Are You Ready For Travel Credit Cards?

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is:

“Can I get a credit card sign-up bonus again for the same card?

There are lots of folks who have had a particular card for a long time and want to know if they can get the bonus again.

Given the variation in the credit card approval process and your relationship with the bank, I can’t predict with 100% certainty what will happen to your application.

But here’s what I know (as of August 8, 2011) about the credit card cycle (the minimum time needed to get a credit card sign-on bonus again) either through personal experience, from reading online, or from reader’s emails.

Credit card application  information is always changing, so please comment or email me if you have information to share!

As always, you should not apply for credit cards if you are applying for a mortgage or other large loan in the next 2 years.

In general, applying for credit cards reduces your  credit score by 3 to 8 points per application, but banks look at other factors such as how often you’ve applied for credit recently when they evaluate big loans.

Much better, in my opinion, to get that big loan first at a very competitive interest rate, and then apply for credit cards.  This will most likely save you money over the long run.

And if you do apply for credit cards, be sure to use them responsibly, because your credit score will suffer if you carry high balances or miss payments.  I use my credit cards like a charge card and pay off my balance in full each month.

1.   Citibank.

In general, you may have success getting another set of Citi AA personal cards if it has been at least 18 months or more since your last successful APPROVAL for Citi AA personal cards.

If you do decide to apply for AA personal cards, remember that the Citi AAdvantage American Express card is actually issued by Citi and NOT  American Express.

Citi AA Business cards: It used to be possible to get the business cards every 3 months, but it hasn’t worked for me recently (last 6 months).

2.   Chase.  Chase is very strict about NOT giving a sign-up bonus for a particular credit card if you have had the sign-up bonus in the past.

For example, if you apply for a Chase credit card (say the British Airways credit card), but have already received the sign-up bonus in the past, you may be approved for the credit card, but you will NOT get the sign-up bonus again.

Instead you will get a letter from Chase explaining that you are ineligible to get the sign-up bonus again since you previously received a sign-up bonus.

Because of this it is VERY important to NOT apply for a Chase credit card with a low sign-up bonus, since you will not be able to apply again for the higher bonus.

In the current environment with mega credit card bonuses, I do not sign up for any Chase credit cards with less than a 50,000 point sign-up bonus.

For example, Free Frequent Flyer Miles points out that the current Chase Southwest credit card sign-up bonus is only 25,000 miles (it used to be 50,000 miles).  I would never apply for such a low sign-up bonus, and would wait for a higher offer.

The only exception is if you apply for a different credit cards within the same loyalty program.  For example, Chase offers many co-branded United Airlines credit cards.  In general, you may get the sign-on bonus once for each of these different card types.

For example, you can get the sign-on bonus for the United Mileage Plus Explorer card with a 40,000 sign on bonus as well as the sign-on bonus for the to-be-announced top-end United Mileage Plus card which offers lounge access.

Chase is also very sensitive to the number of loyalty credit cards you apply for, so don’t go berserk with the Chase applications.

3.  American Express. In general, American Express will not let you have the sign-on bonus for a second time.  Instead, they will give you the difference between the current sign on bonus and the sign-on bonus which you received.

For example, if you applied for the American Express Delta SkyMiles credit card with a 25,000 mile bonus, but later applied for the Delta SkyMiles credit card with a 40,000 miles bonus you will not get the full 40,000 mile bonus.

Instead, you will get a 15,000 mile additional bonus (40,000 miles from the current sign-up bonus less the 25,000 miles which you already received when you applied for the card).

However, you may be able to get the sign-0n bonus for another American Express card if it has been at least 2 years since you CANCELLED a previous American Express credit card.

Update (May 28, 2012):  A reader was not able to get the bonus on the Starwood card for  a 2nd time so, as always, your miles may vary (ymmv).

For example, if you cancelled your American Express SPG card in May 2009, you may be able to successfully apply for the SPG card again and get the sign up bonus again.

4.  Bank of America. There are reports of folks getting a Bank of America personal Alaska Airline credit cards every 3 or 4 months.

I don’t have any personal experience with this, but I was approved for an Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines credit card 3 weeks ago.

Bottom Line:

The glory days are over (i.e. the getting the same bonus on a card again and again) are over.  This makes it very important to track when you applied for a credit card and when you cancelled it.  You can usually find this information on your credit report.

Don’t cancel your oldest credit card just so that you can apply for a card again.  The length of your credit history, to a large extent, depends on your oldest credit card and cancelling it may reduce your credit score.

