10 small-business advertising ideas and how to save money when purchasing

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An important aspect of growing your small business is advertising, whether in social media and newspapers, at trade shows or through word of mouth.

When you purchase advertising, we always recommend using business cards like the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card to maximize rewards.

10 small business advertising ideas and how to save money when purchasing
Advertising with flair is important for building a small business. (Photo by Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.)

Here are 10 small-business advertising ideas and ideas on how to save money when purchasing.

Small-business advertising ideas

There are plenty of business cards that offer a little extra for spending on advertising and other expenses. Some of our favorite cards are the:

1. Create ads for Facebook and Youtube

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram are just a few of the major social media outlets where you can advertise your small business.

By creating business accounts or pages with each outlet, you can target content quickly at your audience. Whether you create ads for Youtube or Facebook, you can get 3x rewards when you use your Ink Business Preferred to place your advertising.

2. Advertise your reviews

When you create a business account or page with a social media outlet, folks can leave reviews on your page. This is great for organic feedback and advertising. You can take a snapshot of a stellar review and pair it with your product to showcase how great your products are.

3. Sponsor a local sports team or field

A lot of local sports leagues rely on sponsorship’s, especially youth leagues. Contact the head of the local league and see if they need sponsors.

Your company name and logo will be appearing on team T-shirts and sometimes they’ll let you post a small billboard or sign alongside the field.

10 small business advertising ideas and how to save money when purchasing
Sponsoring a youth team is a great way to advertise your small business. (Photo by matimix/Shutterstock.)

4. Wrap your vehicle

This isn’t just a magnet on the side of your car, this is a full car wrap. There are a lot of companies now offering to wrap your car with advertising for your small business.

These wraps are generally safe for your car and are removable. This is a fun and different way to show the flair of your company. These can get pricey so make sure you use a card like the Capital One Spark Cash for Business to get unlimited 2% back on all purchases.

5. Create a Snapchat filter

Depending on your type of business, creating a Snapchat filter may work for you. You can create filters or geotags by submitting a request to Snapchat.

These filters are best used at social gatherings like carnivals, farmer’s markets and trade shows. Customers can take pictures or videos of you and your products with the filter and when they send it to their contacts, that’s advertising.

6. Run a contest or sweepstakes online

Everyone likes free stuff. You can create a contest or sweepstakes online, offering a free or reduced product if folks do something that boosts your business.

For example, if they share your business page on Facebook or leave a positive review after purchasing a product, they could win something.

7. Sponsor a popular podcast

Podcasts are becoming ever more popular as entertainment and as a means of advertising. The podcaster will read your advertisement before or after the podcast. A pro tip: Give your podcaster a sample of your product so they can add their own personal testimony on how your product is working well for them.

10 small business advertising ideas and how to save money when purchasing
Your small business can benefit when you advertise on a hot medium, podcasts. (Photo by radioshoot/Shutterstock.)

8. Have a referral and loyalty program

I love referral and loyalty programs. Nothing makes me happier than a free doughnut after purchasing nine others.

If you offer a discount or free product to repeat customers or folks who refer your small business to new customers, that can build goodwill and more business.

9. Leave your business cards everywhere

I purchased 500 business cards for $9.99 at a young age and left them everywhere. It got me a ton of calls and netted more business than the cards cost. The Ink Business Cash gives 5x points for shopping at office supply stores so you can save when you purchase those business cards.

Invest in a bunch of business cards that offer a clear, concise idea of what your company does and what makes it stand out. You can leave these all over town.

10 small business advertising ideas and how to save money when purchasing
Business cards are a cheap way to advertise your business, so hand them out everywhere. (Photo by Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.)

10. Wear (and give out) swag

Nothing says, “I have my own small business,” more than a T-shirt or mug with the logo printed on it. Business swag can be affordable and is a cool way to advertise while you’re out and about. There are plenty of small business credit cards that offer extra rewards for purchases like these.

Plus, whether you’re at a trade show or farmer’s market, you can give away swag and folks will be advertising your product for you. I got some awesome Yeti coolers from my aunt with her business emblazoned on them. When I use them at work, she reaches an audience she wouldn’t normally find.

Bottom line

Figuring out how to advertise your small business can be overwhelming.

With simple and easy ideas like sponsoring a local sports team or creating advertising for social media websites, it’s a little more manageable.

Plus, with the Ink Business Preferred, you can earn 3x points for spending on social media and email advertising.

What are some small business advertising ideas you use?

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