50,000 Points ($800+ in Southwest Airlines Flights) with Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Card

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This offer is currently no longer available.  Please check the Hot Deals tab for the latest offers.

Emily’s grandmothers are 86 and 82, and the Chase Southwest Airline Credit Card will let us see them – virtually free –  many times this year.

And cheap travel is the best kind of travel!

As much as  we like traveling to new places, we also like seeing family, because we know that the happy memories with family will last for a very long time.

50,000 Southwest Airlines Points

For example, when we visited Emily’s grandmother Vena in Florida this year, we convinced Vena and her friend Betty to go to their first Thai restaurant.

Betty and Vena had a great time trying this new “exotic” cuisine, flirting with the British owner who was also our server, and chatting with the owner’s Thai wife about the colorful designs on the silk table cloth!

We managed to visit our grandmothers for free because of the Chase Southwest Credit Card which offered 1 free flight and $500 in gift cards after $5,000 in spending.  Emily applied for both the personal and business versions and we got lots of free travel on Southwest Airlines.

50,000 Points Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Card

There is a currently a much better offer for the Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Card which offers 50,000 Southwest Airline Rapid Reward Points after your first purchase, with a $99 fee which is NOT waived in the first year.

However, you get a 6,000 extra points on your cardmember anniversary (worth $100) which effectively makes the card fee-free AFTER the first year.

In my opinion, this is the best credit card sign-up bonus for domestic US travel.

There is also no minimum spending requirements, since you get the 50,000 bonus points after your first purchase (which could just be a pack of gum!)

I applied for this card as part of my recent 6 card app-o-rama (where I apply for multiple cards at the same time) which should net me 340,000 miles and points. Stay tuned for more details on that!

What can you do with 50,000 points from the Chase Southwest Card?

1. Domestic US Travel

Southwest has 3 tiers of fares, the cheap fares, the medium priced fares, and the expensive fares.

50,000 Rapid Reward points will get you:

  • $833 in flights within the US on the cheapest “Wanna Get Away” fares (~3+ free flights)
  • $500 in flights within the US on the medium “Anytime” fares (~2+ free flights)
  • $417 in flights within the US on the most expensive “Business Select” fares (~1.5 -to 2+ free flights)

You could get up to a $734 value ($833 in flights less the $99 annual fee) if you redeem your points for travel on Southwest Airlines.

I’ve never had a problem finding the cheapest “Wanna Get Away” fares, unless I try to book flights less than a week in advance.

In my experience, Southwest has the best domestic award availability – at the lowest level – than any other US airline.

2. Gift Cards

You can redeem your 50,000 Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward points for $500 in gift cards, but you get a much better value by redeeming for air travel on Southwest.

This could provide you with a value of $401 ($500 in gift cards less the $99 annual fee)

3.  To travel to the departure city for another flight

If you got 100,00 British Airway miles recently from the Chase British Airways card,  you know that one of the best uses of British Airways miles is for travel using their 1-partner award chart.

That’s because the amount of British Airways miles required for travel on more than 1 partner airline is much more than the amount of miles needed for travel on only British Airways or only on 1 of their partner airlines.

For example, you stay in Omaha, but have redeemed a flight on British Airways or Cathay Pacific departing from Los Angeles.

You can use some of your 50,000 Southwest points to travel from Omaha to Los Angeles, and then catch your British Airways or Cathay Pacific flight.

Southwest Airline Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of Southwest Airlines:

2 Free Checked Bags – This could save you up to $80 per person, per trip

No Change Fee – You can change or cancel your flight and you get credits which are valid for up to 1 year.  Southwest doesn’t charge you a change fee, which is about a $150 saving per changed or cancelled flight.

This means that you can book a flight today and cancel it when you find a cheaper fare, and use the credit from your cancelled flight towards your new flight!

I really like how Southwest airlines, unlike other airlines,  doesn’t feel the need to charge you a change fee.

