My Review of Radiooooo: A Global Musical Time Machine

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Feeling nostalgic?  Or want to listen to local tunes when traveling overseas?

There’s an app and website called Radiooooo, which offers a unique music listening experience.  Your music plays based on the country and decade you select.  It’s like a global musical time machine!

For a fun fact, the 5 “o’s” in Radiooooo represent the 5 continental land masses in the world.

The Radiooooo App Is Great for Folks Who Want to Mood Music to Match Their Travels!

A Million Mile Secrets team member used Radiooooo in Warsaw to transport himself into 1980s Poland while snacking on cheese pierogi at a bar mleczny (“milk bar” or cafeteria for workers).

I’ll explain how to use it!

How to Use Radiooooo

Link:   Radiooooo

I like that you can use Radiooooo immediately without having to register.  Even downloading the app is optional as the program works by visiting the website through your mobile web browser.

Of course, there are some added features when you register, which I’ll explain shortly.

You’ll need to have web access to program.  It does not work offline.

The app is truly designed for lovers of music.  The idea is to just listen and embrace the music of a specific decade and country.

It’s not like Spotify or Pandora where you can search for songs, artists, or genres.  You can’t even skip songs  Unless you use this trick…

Trick to Skip Tracks

There’s no skip button.  But if you click on another country, then click back on your original country, a new song will play automatically!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to use Radiooooo through the web or on your mobile device.

1.   Listen Through the Web or a Mobile Device

You can listen to Radiooooo by visiting the website.

Simply, click on a country, decade, and mood, and music will begin playing right away.  Countries with music have a yellow color on the map.

Choose a Country, Decade, and Mood to Begin Listening to Music

Or you can download the app on your Apple or Android device.

The app is just as easy to use.  Again, click a country on the map, pick a decade, and set a mood.

Select a Country, Decade, and Mood on the Radiooooo App to Start Hearing Music

Radiooooo includes plenty of popular acts.  I selected 1990s United States and it played Nirvana followed by A Tribe Called Quest.

2.   Use Taxi Mode for a Continuous Playlist

Radiooooo has a neat playlist feature so you can mix and match music by countries and decades.

To enable Taxi mode, click on the taxi icon on the left hand side of the screen.

Click the Taxi Icon to Create a Playlist

Then, you can add individual countries and select the decades of music you’d like to hear.

In Taxi Mode, You Can Create a Playlist of Music from Different Countries and Decades

It’s similar on the app.  In Taxi mode, you can select multiple countries.  The color will turn from yellow to pink after you tap on it.  Then, you can select the decades at the bottom of the page.

On the App, You Can Select Multiple Countries and Decades to Create a Continuous Playlist of Music

3.   Optional Features

I mentioned earlier, creating a log-in for Radiooooo is optional.

But if you decide to create one, you’ll have a few extra features.  For example, you can “like” a song you’re listening to.  This will get saved to your profile so you can go back later and find the name of the artist and song.

There’s also an option to buy a specific song.  However, this feature doesn’t appear to be functional at the moment.

After You Create a Log-In, You’ll Have the Ability to Like a Song, Which Will Get Saved to Your Profile. This Way You Can Find the Name and Artist Later

Bottom Line

Radiooooo offers a unique way for folks to listen to music from specific countries and decades.

I wouldn’t recommend replacing your existing music apps with Radiooooo.  But it’s a great supplement if you’d like to travel back in time or would like to embrace the local music while traveling overseas.  Most of all, it’s just for fun!

Have you used Radiooooo?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

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