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94 responses to “Are You Ready For Travel Credit Cards?

  1. Hey MMS-

    If I applied and received a bonus from Chase in 2004 (Marriott Card) do you think I will get the 50,000 point bonus if I apply again? Im not sure when they implemented their strict no churn policy.

    • @Jeff – I don’t know for sure if Chase “remembers” back that far. If you can spare the credit inquiry on your report, you could apply and see what happens. I know that I’ve received bonuses in 2007 and have been ineligible to get them again.

  2. @Jeff – I’ve read on FlyerTalk that people who’ve applied to the Premier Marriot Card after having a different Marriot Card have received the 50K bonus, but not the free night. I think the Premier card is new. Try searching FlyerTalk, it’s in there somewhere.

  3. Hi Can i ask you something, Amex just closed all my c.c because they claimed that i used to much credit compared to my income, i want to know 1)can i still apply for other c.c. or because of the above other c.c. won’t accept me. 2)Can i apply for the 75k citi amex card, who does the research amex or citi. thanks

  4. Another superbly useful post, I am still new to this world and this will rewrite my Chase strategy. No need to rush on others to start a churn cycle. After getting the BA 100k and CO 50k in the spring I may go for the Sapphire 50k and call it quits with them for the year.

  5. I thought I would chime in on Chase remembering things. I was recently denied the Continental Card because of an event that happened between Chase and myself in 2000. Your card activity may be less important to them, but I would guess they remember none-the-less.

  6. Alaska/BofA: when I called to bump the bonus, (25k to 40k) they TOLD me to just get a second of the same card and take both signup bonuses. This was about 2-3 months after getting the first one. The woman even provided a semi-plausible justification for me, something about expense tracking? Annual fees of $75 each not waived, but worth it!

  7. Your info on Chase is incorrect. I have Chase Hyatt, Southwest, Priority Club, Continental, and British Airways all in the last 6 months. Half of them I had to call in and social engineer or swap credit lines, but got em anyway.

  8. What about Chase business? Is this policy the same?

    • @Jeff – Kay is correct that if Chase considers this a different card product, then as I wrote in the post, you should get the bonus again. But if it is the same card product as what you have, then you most likely will not get the bonus.

      See post # 75 in this FlyerTalk thread. The poster got the bonus, but not the free night.

      @Kay – Thanks for sharing and the heads-up about the FT thread.

      @mark – If your cards were closed by the issuer (AMEX), it may have a negative effect on your credit score. You should check your credit score for free (you can use either Credit Sesame or Credit Karma) and if your score is over 700 you may be approved for other cards. However, if AMEX closed your accounts because of a high utilization rate, you may be unable to get approved for the other cards.

      The Citi Amex card is issued by Citibank, not American Express.

      @Rapid Travel Chai – Glad you liked it! I think you can do 3 to 4 (maybe even 5 Chase cards a year), but just be aware that Chase keeps close tabs on the number of applications you have. Much better, in my opinion, to be cautious since they have some of the best loyalty cards.

      @IPBrian – If you had an adverse event with a financial institution they certainly do remember it for a long time.

      @erica – Ha! That’s good news!

      @watchtower7 – Sure, you can initially get more than 4 Chase cards (I’ve got 4 this year), but they keep close tabs on the number of cards you have been applying for and call you out on it. My point was to tread lightly with Chase. My last call to the reconsideration line was like an interrogation. And since Chase has the best loyalty offers, you don’t want to be blacklisted by them!

      @Cheaplee – You can get the bonus once for the personal card and once for the business card, but you won’t be able to get the bonus again for the business card.

      @worldtraveller2 – If it is his only (and therefore oldest) card he should not cancel the card since the age of his credit history will be largely determined from this card. If he has another card, than it may be okay to cancel this card (since he can use his existing card), but if it is his only card he should probably keep it.

  9. worldtraveller2

    Great post! Question: If someone has had a CITI card, and the renewal is up this month ($85), but the balance is $0; should he cancel or call for an offer? He has had the card for 3 or 4 years. He has just gotten a lot of student loans on his credit report, so his debt/income ratio is not good now, so I was wondering if I should tell him to keep the card for use (ie not give up his credit line), as he may not get any new credit since his debt.income ratio is high. your thoughts…

  10. Looking for some clarification: I have a Citi AA Visa that I got 4 years ago but I got the Citi AA Amex less than 18 months ago. If I applied for another Visa would I get rejected for not being a 1st time cardholder since the AMex is less than 18 months and tied to the same AA freq Flier #?