Rapid Rewards Point Earning

You earn:

  • 1 Rapid Reward point for each $1 in regular spending on the credit card.
  • 2 Rapid Reward points for each $1 in spending on Southwest Airlines, including flights, gift cards, and through certain Southwest Airlines partner hotels and rental car partners

Elite Point Earning

You earn:

  • 1,500 Tier Qualifying Points (TPQs) for every $10,000 in net purchases up to a maximum of 15,000 TPQs.

That means you will have to spend $100,000 to earn 15,000 TPQs.

So what does 15,000 TPQs get you?

Nothing really.

That’s because you need 35,000 TPQs or 25 1-way flights to get Southwest’s “A-list”  elite status which gets you priority seating and a 25% bonus on points earned.

So spending $100,000 for 15,000 TPQs will get you only 43% (15,000/35,000) of the way to A-list status, which, by itself, is a lousy return for  spending $100,000 on a credit card!

Companion Pass

Southwest’s Companion Pass is one of the best travel perks in my opinion, because you can take a companion along for FREE on ANY flight (including award flights) for an entire year.  You only have to pay a very small amount (~$10) for taxes.

However, you need to fly 100 1 -way flights on Southwest to qualify for the companion pass.


You need to earn 110,000 points to qualify for the Companion Pass.

Points earned via the credit card count towards Companion Pass status, so you could spend $100,000 on the credit card to get companion status.

There are also suggestions that the 50,000 bonus points on the Chase Southwest credit card counts toward the 110,000 points needed to qualify for the Companion Pass!

I’ve been approved for this card, so I’ll let you know if the bonus points counts towards companion pass status.

If the Chase Southwest Credit Card offer is extended, and the bonus points count towards Companion Pass status,  you could apply for the personal card now, and the business card later on and get 100,000 points towards the 110,000 points needed for the companion pass!

Why you shouldn’t apply for the Chase Southwest Credit Card

This card may not be for you if you:

  • Have applied for another Chase credit card in the last 30 days, since Chase is very sensitive to the number of recent credit card applications
  • Don’t want to fly domestically
  • Can’t bear the thought of flying on Southwest Airlines
  • Don’t want to pay the $99 annual fee
  • Would rather save the credit inquiry for something else

Bottom Line: The Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Card is a great choice if you are looking for some free travel within the US.

That’s because you can get up to $833 worth of airfare with the 50,000 bonus points which lets you have lots of  Big Travel with Small Money!

If you do apply for the card and are rejected, don’t give up.  Instead call the Chase reconsideration line and ask them to either move credit lines or cancel a card to get you approved for the card.

If you apply for the Southwest Airline credit card, but don’t have a Southwest Rapid Reward account, you can get 250 point bonus points for signing up for a new Rapid Rewards account.

Have you applied for this card?  Tell us in the comments!

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93 responses to “50,000 Points ($800+ in Southwest Airlines Flights) with Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Card

  1. Hi Daraius,
    Thanks for another great post. Love the picture!
    I’ve a question about your app-o-rama since I’m planning one myself. How many Chase cards do you apply for at the same time? I’ve had 2 Chase inquiries in the past year, and 0 in the past 6 months. I’m thinking of applying for multiple chase cards (Continental, United, and Marriot Premier). Am I just going to get rejected? Or would the two browser trick help? I’m worried about biting off more than I can chew and missing out on a nice bonus.
    Thanks for all your help!

    • @Kay – Glad you liked the picture! I wouldn’t apply for more than 1 Chase card at a time, because of all the banks, Chase is the most sensitive to approving only a few application within a certain period. I think you have a pretty good chance of getting approved for at least 1 other Chase card, since you don’t have any applications with them in the last 6 months. And if you get denied, you can always call in the reconsideration line.

      However, I suspect that you will get rejected by Chase if you apply for more than 1 card, since they have good systems in place which only allows you to get approved for 1 application at a time on-line. I would apply for the Continental card first from Chase, since it will go away very soon. That way you can cancel the card before the merger (citing the merger as the reason why you don’t want to switch to the United card!) and then apply later for the United card and get the miles again.

      I usually apply for only 1 Chase personal card at a time, and try to have a good mix of different banks in the app-o-rama.

