37. @Keith, Does it matter I already have a Personal Plus card that I applied for and started using in 2011? Can I just do a Premier Personal and Plus Business card now and cancel my previous Personal Plus card?

  38. @Jeremy, any miles you accumulated in 2011 won’t apply to your current attempt at getting Companion Pass status, if that is what you were asking. (But it all depends on when your miles post: For example, I actually applied for the SWA Personal card in Nov 2011, but didn’t use it for the first time until Jan 2012, so that the 50k bonus miles would go towards CP status in 2012.)

    I don’t have personal experience for whether the Personal Plus card is considered different enough from the Personal Premier. However, after skimming the long comments above, I counted at least four people that had success getting the bonus miles for both Personal Plus and Personal Premier. I still think it seems “riskier” than going for the Personal and Business cards, but it does seem like people are having success with getting both Personal Plus and Personal Premier instead.

  39. @Keith, I always wondered how balance transfer works. Since you have done $15k transfer (a massive amount imo!) can I ask where did you transfer the credit from? I ask this question because, I pay ALL my credit cards on time. I can never think of balance transfer. What are tips! I sure would love to gather 15k points. Except for my mortgage loan, I don’t have any type of balance to transfer. how do i create a balance!;) thanks for your help.

  40. I just got a letter from Chase asking me to call them to verify that I was the person who applied for the Chase Southwest Business card. That’s weird. I’ve never had this happen before when applying for Chase credit cards.

    Just curious. What kind of questions do they ask when called back so I can prepare?

    Thanks for the help.

  41. Just had the 50,000 points from the Southwest Plus personal card post in addition to the 50,000 that I got from the Premier personal card. To obtain the companion pass, I will need a few thousand more points, which I plan to obtain by placing my regular spending on my Chase Southwest cards.

    Thanks, Daraius (and fellow posters)!

  42. Daraius,

    Just wanted to make you aware that ALL FOUR LINKS ARE STILL WORKING! The link for the Premier that is above the pictures DOES NOT work but that link for the Premier under the heading “1. Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier” DOES work.

  43. Hey Daraius,

    I applied for the freedom card in july and the southwest plus at the beginning of april and 2x thank you premier cards, which were denied at first b/c Experian was delayed over a month in posting balances so Citi said I have “No revolving accounts with a balance” but I just got the visa approved and yet to receive it and the MC is still being evaluated(not to mention 2-citi AA cards for my dad and ink bold for my brother, thanks a lot for this new addiction by the way! 🙂 Anyway, the wording on the Southwest landing page of “FINAL DAYS” has me worried i’ll miss out but it’s too soon to apply I’m worried , for the business card. Or would you say I’ve got nothing to lose since the companion pass is the whole goal anyway. Do you have any information as to the expiration or perhaps recommend I go for the personal premier? Its my understanding Chase uses experian as well so now I’m flustered as to what to do. Anyway, your eyes must be tired. Thank you again and I’m glad I could contribute a little something to you and Emily.

    • @Julie – I wouldn’t recommend the balance transfer because you would pay 3% or $300 for a $10,000 transfer. However, you’d get 10K Southwest points which are worth only 10,000 X 1.67 or $167. And the interest rates on mile earning cards aren’t the best.

      @Brian – Very strange.

      – If your wife has income and can apply for credit cards, she could apply for the personal and business version. Otherwise, you could apply for the Premier version (since you already have the plus version). I’ve read that some have manged to get both personal versions, but as always, your experience could be different. I’d also check to see if the points from your earlier application posted in 2011 or 2012. If they posted in 2012, it may be easier for you to get another card to get the Companion Pass. Good luck!

      @Keith – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing and for helping out! I didn’t know that the balance transfer fee was capped.

      – You don’t need to have a balance to request a balance transfer. You could have them transfer it via a check to you, or to another credit card and then request a check payment for the credit balance. But be careful!

      @Amy – Sounds like they want to verify your identity, so I’d expect the usual questions – SSN, address etc.

      @CCC – Thanks so much for sharing!

      @Extra Pack of Peanuts – Thanks for confirming that the links work!

      @Michael– Ha! It is addictive. I don’t have any information on the expiration, but sometimes the links still work after the offer has expired. However, it couldn’t hurt to apply if your last application was in July and April and you want to try for the Companion Pass. But I’d expect to have to call in to the reconsideration line to get approved.

  44. So let me summarize, as it now stands regarding SWA’s (WN is their airline code) Companion Pass:

    1. Spend $9,167 in WN fares in a calender year gets the points, “naturally”.
    2. Spend $5,000 in WN fares in a calendar year, but also get one of their credit cards.
    3. Spend $833 in WN fares in a calendar year, but get two of their credit cards.
    4. Spend less than the above if you have Marriot or other points to transfer.

    2 and 3 are limited because they are one shot deals? or can they be repeated in any way?