  11. A few notes from my experience:

    My wife and I have been heavy credit card churners for 4 years now. In May we bought a second home on an FHA mortgage that took our debt-to-income ratio up to 55% – pretty much the upper limit. We have credit scores in the 740s and about 10-20 inquiries per year on each reporting agency. If inquiries are your only black mark and your credit history is otherwise great, I don’t think it will slow you down in getting a mortgage approval. It also been my experience that the score number is almost entirely irrelevant and no one (banks or credit card companies) bases their decisions on it without looking into the details of your credit report.

    As for churning, Amex Delta and Starwood are easily churned. For example, I’ve succesfully applied for and received the Starwood Personal card bonus 4 times in the past 3 years. The secret is to not give them your spg # and let them open a new spg account for you. Works with the business version too and with the Delta cards by withholding your SkyMiles #.

  12. Do you cancel the existing Starwood first, and if so, how long until you reapply?

  13. Josh,

    Thanks for those notes – good to know for the future!


  14. I have churned the Amex Hilton card too. I canceled the card, waited ~ 6weeks, and did not supply my HHonors number for the new application, resulting in their opening a new HHonors account for me. It is quite easy to get HHonors accounts merged, I have done this 3 or 4 times in the last ten years or so.

  15. Amex only lets you have one of each card at a time, so you have to cancel first.

    It’s easy to merge Starwood and Delta account too. Also having multiple Delta accounts comes in handy for the first-time transfer bonuses from Membership Rewards. I’ve heard Delta may take bonus miles away if they see the same bonus posted to two different accounts, but it’s never been an issue for me and the 4+ accounts I’ve combined.

    • @nycdave6 – I believe that you may get rejected for the Visa since you already have the Amex and are technically not a first time applicant.

      @josh – As you point out credit scores aren’t the only determinant in evaluating whether to grant credit or not – but they are an important consideration.

      There is a lot of variation in loan approval process, and I would rather be conservative and hold off on the credit cards until my loan is approved.

      Thanks for sharing your tips on the AMEX cards. I’m sure a lot of readers will put it to good use!

      @SgFm – Thanks for sharing about the AMEX Hilton as well. I’ve merged Hilton accounts as well, since I was given free gold status some time back from an AA promo.

  16. Does anyone know if the Barclays USAir is churnable? I had one about 4 years ago and cancelled it. . .I’d love to grab the points again, but don’t want to apply if the consensus is that I won’t get the miles. Thanks!

  17. @Josh – I am very interested by your experiences. I guess my question would be how do you know what impact the inquiries had on the interest rate you got on the mortgage? Did you get the best rate possible, or were you penalised for the churning activity? Would the mortgage lender even tell you that?

    Very interested so thanks so much for sharing

  18. I saw a few posts back you were looking at trnasfering Hawaiian Air Miles to Hilton points, but I have found that the hilton Citi Visa (no annual fee) is very churnable for 40k hilton points for 1000 spend. the offer says new accounts only not first time only. hope this helps some of you

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  24. I am curious for clarification on the wait if you are applying for any big loans in 2 years? I have a credit score of 705 and a sterling payment history with a 4 active credit counts. Is big loan mortgage-type only or also a smaller student loan around 30 K? Thanks!

  25. Great site! I’m a new loyal reader.

    QUESTION BACKGROUND: recently I received the 40K bonus with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card. The application mentioned a waived annual fee the first year and other sources said they had success with the miles depositing before activating the card.

    I never activated the card, but still received a bill saying the annual fee is due this month.

    MY QUESTION: How can I avoid this fee? (I never used this card and don’t plan to use it in the future).

  26. Thanks so much for the quick response. I’d like to cancel the Alaskan Airlines card but am worried they’ll take back the 40k miles. Can they do that?

    Also, are they any other negative things to applying and cancelling so quickly? I’ve heard it’s best to wait 10 months in order to be approved for cards in the future.

    Thanks again!

  27. Thanks for your very informative site. I had applied in 2010 for the Continental World Mastercard and it was converted later to the Continental Onepass Plus Mastercard and I canceled it in March 2011. Can I apply to the Continental Onepass Plus Mastercard now and get the sign-up bonus because my original application in 2010 was for its predecessor but due to the conversion I still ended up with this card?

    • @T.R.W. – I’ve not heard of the miles being removed from an Alaska account after cancelling the card, so you should be fine. I usually wait for 10 months before cancelling a card, but if this is just a one-off cancellation you may be okay.