      @Megan – I believe that this offer ends on August 6, 2011. I think you’re better off with the targeted Continental for 50,000 miles since Continental will go away soon. You can then cancel the Continental card, before it switches to United, and then apply for the United card again and get more miles! I think you’ll have to pick either the Continental or Southwest offer, but I’m pretty sure that the Southwest offer will come back again (I don’t know how long it will take to reappear, though!)

      @mike – When did you get the Sapphire card? If it has been within 30 days, then you most likely won’t be approved. If it has been more than 30 days you may be denied online, but MAY be approved by calling in and speaking with a reconsideration analyst.

      I’m fairly sure we’ll see similar versions of the Marriott and Southwest card offers again.

  2. Thanks for this great introduction to Southwest! I’m moving to the Northwest this fall and will be in “Southwest territory” for the first time in my life, so I’m pretty excited about that. I heard that this offer expires in August. Do you have any more details about that? I’m hoping to apply for the Continental 50K (I was targeted) first and am wondering if I’ll have time to apply for the Southwest card before the deal expires…

  3. I just got a Sapphire Card will the inquiry for the Sapphire Card prevent me from obtaining the Southwest Card?

  4. Thanks for your detailed response! I’m really looking forward to reading about your recent app-o-rama!

  5. I just got this card and was excited to read about the companion pass perk, but when I followed your link and went to the SW website it said:

    Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.

  6. Darius,

    Just wanted to say that iv’e just recently start following all of this and your blog in particular has stuck out to me of the popular bunch that most people tend to follow.

    Thank you for all of the time, effort and clarity that you put into the website and your work, it is greatly appreciated.

    Quick question, might there be an article/blog around here somewhere covering the nuances of credit applications and the different banks? (i.e. You should wait 30 days before applying for different chase cards)

    Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

    • @MJ – I read “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. ” to mean that the credit card bonus would count towards the Companion Pass.

      There is also talk on this FlyerTalk thread that the points post as Companion Pass Qualifying points, but you raise a good question about whether the bonus points will count as a “Partner Bonus” or not.

      @NYCmiler – Thanks for your kind words! I haven’t written an article which explains the nuances of applications with different banks, but that is a good post topic. Thanks for the suggestion, and have a great weekend!

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  8. I just want to share a data point regarding to the time interval with Chase application. I finally applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred card last week. After 7 days, I called in yesterday to find out that my app was denied due to I already had two cards with Chase in the last six months: SW in Feb, and BA in Apr 15. I asked to lower my credit limit on one of the accounts, but the Chase CSR needed to close one of the accounts in order to approve the new one. My Chase SW was closed 🙁

    • @Nguyen – Thanks for sharing. Did you try calling back? Sometimes it is best to hang up and call back again, and get another agent. They could have closed the other card because they thought you want a high credit line on the new card. I explain that I’m not looking for a high limit when I call in and that any limit on the new card would do.

  9. @Daraius — I did explain that I would prefer to lower credit limit on either my CO, BA, or SW in order to get the Chase Sapphire. The CSR insisted that he needed to close one account. Thus, I chose to close the SW in order to get approval for the Sapphire. I saw the SW got closed immediately, but did not see the Sapphire my Chase accounts yet. It would arrive in two weeks. Next time, I will follow your advice on hang up and call back again 🙂 Many thanks.

  10. To my knowledge, no one has posted at Flyertalk confirming 100% that the 50K bonus points for the WN Chase Visa are Companion-Pass-qualifying, and I have followed the threads daily and have asked for this info several times.

    Whether specific points are “CPQPs” is a complex and not-fully unraveled subject. For example, would love to know about those transferred in from Marriott and all other hotel programs. Choice points are (per “hindukid”).

    As the Companion Pass is one of the most valuable perks in the FF world, it would be nice to know this stuff for sure.

    • @toomanybooks – I read the FT thread again, and you’re right – no has confirmed 100% that the 50K bonus points are CPQPs. I’ll let you know once I get my card. Thanks for clarifying, and I’ll update my post to reflect.

