Pay your rent on a credit card with Williampaid

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Update: The credit card processing fee increased from 2.45% to 2.95% on February 2, 2012

Pay rent with credit card


Pay rent with a credit card

Paying a fee to earn miles or points on a credit card is often a poor value.  That’s because the miles and points are worth much less than the (2% or higher) credit card convenience fee.

For example, you pay a 3% fee on your New York apartment rental of $2,500, but earn 2,500 American Airline miles.

You’ve effectively paid $75 (3% X $2,500) for 2,500 miles.  This is not a good deal because you wouldn’t normally pay that price (3 cents per mile) for an American Airline mile.

Minimum Spending

However, paying the fee is worth it if you have no other way of meeting the minimum spending requirement on your new credit card.

For example, paying a 3% fee on the $2,500 minimum spend required to earn 50,000 American Airline miles will cost you $75.

And paying $75 for 50,000 American Airline miles is well worth it.


I’ve listed Williampaid in my 40+ ways to complete minimum spending requirements, so I thought I’d try it out and post my experience paying my rent.

Williampaid does charge a 2.45% credit card convenience fee, but it could be worth it if you have a minimum spending requirement to complete.  There is also a $1.75 monthly fee to use the service which is waived for the 1st month.

Step 1 – Sign-up

Enter your name and email and select a password.

Step 2.

Click on My Page (the home icon on the top left).

Pay rent with credit card


Step 3.

Click on “Add your Rent Information” in the dashboard and follow the prompts to enter in your rent information.

You will be asked to enter your “Rent Due Date” and the “Mail Day” i.e. the date you want the check to be mailed.

You can even split the rent with a roommate.

Step 4

Confirm your rental address and your landlord’s information.

Step 5

Enter in your credit card information and skip the $2.5 monthly option to report your payment to credit bureaus.  I’m not sure if Williampaid reporting your payments to credit bureaus will have any impact to your credit score, unless you have no credit history.

Pay rent with credit card

Skip the credit reporting option

You also have to agree to a recurring monthly charge of $1.75 (waived for the 1st month) to use the service.

Pay rent with credit card

$1.75 monthly fee

Step 6

Annoyingly, you have to schedule your rent payment after signing up and provide your social security number (supposedly to prevent money laundering etc.).

Pay rent with credit card

You have to enter your information again

You also have the option of splitting the payment between 2 or more credit cards.

Step 7 – Confirmation

I got a confirmation that my rent was scheduled and I checked with my apartment and they did get paid.

Pay rent with credit card

The rent is paid!

Step 8 – Cancellation

I was very frustrated when I couldn’t cancel online, so I sent Williampaid a message, and within a few hours I got a reply that my account was cancelled.

But I’m still frustrated that I couldn’t cancel it myself.  I like to be in control. 🙂


The terms of use restrict you from making a payment more than $2,500 in a 24 hour period or more than $5,000 in a month unless you request approval.

They also restrict you from using the service to make cash advances or to liquidate gift cards. 🙂

Bottom Line:  It was pretty easy to set up my rent payment using Williampaid.

I didn’t like paying the 2.45% convenience fee, and wouldn’t do this on a regular basis, but it does help complete minimum spending for credit card sign up bonuses!

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56 responses to “Pay your rent on a credit card with Williampaid

  1. Does this service accept all credit cards including Amex?

  2. Hey Daraius,
    I asked my landlord to create an account with Amazon Payments and I now pay my rent to him through that using my credit card. He was happy to oblige because it saves him the trouble of taking a check to the bank each month. The best part is, it is completely free! We used this to meet our spending requirement for both the VISA and AMEX American Airlines cards. The only reason this wouldn’t work is if your rent is over $1,000 or if you are already doing $1,000 in credit card transactions through your Amazon Payment account. There is a $1,000/month limit when using a credit card only. If your rent was $1,100/month, you could still pay $1,000 on your credit card and then submit a second payment of $100 through Amazon Payments using your linked bank account.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Good site… but I wanted to let readers know that Williampaid lacks compliance with Visa rules. When you assess the “convenience fee” back to the person (as in this case) for online transactions, Visa demands that the fee be a flat fee (ie $19.95) for the payment instead of a percentage fee. Why some sites like this choose to neglect credit card rules, I don’t know. I use (no affiliation), which is Visa compliant as the site charges the user a flat fee. But the reality is as long as Visa has not gone after them to be compliant, they get away with this, and you can benefit from their lack of compliance.


