Try It, You’ll Love It: USPS Informed Delivery Is Great for Travelers

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Keeping on top of home life can be tricky when you’re away, especially if you’re traveling for an extended period of time.  Because unfortunately, traveling doesn’t excuse you from adulting.  You still have to manage everyday responsibilities, like paying your bills on time.

Luckily, the USPS has a service that can help you do just that.  It’s called Informed Delivery.

The USPS’ Free “Informed Delivery” Service Is a Great Tool for Travelers Who Need to Stay In the Loop While They’re Away From Home

When you sign-up for Informed Delivery (it’s free!), you’ll get emailed a daily digest of the mail or packages you’ll be receiving each day.

Why might this be beneficial?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard to take off knowing you’ll have a massive stack of mail to sort through when you get back.  That often leaves me feeling anxious.  Will a bill be late?  Will a package be returned because no one was there to accept it?

With Informed Delivery, you’ll be able to keep tabs on it all, by getting a digital preview of your letter-sized mail.

Plus, registering is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.  Just go to the Informed Delivery sign-up page and click the “Sign Up for Free” button.

It’s Incredibly Simple to Sign Up for USPS Informed Delivery

After that, you’ll have to enter your address.  Then you’ll click “Continue.”

First, You’ll Have to Verify Whether the Service Is Available In Your Area

From there, you’ll be asked to add more of your personal information, like email address and phone number.  You’ll also have to verify your identity by answering a handful of questions.

And that’s it!  You’re registered to start tracking your incoming mail electronically.

Signing-up only took me ~2 minutes, and after using the service for a few weeks I’m hooked (and I haven’t even been traveling!).

Here’s a snapshot of an email from Informed Delivery:

Yes!  I’m Getting a Check From Ebates Today!

I was notified I’d be receiving 5 pieces of mail and 4 packages.  And sure enough, that’s exactly what was delivered to the door.

Pic of Cute Puppy for Attention

I plan to continue using Informed Delivery, and believe it will be especially convenient and helpful the next time I plan to get away.

What do you think about this sort of service?  Do you find it helpful?  Do you use another similar service?  Or would you rather completely disconnect while you’re on vacation?

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