10 Ways To Get Extra Points Towards The Southwest Companion Pass & Credit Card Bonus Still Counts!

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Million Mile Secrets reader Jay (thanks!) writes in to confirm that the bonus from the Chase Southwest credit cards counted towards his Companion Pass in Jan 2012!

“So I checked again last night and BINGO…not only did the points post but THEY COUNTED TOWARDS the Companion Pass!!! I was pretty happy to say the least.

I only have one problem now. I still need 9,479 points to reach the needed amount.

Do you or any of your readers know of any other ways to get the 9,479 points I need to reach Companion Pass Status without having to make $9479 worth of purchases? Can anyone confirm if the purchased points do indeed not count towards the Companion Pass?

Thanks for all your help and feel free to let others know that the bonus points are still working in 2012!”

The Southwest Companion Pass is the best airline perk because it lets a companion travel with you for free whenever you travel on Southwest.  It doesn’t matter if your flight is booked with points or paid for with cash – your companion flies free!

You need 110,000 Companion Pass qualifying points in a calendar year to qualify for the Companion Pass.  I earned my Companion Pass in 2011 from 2 Chase Southwest credit card sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points each and from transferring hotel points to earn the balance 10,000 points.

I was concerned that the 50,000 point credit card sign-up bonus would NOT count towards the Companion Pass in 2012 (does Southwest really want folks to fly for free just because they applied for 2 credit cards?!), but it appears that, for now, the credit card sign-up bonus is counting towards the Companion Pass.  Whew!

You can’t earn Southwest Airline Companion Pass Qualifying points by buying Southwest points, but you can earn them in a few other ways.

A lot of these ways are not technically supposed to be allowed according to the program terms and conditions, but they are working for now.

How to Check How Many Companion Pass Qualifying Points You Have?

You can check how many points you have towards the Companion Pass by clicking this link and signing into your Southwest account.

Cheapest Way

The cheapest way to get the extra 6,000 points needed for the Companion Pass (assuming you got 100,000 points from 2 Chase Southwest credit cards & $2,000 in spending on each one) is by buying 18,000 Choice hotel points for $198 and converting them to 5,400 Southwest Airline points.

6,000 Southwest points are worth $100 towards the cheapest Wanna Get Away Fares, so you are paying an extra $98 ($198 for 18,000 Choice Points – $ 167 worth of Southwest points) to get to Companion Pass status as soon as possible.

$98 is less than the price of 1 cheap round trip ticket, so it could be worth paying just to get the extra points needed for the Companion Pass, if you will be taking a flight with your companion soon.

1.  Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards points (the loyalty program of certain Chase credit cards) can now be transferred to Southwest Airline points if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Ink Bold cards, but Mommy Points confirmed that these do NOT count towards the Companion Pass.

So while you can transfer points to top off for an award on  Southwest Airlines, these points will not count towards Companion Pass Status.

Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points to Hyatt or Marriott and then to Southwest

But you CAN first transfer points from Chase Ultimate rewards to either Hyatt or Marriott hotels, and then you can transfer Hyatt or Marriott points to Southwest Airlines.

However the transfer ratio is NOT 1:1, so you will “lose” some Ultimate Rewards points, but this is totally worth it to get a companion to fly with you for free for close to 2 years!

Transfer to Hyatt and then to Southwest Airlines

For example, you can transfer 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points to 20,000 Hyatt points and from Hyatt you can transfer 20,000 Hyatt points to 9,600 Southwest Airline points.

5,000 Hyatt points transfers into 2,400 Southwest Airline points, but you have to transfer in increments of 1,250 points and start with a transfer of 5,000 Hyatt points.

However, Hyatt offers a 5,000 bonus if you transfer 50,000 points, so you could transfer 50,000 Hyatt points and get 29,000 Southwest Airline points.

Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and then to Southwest is a better deal than transferring them to Marriott (see below) since you need fewer Ultimate Rewards points to get 10,000 Southwest points.

Transfer to Marriott and then to Southwest Airlines

You could also transfer 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points to 30,000 Marriott Points and from Marriott you could transfer 30,000 points for 10,000 Southwest Airline points.

2.   American Express Membership Rewards Points

American Express Membership Rewards points (the loyalty program of certain American Express credit cards) can NOT be transferred directly to Southwest Airlines.