  11. Regarding qualifying for the Companion Pass: not sure about the new program but with the old one (where you needed 100 credits in a year), all types of credits counted – I transferred Hilton points into my Southwest account to “top off” the Companion Pass one year and it “counted;” so did the Hertz car rental credits and old WN credit card credits… So, here’s hoping that the new program will count them likewise… although I gotta say that having a Companion Pass turned out to be expensive for me, due to husband’s golf tabs when coming with me (hey, free airfare!) on my business trips 😉

    • @KateFromCA – Thanks for the update. I’ll try transferring in some hotel points and see if that will count towards the Companion Pass.

      I can see how having someone come along for free can get expensive!

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  13. Can anyone confirm for me, is it true that if I sign up for this card, the Southwest Rapid Rewards points I will accumulate will NOT expire?
    Also, even though I will cancel the card towards the end of the first year, this will not affect the miles I have accumulated using this card?

    Thanks in advance folks

    • @Cody – Southwest Airline points expire after 24 months with no activity in your account. It is usually very easy to have activity in your account – rent a car, use the dining reward program, etc. If you cancel the card at the end of the first year, your Southwest Rapid Rewards miles will still be in your account and can be used by you.

  14. This is such a great site and I am so glad I found it! I am starting to apply for new credit cards now because I had the SW card for the past 7 years and was getting a few free flights a year (and lots of free drinks!) but I just cancelled it last month because of the changes they made to the program (and I didn’t want to keep paying the annual fee). However, this deal is causing me to reconsider. So my question is – is this offer only for “new” cardholders and if so, how long do I have to wait to apply to get this deal?

    • @Margaret – Chase unfortunately doesn’t give you the bonus again if you’ve had the bonus previously. Citi bank will let you have the American Airlines bonus again after ~18 months and American Express is supposed to let you have the bonus again after 2 years. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Does anyone know how long it’ll take for the 50,000 bonus points to post to my Rapid rewards account? When I called Customer service I got 2 different answers. One agent (the one I spoke to before ordering card, who also told me the $99 fee wouldn’t be charged until next August) told me the point will post on the day my first statement is issued (mid-August). The other (the one I spoke to when activating my card) told me its 6-8 weeks from time of first purchase (early to mid Sept). I got the card and used it right away yesterday. I am hoping to use the points for a flight to San Jose at the end of Sept. Biting my nails that this’ll work out.

    • @Anne – Based on past experience, the points will post a few days after the first statement in which you’ve made a purchase closes. You can call Chase and ask them to change your statement date to an earlier date, say, August 1. That way, if you’ve completed the purchase, you will get the points in your account earlier.

      Southwest has really good fares if you book them earlier rather than later. That said, I’m pretty sure you can get at least 1 to 2 flights with 50,000 Rapid Reward points!

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  17. Chase declined me for both the Chase SW and the Chase Sapphire because I opened the Chase British Airways and the Continental Onepass about 2-4 months ago. They said it was because I have a limited history on those 2 cards, even though I have 2 other Chase cards for over 5 years with never a late payment and a credit score over 750. They said closing the BA and Onepass cards wouldnt help and their only recommendation would be to wait 6 months from when the 2 opened ones were opened. Any advice?

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  19. Thanks! I received my points the same day my 1st bill arrived. 2 rt tix purchased!

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  24. I just received my rr plus card and have a question about the timing of the points. I don’t want the points to post until January so I can use them to help earn a companion pass for the rest of 2012 and 2013. My statement date is the 1st. If I use my card for the first time after December 1st, can I be sure that the 50k points will count towards my 2012 point tall for the companion pass? I’d love to be able to also earn with Christmas shopping. Thanks

    I realize I’m commenting on an old post but hopefully someone is still monitoring this.

    • Nat – Congrats! If your statement closes on the 1st, I’d double check to make sure your NEXT statement also closes on the 1st of January. Sometimes the statement is issued a few days earlier or later than the previous statement.

