Using Fareness for Vacation Flight Searches

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Ever get the itch to take a trip but aren’t sure where to go?

Fareness is a new website that shows you where you can affordably fly from your home airport.  And lets you add filters based on your interests, like beaches, the outdoors, or nightlife.  So you can find a destination you hadn’t thought of before!
Need Some Vacation Inspiration? Fareness Shows You Trips Based on Filters You Select From Your Home Airport. Folks in Dallas Can Visit Las Vegas This Winter for ~$117 Round-Trip

I’ll show you how it works!

How to Use Fareness to Find Flights

Link:   Fareness

Fareness is a site that helps you decide where to take a trip, when you’re open to where and when you visit.  Let’s take a look.

Step 1.   Get Ideas

You can play with filters to narrow down your search.  For example, if you want a beach destination in the next month, add the filter for “Beach” at the top and select the following month under “Departing?” in the middle of the page.

Use the Filters to Fill the Map With Potential Vacation Destinations

You can specify how many days you want to stay.  And sort by popularity, the nearest departure, or price.

Step 2.   Choose a Spot

Zoom in on the map to see where you can go.  There’s a price under each city.  Or you can scroll through the list of suggestions below the map if you like that better.

I searched for a 3-day trip this winter departing from Dallas and found I could visit Las Vegas for ~$117 round-trip.

Click on the Destination You Found and Select Your Flights

Once you find where you want to go, click on it and you’ll see a pop-up on the right with dates for your flights.

Click “Select Flights” to continue with your trip.

Step 3.   Choose Flights

Next, you’ll see a page with flight options.  I was pleased to see several choices for the price I wanted.

Pick a Flight and Click “Select”

After you decide on a flight, click “Select” to continue.

After You’ve Decided, Select “Continue” to Purchase Your Flights

Step 4.   Pay for Your Flights

Another screen will appear so you can enter your name and payment details.  But I noticed I was now on the Priceline website.

You Can Proceed With Your Booking, but Be Aware You’re Going Through Priceline

This isn’t a deal breaker.  But some folks like to book directly with the airlines.  Or with other sites, like Orbitz or Travelocity.

In that case, you’d have to replicate your search on another website, which is an added step.  Or, if you don’t mind, you can make your purchase through Priceline.

Are There Drawbacks?

Fareness is new, so a couple of hiccups are expected.  I had to enter my search criteria a couple of times because it didn’t “stick.”

But once it did, I liked scanning the map and getting new ideas for fun trips.  I also liked all the filters.  Particularly the ones for “Family” and “Outdoors.”

It was fun to think about the types of trips I could take.  And all the activities I could do with family, or in nature.

Similar Services

Link:   Google Discover Destinations

Link:   Kayak Explore

While the various filters are a fun way to get ideas for a trip, you can already find these elsewhere.

Google and Kayak Already Have Lots of Special Search Options
Google Discover Destinations and Kayak Explore both let you add filters and dates.  And Google even lets you specify which airline you want to fly.
Google and Kayak Cover Many More Destinations

I also found Google Discover Destinations and Kayak Explore, in general, cover many more destinations.

Book Directly With the Airline. Or the Booking Site of Your Choice

I like being able to select where I book the flights when I search through Google and Kayak, including directly with the airline.

And, you get the option to book with several other booking sites.

However, all 3 options (FarenessGoogle Discover Destinations, and Kayak Explore) have different layouts and show information in their own unique ways.  Because they all provide a similar service, it comes down to which one you like using the most.

I recommend taking a look around all of them to see which one feels the best for you.  And then use that one!

Bottom Line

Fareness is a fun new website that gives you ideas for where to take a trip.  It’s handy for when you have flexible dates.  Or don’t know exactly where you want to go.

I like the filters you can add.  And how easy it is to include extra options, like travel during certain months.  However, similar sites like Google Discover Destinations and Kayak Explore are already available.  And all of them are excellent resources for getting ideas.

Take a look around each one.  And see which you like to use the most.  That said, Fareness is still new, so I look forward to seeing what’s next for them!

What’s your favorite site for getting vacation ideas?

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