Transfer to Choice hotels and then to Southwest

But you can transfer 30,000 Membership Rewards points to 30,000 Choice hotel points and then transfer 30,000 Choice hotel points to 9,000 Southwest points.

3.   Hotel Transfers

If you have points in certain hotel programs, you can transfer them to Southwest to get the extra 10,000 points needed for the Companion Pass or you could just buy the points needed and transfer them to Southwest.

I have had personal success with transferring Wyndham and Choice hotel points to Southwest and having them count towards the Companion Pass status, but don’t have personal experience with the other programs.

I suspect that they do currently count towards the Companion Pass status, but you may want to transfer a small amount first to confirm that they do count towards the Companion Pass before making a larger transfer.

It took from 1 day to 11 days to transfer the points in my experience.

a.   Best Western

5,000 points convert to 1,200 Southwest points, so you’d need 25,000 Best Western points to earn 6,000 Southwest points.

You  can buy points at $10 per 1,000 points, so 25,000 Best Western points would cost $250 to buy.

b.  Choice Hotels

6,000 points convert to 1,800 Southwest points, so you’d need 33,333 Choice hotel points to get 10,000 Southwest Airline points.

But you can buy miles at $11 per 1,000 points, but are limited to only 20,000 points per year.  So you’d need $198 to buy 18,000 Choice points (points are transferable only in multiples of 6,000) or 5,400 Southwest Airline miles. 

This is the cheapest way among all the options to get extra ~6,000 Southwest points for the Companion Pass.

c.   Hyatt

5,000 points convert to 2,400 Southwest points, so you’d need 15,000 Hyatt points  to get 7,200 Southwest Airline points.

You can buy 15,000 Hyatt points for $360.

d.   Marriott

The rate varies, but 30,000 points convert to 10,000 Southwest points.

You can buy 30,000 Marriott points for $375.

e.   Wyndham

6,000 points convert to 1,200 Southwest points, so you’d need 30,000 Wyndham points to get 6,000 Southwest points.

You can buy 6,000 Wyndham points for $66.  So you’d spend $330 to buy 30,000 points Wyndham points which can be transferred to 6,000 Southwest points.

4.   Dining

Earn 300 points after enrolling in the dining program and spending at least $25.  I don’t have personal experience with this, but am curious to learn more from readers.

Ali comments that the 300 bonus for the dining program does not count toward the Companion Pass, but miles earned from dining does.

5.   Car Rental

Southwest Airlines has numerous promotions for earning miles through rental car partners.

I do know that a  previous rental earned me 600 points towards the companion pass status.

6.   Flowers

Teleflora offers 1,000 Southwest points on flower purchases of $29.99.  However, you don’t earn miles on the delivery charges.

7.   Hotel Stays

Many hotels offer 600 Southwest miles bonus per stay, so it could make sense to earn Southwest miles for a few of your hotel stays.

8.   Southwest credit card

Points earned from spending on your Southwest credit card do count towards the Companion Pass status.

To qualify for the Companion Pass, it may make sense to pay a convenience fee (~3%) to get the extra points needed for the Companion Pass.  I don’t normally recommend paying a fee to use your credit card, but it could make sense to meet the minimum spending required for a sign-up bonus or for the Southwest Companion Pass.

You can use your credit card to pay your mortgage, pay your taxes, pay your rent, and pay your college tuition bill.

If you’re looking for more ways to spend money on your credit card, check out the 40+ ways to meet the minimum spending on your credit card.

9.   Flying

You also earn Companion Qualifying points by flying on Southwest. 

You earn 12 points per $1 on Business Select fares, 10 points per $1 on Anytime fares, and 6 points per $1 on Wanna Get Away fares.

You’d need to spend $833 in Business Select fares, $1,000 in Anytime fares or $1,667 in Wanna Get Away fares to earn 10,000 Southwest points.

10.  E-Rewards

Reader Ali confims that transfers from e-rewards count towards the companion pass.  But it is cumbersome to fill out e-rewards survey.

Bottom Line:  The credit card sign-up bonus is still counting towards the Southwest Companion Pass, and it may be worth it to transfer points into your Southwest account to get to the 110,000 points needed for the Companion Pass.

If you don’t have any points to transfer, the cheapest way to get 6,000 Southwest points is to buy 18,000 Choice hotel points for $198 and then transfer them to Southwest.

