SleepBus: Overnight Luxury Bus Travel Between San Francisco and Los Angeles

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Ever heard of SleepBus?  It’s a start-up that plans to offer transportation between San Francisco and Los Angeles in a bus outfitted with 20 bunk beds.

So you can hop on the bus at night, and wake up refreshed the next morning.  For a fraction of the cost of a flight!

According to their website, they aren’t currently offering rides.  But they are working to build a new fleet and will begin accepting reservations again soon.  Sounds intriguing, right?

Sleep Bus
The SleepBus Looks Like a Converted 18-Wheeler!

Here’s more about their service.

What’s SleepBus?

Link:   SleepBus

SleepBus launched its first prototype bus and began offering rides between San Francisco and Los Angeles in in April 2016.

It’s not clear when they stopped their service, but their website states they are working on designing new busses and will offer rides again soon.

When they launched last year, the introductory fare was $48 and regular tickets sold for $65.  Hopefully they stick to these affordable prices!

The idea of SleepBus is to provide folks with a luxury bus-travel option, compared to say, Greyhound.  So you can comfortably sleep during your ride.

To accommodate demand, SleepBus has ordered 10 more buses.  Each bus can sleep 20 people.

What’s the SleepBus Experience Like?

The bus leaves at 11:00 pm.  And you arrive at your destination around 6:00 am, giving you time to catch some Zzzs en route.  But you don’t have to “check out” until 7:30 am!  

There are beds, Wi-Fi, power outlets, toilets, workspaces, and more.  Plus, you can bring up to 3 large suitcases with you for free, they’re hoping to allow pets, and children under 10 can share a bunk with an adult at no cost.

Sleep Bus
Here’s a Photo From SleepBus’ Maiden Voyage in 2016. What Do You Think?

According to their Facebook page, the newly designed beds have even been soundproofed!  And you don’t have the hassle of getting to the airport and going through security for a short flight.

Million Mile Secrets team member Jesse is curious about the concept, and wants to give it a try.

From their Yelp reviews, it sounds like people enjoyed their service.  They thought the beds were comfortable, the restrooms were clean, and they had fun meeting other passengers.

Bottom Line

To me, Sleep Bus seems kind of like a hostel on wheels.  So it might not make sense for some types of travelers when it returns to service.  😉

What do you think of this concept?

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