      @John – In general, Chase doesn’t let you get the bonus on a particular card type more than once. If you previously had the CO OnePass card you likely won’t get the bonus again. Applying for the Continental card will also make you ineligible for the bonus on the United credit card.

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  29. Hi Daraius, great post on churning, thanks for hte information. Just wonder if you have got to churn your Alaska Airlines Visa yet? The current offer isn’t as great as the one you got in the summer, but if it’s churnable then I may apply for it and churn if it comes out with a better promotion few months after. What do you think? Thanks again for your great help and this great post. Have a wonderful New Year!

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  34. Daraius, good info..

    we all know that each credit inquiry will cost about 5 points in our credit score. but i wonder how long it will take for that hit to disappear so the score will come back 5 points ? thanks.

  35. Daraius, could you elaborate? i did not get it.. i have quite a lot unused credit in my credit cards

  36. Is there a way to… “feel out” if you’ll be able to churn a card and get the bonus again? I suppose it would be unwise to straight-up ask the card company if you will receive the sign-up bonus. But then again, that makes it seem like I’m trying to be sneaky…

  37. I called in a few minutes ago to cancel my chase continental one pass card as I am few days from the first anniversary, but they offered me 10,000 miles to keep it open. My question is – If I cancel my card two months from now, will they refund the fees after prorating

    • @allen – I was intentionally vague because credit scores vary from person to persona and the impact to mine may not be the same as yours. That said, one component of your credit score is the ratio of your debt to available credit. If you open a new credit card, your score drops because of the credit inquiry, but since the ration of your debt to available credit is lower (assuming around the same debt, but higher available credit) the credit score may increase. But I can’t give you an exact number, because it will vary from person to person.

      @William – No, I wouldn’t ask the banks! Which card are your trying to churn?

      @Sapan – I’m not sure about Chase’s policy on this.

  38. Oh, none yet- I’m just getting my feet wet in this business. Well, I’m just looking in the water right now… I just graduated top 10 in high school but with no intention of going to college (to my parents’ dismay). I want to write a blog or an ebook or engage in some other lucrative means of making money, all while traveling the world before it crumbles. So I have NO credit at all. I have a checking account, which I’ve used to pay (in full and on time I might add) rent at my own apartment as well as utilities, but of course those don’t count to the Big 3. It is entirely unfair…

    • @William – You will get denied for almost all the travel credit cards without a credit history. You may be able to get a secured credit card, but those questions are best answered at Good luck! Also consider giving college (or community college) a second look.

  39. @ William if you are 21 and are a college student you can apply for a credit card without proof of income. Capital One use to have an entry level $500 credit limit for students which went up to $1000 after 4 monthly payments and up to $1,500 after 7 months of timely payments. With one purchase a month [to show activity each month, say a gas purchase] you will be in the credit card game after 2-3 years [depending on the income you declare after you have a credit history]. It is important to make a credit transactions each month so it is reported to the credit bureau as C [current – paid]. The amount of the transaction is not important. Best of luck – start your credit history asap..

  40. @Million Mile Secrets and Marriott Marty – Yeah, it seems like there’s only one way into this game…

  41. I have a “Business” Chase Ink Credit Card for a few years, I think I received $100 worth of points when I signed up. I didnt know any better. No annual fee though. I barely use it and though it is a business card, the business is just me.

    I just signed up for a Chase United Mileageplus Explorer card and received it for 50k Bonus miles. This is a personal card.

    I then found a targeted offer in the mail that I received before applying for the United card. for a “Business” Chase Ink Bold with 50k points (not miles but can be transferred to miles).

    I want to cancel the original “Business” Chase Ink card because I never use it. I was thinking of taking advantage of the “Bold” offer.

    The “Bold” should not interfere with the “United” because they are different products and also one is business and one is personal???
    Will canceling the original Chase Ink card hurt me?

    Note: I plan to cancel the cards right before paying the $95 fee unless they waive it or offer me a statement credit.

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  44. What a great post and a blog!!! Thank you so much for helping out the newbies. lol
    I have a concern with my mileage hoarding adventure..
    I am very interested on applying Southwest 50K deal with chase but I have 5 credit cards with chase . If I do apply, I am concerned that I might be on a badside of Chase for chasing bonus points on different Credit cards…
    These are what I currently have

    Chase Freedom-everyday card (applied 2009)
    Chase Freedom-pays bills (applied 2010)
    Chase slate-1st card for old history on Credit report(applied 2008)
    Chase sapphire- applied for 25k (applied 2011)
    Chase Sapphire preferred- applied for 50K (applied 2012)
    Amex Blue – applied for 40K (applied 2011)

    What do you think? Should I apply for the southwest deal??

