This Free Photo App Lets You Explore a City Before You Travel

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This Free Photo App Lets You Explore a City Before You Travel

Million Mile SecretsThis Free Photo App Lets You Explore a City Before You TravelMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

There’s a neat app for folks who like to take photos while traveling.  Or if you want to see pictures from others in future travel destinations around the world.

With Streetography, you can search by city to see user photos.  And explore specific neighborhoods or streets to get a feel for the area.

The free photo app also has a cool layout, which turns maps into mosaics.

Streetography App Review
See the World as a Mosaic With Streetography. And Zoom Into Specific Neighborhoods to See the Latest Photos Before You Travel There

I’ll share my Streetography app review and let you know if it’s worth a download!

Streetography App Review

Link:   Streetography

Link:   Streetography (Android) 

Link:   Streetography (iOS)

Streetography is a photo sharing app, which lets users upload pictures and tag them to a location.

The app is relatively new, so Streetography’s main source for pictures is 500px, which is a photo sharing community.  This means not all photos in Streetography come from folks using the app.

Here’s a guide to using Streetography.

1.   Search a City, State, or County

To get started, search a location.  For example, I entered London.

The map shows the outline of the city with a photo in the middle.

Streetography App Review
Search a City to Begin Your Photo Viewing Experience

You can tap on the city photo and a page comes up with more pictures that were uploaded in London.

Streetography App Review
View Recent Uploads to See What’s Happening in a City

2.   Zoom Into Neighborhoods

A neat part of the app is zooming in to check out photos from certain neighborhoods.

For example, I zoomed in on the London photo and a mosaic appears with pictures outlined by their neighborhood boundaries.

Streetography App Review
Zoom in and a Picture Puzzle Appears With Photos From Different Neighborhoods

Then, I tapped on the West End photo and a page comes up with additional pictures tagged in the area.

Streetography App Review

This is a nice feature for folks planning a future hotel or Airbnb stay.  Because you can explore various neighborhoods and compare them based on the photos.

3.   Add Your Own Photos

You can upload your travel photos to Streetography to help others experience a destination.  Or as a way to keep your own photos organized by location.

Just tap “Add a Photo” on the bottom of the screen.

Streetography App Review
Tap Add a Photo to Upload Your Travel Pictures

Then, select a photo from your library and tag the location it was taken.

Streetography App Review
Caption Your Photo and Tag the Location so Others Can Know What It Is

4.   Apply a Filter to Customize Photo Viewing

You can filter which photos you see when you search a city or neighborhood.

For example, you can sort photos by month.  This way, it can be easier to find pictures during a specific season, like if you only wanted to see foliage photos in Vermont.

Streetography App Review
Customize Your Viewing Experience by Applying Filters

Then, you can select sorting options.  Or add a filter to see photos uploaded by certain folks, like people you follow.

Streetography App Review
Select Sorting Options and Filters to Customize Your Viewing Experience

Is Streetography Worth a Download?

Streetography has some unique features.  But there are already lots of popular photo sharing apps, like Flickr and Instagram, which have many of the same benefits.

I don’t like how most of the photos on Streetography come from 500px instead of app users.  Because the photo sharing site tends to have lots of pictures from professional photographers.  I prefer to see firsthand photos from regular travelers!

Also, when using Streetography, I noticed it takes a long time to load photos when zooming in on neighborhoods.

Streetography App Review
To Organize Your Own Photos by Location, Consider Google Photos, Which Is Extremely Easy to Use and Can Free up Space on Your Device!

If you’re looking for an app to sort your own photos by location, you might consider Google Photos.  Million Mile Secrets team members Keith and Harlan are big fans!

Bottom Line

Streetography is a free photo sharing app.  The layout is neat because it turns cities into a mosaic map.  So you can tap on different cities or neighborhoods to check out photos.

This app is relatively new, so there aren’t many user-added photos.  Instead, most of the photos come from 500px, which is an online photo sharing community.

The photos on Streetography can give you a feel for a neighborhood, which is helpful if you’re planning a hotel stay.  But there are better apps, like Instagram, which have many of the same benefits and more users.

And if you’re looking for an app to sort our own photos by location, consider Google Photos.  It’s free and easy to use!

Have you used Streetography?

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