  4. Sorry the site is, not with an “s” on the end

    • @Jonathan – Thanks for sharing your story. Amazon payments is a great way to meet your minimum spending requirements!

      @Cheaplee – Thanks for the link to – I’ll check it out. Does Visa mandate that the fee has to be a certain amount – or just that it has to be flat regardless of the transaction amount?

  5. Flat amount only! Visa states that online non-tax (ie rent payments) must be a “flat or fixed amount, regardless of the value of the payment due.” So not only should processors NOT charge a percentage fee for online, non-tax payments and be only a flat fee, the fee must also NOT be tiered or have a limit amount (ie up to $500).

    In order to make this work, vendors like me must determine what the average payment is. Hence, charges a flat $19.95 fee. They are betting they won’t lose out on what they are charging the customers versus what they have to pay back to interchange (or rates they have to pay back to the credit card companies).

  6. I’ve been using WilliamPaid for the last 5 months or so, after my last app-o-rama when there was little to no hope of making all my minimum spends in the time allotted. WP is awesome because they will even allow you to split your payments any way you choose across as many cards as you like.

    Say you need to pay $750 more for your SPG AMEX and another $1000 for your Sapphire Preferred. Easy, add both cards and put the first $750 on the SPG and the balance on your Sapphire 🙂

    For the last 2 months I haven’t needed them for spend, but I put the payment on my SPG AMEX anyways because they charge ~2.4c/point and I usually get over 5c/point when redeeming Starpoints. But I certainly wouldn’t put the spend on any other card, and I don’t plan to keep doing it — I’ll buy AMEX GCs via BigCrumbs using my SPG AMEX and then use WP to pay rent from the GCs 😉 Who knows, I may end up paying nothing for those Starpoints after all.

  7. Ah I didn’t catch the thing about the no gift cards. That’s a good caveat to keep in mind! Thanks Daraius, I think you saved me some trouble 🙂

  8. How is it possible to pay more then $1000 a month on amazon payments. Is there a way for me, for instance, to pay $1000 on one credit card to my sister, and $1000 on another credit card to my dad? Is the $1000 limit per credit card, or per account? Thanks to anyone who can answer!

  9. @Joe,

    It is per account. No matter how many cards you have on the account, you will not be able to send more than $1k in a calendar month.

    • @Cheaplee – Nice to know the details! So is great for folks with high rent payments.

      @arcticbull – That’s a great way to earn SPG points, and if your rent payment is large you could reduce the cost per point by using I’m not sure what the terms mean about gift cards, but it could be worth a try.

      – You are limited to only $1K across all credit cards in a month.

      @Joe – Thanks for helping out!

  10. About gift cards…can you not use gift cards at all, or you just can’t pay yourself with them? Reason I ask is that if i get a cash back on the gift cards, I can use those gift cards to pay rent, thus reducing the 2.45% that i’m charged. Just curious if it won’t allow it or you just shouldn’t do it. Thanks for the help.

    • @Ryan – I’m not sure if they allow such transactions to go through, but I will try it out and see. It is reasonable to want to use a gift card towards paying rent, but I suspect they are trying to prevent the deliberate cashing out of gift cards by folks.

      @Joe – You bet!

  11. Thanks to Ryan and MMS

  12. Regarding Venmo,
    If you sign up directly through your iphone/android app, you don’t need an invite, and it’s free.