  25. Great thanks. What do you think the chance is that I’ll be able to get the bonus for both the plus and premier cards (both personal)? I applied for both within two weeks, and when I called to get approved for the second they didn’t say anything about not getting it.

    Do you think it would help I make my first purchases in different statement periods to increase the chance that I’ll get both of them?

    • @Nat – I really don’t know, but let us know what happens. I’ve read of folks both getting the bonus and not getting the bonus, so I don’t know! Usually, Chase sends you a letter a few weeks after receiving your cards letting you know that you won’t get the bonus (if applicable). If you don’t get that letter in a few weeks, you MAY be okay!

  26. Thanks for the tips! I’ll let you know how it works out. My plan is to hopefully get both of the bonuses in January and then apply for the Amtrak Guest Rewards Card (if the deal’s still around, I’d be happy to cancel one of the SW cards at that point) and then transfer those points through Choice to SW to get most of the 10k points I’ll need.

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  28. Hi Darius,
    Great post and analysis again! I followed your comments above …
    My wife and I are going to apply for the Continental 40k card. however the card bonus is broken down into 25+5 +10(after first anniversary) , so if they are merging with united and we decide to cancel the card , how will we get the last 10k bonus?
    also all these cards are no fee for first year and some fee next year,when does this fee hit really , towards the end of the 2nd year or begin of the 2nd year?

    • @upupandaway – The Continental card will convert to the United Explorer card in Q1 2012. That means that once it converts you won’t be able to get the bonus again for the United Explorer card. Also if you apply for the Continental card now, the terms say that you won’t get the bonus again if you apply for the United Explorer card. I don’t have any personal experience whether this is enforced or not.

  29. Thanks for that Darius. I was just quotng your comment from above “You can then cancel the Continental card, before it switches to United, and then apply for the United card again and get more miles! I think you’ll have to pick either the Continental or Southwest offer, but I’m pretty sure that the Southwest offer will come back again”
    So I guess that was the story back then and now its no point applying for the Continental and trying to cancel later to earn double bonus on that and United.
    I was really thinking about Sapphire/United and now Southwest but as all of them are Chase , I would have to make a choice. Think I will do Sapphire for myself and United for wife then as we fly Continental/United more out of EWR area.
    Should definitely say, you have one of the best run blogs among the bunch. Very prompt /very helpful info. Keep up the good work.

    • @upupandaway – Thanks! Here’s what the terms say for the United Explorer card ” United MileagePlus Explorer cardmembers will only receive one 25,000 bonus miles award if they apply for both the United Explorer Card and the Continental OnePass Plus Card after 7/19/2011.”

      I applied for the CO card in May and cancelled it a few weeks ago so I got the extra 25K bonus. Now, I don’t know if Chase will enforce the terms above or not, but you could always try! There are rumors of a 50K United offer surfacing early next year and there are already targeted versions of the Continental and United 50K offers available now. You MAY get them if you’ve signed up to receive United or Continental email!

  30. As of 12/11/2011 at 7:30 pm the link is not working. Sorry to comment on an old post, but was just wondering if they cycle this offer?

    • @Joshua – They had this offer 4 times so far this year. There is a link for the 50,000 mile card in my “Hot Deals” tab and the 1st link of this post. Take lots of screenshots if you do apply using that link, because I found it on google!

  31. When will I see my points? I have made a purchase and am now waiting.

  32. I signed up for 50k card in July & got my points in Aug. I then canceled my card in Sept & Chase refunded my $99 annual fee even though I didn’t ask for it. I just applied again last month and received another 50k miles. I am sitting pretty with 100k miles and just need 10k more for companion pass. Great blog!

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  34. I am thinking about signing up for a second Southwest card to try and get 110K miles and the companion pass. So would I apply for the business card since I already have a personal card? And how do you get the extra 10K points? Credit card spending? Do you think the points from transferring a balance would work? I don’t carry balances, but I could for one month…

  35. Yes that link for the card with 3000 anniversary miles works and I eventually just applied for that card, but I really wanted the 6000 anniversary miles every year because that would render the annual fee obsolete. Any updates links to that offer?

