You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards at CVS

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Update:  You can no longer load a Vanilla Visa to your Bluebird.

Million Miles Secrets reader Joe commented:

Can you still use a credit card for the Vanilla Visas at CVS, or are you buying these somewhere else?

Joe is referring to Vanilla Visa gift cards, NOT Vanilla Reloads.  CVS recently changed their policy to no longer allow you to purchase Vanilla Reloads with a credit card.

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS
Can You Still Buy Vanilla Visas at CVS With a Credit Card?

You Still Have a Reason to Visit CVS!

Even though you can’t buy Vanilla Reloads with a credit card anymore, you CAN buy Vanilla Visa gift cards with a credit card at CVS!

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS
Variable Load Vanilla Visas Allow You to Load up to $500

The best Vanilla Visa gift cards are variable load, which means you can buy them in the denomination you want, from $20 to $500.  It makes the most sense to buy $500, because you pay a fixed fee of ~$5 (in addition to the amount you load) for each card.

What Are Vanilla Visa Cards Good For?

You can use Vanilla Visa gift cards to reload your Bluebird account at Walmart.  These are the easiest to use with Bluebird because you can set the PIN by typing in a random 4-digit number the 1st time you use it.

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS
Use Vanilla Visa Cards to Reload Bluebird at Walmart

Then, using American Express Bluebird or Serve, you can pay bills and expenses you can’t normally pay with a credit card.

Or, you can use Vanilla Visa card to pay bills with Evolve Money.  You can pay student loans, car loans, utilities, and even your mortgage!

You Can Still Buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards At CVS
Evolve Money: More Convenient Than Loading Bluebird at Walmart

And because Evolve transactions are done online, this might be an easier option for those who don’t have a Walmart nearby.

Bottom Line

You can still buy Vanilla Visa gift cards at CVS with a credit card.  The variable load kind are best, because you can buy up to $500 and pay just 1 ~$5 fee.

Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used to load your Bluebird account at Walmart, or pay bills and expenses online using Evolve Money.

So if your local CVS cashiers have been missing you since the demise of Vanilla Reloads, you still have a reason to pop in and visit! 🙂

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