Please comment if you know of other ways to earn Companion Pass qualifying points!

Disclosure:  I don’t get paid any commission for the links to credit cards in this post.

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590 Responses to 10 Ways To Get Extra Points Towards The Southwest Companion Pass & Credit Card Bonus Still Counts!

  1. I applied for AirTran card and got 32 credits , If I transfer those to southwest account , will this transfer counts towards companion pass?
    Also I guess this 50K points are only for first time customers , If I re-apply for same card after 6-12 months do you think they will again give 50K points?

  2. @Mya – No. All points must post in the same calendar year. You could wait to apply until around October/November or so though, and hope that the 50,000 point offers are still available. Then time your spend so that the bonuses don’t hit until statement closing in January..

  3. @Mya – No, you have to earn the 110,000 points within 1 calendar year, so if you wait until next year, you will have to earn ALL the 110K points again. Best to get the remaining 6,000 points as soon as possible and earn your companion pass in 2013 so that it is valid until 2014.

    @Pankaj – Pankaj, the 32 credits from the Air Tran card do not count towards the Southwest Companion Pass. But you can book flights on Southwest with those points. There are different version of the Southwest card, so it could be possible to get a different bonus.

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  5. Do points earned by Chase Southwest card spending still count towards companion pass? I read a blog today (http://boardingarea.com/dealswelike/2013/07/23/top-10-questions-for-southwest-companion-pass/) and it stated that 50k sign up bonus count but the points you get from spending don’t (point 8 in the blog). Is that a change of policy from Southwest?

  6. Also about the cheapest way to get those extra points. Do you think it’s worth doing the balance transfer? The chase card current offer says that 1 point for $1 transfer within 3 months for 3% fee. You can transfer up to 15000. So the same 5400 point will cost $162 as opposed to Choice hotel points that cost $198. If there’s balance from other cards, maybe it’s a good option. However, it’s not clear if points earned this way count towards companion pass, or if SW has a way to know how the points are earned (from spending or balance transfer).

  7. @vincentl - Spending from the card does count towards the Companion Pass status. You pay interest for the balance transfer from the day the transfer is made, so don’t forget to factor that in. I wouldn’t mess with high balance transfer rates, and would just buy Choice hotel points.

  8. Hi. How would you get 2 credit cards; one for yourself and one for your spouse or both for yourself? Would they both be the Chase card or is there another Southwest credit card? It does state that the $50,000 points doesn’t count but I guess you’re saying that it seems to be counting right? Do you know how purchasing on the card count towards the 110,000 points needed for the companion ticket? Thank you.

  9. @Shiva – I’d get both for me if I was looking for the Companion Pass. There isn’t a non-Chase companion pass. Purchases on the card do count towards the Companion Pass. But you have to earn 110K points within 1 calendar year.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for you great post. I am short of 150 points, can you pls. let me know the cheapest way to get those points as I don’t want to wait for another month of credit card to post on my a/c.

  11. @vik – Buy some hotel points and transfer them to Southwest or enroll in their dining program.

  12. Hi hello,

    Do the anniversary bonus points count towards the Companion pass?


  13. @Courtney – They did last year, but can’t guarantee it for this year (though I suspect it might).

  14. Hi
    Thank you for all the information, but I have one question. For the Companion Pass, does it apply for international fights?
    Thank you.

  15. @Jessica – Unfortunately, not as of now, but it may work for Southwest international flights next year.

  16. Thank you very much!
    I have one more question. How many times can you fly with the Pass in one year?

  17. @Jessica – You can fly as many times as you’d like – on both paid and award tickets.

  18. Can i buy 9000 choice hotel points and get 2700 SW points? Or is it only transferrable in increments of 6000?

  19. @Sarah – They are transferable only in increments of 6,0000 points.

  20. I am shy 180 Southwest Points to having my 110,000. (Thought we had it, but bonus points didn’t count) We are planning a trip for next month and want to use the companion pass (we’ll save 30,000 points). Do you know of a way to earn 180 points and have them transfer to Southwest in a few days? Our visa already transferred their points for the month.

  21. @Debbie – A few days is tight, but you could transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and then to Southwest. Or you can buy Choice hotel points and transfer them to Southwest.

  22. I ended up calling Customer Relations and the Rep was wonderful, he just gave me the points, added my companion’s name and tada! We are on our way!