  45. I was feeling nervous about calling the Chase reconsideration line for the first time for trying to get my SW business card approved. It seems I blew it right off, because the first question she asked me was my business name and pin number? I wasn’t sure what to say. I was planning to talk about selling stuff on ebay for my business, blah, blah, blah, but the respresentative said they need to verify that I have an actual business and I need to fill out a form to get my business established or something of that sort. Anyone else have a similar experience? Can I call back in a day or two and try again? I would love any advice. I just got the SW personal card last week, I applied for both the personal and business card at the same time.

  46. @Sheryl, I assume by “pin” they were probably asking for your Tax ID (which can be the same as your SSN), and your business name can be the same as your name. Read over the information at http://millionmilesecrets.com/2011/06/10/how-to-fill-out-a-business-credit-card-application/, I think that will provide the answers that you need. I also was nervous when I first called the SWA business reconsideration line, but it sounds like my call went a lot smoother… I also rambled on about eBay sales, but they didn’t fight me about it 🙂

    • @Kevin – I don’t understand the calculations. You need 110K points for the Companion Pass, so I don’t see how #1 & #2 gets you the Companion Pass?

      – Sorry to hear about that! I’d call back (sooner rather than later) after reading Keith’s suggestions below.

      @Keith – Thanks for helping out!

      @Ben – Great experience and thanks for sharing!

      @John… – Thanks for letting me know. I’ updated the links to redirect to the Airline Credit Card tab which lists the current offers.

  47. Thanks Keith! I really appreciate the advice. Do you think I should wait a few days to call back, or call back right away?

  48. giving my past call center experience, I’d like to shed some light why you shouldn’t feel nervous to call them.
    1. Cheer them up, say something positive, weather, city, you name it. you will feel it’s a snap to get you approved when you started to make friend with the person over the phone
    2. each agent works as a shift, basically 8 hours, they might feel boring on the phone, if you motivated their interesting on anything, you are ahead already
    3. each agent has their own flex and authorization limit to approve you or decline you. so, treat them well.

  49. Just as an update, it looks like the links in the “Update” box no longer work. The only one that seems to go to an application currently for a personal card is the one in the “1. Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier” section.

    Just FYI.

    – John…

  50. Companion Pass Earned! I received notification yesterday. Can’t wait to plan our first free trip! I did want to share the fine print I noticed when I pulled up the companion pass page:

    2 Tier qualifying points are earned from revenue flights during the qualifying year or through select Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase and are exclusive of bonuses or promotions. Revenue flights flown in 2011 before March 1st earned Rapid Rewards credits along with Tier Qualifying Points

    I’m assuming here that “Tier Qualifying Points” are the 110,000 SW points to get the companion pass. Maybe its been said before (I have not seen it, however), but this was the first time I actually saw anything in black and white, from Southwest, indicating that the Chase SW points were to count towards qualification.

  51. @sean – Tier Qualifying Points and Companion Pass qualifying points are two different things. One is for an elite status and the other is for free travel for your companion.

  52. Sean: That’s actually a little odd. First, TIER qualifying points refers to A-List status — not the Companion Pass. Tier Status is completely unrelated to CP. Second, RR Credit Card purchases actually do NOT qualify towards Tier status — so it is odd that they state that Tier qualifying points ARE earned through “select RR Credit Cards”. Third, that actually is supposed to be just a FOOTNOTE at the bottom of the CP page — it is the same FOOTNOTE that appears on the A-List Tier Status page. What is funny is that, on the CP page, nothing even references that footnote! An actual reference of Footnote #2 ONLY appears on the A-List Tier Status page. It looks like the web designers just copy and pasted it over to the CP page even though it doesn’t apply.

    But, in any case, still very odd — since, again, points earned from purchases on the RR Credit Card do NOT actually count towards the Tier Status at all. Only towards CP — which Southwest doesn’t normally call “Tier Status” at all — they only use that to reference the A-List Status normally.

    – John…

  53. FYI, the Premier version of the Chase SWA actually do have some Tier status implications. Per http://www.southwest.com/html/rapidrewards/partners/credit-cards/southwest-airlines-rapid-rewards-cards/index.html:
    “Earn 1,500 Tier Qualifying Points toward A-List and A-List Preferred Status for every $10,000 you spend on the card (maximum of 15,000 Tier Qualifying Points annually).”

  54. John/Ken – Very Interesting. The confusion for me arose in the fact that that footnote wording appeared on a page related only to the companion pass. Obviously a mistake of some sort. Just glad the Chase activity counts towards companion pass status where it counts, in the accumulation of points!

  55. 50k version appears dead. anybody have any active links for the 50k SW cards still running around? i’d be particularly interested in a 50k business card….

  56. I applied and was approved for the premier before it disappeared – yea! I decided to pass on balance transfer offer. I submitted a premier app for my husband and he got the “being reviewed” message. I used the same amount of household income, but he has been at his job for less than 1 year (rounded to 1 year on the app). He does not want to call the reconsideration line -he’s just doesn’t care what a great offer this is 🙁 Anyway, aside from him calling, are there any other options to get him approved, or do you think he wouldn’t get approved anyway? Thanks again – Julie

    • @Gabriel – I can’t find any online, but let me know if you find any and I’ll update the post.

