Saying Buh-Bye to My Travel Anxiety Thanks to the Delta Mobile App

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If you have travel anxiety, Delta is the best airline to reduce your uneasiness.

I get anxiety whenever I travel.  My head immediately fills with a ton of what-if questions for horrible scenarios that are unlikely to happen.  What if I don’t qualify for TSA PreCheck?  What if the security lines are long?  What if I miss my flight?  What if I get stuck at the airport?  It just goes on and on.

There are plenty of steps you can take to reduce the stress you experience.  Even opening a card like the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express are a huge help, because it comes with perks like priority boarding.  Which means you’ll be one of the first to board the plane, and have more time to find your seat.  You can know you’ll have plenty of overhead bin space for your carry-on luggage, instead of spending time searching while everyone watches!

I recently flew on Delta from Orange County to Seattle, and have to give huge props to Delta’s mobile app.  It answered virtually every single one of my what-if questions.  In fact, thanks to the app, my anxiety levels were probably the lowest they’ve ever been!

Delta’s Mobile App Was a Big Factor in Convincing Me to Overcome my Anxiety of Flying and Finally Take a Solo Trip to Seattle!

Here’s what I love about the Delta app, and why I’ll look forward to flying Delta in the future.

The Ability to Check-In Online, Obtain a Mobile Boarding Pass, and Verify TSA PreCheck Eligibility With Delta

Being able to print my boarding pass at home before I get to the airport?  Yes please!  That’s one less thing to worry about, and one less line to stand in!

Plus, I’ve had bad experiences checking-in at the airport.  I was once almost denied my boarding pass because the airline didn’t believe I had the financial means to purchase a return ticket to the US.  I ended up being grilled so many questions, you would have thought I was applying for a loan at the bank!

So being able to print my ticket at home, without having to go through the scrutiny of another human being, was perfect!

I was also worried I might not be eligible for TSA PreCheck because my name was not an exact match to what I entered on my Delta account.  Having to wait in long lines makes me very uncomfortable, so having access to the shorter TSA PreCheck lines was a big deal for me.

Hooray for Online Check-in and Mobile Boarding Passes!  The Ability to Verify I Was Eligible for TSA PreCheck 24 Hours Before my Flight, and Knowing I Could Immediately Make My Way to the Shorter TSA Lines Upon Arrival at the Airport, Took Away a LOT of Stress!

Easily Check Flight Status and Upgrade Seats

What if my flight is changed at the last minute?  What if I miss my flight?  More what-ifs that would ordinarily keep my stress levels high, but were effortlessly answered thanks to the Delta mobile app.

I could quickly and easily check my flight status, find which gate I was departing from, and even receive notifications on any changes to my flight.

Upgrading seats is also extremely easy from within the app!  A few days before my return flight to Orange County, I was sitting in my hotel room and decided to upgrade to Premium Economy for a bit more legroom.  It took just a matter of seconds to choose a new assigned seat.  And it ended up being a fantastic decision as I found that the extra legroom did wonders for my anxiety!

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What if the airline loses my luggage?  What if my flight is delayed?  Where will I stay?

That’s right, even more what-ifs, and more anxiety…all which can be kicked to the curb if you carry either of these 2 cards!

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® has tons of travel protection benefits, such as primary rental car insurance, delayed baggage insurance, lost luggage insurance, trip delay protection, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, and more!  Hopefully you’ll never have to use any of these protections, but they’re there if you need them!

And if you do plan on flying more frequently with Delta, you can also consider the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express because you can earn 2X miles per $1 on Delta purchases.

Bottom Line

If you have similar anxieties to mine, I can wholeheartedly recommend flying with Delta.  With the Delta app, I knew that I could proceed straight to the security lines immediately after parking my car at the airport.  I knew that I could use the shorter TSA PreCheck lines.  I knew which gate to go to, and knew the status of my flight the entire time.  And all of this “knowing” took away most of the anxiety I normally get when I travel.

Delta’s not the only one to have these features in their mobile app.  But there’s a reason they’re one of few airline companies whose app has a 5-star rating!  Simply put, the app just works so much better than what other airlines offer.

And you can apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the AMEX Delta Gold Card to rid yourself of most other anxieties during your travels, like lost luggage, canceled flights, etc.

Do you experience travel anxiety?

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1 year ago

Ah, so the solution is to click credit card links that pay you a fat commission?