  23. @Debbie – That’s wonderful. Safe travels!


  25. Just curious…are the bonus cc points NOT counting towards a cp any longer?

  26. My dad has 20,000 southwest points he doesn’t use. Can he transfer them into my account and they go towards my companion pass (about 29k away)

    Also, you can use Marriott points for SW reward points (say 30k Marriott for 10k SW). Can I use SW points (say 10k) to get 30k Marriott and transfer them back to SW giving me a 10K SW point increase?

  27. Hello,

    I would like to know if points transferred from another person’s rapid reward account will count towards the companion pass? Once we get our second 50K bonus point award, we’ll be about 4k points short of the CP. Thanks.

  28. @robert smith – You sure can have your wife user her points to book you a flight and then add her as the companion.

    @JM – I believe they are still counting.

    @Dan – Transfered points don’t count towards the companion pass. I don’t believe you can transfer Southwest points to Marriott, but you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt or Marriott and then to Southwest.

    @Kim – Unfortunately, thy do not count.

  29. Does all spend on your SWA Chase RR visa count toward companion pass points? Do you get any of the multipliers like 2pts for $1 on SWA flights or on partners (ie Marriott)?

    For example….if you spent $1,000 on your chase rr visa….and $100 was on SWA tickets, and $100 was on a Marriott gift card, and $800 was random crockery purchases…

    Would that get you 200 + 200 + 800 = 1200 companion points for that month?


  30. @Jeff – All spending on the Southwest card counts towards the companion pass. I’m not sure about the multipliers, though, but base spending counts towards the Southwest companion pass.

  31. I’m grateful to Daraius for all his pointers and tips. Finally did just pass the Companion Pass threshold. I understand that buying the hotel points and transferring them is the quickest route to CP nirvana.

    I took a different route, combining survey points (e-rewards & emiles — the latter being miserably uneven.) That route was taking too long (and many of the long surveys were incredibly stupid to invasive), so I rather rapidly earned about 3,500 points via shopping promotions. (Some of the promos included 1,000 points for a temp. 12 week e-subscription to NYTimes. Others, like shopping for printer ink, got me 600 points for about a $50 purchase. Most shopping deals got me 4 points per dollar spent. It added up quick.) In most cases, even though the boiler-plate suggests it could take 4-6 weeks to post, the points for me were credited within 2-7 days. (and process was reliable, for me anyway)

    I was reminded of this today when I received a really DUMB Southwest/Chase promotion in the mail — inviting me to sign up for a holiday promotion, that if I’d spend $5,000 on their card, I get a measly 3,000 points. (that’s just a non-starter….)

    Yet I do recommend the Southwest shopping portal as yet another option for getting additional points QUICK. Indeed, if I’d known about this path earlier, I would have done my original $2,000 in purchases with each card (to get the 50K miles) through the shopping portal. (which can take you to scores of on-line shopping options, including with major retail brands you shop with anyway)

    Last footnote. You can also get extra points via car rental promotions. National, for example, has a promotion on where if you rent for 3 days, you get 1,800 points. (3x the usual rate, and for really cheap rentals — I got one for $11/day, plus fees) Alas, I tried that four weeks ago, and it’s yet to post.

  32. Another footnote…. I should clarify that the points earned via the Southwest RR shopping portal are in addition to points earned by using one of my two Chase/Southwest credit cards. The promos/rates at the portal are subject to bonuses and changes.

    Take for example, the current promo for shopping (via the portal) to Sears. Currently, that would get you 8 (sic) points per dollar spent. (usually 4, but they do these double-promotions regularly with major retailers)

    So a $100 dollar purchase at Sears presently would get you 800 points — plus another 100 if you use the Southwest/chase credit card, for a total of 900 points.

    See where I’m going with this?

    If, when you’re first doing your $2,000 spending to get the each credit card’s 50,000 points, you did even half of it via the SW shopping portal, you could have all the needed extra miles done to get you past the 110,000 companion pass threshold just as or even before you’d spent the full 2,000.

    (assumptions — 2,000 in purchases with say, an average bonus of 3 points => 6,000 points. Your mileage may vary)

  33. @will – Thanks for the detailed comment. You’re right that the shopping portal is a great way to earn extra points! The bonus points for the rental cars and hotels are usually not companion pass qualifying, but the base points (600 points usually are).