  13. I tried williamspaid out for 1 month..well the free month…didn’t love it…kinda confused overall with the service..and yes the inability to cancel online was kinda of a pain…

    still who knows maybe i’ll go back to it someday…

  14. Can you pay a mortgage with a credit card? Please someone tell me it can be done and how!

  15. GREAT TIP – I am excited about the idea of sending payments on amazon to meet minimum spending on a new card but have a couple of questions – Say I want to send my daughter $1000 a month will the credit card companies don’t treat this as a cash advance and charge CA fees for it? Do you earn points or miles on the card you are using to fund the payment?

  16. Been using William Paid for over a year, and have a few comments:

    1) You don’t need to pay any$1.75 monthly fee. When I first joined they gave a code in the FT thread (below) that would waive the fee for a year. You’ll have to search, but, doubt it still works:

    That said, when the year was over, I shot them an e-mail saying I believe the 2.45% fee they make when I use my CC should enough to make me a profitable customer, and thus, if they weren’t willing to waive the monthly fee, I would have to re-evaluate if I wanted to continue service. They immediately gave me another year of free service, and mentioned that they are planning to do away with the monthly fee altogether at some point…

    2) The only reason I use this service is to more quickly empty the AMEX GC’s (bought through bigcrumbs). If you use bigcrumbs ‘properly’, the 2.45% fee is reduced to 0.45% net of the cashback. I tend to buy the GC’s to make the minimum spends, then use other means (William Paid among them) to empty out the GC’s. That said, even if not targeting minimum spend, using this with bigcrumbs to buy Starwood points at 0.45 cents per point is still a great deal, IMO.

    Along the same lines, pay attention to your existing CC’s, if they have ‘bonus’ days for high spending.

    For example on ‘Black Friday’, Citi ran a promotion on some their cards, my ‘Executive AA’ included, that gave an additional mile per dollar spent. At the same time there was a retention offer on the card for 2 additional miles per dollar, not forgetting the original base mile per dollar and adding it altogether, that’s 4 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent that day. Considering that the Executive card has certain perks for high yearly spending, and, you can’t use it to buy giftcards at (unless you enjoy cash advance fees), this seemed an opportune moment to pay the 2.45% fee for the 4 miles per dollar. All in all 0.61 cents per AA mile ain’t all that bad.

    3) As others have observed, the user interface at William Paid has much to be desired. It’s ‘pretty’ to look at, but, quite disfunctional and unintuitive. More as though it was designed by a graphic artist, but, had no input from anyone who’s actually designed ‘systems’ and user interfaces before. For example, here’s a challenge to new users of the site; time how long it takes you to find the option to change which CC the 2.45% fee (and the monthly fee if you are for some reason paying it) is charged to. Hint, it’s not under ‘payment center’.

    Overall though, as Daraius pointed out, good site to make the minimum spend on your CC, and perhaps a bit more with some strategy.

  17. I did the two browser trick with a savvy friend helping me. How long is it before you hear back? I applied for citi visa and amex aa advantage cards.

  18. I just saw Williampaid is raising their credit card processing fee from %2.45 to %2.95.

  19. Williampaid just got back to me and stated current members will pay the existing 2.45% for using a credit card while new members will pay 2.95%. Also they got rid of their monthly membership fee.

  20. @ thehawk,

    How do you get 2% cashback from bigcrumbs on the Amex GC’s?

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  22. Daraius,

    Thanks for this article. Williampaid seems like a good way to make a large amount of my spending each month (rent) work toward credit card bonus requirements. To your knowledge, do any credit card companies treat Williampaid as a cash advance? On that note, does cash advance = does not quality for bonus spending requirement?

    Also, does Williampaid just send a check in an envelope to my landlord? My landlord is an older guy and my concern is that he won’t realize that what he’s getting. Thanks.

    • @Justin – In my experience, charges from William Paid appear as purchases not as cash advances. Also, I believe they mail the landlord a check, but I’m not sure how they send it to the landlord (most likely in an envelope, I’m guessing!)