    • @Jodi – It is too late to get a Companion pass now because the points won’t hit your account until 2012. I also don’t recommend carrying a balance since the interest rates are very high

      @Joshua – I don’t have a link to the Southwest Rapid Reward Premier card which gives you 6,000 anniversary points. Perhaps it will come back later.

      @upupandaway – I agree. It is a good deal for a 1st purchase card!

  36. Hi Darius,
    I got an email today with Continental 60k points with onepass card. 50k after first use and 10k after 25000$ in first year… it seems like a great offer for continental/united. Even when they merge tomorrow,these are good points for a no-spend.
    what say?

  37. I have had my Southwest credit card for 2 months now and have not received my points. My statements say they have been sent but they are not posted. I t has been 8 weeks and I don’t know what could be taking so long.

  38. I ran an issue with my plan of getting the bonus from both the premier and plus cards. My statements both closed yesterday, but I only got the bonus for one of the cards today. For the other card I only got points for the dollar amount that I had spent. I called chase to see what was up, and the representative I was talking with checked the card and assured me that I would get the bonus within their “6-8 week” timeframe. Does that make sense?

    I have a pretty strong feeling that he was wrong and that they’re planning on giving me the bonus for only one card (which I intent to fight).

  39. DID U GET ONLINE APROVAL for the SW BIZ card or had to call and answer about your business?

  40. Hey Darius, I was wondering is the Southwest promotion still running for the 50,000 points, and if it is, how soon do the points post after you make your first purchase?

    • @Moriah – They may have posted the points to a new Rapid Rewards account. Check the front of your card to see is that Rapid Rewards number is the same. If not, you may have to call Southwest to merge both the accounts.

      @Nat – Usually the miles post a few days after your statement closes. Not sure why you haven’t got the points on the other card, but would love to know what happens!

      @jimmy – I had to call in and answer questions.

      @danny – The 50K offer is still running. Check out the link at the top of the post or in the “Hot Deals” tab.

  41. It’s been weeks since my statements have closed, and no dice on the 50k points yet. Also over a week since I transferred points from Hyatt and they haven’t posted either.

  42. HI Darius, I have a Chase SW card. My husband did but cancelled it about 2-3 months ago. Can he reapply in hopes of snagging another 50K miles? Is there a certain amount of time he should wait? We have excellent credit but when we tried to apply for a new card, while we still had an existing account, we were denied.

    • @Matt – Does the 50K bonus show up in your account? If not, you may want to call Chase and ask. If it does show up, Chase may have set up a new Rapid Rewards number for you, so you may need to call and get those merged.

      @Shannon – In general, Chase lets you get the bonus again as long as the card types are different. For example, folks have reported getting the bonus again even though they had the previous Southwest card which offered 16 credits and $500 in gift certificates. You can also usually get the bonus for the business version of the same card.

  43. I have a question for Darius or anybody else that might know. I currently have an “older” SW card for the past 3 years where the bonus was 16 credits. My wife has been an authorized user on this account, but not a joint account holder. Does anybody know if it’s possible for my wife to apply for her own Chase SW Card and be eligible for the 50k bonus points?

    I’m also going to cancel this card because the annual fee is coming up and I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to. I’m pretty confident that if I reapply I’ll be eligible for the 50k mile bonus, but I was curious as to how long after I cancel my existing SW card should I wait before reapplying? Thanks in advance, and great blog. Love reading about how to get the most out of having decent credit 🙂

    • @Gabriel – Corrine is spot-on! Being an authorized user does not prevent you from getting the sign-on bonus again. I’d wait at least a few months before applying for another SW card again once you cancel it, but you could apply for other cards in the meantime. It really is quite nice to be able to get miles and points by using one’s creditworthiness.

      @Corinne – Thanks for helping out! Having a partner apply for cards is a great way to double up on the miles and points.

