5 Easy Steps To Earning US Air Dividend Miles When Shopping At Amazon.com

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 Update: You can’t earn US Air miles for shopping at Amazon any longer, but you can earn Hawaiian Airline miles (1 mile per $1).

I don’t like to shop in general, but I do love shopping on Amazon.com.  That’s because Amazon has a wide selection at very competitive prices, which they deliver right to my door!

What more could I want?

Ok, I could do with some miles for shopping at Amazon.com, but Amazon never partnered with any airline to offer miles for shopping.

Sure, I can earn miles or points depending on the credit card which I used.  For example, I would earn 1 AAdvantage mile per $1 spent if I used my Citi AAdvantage card or 1.25 British Airways miles if I used my Chase British Airways credit card when I shopped on Amazon.com

But I couldn’t click through to Amazon from an airline shopping portal and earn more miles like I do when I buy Groupons or shop online at Target.

Earn US Air Dividend Miles On Amazon.com

MilePoint member JohnDeere19 posted a link to the US Airways Shopping mall, which now features Amazon as a shopping partner.

Amazon.com Airline Miles 3
Earn US Air Dividend Miles For Shopping At Amazon.com

This is huge, because we can now earn 0.5 US Air Dividend Miles per dollar spent on Amazon.com!

This is in addition to the miles or points earned on your credit card.

Here’s how:

Step 1

Visit the Amazon.com page on the US Air Dividend Mile Shopping Mall.

Step 2

Click the red “Shop Now” button on the left side of the screen.

Amazon.com Airline Miles 1
Click On “Shop Now”

Step 3

Enter your US Air Dividend Mile number  in the box, and click “Login

Amazon.com Airline Miles 2
Enter Your US Air Dividend Miles Number

If you do not have a US Air Dividend Mile account, you can set one up by clicking on “Mile & Point Resources” in the top menu on Million Mile Secrets and then clicking on “Airline Frequent Flyer Program Sign-Up

Step 4

Click on the red “Shop Now” button again and the Amazon.com website will open up in a new window.

Step 5

Complete your shopping at Amazon.com

Personal Experience:

I have used the US Air Dividend Mile shopping portal for other purchases, and it takes 3 to 6 weeks after my purchase for the miles to show up in my account

Bottom Line: I am very excited to be able to earn miles for shopping on Amazon.com, since Amazon did not participate in airline and hotel shopping portals before.

These miles are in addition to the miles I earn by using my credit card.  And every mile counts when you have Big Travel with Small Money!

(Hat Tip to JohnDeere19)

Do you shop on Amazon.com?  Are you excited to be now able to earn miles on Amazon.com?

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34 responses to “5 Easy Steps To Earning US Air Dividend Miles When Shopping At Amazon.com

  1. This is great news! I have been waiting to earn points from shopping at Amazon.

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  3. I got an email yesterday from Hawaiian Airlines listing Amazon as a partner and they’re currently running a 2 miles per dollar special. The USAir news is more exciting, but a heads up to anyone that has a lot of Hawaiian miles.

  4. Awesome news! I’m hoping more airlines will follow suit. I’m trusting you to keep us updated 🙂

  5. YAY! I have been hoping Amazon would offer miles at some point.

  6. +1 for Hawaiian Airlines. This would help to keep my account stays active…

  7. Awesome Awesome AWESOME! It is fantastic news to be able to earn extra miles on the best shopping site on the internet! Amazon probably accounts for about 90% of my internet shopping. Thanks Daraius!

    • @Michael P, @Megan, @Mary Alice, @Nguyen , @Stefan – This is great news, and I hope we can earn miles on other airlines soon!

      @Nick – Thanks for sharing about Hawaiian airlines, which may be a good option if you like Hawaiian airlines or need to extend the life of your account!

  8. I wonder if I set up any of my autoship options after connecting through the portal if they will credit as purchases for miles. Have to check later. Even if not able to do that, still glad to know about this. Thanks!

    • @Scott – I’m not sure I understand your question. I can’t think of why setting an autoship will not result in miles being earned. I do think you have to click through the US Air shopping mall to get the miles, though!

  9. My partner and I have auto-ship set up for diapers through Amazon (we have twins, so you can imagine that we buy a lot of diapers). I can’t quite figure out if I can somehow get DM points for that… Any ideas?

    • @Cindy – I can imagine how many diapers you have to buy! I don’t have any experience with this, but I suspect that you have to click through to the site to get the US Air miles. So I don’t think that the regular auto-ship option will earn miles. Then again, the only way to know for sure is to place an order and see if you earn miles for future shipments once you set up the auto-ship.

  10. I have subscriptions with Amazon too (autoship) so I’m going to cancel them tonight and sign up again through the US site. We’ll see what happens.

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  14. Thanks for the posting.
    I’m thinking about using this shopping mall for extra miles,
    but I have some questions.
    Do I have to use US Credit card on purchasing from Amazon.com?
    What about Citi AA Amex card?
    What if I purchased goods, but pay with Amazon Gift Card purchased in advance?

    • @Issac – You don’t have to use the US Air credit card to get miles from shopping at Amazon.com – any credit card will do including the Citi AA Amex. I’m not sure if you’d earn miles for using a gift card, but let me know if you do!

  15. Sure, I spend about 1.2k on Amazon through the method explained above.
    paid by Gift Card. I wonder it’ll be honored or not.
    btw, Do you know how long it will takes to point show up?
    and where can I check these bonus miles I received?
    I’ll update how it goes as soon as it’s figured 🙂

  16. It’s showing as .05 / $1 now. Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

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  18. Looks like its gone all together, I happened to be using it while they did a site update… Worked an hour ago, gone now..


  19. Made a purchase on amazon through the US Airways dividend miles portal this morning but now it won’t work. When you search for amazon on their portal, it won’t show up.

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  21. First they gave 1 mile for each dollar then they droped it 1 mile for eavry 2 dollars now they stopped it you could no longer earn miled for shopping on amazon

  22. With the Chase Freedom card, the 5% cashback reward for Q1 2012 is thru Amazon. Do you know if that applies to Amazon payments?

  23. It’s worth noting that 1 Hawaiian Mile per dollar is really 2 HHonors points per dollar, because they convert at a 1:2 ratio (in 5K increments)

  24. Its better then nothing, I think this is the only way you could earn somthing for shopping on amazon.com

  25. I just found a new way you could earn up to 3% on amazon shopping by following this link