    Thank you in advance.

    • @Rafe – Thanks! Glad you like it. I can’t tell you whether to apply or not (that’s your decision), but you could apply and call the reconsideration line to get approved. Be prepared to give up a card though, perhaps the regular Sapphire card, if needed to get approved for this card.

  45. per my another comment in the SPG AMEX card review post, I’ve confirmed that >2 years doesn’t get you the sign-in bonus for SPG AMEX card. 🙁

  46. Joe Rodriguez

    @Ben – that doesn’t seem consistent with this comment:

    Can you take us through your details?

  47. @Joe Rodriguez, I think the comment Josh made regarding churning SPG had a trick to use different SPG everytime he churned. I can’t verify this and I can’t afford verify this because I have to use my own SPG account, it has tons of points on it.
    my expereince is after 2 years 6 months closed the previous card, AMEX declined my SPG points. i am still arguing with them right now, but the chance is slim and I will cancel the card once the points populated this statement. it’s a shame for SPG not telling me up front, in other words, “i am ok with not being given points, but you need to tell me first.”.

    • @Joe Rodriguez @Ben – The “rules” keep on changing so it could be that it is no longer possible to get the bonus on the SPG card again. I don’t have any personal experience recently so it could be that the “rules” changed recently.

  48. Just came across this article.

    What are your experiences with churning Citi non-AA cards like the Citi Premier?

    Do Citi/Chase consider Visa and Mastercard to be different versions of a card for the purposes of getting the bonus a 2nd time?


  49. Hi
    I had a Citi mastercard for 50 K TY points approved in Oct 2011. I applied for Citi Visa 50K TY link yesterday, application went to pending status, called the recon line and was approved in 2 mins today morning. I also have 2 Citi AA Visa cards approved for 50K points each on Dec 30,2011. i tried the two browser trick and ended up in 2 visa cards:)
    so from my experience, it is possible to churn between Visa and master..did it today morning:)


  50. Anand, where did you find the link to the Citi Thank You VISA for 50K?

    • @Justin – I’ve been able to get the Citi Thank You card and Hilton cards after 3 months. Chase considers different card products to be different, though some folks have managed to get the Sapphire Preferred Visa and later the Sapphire Preferred MasterCard.

      – I’m with Frank. Where did you find the Citi TY 50K link?

  51. I haven’t seen the Capital One Venture card mentioned on here yet, I missed out on the 100,000 mile offer back in March, and I’ve just recently gotten the Priority Club offer for 80,000 points. Ultimately, the goal for my wife and I, is to finance a 10-14 day Europe trip on points/miles in the next 2-3 years, and while I’ve got a very basic knowledge of card churning and adding/closing cards, but I don’t feel like I’m maximizing my potential.

    We decided to use the Venture card as our pay everything card, and try to get their bonus mile purchase offers when we have normal purchases we need to make. However, I’m wondering if there’s a better way. I need to probably dive a little deeper into the points value to $$, because when looking at sites like chargesmart, will the annual fee paid for each payment net you more point value than the fees paid? If not, I wouldn’t think it’d be worth it on the surface.

    For example, I’d like to pay my rent via your recommendation of, but they charge 2.95% of the rent as a fee. With a $1,210 rent payment, that works out to a $35.69 fee monthly. Annually speaking, I’d have to pay $430 to get 29,040 miles, which, per Cap One’s site, nets a value of about $290. So, I’d have to pay $140 a year for those miles. This is where I get confused, because I think there’s some subjectivity (opportunity cost, etc.) as to whether that’s worthwhile or not. Any guidance or pointing towards a blog post that addresses these issues would be greatly appreciated.

    • @Scott – I don’t recommend the Capital One Venture card for everyday spending because your reward is capped at only 2%. You’d get a better return using that towards the spending requirement on a credit card sign-up bonus. William Paid makes sense when you have a 40,000 point sign-up bonus, but don’t have a way to meet the spending requirement to get that bonus. If you’re looking for a trip to Europe, and aren’t applying for a home loan/refinancing, you and your wife could apply for 2 Citi AA cards for 50K miles at the same time (100K is enough for a business class trip to Europe), and then get the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Hyatt card for the hotel stays. Please email me if you have any questions!