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  35. I applied for both Southwest personal and business credit cards. Personal was approved but they said they were considering a decision before they approve business, Should I call and request phone approval?

    Thank you so much


  36. Does buying Vanilla reloads count towards the minimum spending and/or getting the remainder 6000 points for Companion Pass?

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  39. How long does it take for Rapid Rewards points from a Hertz rental take to show up on your account? I know it says 4-6 weeks, but it also says that for shopping and a previous poster received them much faster.
    Also, has anyone done a teleflora purchase, how long do these points take (currently 1k, ending forever 11/20/13) http://www.southwest.com/html/rapidrewards/partners/shopping/floral/index.html
    Does anyone have experience with that? Thank you for your post. I am trying to earn the last few points using reward partners. However we use Hilton for stays (doesn’t help us); and we don’t currently have a SW credit card yet.

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  41. @Juliet – The Teleflora points posted within a week for me.

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  43. LOVE LOVE your site and follow as often as I can. I have LEARNED tons and we are a family of four and traveled to Mexico this year first class (kind of AirTrans conversion) for $400 RT. We also went to Hawaii on a great deal.

    Anyhow, I need 13,800 PTS to reach 110,000 for the companion pass. I am struggling we only did the one CC and now need the remaining pts before the end of the year which is approaching quickly. I want to just buy via hotel partner and transfer. I am just overwhelmed on which method is the cheapest. We are members of all the hotel programs listed above but I have drained all of our pts.

    QUESTION: Which is the cheapest to buy and transfer for 13,800 SW Pts.

  44. @Monica Grado – Thanks for reading! Those sounds like some amazing trips. Buy the maximum Choice hotel points $198 for 20K and convert them to 5,400 Southwest points. Then buy Wyndham points for the balance amount. I’d start ASAP to ensure that you get the points by December 31, 2013!

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  46. Hey there – felllow Kansas Citian here….I’m about 30k points from companion pass. What are my best options outside of a credit card? I have tons of Marriott points, FYI.

    Thanks – from a new follower!

  47. @Michael – We’ve actually moved to Austin now! The best option is to transfer Choice or Wyndham hotel points. That said, if you have Marriott points, you can transfer those to Southwest as well and they currently count towards the Companion Pass. I’d start ASAP so that the points post by December 31, 2013.

  48. Thanks for the info! Why do you say Choice or Wyndham? Because it’s a more favorable conversion rate?

    Let me know if I’m thinking this through correctly. Marriott allows you to transfer as follows:

    2,000 Rapid Rewards Points = 10,000 Marriott
    5,000 Rapid Rewards Points = 20,000 Marriott
    10,000 Rapid Rewards Points = 30,000 Marriott
    25,000 Rapid Rewards Points = 70,000 Marriott
    50,000 Rapid Rewards Points = 140,000 Marriott

    So I’ll need to transfer 90,000 Marriott to Southwest to get my 30k to achieve the Companion Pass. So I’ll basically be forfeiting 90,000 Marriott points (I’m estimating that to be a value of $600) for 30,000 RR points ($428). So I’m losing roughly $171…..does that make sense and are my numbers about correct?

    Only thing I’m scared about is I’ve called SW twice and they say transferring from Marriott would not count toward SW Companion. Is that true? They seem fairly adamant….!?!?!

    Thank you!

  49. @Michael – How many marriott points do you have? If you have 200K then you should book a vacation package and select SW points. It is the best bang for your buck as you get a week long stay and get 50K Southwest Points. This means you are basically getting 1:1 transfer when you calculate that you are also getting a week long stay at a Marriott property. I did this a couple months ago to complete my CP status so I can confirm that the points are CP

  50. @Michael – How many marriott points do you have? If you have 200K then you should book a vacation package and select SW points. It is the best bang for your buck as you get a week long stay and get 50K Southwest Points. This means you are basically getting 1:1 transfer when you calculate that you are also getting a week long stay at a Marriott property. I did this a couple months ago to complete my CP status so I can confirm that the points are CP qualifying.

    Additionally, marriott gives you a year to change or select your week long stay. Below is the link. Look at Hotel+Air Package 3.


  51. I Just redeemed 18000 Choice Points for 5400 RR Points to qualify for CP does anyone know how long the points take to post on my SW account? Will they post before Dec 31st?