  44. @Gabriel
    Your wife can apply for the Chase SW card and get the bonus. Authorized users do not count as actual customers as the card is the responsibility of the primary cardholder whose social the card was applied for under. I put my husband on as an authorized user when there is a bonus attached to the option (like when I applied for the Chase Continental OnePass cc) and he can apply for the same card with Chase and get the initial sign on bonus and then add me as an authorized user and get a bonus! Win-win if you ask me.

  45. I just got my second 50k bonus for the premier card, after getting a 50k bonus for my plus card last month. Now just to apply for the amtrak card and transfer those points to complete my free companion pass. Thank’s for the help Darius!

  46. @Nat,
    what is amtrak card?

  47. Can I get the SW card and then my girlfriend but she uses my SW rapid rewards number? would that be okay?

  48. So you’re saying i’ts better for me to get the chase personal, chase business southwest and for my gf to do the same in the next year rather than I get the chase personal and she get the chase personal but both of using only one SW number? thanks for clearing it up my friend!

  49. Hi everyone. Can you use Amazon Payments to pay someone with your rapid rewards card and still get points? I know about paying your bills but was wondering about as a payment to someone else? Thanks

  50. Hi Daraius ,

    Thanks for the Post. Just today I received the companion pass. Took a Month in applying the cards and getting the bonuses.

    • @Ryan1 – I don’t recommend putting a different rapid rewards number in the application.

      @Tiffany – You can use Amazon Payments to make payments to others.

      @Anks – That’s great news. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Thanks D. So do you think i’ts possible to 2 browser the 2 personal Chase Southwest cards? And when applying for the business how long should you wait or can you apply for both the Chase SW cards and Chase SW Business card? Thanks!

    • @Ryan1 – Unfortunately not. Chase will automatically deny the 2nd application within 30 days and they also don’t let you get the bonus more than once per card type. You could apply for both the Chase personal and business SW at the same time and call in to explain why you need both since you can get the bonus for the personal and business card.

  52. Hello,
    I’m new to this website, but needless to say this has a lot of information that I can ‘really’ use 🙂
    there is this message from @Corinne “I put my husband on as an authorized user when there is a bonus attached to the option (like when I applied for the Chase Continental OnePass cc) and he can apply for the same card with Chase and get the initial sign on bonus and then add me as an authorized user and get a bonus! Win-win if you ask me.” – I didn’t understand what’s the bonus attached with ‘adding her as an authorized user’ – Could you throw some light on this, please?

    I do not have a business, so any suggestions as to how I can get an additional 50,000 SW points (I am fairly certain that I will get the 50,000 points from the personal SW card) – please?

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention,

  53. Thanks for a very prompt response, @MMS 🙂

    Do you know if Chase Southwest Premier/Plus card is one such card – that would give bonus to authorized users (or additional card members) too?

    Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Wishes,

  54. @MMS,
    I applied for both Chase Southwest personal & business cards today…Didn’t get an instant approval…keeping fingers crossed

    • @Srini – You’ll likely have to call into the reconsideration department because Chase usually approves only 1 application in a 30 day period. But you should get approved if you have good reasons for wanting the card.

  55. I just got the card two weeks ago and already purchased two flights on it.
    How long until I get the 50,000 points credited to my account?

  56. Will it be credited to my Chase/Southwest login account? or do I have to go through the Chase website?

  57. @MMS, Hello Thank you for the inputs…I was approved (after calling in credit reconsideration line, and some dish-dashing of my limits, on my existing cards) for both the personal & business cards.

    Now that that part is off the plate…next part of the story is…is Southwest gonna give me a companion pass..if I get the other 10,000 miles too…

    Have you heard anything from anyone in the recent past? Please let me know…

  58. @MMS, Thank you for pointing me to that link. I got the first 50,000 miles into my rapid rewards account.
    But my A-list status did not get updated, even though the 50,000 points are showing up in my account…hence my confusion.

    Anyways, I’ll keep you posted, with my updates 🙂

  59. Is the Southwest card churnable, if so, what’s the rate? From what I’ve been reading, it seems Chase cards don’t seem to be churnable and the rewards seem to be handed out once a lifetime per person.

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