  52. With regard to your SPG advice.. are you able to get the 10000 sign up bonus for both the business and the personal card in the same year?

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  54. Hi, I apply citi AA business card last year got approved and thinking to apply a new one again, should I cancel the old one first before I apply the new one?

  55. Hi, Big D –
    May I ask a question about mortgage? A friend of mine applied for 2 or 3 credit cards last year and still got a fairly normal deal for her mortgage in March. She applied for 2 more credit cards in June this year. She may sell the current house and buy a new one with a new mortgage in a few years. The problem is that she really, really wants to get the Citi AA cards this month and asked me if she should go for it. I want to tell her NO but looking at her prior experience, I wonder if it is still Okay to give it a shot. I know this is one of those YMMV but I’d really appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

    • @JW – I really can’t say. If by “a few years, ” you mean 2 or more years, than it should be okay to get the Citi AA cards. Even if it is one year away, 2 cards could be okay. But I wouldn’t apply if it was any closer.

  56. Thank you for the quick reply!!

  57. I’m new to the area of earing miles with credit card sign ups. Keeping these many different reward credit cards, what principle do you go by when to cancel and when to churn? So far I have a Chase British Airway Visa, a Chase Freedom Visa, a Chase Sapphire (not preferred), a Chase Ink Plus, and a Costco American Express Business. What cards do you suggest for me to add on? I’d assume husband and wife should apply cards as separate accounts…correct?

    • @Jean – Welcome! Which card to apply for depends on your goals. It helps if husband and wife apply separately so that they each have the miles and points to travel. Please email me your goals etc. and I can then make suggestions!

  58. Darius, do you know if you can open business cards under a new business for the same or similar bonuses you’ve received in the past? For example, if I close my SPG Amex business card, should I wait 12 months to reapply for another business or can I do so earlier? Thanks.

    • @Sophia R – This is very I’m unsure. I know with Chase you can get the bonus for different bonuses & have personally got the bonus for different account. With AMEX, readers have said that you can, but I don’t have personal experience. With Citi, it is sometimes possible.

  59. Finally been looking for a post like this for quite a while now!!!

  60. Daraius, thanks for this site. It has proven extremely informative. I have been considering applying for the Chase SouthWest Plus Business card but am concerned I may be pushing my luck with the number of recent Chase card applications. I have applied and been instantly approved for MileagePlus Explorer 06/12, Marriott Rewards Premier 08/12, and SouthWest Premier Personal 11/12. I would like to apply for the SW Business card in order to qualify for the Companion Pass. Do you recommend waiting awhile longer (how long?) or is there a good chance of approval applying now? I have not applied for any other cards recently and do not own any other Chase cards. Thanks.

  61. Daraius, just as a follow-up, I applied for the SW Plus Business Card and after receiving an approval pending message, I called the reconsideration line. About 5-10 min. later (after shuffling the credit limit on one of my other Chase cards per the rep.’s suggestion and answering a few business related questions), I was approved. Final outcome — 4 Chase cards approved within 7 months. Time to give the Chase applications a rest for awhile.

  62. citi says to many inquires for citi biz card, how to reconsider

  63. Do you know if you can apply for a Citi AA Business card and a Citi personal card (not AA) on the same day?

  64. Oops, I see FrequentMiler has just posted his results on doing this. Nevermind.

  65. Any update on whether the AS Visa is still churnable? I just got my first one and was hoping to go for another in 3-4 months to build up my store. Also, do you have to cancel your existing card before applying for another?

  66. I understand the Citi AA personal Visa is churnable every 18 months. As I’m preparing for an upcoming app-o-rama I need to know if this 18 months is counted BY MONTH or BY DAY. For example, will I be eligible to reapply on September 1st (18 months after the application date) or on September 24th (18 months *exactly* from the application date)?

    Any insights? The answer greatly affects my strategy.

  67. B of A and Choice Hotels robbed my account of 54,000 points 4 years ago. I had purposely paid and stayed at Choice Hotels many times to earn points.

    It is true that I earned Choice Hotel points from the credit card from a couple of credit card churns prior to earning many points from hotel stays. If it was a mistake on their part, they should not have punished me for when I paid for more hotel nights.

    I have tried in the past to contact both Choice Hotels and B of A with no resolution on this issue. What do you suggest?

    Thanks, Ed

  68. How long do you have to wait for the Southwest 50,000 point credit card after cancelling to reapply for it?

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