  52. @Thomas – It takes about 2 weeks in my experience.

  53. Used Marriott to transfer points before end of year to ensure A-List for next year. Says it can take up to 6 weeks to post. Anyone have experience to say if it really takes that long? They have an expedite option if you call customer service that is fee based so may have to use that if it really takes close to 6 weeks.

  54. Am I allowed to transfer 20,000 of “my” Hyatt points to “my wife’s” Southwest Airlines RR account and have the points count toward her getting the Companion Pass?

  55. I needed 10K points for CP by Dec 31 and was going to take a bogus flight to get there until I read this website (thanks!!) My husband and I have a LOT of Marriott points. I did the transfer from Marriott to RR online and my confirmation said the points would go into the same Marriott Acct holders name for Southwest RR. We put all our Marriott points into my husbands account so this was going to his RR and not mine which would not help me at all. I called the Marriott Rewards number and told them my dilemma. They said SW was really strict on the names. So on the phone: Marriott opened up an acct for me, put in a request to transfer points from my husbands to my new Marriott account and then a purchase of SW RR points. I had to fax a authorization form from my husband. Happy to say the points tranferred in hours after my phone call today and are now in my RR account and I have the points for CP. Yeah!! Thought this info might be helpful to others scrambling at the end of the year. Not sure if calling helped speed the process but the lady did tell me that SW transfers were fast – like 48 hours. Mine was 4 hours :-)

  56. Thanks for the tremendously helpful article! I used the info and the links to scavenge a few points from my infrequently used hotel programs. and transfer them to RR. When they transfer over from Marriott, Best Western and Hyatt, I will have enough points for the four round-trip tickets needed to fly to a wedding in May. (I hope the points transfer a lot faster than 4-6 weeks!)

  57. I currently have a little more than 300,000 Marriott points, and with the start of the new year I was hoping to take advantage of the Marriott to Southwest transfer for companion pass. Earlier in the comments you mentioned transferred points do not affect A-list status. Does that mean I must reach a certain level before transferring points? I currently have no status with Southwest.

    As an aside, I transferred 30,000 points as a test which showed up in my account 2 days ago, but I haven’t seen any posted to my RR progress.


  58. How long in actual practice does it take to get erewards to post on WN? I initiated transfer and was told 4-6 weeks.

  59. @Rich – In my experience, it is fairly quick (~2 weeks). But could be longer.

    @Oliver – It could work, but could be hard to get your points if it doesn’t work.

    @Beth – That’s terrific information. Thanks so much for sharing!

    @David – They should transfer pretty quickly.

    @Eric – Transfered points don’t count towards A-List status, but they do count towards Companion Pass status (not A-List status). You can log into your Southwest account to verify that they do count towards the Companion Pass before transferring more points.

    @mmt – I haven’t done that recently, so I’m not sure. But I doubt it will take the full 6 weeks.

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  61. maxine dombrow

    Are The 50,000 Southwest bonus point cards churnable.. How often can you apply.. I had the premier card last year and cancelled it.. Then was able to be approved for the signature card.. I would like to try for the premier card. Should I cancel the signature card or leave it active when applying for the premier card.?. If I cancel the signature card should I wait a period of time before applying for the premier card or does it matter?

    I love your site.. So much wonderful information.. Thank you..

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  63. erewards transfer to SW posted on Jan 14. Request was Jan 8. Counted toward companion pass.

  64. @mmt – Thanks for the update!

  65. Are Choice points no longer be counted towards the Companion pass? Can someone confirm this? What about Wyndham or UR->Hyatt->SW ? Please Advise.

  66. I can confirm that Wyndham points transferred DO COUNT toward the CP, as I just did this. I have read that Hyatt still count too but not from first hand experience

  67. I just had my good friend tell me his Choice Hotel points did NOT count toward his CP

  68. @Raghu @camaro748 – Choice, Wyndham, Marriott & Hyatt all counted for me!

  69. hi,
    my husband got one southwest card with 50,000 signup bonus. when he tried applying for another (bc he wants to get the companion pass) he didn’t get approved… since his credit ain’t too good.
    can i get the other one and then merge them together for 100,000 points? would that work (merging accounts of spouses with same last name)?