  23. VirtualPay ( allows you to pay rent online with a credit card when the property manager does not accept credit card payments (you have to pay an administrative fee for the service). May be an option to avoid late payment to property manager or meet reward program minimums.

  24. @Million Mile Secrets – William Paid charges 2.95% for credit card payments and VirtualPay charges 3% for credit card payments. VirtualPay may be worth the difference depending on the user interface/experience.

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  26. can you pay someone else rent using your credit card?
    ie: i dont rent (own mortgage), but my niece is currently going to college out of state, and i am planning to use williampaid to pay for her rent. Is it possible?

  27. If i intended to use gift card (purchased from big crumbs) to soften the fee…is that mean I need to keep updating the credit card in williampaid system every time? will it raise suspicious?

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  29. Darius, do you know of any services that I can pay with my credit card to pay vendors? None of my vendors accept credit cards but would like to earn some miles when I need to.


  30. it looks like William paid has changed. I can’t find how you can pay your first rent without the fees. booo…

  31. i got all excited about the option. but, in going to the site, your landlord has to be part of their program. this isn’t designed for situations like mine- i’m renting a single family home from the owner/landlord where this is their only rental property. too bad- that would have been awesome…

  32. FYI, Just got this from Williampaid

    Hi Daniel,

    At WilliamPaid, we’re always looking for new ways to make your rent payment work harder for you. That’s why we’re pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with our friends at Delta Airlines. Whenever you pay your rent with any credit card, you’ll earn up to 500 extra SkyMiles every month.

    Add your Delta SkyMiles number to your account and start racking up the miles:

    click on their hyperlink included…

  33. Has anyone confirmed that can mail a check? I don’t see that option anywhere on their site

  34. Couldn’t you just send yourself a check, pretending to be your own landlord? Then cash it and pay off the card? Or, if the site doesn’t allow that, send the check to a friend and have him/her sign it over to you.

    According to the site, they now allow $5,000 per month, albeit no greater than $2500 at a time. So you could send yourself $2500 on the 1st, then another $2500 on the 15th of each month.

  35. Regarding the “No percentage fees allowed, the fee must be fixed” posts, somebody should tell the IRS they are out of compliance with VISA.

    What can VISA do, though? Sue the IRS, a huge source of revenue for them? unlikely.

  36. Paying Rent online has been a fantastic change of pace from the wasteland of writing checks each month. Rent was the last thing that I used my checkbook for, and I am now free of checks forever!

    I used WilliamPaid once at my last apartment complex, but I was disheartened when, although I used my Credit Card they sent a CHECK to my management company!! My rent arrived LATE, and I got a late fee even though I paid on time! That was my first and last experience with WilliamPaid.. Garbage.

    My new building has ClickPay – The interface is simple and I have been racking up the miles! No limits, no gimmicks. They send the money electronically, and I have my full balance and statement available online.

  37. If you rent, which card do you use? I’m trying to figure which card to you, I have three girls in college and would like to earn points/miles. I have a hard time writing checks, want to maximize points and or miles.

  38. John – How do you manage to earn miles with Clickpay? They are charging 2.95% for all credit cards, only ACH is free.

  39. FYI – the site is officially closing on March 5, 2015. I got this in an email and its also on their website.

    Dear WilliamPaid Customers,

    After 5 years, it is with deep regret that we share with you that WilliamPaid will stop processing rent payments. As of today, a new user will be unable to create a new account. If you are an existing user of our service, we will stop processing new payments at 11:59PM CST, March 5, 2015.

    We know that thousands of you relied on WilliamPaid for the ease and convenience for which we processed your rent payments, and sincerely appreciate your loyalty over the years. Words can’t describe our appreciation. We’re sad to see it come to an end.

    For more information regarding your account, go here.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions before March 5, 2015.


    The WilliamPaid Family