Reply to  JoeB
1 year ago

It seems to me if you want to pay for the content of the site Joe go ahead and send the site a check. Otherwise – the site is monetized by commission – which they clearly state continuously on the site. Or wait – are you saying earning money or points is pathetic in general? Anyway – great article. I’m not interested so I’ll pass, but I Hope you make a bundle off of it.

1 year ago

While I have never used the feature. I did browse through it once during a delay but opted to keep my original flight. During any flight daylay the app give you the option to select a different flight And it’s very flexible with your options even allowing connecting flights or flights to nearby airports. Kudos for delta for making this so easy !

Andrew W
Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing Mike! Good to know that option exists if I’m ever in that situation.

1 year ago

What do you mean by see if your eligible for pre check? Aren’t you just eligible if you pay for it? That part makes no sense…

Andrew W
Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

Hi Joe!

The mobile boarding pass has a green check mark indicating eligibility for TSA PreCheck.

My understanding is that paying for TSA PreCheck does not necessarily guarantee you’ll get it every time. For instance, I’ve read comments in online forums where some people did not get flagged as being eligible for TSA PreCheck because the name on their TSA profile did not match the name on their airline’s frequent flyer profile.

In this case, I was concerned because I had a hyphenated middle name and read conflicting reports online of how that would be handled.

Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

Loads of precheck passes are randomly put on tickets for free. I use to get them a lot (but not always) prior to my buying Global Entry/TSA Precheck.

Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

Not only that… Doesn’t every major airline allow you to get the mobile boarding pass which you can just then save to your phone? I don’t get this is a Delta thing

Andrew W
Reply to  jc
1 year ago

Quite right jc! Almost all of the major airlines offer mobile boarding passes.

But after reading user reviews of a few other airlines’ mobile apps, Delta’s app just seems to do a much better job at giving you the ability to check your flight status, change/upgrade seats, purchase tickets, and other items to manage your trip.

From what I can tell, it has the best user reviews of any other airline’s mobile app out there!

1 year ago

Cool article but you didn’t really talk about the one thing that actually causes travelers anxiety…lost baggage. I love the updates via the Delta app on where my bags are.

Andrew W
Reply to  Erin
1 year ago

Gah, good point Erin! I haven’t traveled with checked luggage in awhile and didn’t know this feature was available with Delta. Thanks for pointing it out!

I also have a ton of anxiety over the whole idea of my luggage being lost, which is why I always try to travel with only a single carry-on backpack. I somehow managed to fit everything into a single carry-on for my 2-week trip to Italy last year.

Lara Clark
1 year ago

Been members for years, platinum member, flew to BTV TO LV this past week Jan.2019and was denied the mobile boarding pass. WHY? In May, we flew to our NY home with a rifle, legally checked. This was the return trip, we were shocked that the app denied us the right to check in and check luggage, and see our boarding pass. Our opinion went down a few notches, especially when one of our checked luggage didn’t make it on our plane.

1 year ago

I agree that Delta’s app is one of the stronger ones out there (if not the strongest overall). Recently, I’ve used the mobile apps of: Delta, American, United, Korean, EVA, Singapore and Cathay. By the way, EVA was by far the worst, and was mostly useless.

The one problem I’ve had with the Delta app is it’s not very good if you’re flying with a partner airline, even if booked thru Delta. I recently booked MNL-ICN-ATL with Delta. The MNL-ICN leg was flown by Korean. Delta’s app was blind to everything on that itinerary. It notified me to check in, but then prompted me over to Korean’s site. The Korean site wasn’t very easy to navigate, but I eventually was able to check in, however nothing updated on the Delta app. The app just kept telling me to go to the Korean site for check-in. I thought I’d be able to use the app again at ICN when I was actually going to be flying on Delta metal, but that wasn’t the case either. The app was still prompting me to go to the Korean site. Aside from that, I’ve had few problems with Delta’s app.

Reply to  Lancelot
1 year ago

Concur, was flying Delta metal and booked through Delta but the flight was operated by Air France. So the morning of the flight, I went to check our boarding passes on the app and was transferred to Air France’s site and prompted to create an account and had to re-submit ALL of our passport info, etc. Then had to do it all over again at the Air France check in counter. Lame.

Reply to  Erin
1 year ago

APPS are great, but I still prefer to print my boarding pass at home and I check the arrival and departure boards to see if there are any delays or gate changes. A lot of the times the apps aren’t always updated, or my phone isn’t working the way it should. Delta was decent. I use United’s the most often.