  70. Help, please!!!
    I am short $570 for the SW companion pass, as some of my charges didn’t post :-(.
    I have a SW trip for 2 booked next Thursday (2/13), that I was hoping I can just return the miles to my account, after getting the CP.

    Any thoughts of the fastest way to top it off, to get a CP?
    I called SW and asked about transferring points from Hyatt and he rep said it takes 6 weeks…. Ohy…
    (I have access to UR from CSP and to my Hyatt acct, but if it takes that long, I might as well wait until my charges post on my next month account…) do I need to just “bite the bullet” on this trip?

  71. rachel, call chase and see if they’ll change your statement date to tomorrow so that it will close tomorrow. and hopefully the points will post soon enough after.

  72. @tiffyj – You can’t combine points for the Companion Pass.

    @Rachel – In my experience, it took 5 to 6 days for the Hyatt points to post and 1 day for the Marriott points to post.

  73. I have 32 credits on my recent Airtran credita card whcih I can convest to 38,000 SW Air points. If I transfer do these points count to CP?
    What if I keep my Airtran points, when will they authomatically be transfer to SW Air Rapid Rewards? Should I use the credits soon, as I can get some great expensive flights?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated

  74. Garrett Johnson

    How about transferring 10,000 UR points to 10,000 Amtrak.com points which gets you 30,000 Choice points.

  75. @Randy Wegener – You can’t transfer Air Tran credits to Southwest points. They transfer as Southwest credits which don’t count towards the Companion Pass.

    @Garrett Johnson – I believe you either need the Amtrak card or elite status with Amtrak to make a transfer from Amtrak to Choice hotels.

  76. I was approved for the SW Premier card towards the end of 2013 and earned the 50K bonus points (posted this January). However, I did not get approved for the SW Premier Business card to get the additional 50K to qualify towards the CP. I’m short 42K points. What’s the best way to earn the remaining points?

  77. @Choeum – You could try for another card. Or transfer points from hotels to Southwest.

  78. I have a Diners Club MasterCard, and 7500 Diners Club points will buy 6,000 SW Miles needed to reach my 110,000 miles. How do I check that the Diners Club transfer will qualify towards the Companion Pass qualification?

  79. @Holly – You can do a small transfer to check. I don’t have a Diners Club card, otherwise I would have checked!

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  82. I applied and received the two Southwest Visa with the 50,000 offer. Unfortunately I forgot to charge the two thousand dollars a mouth later then the three mouth required. If I canceled then now, do I have to wait the 18 mouth or could reapply for the 50,000 points offer again? Thank you!

  83. @Santos – I”m not sure, but since you didn’t get the bonus you may be able to get the card sooner.

  84. Do you know if they give credit for purchasing gift cards through the shopping portal? Like if I bought a gift card for lowes using their link to lowes would I get 2 pts/dollar?

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  86. That’s a great question Kay! I’m trying to figure out how to get my extra 6,000 points and would love to know if you tried this? I hate to do the hotel transfer points if I could find another way. I’m thinking about doing school shopping early (and online) so I can do stuff like the 5 pts/$1 at JC Penny & then maybe getting my mom, step mom, & mother in law all flowers for mothers day since that would earn 3,000 points (1,000 each)!

    So excited we’ve been planning a Cancun trip & they just put on the SW site that they will be offering flights to Cancun starting October which will save us $500 on this vacation with the Companion Pass!!

    Let me know if you tried buying gift cards & if it worked! Thanks & Good luck getting the points you need!

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  88. I am 40k miles short of companion pass, which we are very anxious to get ASAP because I am going to be do a lot of SWA traveling in the next 2 years. So we want to get the companion pass as soon as possible so that we have it for the best of 2014 and all of 2015.

    I already have a RR Visa card and or the 50k bonus. We spend 3-4k per month on it. So I feel certain we will achieve CP status before the end of the year. But we would like to get our companion pass as soon as possible.

    Any suggestions that would earn us 30-35k companion pass miles ASAP? Buy Hyatt miles and transfer?


  89. @Mike – You could do that or apply for another SW card.

  90. Thanks for your reply.

    I would prefer to not apply for another card right now. I have all the credit I need, and we’re looking at a new mortgage next summer.

    How many Hyatt miles would I have to buy to earn 20K or so companion pass miles? I think it’s a good investment IF I plan on using the companion use 8-10 times in the next 18 months.


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