      @Julie – I’d call the reconsideration line – you’re looking at $833 worth of travel! You could ask him to authorize the rep to talk with you and then you could do the negotiating. Or you could wait until you get a letter in the mail.

  57. Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t know he could authorize me to talk in a cc situation, so I will work on talking him into doing that much when the letter comes. It is such an amazing offer – thanks again for all your help! Julie

  58. Couple of questions…
    1) Has anyone been able to find a new link to the 50K Southwest offers? Offer seems to be dead.
    2) I had a personal SW Visa Signature card several years ago (3?), but closed it after the 1st year to avoid the annual fee. I’m a little unclear as to if I can re-apply AND be eligible for the bonus miles. If I re-applied, is there a chance that I WOULD get approved but NOT get the bonus miles? (I’ll apply for the business card, for sure, once I can find a good link to the 50K offer.) Thanks for the great info!

    • @Julie – I do that for Emily!

      @DJ – If your last SW card was 3 years ago, you should be able to get the sign-up bonus for the current SW cards since they are considered new version of the SW card.

  59. I applied for the SW card under the 50,00o bonus miles or two free tickets. How do I get the tickets? I did that with United a long time ago and they stiffed me the ticket. What do I need to do?

  60. Tyler: The 50,000 points ARE the “two free tickets.” You use them to buy your tickets — you spend them for tickets on Southwest.com under your Rewards account. (And, you can actually often get MORE than 2 free tickets out of the 50,000 points if you watch for good deals and such.)

    – John…

  61. Well, my husband’s letter came and we called the reconsideration line. I spoke with the rep, and after holding a while, he came back and said they could not approve it. I am soooo bummed. He has nothing negative at all in his credit history, but also, it seems he has no credit history of his own at all. Everything is in my name, and even though he is an authorized user on a couple cards, it doesn’t count I guess. Any suggestions on how to get started, so we could try for this again down the road? Thank you! Julie

    • @Julie – I’d call back a few times to see if they can get him approved. Surely he has taken out a loan at some time? If not, he should get a basic card (Citi Forward card, Capital 1) to establish a credit history before applying for miles and points cards.

  62. I was approved for the chase SW card and made my first purchase on 5/18. They say it can take 6-8 weeks for the points to show up. From your experience does it usually take this long? If so is there any was to expedite the process and get the points sooner ?

  63. @ANN – I opened my cards on 4/23/12 and one of them (not sure personal vs biz) posted the points to my southwest acct on 5/22/12.

  64. thanks for all your great input & advice!

  65. Any idea when they’ll bring back the 50,000 point offer? 25,000 isn’t quite as appealing.

  66. @David – Not soon enough!

  67. I applied for and received both the Plus and Premier personal cards . When I talked to the representatives activating my cards, one of them said that if I had more than one Southwest card, I would only get the bonus on the first one that I was approved for… she didn’t seem to know for sure if I had been approved for more than one, and I didn’t exactly volunteer the information. Do you think I’ll get the miles on both? They are different products, and perhaps she was referring to if I had gotten the exact same card during the previous offer this spring, which I did not, but I didn’t want to say too much. Any thoughts?

  68. @Alysia

    I am telling you with a positive “YES” because I personally got all four of those cards with each 50,000 miles posted without any issue.

  69. Hi, I got approved for the SW Personal Premier card july 2011 but cancelled it a few weeks ago because I didn’t want to pay for the annual fee. They also didn’t try to retain me as a customer. Since I cancelled the card recently, do you think I would be able to apply for the SW Business Plus card? Would I have to call the reconsideration line if I don’t get approved instantly since it’s been a full year?
    Or can the Personal Premier card be churnable? Thanks. If I do apply, should I use the same RR number or get a new one?

  70. Hi Daraius ,

    I had applied for Chase SWA card last year in Aug 2011 and then cancelled in Feb 2012 . How long do i have to wait before i re-apply for personal SWA chase credit card to get 50,000 bonus ?

  71. @Swap, there is no hard limit, depending on your credit pull, are you using app-o-rama ?and etc.. normally, i’d say get one Chase personal and one business card at the same time after 3-4 months. you will still need to call recon once you have two or more chase cards anyway. But, do not try to snag one personal and one business SW card, it won’t work. my experince is i got all four of cards following my 3-4 months and 1p1b rules….

  72. The Southwest offer I was getting for 50000 pts. after one purchase have stopped. I know get offer for 50000 pts. if I spend $1000 in first three months. I still have a email offer from May for the original one purchase ,
    50000. Will they still honor it if I fill out that application?

  73. What is the wait period before reapplying for a southwest rewards card on chase? We cancelled one about 6 months ago and want to get one again.

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  77. Recieved an offer to upgrade my chase SWA card just type in a web site they send. Good luck.