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Million Mile Secrets team member Harlan told me about a new movie subscription service called MoviePass.  He thinks it’s a great deal.  So I asked him to share the details with y’all!

Harlan:   MoviePass is amazing!  Because you pay ~$10 per month and you can see a movie every day!
MoviePass Review
See a Movie Every Day If You Want for Only ~$10 a Month With MoviePass

Since I signed-up a few weeks ago, I’ve been to the movies 6 times so far.  Even if you figure tickets are $10 each, that’s an incredible deal.  And it makes for a cheap date night or family outing.

Even if you see 1 or 2 movies a month, it’s a good deal.  I think everyone who likes movies should sign-up!

See a Movie a Day for ~$10 a Month

Link:   MoviePass

MoviePass is a subscription-based service that works at most theaters, including popular chains like AMC, Cinemark, and Regal theaters.  For ~$10 a month, you can see 1 standard 2-D movie a day.  Special screenings like IMAX and 3-D shows are NOT included.

The price of a movie ticket in most places is ~$10.  So for the price of 1, you can see ~30 if you wanted to!  Even if you go once or twice a month, I think it’s worth signing-up.  So that’s basically anyone who wants to see a movie a month!

MoviePass Review
You Can Check Theaters Nearby Before You Commit

See which theaters participate on the MoviePass website.  Scroll to the bottom and enter your zip code to see a map and list of theaters near you.

If there are a few convenient options and you already go once a month anyway, there’s no reason not to sign-up immediately!  Or if you want to see more movies, now you can have a practically unlimited passport to see as many as you want.

How Does MoviePass Work?

Link:   MoviePass iOS App

Link:   MoviePass Android App

To sign-up, you have to download the MoviePass app for iOS or Android.  After you download it, you’ll follow the prompts to create a new account.  And you’ll receive a MoviePass debit card in the mail 2 to 3 weeks after you sign-up.  You need to have the app and card with you to see a movie. 

Step 1.   Find Your Theater

After you sign-in for the first time, you can see what theaters are around you (they will be the same as what’s displayed on the browser website).

MoviePass Review
If You Visit a New Place and Want to See What Theaters Are Available, It’s Easy to Check

Just tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left hand corner and click the arrow to see a location-based map.

Or, you can see a list of theaters instead by selecting the ticket icon at the top of the screen.

MoviePass Review
Select the Theater You Want to Visit

The first theaters are those with e-ticketing and/or seat selection available through the app.  Then you’ll see theaters where you have to be physically present to purchase a ticket.

If you e-ticket, you still have to stop by the counter and pick-up your ticket.  But keep in mind most theaters do NOT have the e-ticketing option.  Instead, you need to be within 100 yards to activate your card.

2.   Select Your Movie

When you get to your local theater, find it in the list and click on it.

You’ll see a feed with upcoming showtimes for the day.

MoviePass Review
Pick Your Movie and Showtime

Step 3.   Pick a Time

Make your selection and tap the time you want to attend the showing.

MoviePass Review
Tap “Check In” to Activate Your Card

Click “Check In.”  This activates your card for 30 minutes with enough funds to cover the cost of your ticket.  So only check in when you’re ready to pay.

You can purchase your ticket from the box office or kiosk, if there is one. Then, enjoy the show!

Keep in mind you can NOT use your card again until the following calendar day.  Handy to know if you like midnight movies! 😉

There Are 2 Small Drawbacks

Having to be physically present is inconvenient.  Because by the time you get to the theater, the show you want to see might be sold out.  Especially if others have already bought their tickets online.

But I understand why MoviePass places this restriction.  Otherwise, you could buy a ticket online every day and never show up!

MoviePass Review
No Sharing Your Phone! Everyone Needs Their Own Phone to Use MoviePass

Also, if you want to go with a friend or family member, they need to have their own MoviePass card and account.  Because you can only attach one account to your phone.  That makes it hard if you want to take a small child, who may not have their own app-enabled phone.  Again, I understand why MoviePass has this restriction.  So I can’t say I blame them for it.

Other than those 2 minor drawbacks, I’d seriously recommend MoviePass to anyone!

Sweeten the Deal With Theater Loyalty Programs

Link:   Alamo Drafthouse Victory

Link:   AMC Stubs

Link:   Cinemark Connections

Link:   Regal Crown Club

If you have a large chain theater near you, be sure to join their loyalty program!  Because you’ll earn points or credits for things like more movie tickets, snacks, or merchandise.

MoviePass Review
Regal, the Biggest Theater Chain, Has a Loyalty Program Called Crown Club. Be Sure to Sign-Up to Earn Rewards!

They’re all free to join.  So you can use MoviePass to pay for your ticket and scoop up the rewards for no added cost!

This makes a great deal even better – especially if you have a theater close by with their own loyalty rewards club.  You won’t need more free tickets.  But you can give them to someone else.  Or enjoy free popcorn.

I love going to the movies with friends and sharing a big bucket of free popcorn.  Of course they all use MoviePass too – it’s such an incredible deal!

Bottom Line

Team member Harlan is having a great time using MoviePass to see movies for only ~$10 a month.  If you see even 1 or 2 movies a month, it can save you money at the theater.  And if a friend or family member also signs up, that’s a cheap date or night on the town!

The deal is even better when you sign-up for movie loyalty programs.  Because you can earn free concessions or merchandise for no added cost.  There aren’t many downsides to this offer.  It’s a good deal, plain and simple.  And could be a fun and cheap way to see more movies that most folks can enjoy.

Will you sign-up for MoviePass?  If you already have it, what do you think?

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